Thursday, January 26, 2017


It's a barrier, not only to keep them out but to keep us in. It is a cage, a cage that will prevent those who can't afford to come here legally. Those who are desperate to escape the from the crime, violence, and drugs. This wall will divide us as a nation, with a wall all who are Mexican or of Mexican descent will be accused of being here illegally.

If he sends illegal immigrants back across the border, who is to say that he won't do it to other immigrants? We have no guarantees that he won't deport or prevent anyone from entering our country. We will be caged, but who will pay for this fucking wall?

Mexico has said over and over that they will not pay for it. Will American tax payer's pay this monstrosity? Why should we? I say to you Mr. President, if you want to build a wall, you should pay for it with your own money. You are a billionaire after all, why don't you pay for it?

This wall will divide us more than unite us. You will not make America Great again, you will Break America with a wall, our wallets emptied and what we stand for broken. We will fight against what you are trying to do to us and our country.

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