Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Year's Party (Amy-DC)

Amy leaned into Oliver's side as they stood on the balcony of their loft, it was a quiet moment for the couple. Inside a party to ring in the New Year was happening, the couple stepped out to just enjoy a few moments of quiet.

A shiver ran up Amelia's back as the cold of Star City brushed against her face.

"You alright?" Oliver asked as he looked at his wife.

"Cold," she admitted as she shook in her dark wine colored dress.

The Mayor of Star City chuckled at his wife, before he led her back inside the warmth of their home. He grinned as he caught sight of all of their friends present to celebrate the New Year with him and Amy. He spotted William, with Ella at his side. His daughter was bouncing with excitement, he knew looked at the clock and saw it was just after ten. Suspicion told him that Ella wouldn't be awake to celebrate the New Year with everyone.

"Amy, we need your input on something," Caitlin called over from one of the couches in front of the fire.

Amy kissed Oliver on the lips before she moved to join her friend with cold powers. The petite brunette joined Caitlin, Iris, Felicity, Sara, Kara, and Alex. Oliver couldn't hear the conversation but something it certainly had captured his wife's interest.

Barry Allen, The Flash, sidled up to Oliver with a champagne flute in his hand. "So, you've officially retired as Green Arrow?" Barry not so casually asked as he looked at his friend and mentor.

"I did," he admitted as he took a sip from his own glass. "Amy and I had a long discussion about it. But overall, I wanted to be home with Amy to help her with Ella, Tommy, and Laurel. William needs me around more, too. Luke's take up the mantle. He's capable, he's also an original member of the team."

"Do you think Star will be able to tell the difference?" Barry wondered as he looked at Oliver.

"They haven't so far. I'm not sure they ever will," Luke said from behind Barry and Oliver.

The two men turned to look at the new Green Arrow of Star City. Barry and Oliver chuckled as they caught sight of how ridiculous he looked.

Luke Carter had glitter on his face, and his party hat was a monstrosity hurt both the Speedster and Mayor's eyes. Neither could look at the former ARGUS agent for long.

"Luke, what are you wearing?" Ollie asked his brother-in-law.

Luke looked up as if he could see his head, "Oh, Ella, she's got Cisco and James in something similar," he admitted as he sent his friends a grin.

Barry looked contemplatively at the hat, "I'm getting one from Ella," he said as he strode away to go see his goddaughter.

Oliver threw his head back and groaned. Luke chortled at his best friend's misery.

Meanwhile, with the women they were all gossiping about work, marriage, and other things. Caitlin was discussing some more science with Alex about meta's. Amy glanced at Felicity and studied her sister-in-law.

"Alright, Amy, you've now had three children, two only seven months ago. How did you get your figure back so quickly?" Iris demanded as she looked at the petite brunette.

Amy rolled her eyes and shook her head. "Honestly, it's all Ollie. He had me on the salmon ladder or working out with him about two months after Laurel and Tommy were born. He did the same thing after he got back from his stint with the League of Assassins," she admitted as she looked at her friends.

"Oh god, the salmon ladder?!?!?!" Caitlin shrieked as she looked at Amelia with wide eyes.

The mother of four gravely nodded as she leaned into the comfy couch. "It was horrible after Ella's birth, since it had been six months after her birth. Dig and Luke had been trying to get me back into shape. But with Ollie's sudden disappearance..." she trailed off not sure how to really continue.

Suddenly, two pairs of arms wrapped themselves around Amelia's shoulders. Amy recognized the cold touch of Caitlin and the slightly warm touch of Kara. She sighed and wrapped her arms around her friends.

"Guys, I'm okay. I've got Ollie and my kids. Not to mention a huge family full of superheroes who don't all live on this earth," she reminded her friends.

"Doesn't matter, we still want to hug you," Kara said as she tightened her grip.

"Love you, too, Kara," Amy sighed as she relaxed into the affectionate hugs.


Friday, December 29, 2017

Gala Surprises (Amy-DC)

“Amelia, we need to go,” Roger Carter yelled up the stairway, in the hope that his youngest child and only daughter would magically appear downstairs, ready for the evening.

Roger impatiently waited with his wife and their two sons. His daughter was still upstairs, apparently, putting on the final touches for the night’s event. He sighed as he wondered what could be taking his daughter so long, all she had to do was wear a suitable dress for the formal setting of the night.

He anxiously checked his watch on his wrist as he began to pace at the bottom of the stairs. In all of the years that he and his wife had attend galas never had Ellen taken as long as Amelia did. He watched as Lucas rolled his eyes at his sister’s actions.

“Roger, calm down, we’re no where near being late,” ellen soothingly told her husband with worried eyes.

Roger paused midstep to look at his wife, “Ellen, whenever we attened galas, Amelia makes us late, always. Have you never noticed?” he asked sarcastically.

Eleanor frowned at her husband’s tone, she knew her daughter took time but Amelia only wanted to live up to the family repuation. Something that Roger never seemed to understand. “I’ll go check on her,” she snapped as she climbed the stairs to escape her husband’s irritated mood.

On the landing, she paused and gasped in a breathe as she caught sight of her daughter. Amelia abruptly stopped, she nervously wrung her fingers together. Just behind the twenty-two year old female stood Margaret Carter-Sousa, the Carter-Sousa Matriarch, and Roger’s mother. Despite, Peggy being in her seventies, she looked lovely and Amelia looked very much like Peggy. It was like looking at Amelia when she would be seventy.

“You look beautiful, Amy,” Ellen told her daughter as she gently pulled her into her arms for a hug.

Amy buried her face into her mom’s dark waves, that were styled 1940’s waves, she breahed in the familiar scent of roese and honeysuckle. Her arms around her mother as she tried to clam herself. “Thanks, mama,” she mumbled into her mother’s hair.

Ellen pulled away to study the soft lilac colored dress, it hugged her daughter’s slim build quite well. As Ellen took a closer look at the dress, something about it felt familiar to her but she couldn’t put her finger on it.

“Come along, you two, we best get moving before Roger storms up here. Honestly, that boy knows nothing about patience,” Peggy muttered with a roll of her dark brown eyes, as she moved to the staircase.

“Oh, Nana, let me help you,” Amy offered as she offered an arm for her grandmother.

Ellen shook her head as she followed behind her mother-in-law and daughter. As the trio approached the bottom, Roger, again, began to complain about women taking far too long to get ready. Amy frowned at her father’s words, but she knew he didn’t enjoy attending the lavish parties, just as she didn’t.

“Roger, the next time you receive an invitation to a gala, I highly recommend you decline to make an appearance,” Peggy chastised her son with a grimace on her face. Her eyes were narrowed as she caught her son’s dark eyes, the same ones that Amelia and Peggy herself all had set into their features. “Now, get moving or else the Queen family will think us rude.”

Peggy and Amy walked past the trio of Carter men to move to the waiting limousine, in front of the door. Ellen accepted the arm, Roger offered as they followed behind the matriarch and heiress. Henry and Lucas, both trailed at their own leisurely paces but never were behind with their long strides.

The six sat in the back of the limo, Amelia’s attention unfocused as her thoughts drifted to the guest list of the Queen gala. Elite families from all over the country were supposedly going to be attending the nights events, she briefly wondered if one Wayne heir, would be making an appearance. As quickly as Amy entertained the thought, she shook her head to clear her mind of those thoughts.

Bruce rarely attend galas that didn’t benefit one of his charities. She hadn’t seen the billionaire since his return from his supposed death. It seemed that Bruce Wayne was willing to throw away anyone from his past.

Amelia pushed those thoughts away as they reached the driveway of the Queen Estate. There were rows and rows of photographers and journalists wanting pictures and comments of the night’s events.

“Remember, no speaking to reporters,” Roger reminded his children as he looked at the three of them.

Amy, Henry, and Luke nodded like little ducklings. “And please no trouble,” he pleaded before he stepped out of the limousine, with a fake smile plastered on his face.

The three children looked at one another and rolled their eyes, but waited patiently for their turn to exit the vehicle. Roger helped both his wife and mother out of the limousine. Henry exited after his grandmother, Luke was quick to follow with Amelia just behind. As she stepped out of the car, flashes and shouts were quickly sent in her direction.

With a warm smile, Amelia accepted Luke’s arm as they climbed the stairs to enter the gala. The questions followed the family, but not a word was spoken as they entered the doorway. Just inside the foyer was Oliver Queen, with Laurel Lance.

Amy smiled as they stopped to greet the duo, her parents kept the conversation brief. As did her grandma, but it didn’t bother the Carter children.

“Hi, Ollie,” Amy warmly greeted her chidhood friend and former dance partner, with a quick hug.

“Amy,” he sighed in annoyance as he pulled away. “You look lovely, much better than when we were children,” he added with a chuckle.

“So mean,” she said as she moved to hug Laurel. “Laurel, you look stunning. It’s such a shame, Ollie looks dim next next to you,” she complimented as she threw the retort to her friend with a playful grin on her face.

Laurel laughed as she hugged Amy. “Before you two get into anything that could be disastrous, stop,” she ordered as he looked between the two. “But thank you, I love this lilac color on you. I knew you were nervous about this color but it looks amazing.”

A bright blush bloomed on Amy’s cheeks as she looked down at her feet. “Thank you,” she mumbled in embarrassment. “How’s the party going?” she asked as she looked at Oliver in hopes that he would change the subject.

“There are lot of interesting guests inside,” the former playboy admitted as he nervously played with his tie, loosening the collar from his throat.

Amy frowned and with narrowed eyes studied the Queen Consolidated CEO, “Who’s here that I’m not supposed to know about, Oliver?” she asked with a tilt of her head. Her dark waves fell more heavily over her right shoulder.

The tall male gulped, as he tried to think of an answer. He should have known better than to comment about the guests. He peeked over at Laurel from the corner of his eyes, and frowned as he saw her pinched expression. The tall golden haired woman, was not going to help him out this situation.

“Oliver?” Amy asked as she crossed her arms over her chest. Her foot tapped impatiently against the polished wooden floor.

With a sigh of defeat, Oliver looks down at Amy with sorrow filled eyes. “Bruce is here,” he admitted to one of his closest and dearest friends.

Amy’s gasps a breathe as her heart stops for a beat, before it begins to slam into her rib cage over and over. Brown eyes grown wide at the news. Time has stopped for Amelia as she realizes that Bruce had decided to attend the Queen’s gala.

“Amy?” Oliver called out hesitantly as he began to worry for her.

With a gasp, Amy shook her head as she took deep breathes to calm her racing heart. Her eyes closed as she tried to regain her nerve to actually go inside. “I’m fine, Ollie, but I’m beginning to wonder if I can hide out in the garden before anyone realized I never actually made it inside,” she pondered as she blinked up at Oliver and Laurel.

Laurel pulled Amy to stand beside her and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. “I’m sure your dad would notice quicker than you would want. Or mine would notice, he is a detective after all,” she reminded the small and slim brunette, who looked like a 1940’s movie star.

Amy groaned and threw her head back, temptation to bang her head against the wall called. But she knew better, her parents and Nana had taught her how to properly behave at formal events. Translation, do nothing to embarrass the family or herself, lest she wished for all of the country to learn of her mannerisms. “This is one of those times, where I wish I could turn invisible,” she sighed as she looked back at her friends.

“Me too, Mia, me too,” Laurel agreed with soft sigh, as she hugged Amelia to her side.

A soft chime rang from the ballroom to the foyer.

“We better get in there, before people think we ran off together,” Oliver said as he smiled at the two women present.

Giggles of laughter rang from the two females, “It wouldn’t be the first time someone thought that,” Amy reminded Oliver.

Oliver shook his head, before he offered an arm out to each of them. Both, Laurel and Amelia accepted proffered arm, as they moved to the ballroom. Quietly they slunk into the room and joined the crowd as if they had been apart of the audience from the beginning. The cocktail hour appeared to be going quite well.

Many business men and politicians stopped the trio to say their hellos. Compliments flowed to Laurel and Amelia for their beauty, while many tried to make business deals or personal inquires of the trio. Some dared to ask of the relationship status, of the female pair attached to the Queen son. Neither female gave a straight answer, but many jested Oliver’s ability to handle the two gorgeous women on his arms.

Stares fell on the trio as they circled the room, to greet the guests. Whispers escaped loose lips, from those who drank one too many glasses of the expensive and wonderful champagne served. Three families ignored the rumors spread about the three adults, as Oliver was engaged to Laurel and Amelia would be co-maid of honor for the nuptials. The trio were close friends and had been for years, ever since Amelia had invited Laurel to her house for a play date with Oliver.

Unseen to Amelia, Oliver, and Laurel a pair of bright sapphire blue eyes followed the movements of the brunette member of the trio. Envy and shock filled Bruce Wayne as he glimpsed at Amelia Margaret Danielle Carter-Sousa. When he fled Gotham after Joe Chill’s trial, she had been a gangling awkward thirteen year old girl.

The woman who now greeted the many socialites in attendance, was not the same Amelia. Somewhere in the eight years that Bruce had been gone, she had grown up. No longer was she the little girl who followed after him like a duckling to their mother. Now, she was a swan, graceful and elegant yet something dangerous glinted in her eyes at times. No she wasn’t the same.

Bruce downed the remaining champagne in his glass, he exchanged the empty flute on a tray as a waiter approached for a new one. The billionaire confidently strode towards Robert and Moira Queen, the pair warmly greeted the newly returned man. A few moments later, Oliver, Laurel, and Amelia approached the trio.

Amelia moved forward to accept hugs from Thomas and Moira, who were her second set of godparents. She met Bruce’s gaze over Moira’s shoulder, quickly she averted her attention to the questions the pair asked. A warm smile fell on her lips from the conversation.

“Bruce don’t just stand there, come say hello,” Moira chastised the billionaire.

Bruce moved closer, he shook hands with Oliver and pressed a kiss to Laurel's cheek. The engaged pair smiled as they conversed with Bruce, while Amy listened to Moira and Robert talk about their conversation with her parents earlier.

A little while later, Oliver and Laurel left to continue to circle the room and greet even more of the guests. Thomas and Moira excused themselves, leaving Amy with Bruce. Before she could flee, Bruce gently caught her wrist.

“Amy,” he greeted as he looked at her with sad eyes.

“Bruce,” she rplied, her eyes locked with his.


A/N: This is the part where I confess, this piece was written during NaNo. I didn't think that I would posting a piece so soon, but I couldn't think of anything to write. This seemed like an appropriate piece for the holidays. I hope you enjoy this piece and last Sunday's. 

The Christmas piece that came out on 12/24/2017 was written early on in December in my journal. It is five nights of entries, and heavily edited. I'll see you all Sunday with a new piece.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Mistletoe Kisses

Sixteen year old Amelia Carter smiled as she caught sight of her parents. The female sprinted into her mom’s arms.

“Amy, I’m so happy to see you,” Ellen Carter, the mother of said sixteen year old commented, as she hugged her only daughter close.

“Mom,” Amy groaned as she pulled away. “I was only gone for two weeks. Besides, you get me for three weeks, before I have to head back to Gotham for school,” she reminded her mother with a pointed finger and head tilt.

“Amy, we’re your parents, let us worry,” Roger said as he moved forward to hug his little girl.

Amelia accepted the hug and smiled as her parents led her from the train station to their car. Roger placed her suitcase in the trunk, before he started the drive back to Carter Estate.

“Are you excited for tonight?” Mrs. Carter asked as she turned to look at Amy over her shoulder.

Brown eyes moved from the familiar sights to the blue eyes that belonged to her mother. “Yeah, it’s not quite Christmas without a Queen Christmas Gala,” the teen commented as the car pulled into the private driveway of Carter Estate.

“With both of your brothers out, you’ll be able to surprise everyone. We didn’t tell anyone you were coming home,” Ellen said as the car pulled to a stop.

“That will be a nice surprise,” Amy remarked with a soft smile. “Ho have the Trio of Terror been?” she asked as she climbed out of the car and tried to get her suitcase.

“I’ve got it, sweetheart,” Roger told his daughter as he lifted the luggage from the trunk.

Brown eyes met brown eyes, Amy could see the honesty in her father’s eyes. With a nod, the teenager followed her mother into the large manor.

“You need to stop calling Luke, Tommy, and Oliver that moniker,” her mother chastised as she rolled her eyes.

“I will when they stop causing trouble,” she replied. A fraudulent smile on her face as she bounced upstairs to take a quick nap before the night’s festivities.

Amy smiled as she spun around the crowded ballroom; the arms that protectively held her kept her from falling. She couldn’t make out her partner’s features, but she was lost in his green eyes, that held a hint of blue in them. So This Is Love played in the background, as Amy and her mystery partner beautifully danced across the floor. Other couples moved away to allow room for the move couple.

As Amy got lost in the dance, her partner leaned down. Just as she was about to lean in, and place her lips against his a voice called her name. And a hand touched her shoulder.

Wide brown eyes snapped open, Amy looked around to see her mother on the edge of her bed. She took note of her mother dressed in a beautiful cobalt blue dress. It brought out the blue in her mother’s eyes, that often got lost in the green.

“Amy it’s time for you to start getting ready, sweetheart,” Ellen said as she ran her fingers through her daughter’s dark waves.

Sleepily, the teenager nodded and wiped a hand across her eyes. “Thanks for letting me know, Mom,” she sighed as she stretched her arms and torso.

“We’ll leave in two hours, so be ready before then please,” Ellen told her daughter as she stood from the bed.

“Okay,” she called as she threw her legs over the edge of the bed. She climbed out from her warm blankets and made her way to the en-suite bathroom, for a quick shower. Her dark waves braided and hidden in a shower cap.

After her shower, Amy sat in front of her vanity to begin her post shower skin routine. Once finished, applying oils and lotions for her skin to absorb; she made way to her closet to find the dress her mother had purchased earlier in the autumn months.

A smile crossed Amelia’s lips as she caught sight of the dress. It was a beautiful dark cherry color, made up of lace and rhinestones. She wondered if she had a matching hair piece to go with the gown, but it wouldn’t be right to wear for the nights event. Amy pulled the dress on, she assessed her appearance in the mirror and grinned. She moved to the dresser in the closet and rummaged through one of the drawers for a pair of nude tights.

Triumphantly, she pulled them from the drawer and made her way to her bedside table for a safety pin. She slipped her legs into the fine net material, the pin secured near the waist of her tights. With her legs encased in for warmth, Amy maneuvered back to the closet in search of shoes for the night. She grabbed two pairs and studied them with intense scrutiny. The black flats wouldn’t work and neither would the nude heels. A pair of dark red velvet mahogany flats with glittery jewels caught her eye, Amy grabbed the shoes. With a satisfied nod, she slipped her feet into the shoes.

“Now, all I have to do is my hair and makeup,” she sighed aloud and made her way back to the vanity.

Quickly, Amy only applied a little bit of concealer to her face. Once done, she moved on to her lashes and lips. Two coats of mascara and a red lipstick used as a stain later, Amy was done. With her makeup. The look reminded her of a picture, she had seen of her Nana back in 1944, the only difference was that Nana Peggy had worn a bolder red lipstick.

She took her hair down from the braids. Gently, long fingers combed through the dark waves. Amy pondered on how to style her hair. She opened one of the vanity drawers and spotted a hair clip similar to the jewels on her shoes. Amy lifted the clip and placed it against her hair to try and find a good place to clip it in. After a few moments, she brushed some hair on her left side back and clipped it away with the delicate piece.

A smiled crossed her lips as she made her way to the mirror. The person who stood in the mirror looked beautiful in a simple and yet elegant manor. Reminiscent of her beloved Nana, who was in Gotham for only a few more days before she came to Starling to spend Christmas with Amy and her siblings.

As she climbed down the grand staircase, she spotted her parents at the bottom, in their coats ready to leave. “Really?!?! It hasn’t even two hours,” the teenager pointed out as she threw her hands up in exasperation.

Roger chuckled and shook his head.

“Amy, you were always the child, who was ready before your brothers. We knew you would be ready before the two hours.”

“Come on, Amy, put your coat on,” Ellen told her daughter. She held the mentioned coat, open for Amy to put on.

Amy accepted the warm coat, her arms slid into the sleeves of the black pea coat. She pulled her hair out of the back of the thick coat. Quickly, nimble fingers buttoned herself in. Once done, Amy accepted the offered arm that belonged to her father. Her mother on her father’s other arm.

The trio walked outside and climbed into the waiting vehicle. The drive to Queen Mansion wasn’t too long, Amy easily spotted a few familiar cars in the large parking area. Two belonged to her brothers, another to Tommy Merlyn.

“Well, at least your brothers are both here. Hopefully dressed,” Ellen muttered from her seat.

Amy snorted at the comment, but kept her eyes trained on the large house. She wondered who all would be in attendance for tonight’s lavish gala. The car pulled to a stop not far from her oldest brother’s Audi.

Safely tucked between her parents, they made their way inside the large house. The brunette female smiled as she caught sight of her godparents.

“Amelia,” Moira happily smiled as she pulled Amy into her arms for a hug.

“Moira,” Amy mumbled into the Queen Matriarch’s blonde hair. The familiar vintage floral scent of Moira’s perfume brought back many memories of the teenager’s childhood in Queen Mansion with her brothers.

“Let me look at you,” Moira said as she took a step back to examine her goddaughter.

A soft pink color bloomed on Amelia’s cheeks, as she turned to greet Robert Queen with a hug. Her parents behind her, conversing with one another. Amy rolled her eyes at the two conversations. Her father and godfather discussed their respective businesses; while her mother and godmother spoke of Amelia’s growth.

“… it’s no wonder you and Roger sent her to Gotham Prep. She looks an awful lot like Peggy and you, Ellen,” Moira remarked as she met Amy’s wide brown eyes.

“Um, Moira, do you know where Henry and Luke are?” Amy asked in hope of escaping the two conversations.

“They’re with Oliver, getting ready,” the blonde answered with a warm smile. A twinkle in her blue eyes as she thought of the surprise Oliver would get.

“Go on up, Melia,” Robert encouraged with a fond smile. “And send the boys down.”

Amy nodded as she daintily skipped up the stairs. Happiness filled her chest from the escape of her parents and godparents. She dreaded the thought of spending the entire night with various business men, politicians, Starling officials, and their significant others.

The large door loomed over Amelia as she approached. Hesitantly, she rose her hand but brought it back to her side.

Eyes slammed shut.


Hold for four.






She raised her delicate fist and knocked on the heavy wood. Her breath caught in her throat, while she waited.

The door opened to reveal Oliver Queen, with his dress shirt open down the front. Amy looked away before her brothers caught her enjoying the view of Oliver’s abs. Angry brothers and Christmas parties did not mix.

Oliver’s blue-green eyes widened as he saw Amy. He hadn’t seen her since July, just before she left for Gotham Prep. The sixteen year old female in front of him looked different, this Amelia exuded more confidence. There was a glow about her brought a smile to his face.

“Amy,” he softly breathed in as he took her in.

“Ollie,” she sent him a warm smile. “Are you Luke and Henry with you?”

Ollie gaped at her, but opened the door wider for her. She flashed him a bright smile, as she passed the twenty year old billionaire heir. The same man who had been apart of her life and owned her heart, yet remained oblivious to that fact. She left Starling to avoid seeing Oliver, but even Gotham enjoyed reporting about Starling’s billionaire playboy.

“Amy!” Henry happily called out as he spotted his little sister. He pulled her into his arms for a tight hug. Her feet left the ground as he spun them around, her skirt billowed out slightly.

Her laughter echoed in the room, as she safely landed back on her feet. “Hello, Henry,” she warmly greeted her brother, who was seven years older than her.

“You look amazing, Gotham seems to agree with you,” Henry remarked as he studied his sister with a scrutinizing eye.

“I don’t know, she looks the same to me,” Lucas Carter jabbed as he entered his sister’s vision.

Amy rolled her eyes and ignored him, not willing to take the bait. “Nice to see you, too Luke. Nana says she expects you to look presentable when she arrives next week. Something about not urinating on any police officers, with Oliver,” she said with a slight sneer in her voice. She sent a frown to Oliver over her shoulder, as she knew her brother was the instigator in that particular incident.

Oliver moved forward and wrapped an arm around Amy’s delicate frame. “That got to Gotham, huh?”

With a shake of her head, she rolled her eyes as she ducked under Ollie’s arm. “Of course it did. Nana was not amused with either of you. She also mentioned something about your mugshots looking deplorable; And to not expect any sort of gift from her, due to your naughty behavior,” Amy chastised the Queen heir, brown eyes slide to Luke with a silent glare in warning of the seriousness of the situation. Her voice had taken a slight English accent from deplorable on, a habit from whenever she spent a while with Peggy.

“You know you genuinely looked like Peggy there for a moment, it’s frightening how much you look like her,” Tommy Merlyn observed from Oliver’s desk chair.

At Tommy’s words, Amy rolled her eyes, as she usually did whenever the Merlyn heir spoke. “Hello Tommy, you do know, Mom and Dad wanted to see all four of you at some point tonight.”

At those words, the three males who were dressed straightened up. Shoulders tensed with anxiety and stress. Henry, led Luke and Tommy out of the room as the oldest, he knew better than to keep his parents waiting. It only meant more trouble for him in the long run. Henry was twenty-three and did not need trouble with his parents.

Soon, it was only Amelia and Oliver left. His shirt was buttoned but his jacket was on his bed. The black bow tie hung around his neck. She knew he often struggled with his tie, especially bow ties for formal events.

“Am I going to have to fix your tie?” Amy asked as she looked at the blonde male with a raised eyebrow.

Oliver sighed as he looked up at Amy through his eyelashes. Some of his hair fell in front of his eyes. “Please,” he asked as he stepped forward to stand only a few steps away from small female.

Amelia closed the distance between them, she gently pushed Oliver’s shoulders, until he stood straight. With a sigh she met Oliver’s gaze. “This isn’t going to work. You’re a foot taller than me,” she whined aloud.

Oliver smirked as she led Amy into the bathroom. “Do you trust me?” he asked as he looked over his shoulder.

“When you aren’t getting me into trouble, sure,” she answered as she looked at him with a fond smile.

Oliver wore a wicked grin, before he reached out and lifted Amelia off her feet. A squawk escaped her lips as the floor was taken out from under her. “Ollie,” she whined as she felt her feet catch edge of the bathtub.

“Amy,” he said as his eyes met hers. “I’m not going to let you fall. I promise,” he swore as his hands tightened on her waist.

Amy nodded, “Just keep me balanced,” she pleaded as she reached out to start tying Oliver’s tie.

With quick fingers, Amy twisted, knotted, tied, and smoothed the black bow tie. Whenever she began to sway, Oliver was quick to re-balance her on the edge of the tub.

“And done,” the teenager female happily commented. “Now, please let me down, before I slip and die.”

Oliver chuckled and shook his head; gently, he lifted his best friend’s sister off the tub and placed her back on the ground with a small twirl. Amy’s laughter rang in the room, as she spun under his arm.

“Ollie,” she sighed as they made their way back to his room. “Where’s Laurel? Usually she’s here to help you.” Amy wondered as she unbuttoned her coat and sat at the foot of the bed. She watched as Oliver put on his suit jacket.

Oliver sighed as he met Amy’s gaze. “She’s got a family event, she couldn’t get out of. So, Amelia Margaret Danielle Carter-Sousa, may I escort you downstairs to the ballroom?” He asked with a mock bow.

Amy giggled at his actions, but nodded. “Yes, you may,” she answered as she hopped off the bed.

Oliver gently removed her coat and placed it on a hanger to place in his closet. He offered his arm and together they climbed down the stairs and entered the ballroom. As they crossed the threshold the pair were bombarded with giggles and chortles.

The pair shared a confused glance with one another. Curious as to what everyone found funny. Their answer soon came from their devious friend.

“Ooh, look who’s under the mistletoe,” Tommy happily crowed from just a few feet to the right of the entrance.

Two pairs of eyes, one green-blue, the other brown, widened as they took in the words Tommy uttered. Amelia looked up, her hair fell over her shoulders, to see the green leaves and white berries. Her brows furrowed and her lips pursed as she glared at the offending foliage.

“Well, we can’t break tradition,” Oliver commented as he looked down at Amy.

Her eyes met his, “You’re right.”

Oliver leaned down and closed the distance. Amy’s breathe caught in her throat as she rose up onto the tips of her toes. She didn’t want Oliver to be uncomfortable.

“Merry Christmas Amy,” the billionaire socialite whispered before he placed his lips against Amy’s.

The kiss was sweet and simple, after a few seconds they pulled apart. Her eyes bright and her lips a little fuller as she licked her lips.

“Merry Christmas, Oliver,” she quietly said as her cheeks flushed a bright cherry color.


Merry Christmas everyone, since tomorrow is Christmas I figure I would post tomorrow's piece a day early. I hope you all have a Happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, whatever you celebrate enjoy spending times with your loved ones.

Friday, December 22, 2017


Athena grinned as she lifted the white squirrel ornament from its box. She watched the glittery decor piece spin from her fingers.

"You loved that ornament as a little girl. It took your dads and I forever to get it onto the tree," the soft voice of the nineteen year old's mother commented.

Athena looked over her shoulder to see her mom's warm green eyes. "Yeah, I would keep changing my mind where to place it. I mean all of us were like that at one point. But, I'm pretty sure Nate was worse with his wolf ornament," the college student teased as said older brother walked into the living room.

Nate Evermoon threw his sister a dirty look.

Artemis sighed as she watched her second son and oldest daughter bicker. She sat on the love-seat and looked through the box of ornaments. An ornament wrapped in soft pink tissue paper, as the High Priestess of the St. Rose Coven gently lifted the glass figure, a gasp escaped her lips.

"Mom," both Nate and Athena called as they looked at their mom.

With shaky hands, Artemis set the ornament back into the box. She left the room, tears falling from her eyes.

The black wolf and witch turned their attention to the box, and the ornament that had caused their mom to cry. Athena, lifted the tissue paper and parted the folds to see a rooster ornament.

"Oh," Athena said as she showed the bauble to her brother.

"Uncle Henry's favorite ornament," Nate said as he looked at the antique rooster.

"Mom still blames herself. You know," the teenager softly observed as she moved to the tree. She found the perfect spot for the bird to perch. On her tip toes she tried to reach, but she was too short.

"Here, I'll place, tell me when I'm in the right spot," Nate offered as he gently took the ornament from his sister's hand.

Together the brother-sister duo placed the rest of the ornaments together on the tree. Each commenting on the significance of the more elaborate ones.


Monday, December 18, 2017

Midnight Stories

A cry woke Oliver Queen, the former billionaire CEO quickly climbed out the bed. He looked at his sleeping wife for a moment, before he turned his attention to the crying baby.

"Shh, Ella, let your mama sleep," he softly told his newborn daughter. He picked her up and began to rock her in his arms.

Oliver paced their room with Amy fast asleep. The new father smiled at his daughter, he moved downstairs and stopped in front of the tree. It was the first Christmas since his return, Oliver would not be able to celebrate with his mother. He smiled sadly at his daughter, as he tried to ignore the sting in his eyes.

"You're going to love Christmas, Ella," he softly spoke as he stared at the warm lights.

The soft glow created a warmth in the room. He told his daughter a few stories about some of the more memorable Christmas' he shared with Amy. The Christmas, after they had met Barry had been an interesting one.

"My favorite Christmas was when, your mom was sixteen. She had come home for Christmas, since she was attending Gotham Preparatory Academy. For whatever reason, we kept getting caught under the mistletoe. Your mom and I kept sharing kisses, but that first kiss we shared. I enjoyed that one the most, but I knew it was Amy's first kiss. I mad it memorable for her, I didn't dare do anything to embarrass her. She was the light of my life so long. When I was gone, I missed Amy the most, but I didn't realize it until she was in front of me again," he confessed out loud.

With tired eyes, Oliver glanced down to see Eleanor Moira Queen fast asleep. He kissed her forehead and carried her back upstairs to his bedroom. Gently, Ella was returned to her crib before he climbed into the bed he shared with his wife. He kissed the crown of Amy's head, as he snuggled into her side to get some sleep.


Friday, December 15, 2017

Christmas Decorations

Ella Xavier softly sang along to the Christmas music that played from the record player. The haunting melody of Santa Baby by Eartha Kit soothed the sixteen year old female, she gently waved her hand over the large evergreen that made up the Christmas Tree in the large sitting room, that most of the students used as a lounge or study room.

The tree seemed to grow a little taller, and looked a touch more blue-green, various students watched as the young mutant decorated the lounge with real foliage. She created pine wreathes complete with pine-cones, holly berries, and poinsettias. With expert moving fingers the teen mutant changed the typical peony and rose flower filled vases into poinsettias in a variety of colors between white and red.

The newest resident to Xavier's School for the Gifted watched the petite auburn haired female with confusion. Everyone else just rolled their eyes and walked away to steer clear of her decorations, a few students offered to help and Ella had them go start on different parts of the mansion turned boarding school.

"I see you're at it again," the voice of Rose Xavier commented as she stood in the doorway.

Ella looked at her mom and smiled, before she hopped off the table she had been standing on. "There's only ten days left until Christmas. Dad said I had to wait until school was officially finished for break, before I could start decorating," she said as she stood beside her mother.

Scott Summers could easily see the resemblance between the mother and daughter, in front of him. He knew that Professor Xavier and Mrs. Xavier, had five children, with Ella being the oldest. Katherine and James were only a few years younger than Ella, both ten years old. Then there was Charlotte and Edric, who were six years old and some of the most liveliest children Scott had ever met.

Rose nodded at her daughter's words, "Well, I just wanted to let you know that dinner is almost ready. You can easily finish after you've eaten."

Scott grinned at the unspoken order in Mrs. X's words, he could hear the threat in her voice.

"But mom," Ella started to say.

"Come on, Ella, you're not going to win. Besides, a break isn't going to kill you," Scott said, as he stood up from the table where he had been threading popcorn on a string.

Ella sighed and rolled her eyes. "Fine," she grumbled as her shoulders sagged in defeat.


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Change in Posts (Update)

Hey everyone, no post today. Just a quick update, with the holidays around the corner I'll be reducing my posting from three times a week to twice a week.You can expect two new pieces one on Monday and the other on Friday, with the in between time, I can pre-write longer quality pieces for you. I'm sorry that I have to do this. My insomnia has been acting up, so I've been tired the last few weeks. I am a little run down because of stress from various things that have gone on this year.

I'll see you all on Friday with a new piece.


Monday, December 11, 2017

Christmas Shenanigans

Amy hummed along to the Christmas music, that played softly through the speakers in her office. It was a quiet day in Carter Industries for the female CEO, mainly one filled with paperwork that needed to be signed and a few phone calls. The snow fall was slow and light, but Amy would stop to take in the drifting flakes.

"Do you ever do any work?" a voice asked from the doorway.

Amy turned to see three familiar faces just inside her office. All three were grinning and full of mischief in their eyes.

"Do you? Because if memory serves me correctly, all of three of you still live off of your trust funds and don't work to earn an outside income," she retorted as she moved back to her desk to sit in the large comfy chair.

Oliver stepped further into the room, until he was just on the other side of the desk. "Come on, Amy, not all of us finished our schooling," he said as he looked at her through his lashes.

Amy rolled her eyes at his pathetic excuse attempt, before she turned her attention to some paperwork on her desk. "Is there any particular reason why you're here? The three of you, troublemakers," she asked as her eyes scanned the details of the inventory list that had been provided to her.

"Just wanted to visit our favorite person," Tommy answered as he joined Oliver.

Amy's hand paused in picking up her pen as she looked at Tommy, with sharp eyes she studied the three men in front of her with a frown. "What did you do this time?"

Luke burst into laughter, he knew his sister would be suspicious of their sudden appearance. "Told you," he sang aloud.

"Oliver, Tommy, what did you do?" she asked as the two avoided her gaze.

Neither answered her question. She turned her eyes to her older brother. "Luke, what happened?" she demanded with an annoyed sigh.

"We may or may not have covered your lobby downstairs in fake snow. And put mistletoe in every elevator," he answered with a proud grin on his face.

Brown eyes were rolled, as Amy pulled up the security feed to her lobby. Sure enough, her lobby was covered in fake snow. "Of course you did this. Well, it certainly looks festive," she admitted with a soft smile. "Just leave my office alone, if you're going to be redecorating the building."

Three grown men all smiled as they ran from the office. Amy suspected they were off to do more holiday decorating of Carter Industries, but didn't dare stop their fun. Instead she grabbed her phone and called security to forewarn them of the incoming tricksters.


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Oh Evergreen

In the evergreen, two cardinals wrapped in a white scarf sing aloud. A white squirrel, a new addition eats and chips away. The elephant dances among the branches, and listens to the twin owls who hoot aloud. Gold, red, and obsidian orbs in varying sizes are spread throughout the tree. Lights in all kinds of colors blink and giggle in cherub voices.

The white porcelain are easy to see, their age unknown to many. The tree, over two decades old in age, hasn't changed but it's bobbles and decor have over the years. Some pieces lost, such as the Grinch ornaments from 2002, but new ones have joined the fray. Never full like a real tree, it's been a constant companion standing at four and a half feet. For many years, it towered over the two girls, until one year.

Now the two women, stand six plus inches taller. Neither care, that they are two tall for the beloved tree. Every year, they laugh as they build and decorate the artificial evergreen. Complaints escape their lips as hives break out across four hands and arms. Both become dizzy from wrapped four strands of around the tree. The ornaments are last, memories flood their thoughts as the tree gets covered. Each ornament in its perfect spot, there's always rearranging when area is too cluttered.

In the evergreen, two cardinals sing, wrapped in a scarf that reads Merry Christmast 1994. The first Christmas of the eldest girl, who was only four months when she celebrated her first Christmas.

Monday, December 4, 2017


Warm white lights twinkled and glowed against the darkness of the evergreen. The darkened room, sprinkled with soft electrical embers from one spot. In a dark corner, steam rose from a teacup with a scent of sugar and vanilla. The ambiance of the night created a warmth and sense of security for the family that enjoyed the lights of the room.

Christmas was upon them, as they soaked in the false warmth and rays from the tree.


Friday, December 1, 2017

My Return from NaNo

Hey everyone, this is just going to be an update. I'll start posting new pieces on Monday.

So, as you know I did NaNo last month. My final word count was a little over 19,000 words. This was 10,000 words less than last year, I'm still pretty happy with myself for what I've accomplished.

I didn't have plan for what I was going to be posting this year. I thought I would for sure have a story idea but I didn't. Instead I just wrote a collection of stories, they aren't really related. My focus was to write a short story every week. I plan to post these stories to the blog after I've done some editing and revision to them.

I have a few ideas for my attempt at NaNo for next year. I'll share a few basic ideas, and flesh them as I get closer to to NaNo in 2018. I might use these for Camp NaNo, as well. One thing is that I want to still keep up with my nightly journaling, it was something that I didn't do during Nano. I was focused on one piece, but I know I want to try and do my journal entries, and keep them non-nano related. I would like to do maybe a weekly blog post, give you all updates on how my story is going, word counts, excerpts or teaser lines from what I've written.

I have some great news for my writing in 2018, so hopefully share later in the month. See you all on Monday with a holiday piece!


Monday, October 30, 2017

Final Performance (TW Ellen)

“You’ll be fine, Elle,” Laura told the five year old female wolf. “Besides, Peter has already told Derek that if he steps on your feet that he won’t be going to the batting cages for a month. Dad, even agreed with Peter on the punishment. And we both know how pouty, Der gets if he doesn’t get to do his sports.”

Ellen giggled as she thought about the last time Derek had been without his sports. He had worn a frown for weeks before Talia had relented and allowed him out of the house. But he had been miserable for all those days with not being allowed to leave the house except for school. David had not be allowed to go to Hale house either to spend time with friend, for fear of riling up his friend.

But what if I make a mistake?” she hesitantly asked Laura with wide brown eyes.

The fourteen year old looked down at her friend and hugged her. When Laura pulled away, blue eyes met brown, “Then you make it seem as if it was part of the routine. If you don’t react to it, then no one is going to know.”

Ellen’s brown eyes widened slightly as she heard Laura’s words, “You promise?”

I promise,” the older girl swore as she squeezed one of the Ellen’s hands. “For now, though let’s finish getting you ready for your dance." Laura picked up the white foundation and brush.

She quickly began to pale out Ellen's caramel colored skin, so she looked pale like death. Both girls could hear Derek in the next room grumbling as Talia and Elizabeth put Derek in similar makeup. Ellen's giggles brought a smile to Laura's face, her friend and godsister had been racked with nerves the last few days as Peter had them practice the dance until Derek wasn't stepping on her feet. Laura could taste the nervousness in the air, but she knew that Ellen could do it.

Laura did quick work with Ellen's makeup, she enjoyed Ellen's giggles from the brush as it tickled her skin. Soon enough, the five year old girl was ready with her makeup and dress. She was sill missing her shoes but Laura helped her friend into the kitten heeled dance shoes.

"Okay, you're ready to go. Let's see if we can find Derek," Laura suggested as she helped Ellen down from the counter top she sat on.

Hand in hand the two girls made their to the dressing room next door. The door open, for the pair to step inside. Laura gasped as she took in the sight of her little brother. He looked a lot like Gomez Adams, the fourteen year old laughed at her brothers pouty face that didn't fit with the suave and smooth man.

"Oh Der, look at you little brother," Laura teased as she stood behind Ellen. "Nice work, mom."

"Thank you, it took a while to get the mustache down. He wouldn't stay still," Talia remarked as she frowned at her son. "Ellen, you look so beautiful. Are you both ready?"

The pair who were set dance reluctantly nodded. Talia motioned for them to wait out of sight, not fair from the ballroom. The group of dancers on the floor finished and passed the pair. Ellen's grip on Derek's hand tightened before they made their way out onto the floor.

She trailed after Derek, as they took their first position. Patiently, they waited for the music to start. The opening beats began and the pair took off into the steps they had practiced. It went smoothly, at one point while Ellen was spun away from Derek, she tripped slightly on her skirt. But she caught herself before she fell on the floor to hurt herself. Derek was quick to catch her and move on with the dance.

After three minutes, the pair were tired as they finished the dance. Both were panting as they moved back stage. Once out of view, Ellen cried out an apology for almost falling. Derek hugged her tightly. "Don't worry, no one noticed, Ellen. You're fine. I didn't step on your toes," he joked to try and stop her from crying.

Ellen giggled as she realized that Derek was right. All of her worrying about Derek stepping on her feet had been for nothing. Instead, she had been the one to make a mistake. Ellen knew that her parents, Talia, and Peter had seen the mistake. Disappointment emanated from her little self in quiet waves. Ellen didn't hear the applause as she tried to fight the tears that stung her eyes.


A/N: Sorry guys I thought that I would have this finished but I don't. I'll get back to it in December. Happy early Halloween. I won't be posting tomorrow so I wanted to wish you all those now.

Also, there won't be any posts in November since I'll be doing NaNoWriMo, again. This is my third consecutive year. I've given myself the goal of writing 2000 words per day, I did okay for the first couple of days with this last year. I am hoping to actually hit the 50000 word mark but if I don't, it's not the complete end of the world.

See you all in December with Christmas and Holiday themed pieces. 


Friday, October 27, 2017

Practice, Practice, Practice (TW Ellen)

Ellen looked between her mom and the open door. She wondered where Talia had gone but didn't ask. She grabbed the teddy bear that sat next to her and clutched him tightly to her chest. The soft brown bear had been a gift upon her birth, funnily enough Derek had given him to her.

She waited in impatience silence for something to happen. Her socked feet began tapping against the hard wood floor. With closed eyes Ellen's feet moved through the paso steps that she had known for weeks now. In her head she could see herself doing her parts of the dance, with Derek if he didn't step on her toes.

Footsteps broke Ellen from her thoughts, she turned to see Peter Hale enter the room. With excited eyes, Ellen jumped to her feet and threw herself at the beta werewolf. Peter chuckled as he caught the five year old, he lifted her into the air and hugged her, he rubbed his nose against his cheek to scent the young wolf.

"Peter, why are you here?" she demands as she looks at the blue eyed werewolf.

"Well, a little birdie told me that you and Derek won't be doing the Halloween recital," Peter answered as he threw a frown in Derek's direction.

Derek glowered at his uncle’s not so subtle hint. He wasn’t going to deal with Peter, he turned back to the window to let Ellen handle his uncle. Peter was wrapped around Ellen’s fingers, he easily gave in to every whim and desire. It was both amusing and annoying to the Hale family, but Talia enjoyed seeing the softer side of her little brother, who was the enforcer for both Hale and Night Packs.

Ellen nodded her head in agreement with Peter's comment."Nope, we're not going it."

"Might I inquire as to why you aren't doing the recital? I was looking forward to seeing your paso doble routine with the costumes," Peter said as he looked at Ellen with a soft frown.

Guilt ate inside Ellen's stomach, she didn't want to let down Peter. He was one of her favorite people. He always made time to play with her. She pouted softly before she told Peter the truth, "Because I don't want Derek to step on my feet anymore. It hurts to dance when my toes are in pain."

Peter's blue eyes widened as he looked at Derek. He knew his nephew could do a paso doble without hurting his partner. He frowned when he caught sight of Derek's blank expression. "Well, I think that just means more practice for the both of you," Peter suggested as he looked back down at Ellen.

Derek growled at his uncle's suggestion. But he didn't fight him, instead, he got up and followed his uncle to the room that was used as a dance studio. Talia had wanted all of her children to know how to dance, no exceptions. Even her nieces and nephews had to learn this skill. Ellen's father had learned to dance with Talia and both Ellen and David were learning.

"All right, let's see how you two regularly dance. Maybe a different set of eyes will help," Peter suggested as he moved to the CD player to play the music.

Ellen took up their first position, her back to Derek and her gaze on the floor. With quick counts, Derek started the paso and Peter watched with critical eyes. (Since I have no idea how to write dance steps, I would like to refer you to watching a paso doble on YT.) 

After the music came to a stop, the pair separated. Ellen's feet in pain from Derek stepping on her feet. Both listened as Peter gave them their notes. He made both them start over again, with the suggestions he gave. The second try was better, not perfect but better. He tried to fine tune his ideas to help and had them do it one more time.

Their third attempt was much better, Peter praised the pair and suggested they keep practicing. He left the room, he wasn't surprised to see Talia and Elizabeth outside. The three peeked through the gap to see that Ellen and Derek were getting better with their dance. It looked like they might actually do the recital if they kept the good practice up.


A/N: Sorry for not posting on Wednesday. I got busy but I might be adding more to this piece on Monday. There will also be a few announcements so stay tuned for those.

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