Friday, March 31, 2017

Parties and Dance (DC-Amy)

Amy stood with Bruce and Clark, by the bar as they watched various members of the Justice League enjoy their celebration party. Amy rested her head against Bruce's shoulder, she listened as her two soulmates quietly talked with each other about the battle.

The petite brunette smiled as she caught sight of Flash and Supergirl, they were on the dance floor together. They were in perfect sync as they danced around the crowd. Various League Members had moved away to watch them all dance, Oliver and Laurel joined the trio at the bar.

"They sure know how dance," Oliver commented as he watched the par.

"They make it look so easy," Amy replied as she briefly glanced up at Oliver. "Of course that didn't prevent you or Bruce from constantly stepping on my toes when we were younger," she jibed at one of her oldest friends.

Amelia and her family had lived in Starling City, long before Amy was born. Her family were very up 'there' in society. She had spent her first ten years of life in Starling with Oliver, Tommy, Laurel, and Sara. But her father was offered an opportunity in Gotham, so the Carter family moved from Starling to Gotham. It was there where Amy had met Bruce Wayne, he was twelve when they met.

Her mother had forced her take dance lessons for when she was properly introduced into the Gotham Societal League. She hated it, but she had been paired with Bruce as a dance partner. When she had first met him, he had barely said a word. She eventually managed to get him to talk, and the pair had quickly become fast friends.

"You didn't move your feet fast enough," Oliver retorted as he sent Amy a playful glare.

"No, you moved too fast," Amy replied as she poke him in the shoulder. "At least, Clark's never stepped on my toes."

Oliver rolled his eyes at Amy, "Why aren't you out there? I mean you did dance for a living," Oliver commented with a smirk.

Amy glared at her friend in green. "You forget Oliver, that I had to give up dance after I nearly lost my ankle," she reminded her friend. "It's why I'm not out in the streets wearing a costume like the rest of you."

"You can still dance, Mel, just no crazy spins or leaps. That's what caused your injury," Oliver pointed out as he looked at Amy with a frown. "Besides, why would even want to wear a costume? You get to come to Watchtower in jeans!"

Amy laughed at Oliver's words as did Clark, Bruce, and Laurel. Amy let out a soft yawn, moments later.

"Looks like someone is ready for some sleep," Clark commented as he looked at Amy with soft affection in his bright blue eyes.

Hey everyone, so tomorrow is the start of Camp Nano. I'll be doing poetry all month on my blog. Most of my dedicated writing time is going to finish Crimson and Indigo: The Wedding. I would like to finish it by the end of the month or get a huge section of it done. So look forward to my poems that I'll be writing and sharing.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Adorable Couples (Amy-verse)

Amy stood with Johnny up on one higher levels of Avengers Tower. She watched as Nat, Wanda, Steve, and Bucky all cuddled together one of the couches. The brunette had watched as they greeted and chatted with the various guests that Tony had invited over. Some of which included the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, but there were other groups too, like the Iron Defenders and Guardians of the Galaxy.

After they had saved the world from Thantos, it was nice to just spend time together as a group and de-stress. Amy had helped Doctor Strange and oddly enough Loki, so she had seen very little of the various groups. She and her two allies had arrived a little later back to the tower, as they had been doing damage control. The brunette telekinetic had been happy to see her husband was safe and sound from the battle.

"You're staring, again, Melia," Johnny whispered in her ear.

Amy turned to look at Johnny with a raised eyebrow. "Sorry, it's just the resemblance is so hard to believe at times. I feel bad that Nana had to live without Steve and Bucky, she never knew that they had actually survived their accidents. I just can't believe the parallel's my life took in comparison to her's."

Johnny's bright blue gaze looked at Amy with a soft affection. "I know, Amy, but Peggy helped my grandma find my grandpa. She kept herself dedicated to the Rogers' family and keeping the world safe. Besides, she found your Pop-Pop, and then you came into my life," Johnny told her as he gave his wife a quick kiss on the lips.

Amy's scrunched up as she looked at him, "You're forgetting most of the story, Johnny Storm," Amy replied with a laugh.

At the sound of her laughter, Steve and Bucky both looked up to see The Human Torch and Amelia Carter-Sousa. The pair were laughing at something. "You know it's really uncanny just how much you and Johnny look," Bucky commented to his best friend and soulmate.

"I think they are adorable," Wanda added from her spot by Steve. Her brown waves were fanned out over Steve's shoulder. "It is both your family legacy and Peggy's," she told them with a nod.

"Wanda's not wrong, it's almost like looking at more modern version on Peggy and you, Steve," Nat added from her spot on Bucky's lap. "Of course, to make it a true threesome bond, they need someone who looked like James," she casually commented with a sly smirk on his.

Steve pouted a little as he looked at the pair, he was brought back to a different time. Back to 1944, at Camp Leigh where he and Peggy had first met and gotten to know each other. When he had first met, Amelia he had thought that she was Peggy, but frozen in time. But she had been quick to explain that she was actually Peggy's granddaughter, her youngest one in fact. Amy also closely resembled her grandmother the most out of the Carter-Sousa grandchildren.

"They look beautiful together," Steve softly whispered as he watched his great-nephew kiss his first female soulmate's granddaughter.

A belated birthday gift to my little sister, her birthday was yesterday. I promised a piece with her OT4 CaptainWinterWidowWitch, and I couldn't do a Marvel piece without Amy. So, here we have a Human Torch/Amy piece.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Sunburns (TAG)

Ella sighed in happiness as she enjoyed the warm sun. It was quiet and peaceful, a rare combination in the Tracy household. She soaked up the sun from her hammock, and closed her eyes to enjoy the breeze.

The brunette zoned out for a good while, but eventually couldn't feel the warm sun. She peeked her golden brown eyes open to see her eldest 'brother' blocking the sun. "Hi, Scott," she mumbled sleepily as she jokingly tried to push him out of the way.

"Ella, how long have you been out here?" Scott asked, there was a hint of concern in his voice.

"Not sure, why?" Ella asked as she looked at him with a frown.

"Well, Ella, you've turned a lovely shade of tomato," Scott told her as he looked at her arms.

Ella sat up and looked down at her own arms. She gasped as she realized just how red she was, flinging her legs over the side of the hammock she sprinted inside the house. Ella quickly made her way to her bedroom, where she gave herself a good once over.

With a cry of shock and sadness, that resounded through the house, she filled her bathtub with cold water.

The sound of thundering footsteps just outside of Ella's door, made her cringe. "Ella," she had heard her name be shouted by various members, really it was her brothers.

"I'm fine, just burnt to a lobster," Ella called as she slowly opened her door. She peeked her head out to glance at her five brothers. All of them wore various looks of worry and concern, excluding Scott, who wore a frown.

"Can you please leave? I want to take a bath, and drown in my sorrows," she mumbled as she closed her door.

Friday, March 24, 2017


Her eyes fluttered open, but then slowly drift close. Sleep called to her, sang sweet whispers and promises in her ear. She longed to join the slumber. Her body weighed heavily as she lost feeling in her fingers and toes. Sleep would soon arrive, she waited with patience and serenity.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Star Gazing

The warm breeze blew brunette tendrils of hair away from her face as she gazed up at the stars. The various constellations were easily recognizable to her, as she studied the dark sky, the bright lights twinkled in her eyes.

"You can stop staring and just sit with me," she called out to her significant other, who stood not too far from her.

A tall man with dark red hair, moved forward. He sat on the blanket behind his love, and pulled her into his lap. His arms were contentedly wrapped around her waist as his chin rested on her shoulder, "You've been out here for a while. Are you ever going to come to bed?"

The dark haired female gave soft shrug before she pulled away to meet his gaze. "Soon, I just love looking up at the stairs, there's something relaxing about looking up at the stars, it makes everything down here, seem so short in comparison," she whimsically replied, her hazel eyes met blue-grey.


Monday, March 20, 2017

Return to Amber Beach (TEC -PR)

Ella rested her head against Phillip's shoulder as the town car made it's way to the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum. The pair had gotten a call from Tyler and Koda, stating that they other Rangers had been frozen in ice blocks. The couple had taken off immediately for Amber Beach, but even Royalty had so much power over how quickly an airplane could travel.

Phillip grasped Ella's hand tightly in his own as they exited the vehicle. Together they made their way into the building and found the secret entrance to the Dino Lab. When they arrived they found that the team of six were alright and fine.

"I see we missed the battle," Phillip announced their entrance.

Shelby squeaked, "Phillip, Ella, your highnesses." She gave them both a nod and small curtsy.

Ella smiled warmly at her dark skinned friend, before she looked at the others. "I can't believe we're late, again," Ella groaned as she looked at Phillip.

The other's all laughed at the Lunaria Princess' comment. "That's true, but at least your energems were safe from being taken," Kendall reminded the Princess with a smile as she approached the brunette.

"Very true, I'm glad that you're all safe. I just wish we could seen each other on better terms once again," Ella answered as she hugged Kendall.

Kendall nodded, before she could pull away, the two women were surrounded by the other Rangers. Ella rolled her eyes but accepted the greeting from her team mates.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Conversations and News (ST-ff)

The padd slipped from Ella's fingers, it tumbled and shattered on the floor of her office. The loud crash from the padd, caused a few heads to turn to her office. No one moved investigate, except fro one person.

Leonard McCoy, the Chief Medical Officer, moved toward the office that belonged to his Head Nurse and wife. He gently knocked on her door before he poked his head inside. At the sight of his wife surrounded by a shattered padd he quickly made his way into her office.

"Ella," he called as he stood in front of her. Bones grasped her arms tightly at the shoulders. "Ella, what's wrong?" his voice was full of concern and worry.

"Leo," she gently cried as she met her husband's worried hazel-green eyes. Ella's blue-grey eyes filled with tears as her arms wrapped themselves around her waist.

"Ella, what's wrong sweetheart?" he asked, as he guided her to the small couch she kept in her office.

Once the couple were seated, Dr. McCoy looked at his and held her left hand tightly in his own. He would give it reassuring squeezes, while he waited for her to say whatever was on her. Bones rested his chin on top of Ella's dark brown locks and just held her.

She still had tears running down her face, but the brunette nurse wasn't bothered. "Leo, remember our conversation before we agreed to come along on this five year journey?" Ell asked, hope filled her chest that her husband would recall them.

Leonard nodded as he thought of a few different conversations about going on this five year mission, with Jim and the Enterprise. "A few of them, but you'll need to be more specific darlin'," he gently prompted his wife.

Ella gulped in a deep breath, before she met her husband's gaze. "The one about growing our family," she answered as she looked away. The twenty-nine year old female fidgeted with her hands as she waited for Leo's response.

"Really?" Bones asked in shock and surprise as he met Ella's concerned face.

"Yeah," she softly answered as she her tears from face with the back of her hand.

Dr. McCoy pulled his wife into his arms, and held her tightly to his chest. He ran his fingers through her hair before he pulled away. "Are you sure?" he asked as he gently brushed a stray wavy strand away from her face.

Ella laughed and shook her head, "I tested my blood three times, just to be safe. But yeah, we're going to have a baby."

Bones kissed Ella firmly on the lips, once he heard her say those precious words. They had talked about having a baby before, when they had first joined the Enterprise five years ago, but they had never had a baby. They had been expecting once, around the time Khan blew up the London Archive. But Ella had miscarried. They were never sure of the exact reason but nearly losing Jim and the loss of Ella's father and brother; played a part in her miscarriage.

"Do you want me to do a scan?" Leonard asked after he pulled away from his wife.

"Let's hold off, until we get to Yorktown, we're only a few hours away. Besides, with Jim on his diplomatic mission, you and Spock both have a meeting with the various department heads. One that cannot be missed or post-poned," Ella reminded her husband of his job, as she gently shoved him off the couch.

"Do I have to?" he asked with a a groan.

"Yes, now go, I'll run Medbay with Dr. M'Benga utnil you get back," she ordered as she stood up.

Ella kissed Bones, before they left her office. Leonard went off to his meeting, with a warning that his Medbay better be in one piece when he returned. Ella rolled her eyes before she moved to look in on the few patients that were in Medbay.


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Unknown (Amy DC)

Amy couldn't focus on anything, her hands were shaking as she tried multiple times to strap in for their trip. But she couldn't pull down the harness, thankfully before she could fly out of her chair the harness was pulled down.

"Wouldn't want you to hurt yourself," a familiar voice broke through the haze.

Amy looked up and met the bright blue gaze that belonged to Captain Cold. She couldn't speak, she just chose to nod in thanks as the Waverider took off. The year 2046 was left behind and the secret Amelia discovered in Starling City.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Royal Visits (TEC)

The crown heavily sat atop Ella's dark waves, as she moved forward with Jason to right and Skylar on her left. The trio were sent as an envoy to Stardune Kingdom to visit with King Silas, Queen Adelé, and rest of the Royal family. The trio were not alone, they were accompanied by Michael, Adam, Drake, Tom, Athena, and Daniel; the trio's bodyguards and doubles respectively. Queen Avaline, their mother insisted that Matthew go with them, thus making the group ten members.

Ella grinned as she spotted one of her oldest friends, Cordelia. She stood beside Queen Adelé's throne, while Prince Henry was on the other side, just behind King Silas. The brunette princess scanned the room for Lyla and Stella but after a few seconds of searching. It was obvious that the younger Princesses weren't present, but Ella could easily understand why they weren't.

"Prince Jason, Princess Eleanor, Prince Skylar, and guests; Welcome," King Silas greeted as he stood from his throne. He made his way down the steps and greeted the three visiting Royals with hugs and kisses.

"Thank you for seeing us, King Silas," Jason graciously told their host.

"We brought a variety of Nightshade goods, that we know you all enjoy," Ella added as she sent King Silas and his family a warm smile.

"Yeah, you wouldn't believe half of the stuff that mom had us bring," Skylar mumbled under his breath from beside Ella.

Ella and Jason frowned as they looked at their brother. Even at the age of fourteen, Skylar still had no tact.

King Silas and Prince Henry laughed at Skylar's comment. "Oh, Skylar, still blunt with your honesty. It is refreshing," Silas said as he gestured for the group to follow him.

His family stood and did the same. Ella smiled as Cordelia stepped beside her. "Ella," Cordie happily commented as she pulled her in for a hug.

"Cordie, I'm so happy to see you," Ella replied as she pulled back to get a good look at her friend. "You cut your hair."

"Just a little, it was getting really long," Cordie told her friend as she looped her arm through Ella's. Together the pair made their way to the dining hall, to have a special dinner with the two royal families.


Friday, March 10, 2017


There she sat upon the white moonstone throne, that was meant for her. Yet it didn't feel as if it belonged to her. She glanced around at the thrones, each unique and personalized to their owner. Hers was a matching set to the obsidian throne that sat to her right.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Plans and Fights

A few days later, Damien and two his Wayne siblings were in one of the many parlors of Wayne Manor. Alfred Pennyworth was somewhere in the mansion cleaning, while the Wayne-Kent's were at their various jobs. Damien had set up a video call for his siblings and the rest of the Kent family, who were spread throughout the world.

"Alright Dami, why are we here?" Jason Todd asked as he lounged on a couch with his feet propped up on one of the tables.

Damien scowled at the Red Hood for the horrible nickname but refused to answer. He smacked the boy's feet off the table, Damien was not going to get in trouble with Pennyworth for someone else's stupidity. He instead glanced at the television where he could see Martha Kent, Kara Zor-El, Conner Kent, and John Kent were all looking at him.

"Damien, would you please tell us why you have gathered our entire family?" Tim Drake asked as he shot his youngest brother a frown. Tim wanted to finish some homework that he was due in about three weeks.

Damien huffed before he looked around the room. "Do any of you know what the baby is?" He asked as he looked at the wall in front of him.

The silence that surrounded him, was loud enough to let him know that they didn't. None of them did, and he knew from Amelia that they wanted to tell the family together. They all knew that they were getting a new sibling but they didn't know the sex.

"Do you?" Jason asked after a moment, with a dumb founded expression on his face.

"No, you idiot, but Amelia told me last night that how she wanted to tell us," he answered with a smug smile as he crossed his arms over his chest.

This caused a few groans from various members who knew that Damien was not going to say anything until they all agreed to whatever he had planned.

"What did Amy want Damien?" Martha Kent asked as she looked at Bruce's only biological child. The Kent matriarch had taken a liking to Bruce's youngest son, she could see how much he looked like his father. The need to prove himself, it was the same drive Clark had when he realized that he was different and not from Earth.

"Mom wanted to have the entire family here, in Gotham to tell us. And I want to give her, Clark, and father the chance to tell all of us. They all know but they've been secretive about it," Damien informed his family as he leaned against one of the walls.

"Well, I can fly to Metropolis and pick up John, since Lois doesn't want him flying on his own. Conner could easily book a flight for himself and Martha. The rest of you bats can easily make your own way to Gotham. Jason, you are already there. Dick and Tim could fly in. But what day should be arrive in Gotham to surprise Amy?" Kara asked as she looked at the various Supers and Bats, who had nodded as she spoke about their travel plans.

"Why don't we do next week? That way we can also get the three of them out of the house. We could meet at the house and decorate, Amy's favorite family room," Jason suggested as he looked at Damien. "Plus we could get the rest of the Bat Family here," he added before Damien or any of the others could protest about the Bat-Girls not being asked along.

Damien grumbled something under his breathe, as he sent Todd a glare.

"What was that squirt?" Jason asked as he looked over at his little brother.

"Nothing Todd, now stuff it before I stuff you," Damien growled as he turned away.

"Jason, Damien stop it," Dick ordered as he looked between the pair. "Next week will work, there isn't anything going on in Gotham or Metropolis that would require them to be publicly out and about."

Jason rolled his eyes at Dick's order, but he didn't say anything. He instead sent a mischievous smile to youngest Wayne son.

Damien glared but didn't rise to the bait, he instead looked back at the screen. "Good, let's try to have everyone here at the Manor on Friday. Father, Mom, and Clark all have work, so we'll have the house to ourselves after they leave," Damien suggested, he knew the house schedule best since he still live in Wayne Manor. 

His other siblings visited but they didn't full time live at home anymore. John bounced back and forth between Gotham and Metropolis but since he was in school, he was in Metropolis more often with  Clark opting to go and visit him there. On long weekends and vacations, John would come to Gotham to visit with Damien.

"That's a wonderful idea, Damien," Martha replied as she smiled at the boy from the screen. "We better get off, Conner still has homework he needs to finish."

"Grandma," Conner whined in embarrassment of her admission. His cheeks flushed a soft color.

"Don't worry Conner, Tim, Damien, and John have homework, too," Kara soothed her cousin's clone.

Shouts of frustration and indignation came through from the three named males. But none of them denied that they had homework that they needed to finish.

"Alright, we'll see you all later," Dick said as he watched his various family members end their video calls. Once the screen was black, he turned to look at Jason and Damien. The two rarely got along and he could only hope that they didn't cause any problems.

"I have to head back to Bludhaven tonight, so no fighting from either of you while I'm gone. I'll have Amy or Alfred tell me. Remember they know everything," Dick warned as he looked at his two brothers and fellow Robins.

Both grumbled but didn't say anything, Damien left the room and made his way to the kitchen. He knew that Amy had made a batch of cookies the day before, and he wanted a few.


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Waiting and Bonding (100th Post)

Amy sat in front of the Bat Computer, as she waited for Bruce and Clark to return. Along with various Robins and Supers, they had been called away for a League mission. Alfred was upstairs with a medical kit ready and food, since Clark often came home hungry.

"Are they home yet?" an agitated voice asked from the top of the stairs that led back into Wayne Manor.

Amelia turned to meet blue eyes that were Bruce's but also in Damien's face. Damien Wayne was sixteen and bore a strong resemblance to his father. The teenager had wanted to go with the others but, Bruce asked him to stay with his wife. He had fought with Bruce and Clark, Alfred had managed to convince him to stay behind with Amy.

"Not yet, but your dad checked in, they should be home soon," she answered the teen with a soft smile.

Damien huffed but moved down the stairs, to sit and wait with his step-mother. He studied one of his father's soulmates, out of the corner of his eye. He was nervous about getting a new sibling. Even though he knew that his newest sibling wasn't biologically related to him, he understood that his father was excited for the baby. The obsidian haired teen suspected it was in part, that Bruce was there for the process. When Damien and his brothers had entered their father's life they had all been grown children. Bruce had never known any of his children in infancy.

"Are you nervous?" Damien wondered aloud. "About the baby," he clarified quickly.

Amy giggled softly at Damien's question. "I am nervous about the baby, but I think we all are Damien. Your dad and Clark don't have any experience with babies, and it's my first first baby."

"Do you know what it is?" Damien asked a few minutes later, as he thought about what Amy had told him.

"We do, but we've been waiting for a time to tell everyone together. But with everyone living in different cities and League business, it hasn't been easy for Bruce, Clark, and I," she answered honestly with a sadness in her voice.

Damien sat silently as he took in his step-mother's words. Before, the young Wayne Master could say anything else, his father and step-father returned. Clark had arrived first, Bruce entered the Batcave soon after, in the Bat Wing. Both the Dark Knight and Man of Steel headed towards the locker room to change out of their costumes. Neither had spoken or acknowledged Amy and Damien about the mission but that wasn't new to the pair.

Once they had stepped out of the locker room, Bruce in a gray t-shirt and black sweat pants, Clark in a similar outfit but with blue and black, they greeted Amy and Damien with hugs and kisses. Neither was injured, a small miracle to the wife of Batman and Superman.

Amy attentively listened as Bruce and Clark went over the mission. But she had been awake for quite some time and was ready to sleep. She sleepily yawned, and blinked her eyes open. "Looks like someone is ready for bed," Bruce remarked as he gently ran his fingers through Amy's dark curls.

"I'm not that tired, Bruce," she retorted, but her body betrayed her and let out another yawn.

"I think you are, Amy," Clark added in agreement with Bruce.

"They're right Mom, you have been down here, since they left," Damien reminded both of his fathers as he looked at Amy with a raised eyebrow.

"That does it, bed Amelia Margaret," Bruce decided as he stepped away from Amy.

Clark moved forward and scooped Amelia up into his arms bridal style. She glared at her blue eyed family members, "Traitors," she grumbled as Clark moved up the stairs; Bruce and Damien followed behind the pair.

Once they had stepped through the grandfather clock, Bruce, Clark, and Amy went upstairs to their room.

Damien made his way towards the kitchen, he picked up the phone and dialed the number that belonged to the only person who could help him.

"Hello," the familiar voice spoke when they had picked up the phone.

"Greyson, I need your help," Damien told his oldest brother, with a frown on his face. He loathed the thought of asking for Nightwing's help but he had no choice.



Hey everyone this is my 100th post, I can't believe we've reached 100 posts. I can't wait for the one year anniversary. Thanks for being their for 100 posts. I'll hopefully have the next part of this tomorrow for you.


Sunday, March 5, 2017

Whispers and Waltzes

Everyone stared in awe at Bruce Wayne and Amelia Carter as they waltzed across the floor of the Gotham Grand Hotel. The couple glided in perfect synchronicity, it was beautiful to watch and enjoy. Bruce and Amy were quietly conversing about Bruce's sons, and the attention they were garnering from the crowd. It was a rare sight for all of the Wayne boys to be present at a formal function outside of anything hosted in Wayne Manor.

Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, and Damien Wayne were present and bored from the elderly couples who kept approaching to comment on how big they had gotten, how beautiful their parent's looked together, etc. Damien was about about ready to stab someone's eye out with a fork as he watched his father and step-mother. Though he was reluctant to admit he could see how happy Amelia made his father. Amelia had been apart of the Wayne family long before Damien and the rest of the Robins. She had been a childhood friend of his father, but he didn't understand why it had taken them so long to begin a relationship.

Damien had asked Grayson once, to see if he knew. But he was useless with providing an answer. It had been Alfred Pennyworth, butler of the Wayne family since Thomas and Martha Wayne, who had given young Master Wayne the answer to his question. In short, Damien had learned that his father was an idiot when it came to Amelia's love. But that they were both afraid to cross the line between friendship and intimacy, which had resulted in them both entering and leaving many failed relationships with other suitors.

The young Wayne liked his step-mother, and while he loathed to admit it, he enjoyed spending time with her. She didn't hate him for being his father's biological son, she didn't hold any resentment. Amelia had been patient and kind to him as he adjusted going from an only child to the youngest of four. Damien had tried to push everyone away when he had first arrived in Gotham but he had failed. His father, step-mother, and adoptive siblings had wiggled their way into his heart.

Damien studied how his father guided Amelia, through the steps. He could easily see the ease of trust from the years of practice. Drake and Grayson each stood on a side of him, he envied the fact that they were able to have alcoholic beverages and he wasn't. He would have preferred to have Todd present, but with Gotham still believing him dead, he was in the Batcave with Pennyworth monitoring all activity. How he desired to be out on patrol rather than in a suit surrounded by old couples who gossiped and were two-faced with each other.

The smiles that his father and step-mother shared were full of joy. He wondered what exactly they were whispering about as they spun around the room and dazzled the guests.


So, this upcoming week's schedule will be a little off. I'm not sure if I'll be posting on Monday or Tuesday. So, I figured I would just add a post in case I miss tomorrow. But I hope you enjoyed this Amy x Bruce piece that is seen through Damien's eyes.


Friday, March 3, 2017

Waiting (TAG)

Seventeen year old Ella Rosewood, sat at the breakfast bar and slowly ate her breakfast. She was the first of the six Tracy children up, her five brothers were all still asleep. Well, Ella was sure that John was up and getting ready to join Ella. She kept glancing out the large window in hopes of seeing the familiar plane that belonged to their dad.

Jeff Tracy had left a few days ago for a business meeting, and he had yet to return. He had called John to help Grandma wrangle the four remaining Tracy children. Ella had rolled her eyes when she had heard her dad's comment. He called every night, and he had told his children that he would return today.

"You know, watching the window won't make him get home any faster," John drawled as he studied his sister.

Ella turned her head to look at her second oldest brother. Of all the Tracy boys, Ella was closest to John and Alan. She adored all of her brothers but John had always been the one to protect her from the teasing that Scott and Virgil had done. He had also, looked under the bed for any monsters. Whenever she had a nightmare she had never gone to her parents, she had gone to John. She had tried to go to Scott, but he slept like the dead.

"Yeah, well, I just want him John. He's been gone for five days, that's five days too long," Ella replied as she gazed back out the window.

She heard her strawberry blonde haired brother sigh at her answer. She forked a piece of her omelette as ignored her brother. Ella was the worrier, a habit she had developed after they had lost their mom.

"Ella, he'll be home soon," John told her as he placed a hand on her shoulder. He gave it a gentle squeeze as he looked down at his little sister.

While John had been away at college, his sister had grown up quite a bit. She wasn't the awkward teenager, she looked different. She was more outspoken and wasn't afraid to put her brother's in place. He had seen her the other day tell Virgil to stuff it when he had implied that she couldn't be a pilot like Scott. Ella had grown a back bone, but there was also a sadness to her. He couldn't figure out where it came from but he could see it in her golden eyes.

She nodded as she met his turquoise colored eyes, but she wasn't sure she really believed him. Ella turned back to her omelette and slowly began to eat.

While she ate, John made his own breakfast; a bagel with cream cheese. As they sat at the breakfast bar, footsteps loudly made their way down. It was more than one person and the voices belonged to Virgil and Gordon Tracy who were talking about something, but Ella wasn't paying too much attention.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Look (TAG)

Breakfast on Tracy Island was quiet, compared to other family meals, it was down right peaceful. Ella sat on breakfast stool and watched as her adoptive flipped flapjacks into the air. She giggled in delight as Jeff Tracy would catch the pancake before it fell to the ground. She had never managed to acquire that specific skill, much to her dismay.

Jeff enjoyed Ella's laughter, it reminded him of her parents. When, he and his wife Lucille had agreed to take in Eleanor Rosewood, it had been a bit difficult. Ella looked very much like her mother, but her golden eyes were her father's. Jeff and Lucy had never had any daughters, at the point where Ella had joined the family; he was a father of three boys, Scott, John and Virigil.

Ella got along with her all of her brothers but she and Virgil did occasionally butt heads with each other. When Gordon and Alan had joined the family, Ella had taken to them, she had been tired of being referred to as the baby. Ella and Alan were quite close despite that they were five years apart, she adored her little brother and was constantly making him various sweets.

Footsteps made their way downstairs, Ella turned in her seat to see Scott Tracy descending the steps. She could hear feet moving upstairs, which meant that rest of her brothers would soon be on their way to the kitchen. Ella looked at her dad with a raised eyebrow as she tilted her head up to indicate that the others would be downstairs soon.

"Dad," the familiar voice of Gordon yelled from upstairs.

Scott, Ella, and Jeff all looked at the stairs. "What happened this time?" Jeff asked the question that was on everyone's mind.

"I'll go," Ella volunteered as she jumped from her stool. She quickly moved past Scott and gently ran up the stairs to see what had happened with Gordon.

Jeff watched as Scott looked after Ella, she hadn't told him good morning or even acknowledged him. The father of six studied Scott's expression as he longingly stared after Ella's escape. The former astronaut recognized that look, it was the look he had worn with Lucy and the look Ella's father had given her mother.

"You know pining after her, isn't gong to do anything for you, Scott," Jeff commented as he poured more batter into the pan.

Scott looked from the stairs to his dad with a frown. "I don't know what you're talking about," he mumbled as he moved to the fridge to grab the orange juice.

"Sure you don't son," Jeff answered as he flipped the flapjack in the air, and caught it in the pan. "She adores you, Scott, but it's hard on her when you're away. Scott you look at her the way I did your mom, and the way Chris looked at Beth," he gently told his son.

In honor of Bill Paxton, who portrayed Jeff Tracy in the Thunderbirds live action film in 2005.


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