Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wishes and Snacks (TEC)

Princess Eleanor meandered down the cobblestone street in Lunaria. The Princess had been allowed to wander in the Nightshade Kingdom's capital for the day. However, she was with Adam, her bodyguard, and Athena, her body double.

Both Athena and Adam were very much patient with the sixteen, almost seventeen year old Princess as she looked curiously from shop to shop. Some she would peek into, others she glanced at but didn't go inside.

Ella hadn't gotten anything, at least so far. She however had been given a credit card and some money to bring with her. But there wasn't anything that was really calling to the Princess.

Athena had gotten some fresh flowers for her room, as she usually did whenever she came to Lunaria. Ella had enjoyed helping her friend pick out the fresh blooms.

The trio, were easily recognized but the people of Lunaria didn't dare bother the Princess. As many of the elderly members knew that Princess Eleanor was rarely allowed out of the castle, they prevented the trio from being ambushed. Many did take pictures but none dared to approach the Princess.

Ella, Athena, and Adam eventually found a small cafe. It wasn't Rosewood, but rather the cute little cafe, that Ella had seen when she and Adam had sneaked away from the palace.

They each had gotten different deserts. Adam had chosen a black forest chocolate cake slice. Ella might have stolen a bite or two from his slice, when he wasn't looking. Athena had chosen a small selection of chocolate covered strawberries. The brunette double shared her treat with the Princess and Bodyguard. Ella had chosen raspberry mint flavored macarons. She too had shared her treat with her double and bodyguard.

Before the trio had returned the palace, Ella had insisted that they visit the Emelia Fountain. A fountain that the Princess' great-grandfather had created in honor of his wife.

At the fountain, Ella had given Athena and Adam each a dollar coin. The duo had looked at Ella with suspicion.

"What are you up to, Eleanor?" Adam asked his charge with a raised eyebrow.

"Nothing, Adam, but I just want for us to each make a wish," Ella had answered with a bright smile.

Ella turned her back to the fountain and her friends. She closed her eyes and made her wish, then tossed the coin over her shoulder.

'I wish for more days like today with Adam' Ella had wished.

Once she heard the plop of water, the Princess opened her eyes and turned around. She watched as Athena did the same.

Adam was the last and seemed reluctant to do so, but he did as the Princess asked. After his coin had landed in the fountain, Ella stood beside her guard and grasped his hand in her own and gave it a brief squeeze.


Monday, August 29, 2016

New Fandom OC/ AU Crossover

Hey everyone, so this isn't a story post. As, I've previously posted I have two Power Ranger Original Characters (OC's), Claire and Artemis. Neither of them, exist in the same Power Rangers Universe, since both girls are Tommy and Kimberly's daughters. But Claire's timeline is different from the show (I will eventually post a blog post on this in a few weeks), while Artemis' timeline very much follows how the tv shows aired.

We have a new OC/ AU (Alternate Universe) crossover character... Drumroll please...

Princess Eleanor of Lunaria aka Ella from The Eleanor Chronicles (TEC).

Ella is paired with Prince Phillip of Zandar, the Graphite Ranger. I have started working on their story together, I'm hoping to eventually post it on AO3 with my Clunter (Claire/Hunter) story. But I need to note that is an AU of the TEC'verse. In the main 'verse Ella still has something with Adam, but in this 'verse they're just good friends.

Ella is still the Princess of Lunaria, she still has four brothers. However, the only difference really is who she is paired with. She's been betrothed to Prince Phillip since she was baby, and Phillip was four. I'm going to say that Power Rangers Dino Charge, Ella is nineteen, and Phillip is twenty-three. They haven't publicly announced their engagement, in PRDC episode 10 (The Royal Rangers), however they have to make the announcement because of the false story that Shelby and Tyler planted to the media for Glitz World.

They both arrive in person in PRDC episode 11 (Break Out), when Phillip and Ella travel from Zandar to Amber Beach to reclaim the treasures of Zandar and Lunaria that their families had lent to the museum. In the show it was only Zandar treasures but I would like to imagine that Lunaria and Zandar would both lend for a collection of the two Kingdoms. I easily see, Ella not being pleased that Shelby wore the crown that was on lone. Since this crown is not actually a Lunarian treasure but rather a Grey Light Kingdom treasure, (Queen Avaline's birth Kingdom that was decimated. Avaline is Ella's mom) it would have been the first and only piece that she would have personally collected because it's a priceless piece that Ella cherished.

Queen Avaline gave the crown to Ella on her sixteenth birthday, and it is really a sentimental gift to Ella. Ella left Lunaria not long after her sixteenth birthday to live in Zandar with Phillip and learn more about the country that she would one day become Queen of. Her sixteenth birthday is the last one spent with her family in Lunaria, and the crown was her mother's parting gift. I really want to write the scene for this soon.

Anyway, Ella and Phillip leave at the end of the episode with their blessing to Sir Ivan and the rest of Rangers. However, the pair return in PRDC episode 15/16 (depends on if you count the Halloween special) Rise of the Ranger. Phillip finds the Graphite Energem and isn't chosen right away to be the ranger. There aren't 10 energems but 12, Indigo and Crimson being the two other colors. (Yeah, I love these colors and they pay homage to Clunter who are C&I.)

The Indigo and Graphite Energems are found together, different dinosaurs but the dinos lived in similar areas. Ella and Phillip eventually bond to their respective energems. Phillip returns to Zandar, as he is the Prince and has his own Royal Duties. They both decide that Ella will stay behind with two bodyguards, Adam and one of Phillip's own personal guards. Ella stays with the other Rangers and helps them try to find the other energems.

This PR 'verse will for sure feature more mentions and cameos of Phillip than just randomly showing up at the end of an episode for three sentences. I'm hoping to start this verse in a few weeks. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in the rest of the season of Power Rangers Dino Super Charge, as I really like Phillip and wish he would get more screen time.

That's all for today. Oh, I didn't post on Friday and I'm sorry. I was working on a piece that I hadn't finished, so hopefully it will be up sometime soon.


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Gone (TEC)

Ella stood in front of the gray tombstone, she stared sadly at the name on the marker. She didn't want to believe that he was really gone. Hunter and Rowan stood on either side of her, while security was in the private cemetary but they gave the Princess and her brother's time alone.

"Why? Why did you have to leave me?" she choked through sobs as she tried to see through the tears that were clouding her vision. She shook with sobs as her brother's both moved to pull her in for a hug.

They both closed their eyes to hide their tears from their sister. She had lost so much in the past few months, it was hard to believe that it was happening again. Ella had had a horrible miscarriage, that had led to the discovery that she was actually unable to carry a baby to term. And now, now she had lost Adam.

Rowan and Hunter looked at each other worriedly over their sister's head. They weren't going to leave her alone. They would keep their last promise to Adam, she would always have her brother's with her.


Monday, August 22, 2016

Little Moments (Amy-verse)

Amy usually left Steve a cup of coffee on the kitchen counter, along with a water bottle for after his run. She was never in the kitchen when Steve came back to Avengers Tower, from his morning workout but the first few times she had a left a note.

Steve noticed that Amy usually played with her hair whenever, she was nervous. It became a habit for the Captain to grasp her hand and give her fingers a gentle squeeze.

Wanda was the first to notice. The way that Steve and Amelia would constantly glance at each other, just to reassure themselves that the other was safe. It was unconscious on both their parts, more of a reflex, than anything else.

Bucky saw Steve with Amy, he could see what his best friend didn't realize. He saw how Steve, stood in front of Amy and how he had his hand out protectively in front of her, when they were lined up at the airport. He could see the worry in his eyes for her as they flew away from the airport.

Natasha was the first see the connection. When the Avengers had first come together, she had seen the shy looks that the two would share. She noticed the soft rosey colored cheeks that belonged to Amy and Steve. She had seen it first.

Clint realized Steve's feelings for his niece when she had come to Avengers Tower for a visit. He had gone downstairs to the lobby to collect her, when they got up to the communal floor Amy had ran towards Steve and jumped into his arms. Clint smiled at sight of Amy wrapped around the super soldier.

Laura could see the surprise in Captain Rogers' face, when Amy had come downstairs after Lila and Cooper. Steve hadn't expected to see her, at the Barton farm. But Laura knew that Steve was happy to see her, even he didn't want to admit it.

Peggy had seen that they would be amazing together. She had known that Steve wouldn't be able to resist the doe eyes that belonged to Amelia Margaret Danielle. Her granddaughter was the only person who truly understood Steve, and she had encouraged the pair constantly. She had seen what neither could see.

Steve held her hand, he gave it a reasurring squeeze. He thought if he let her go, that she would float away. He didn't want her leave him, not like the rest.

"Steve, GO!" she yelled as she stood on top of the steps. Tears clouded her vision as she tried to shoot arrows at the Black Panther. She could see the falter in his steps as he turned to look back at her. She nodded for him to go. Her heart went with him as he and Bucky fled the empty airport.

Friday, August 19, 2016


Twenty two years ago, at 12:27 am, a cry was heard in a small hospital room. A married couple were given their first born, a little girl. A little girl with wisps of brown hair, and bright green eyes. She was a tiny little thing, only weighing five pounds and eight ounces. But she was there, she had finally arrived.

This little girl had been a delayed Christmas gift, by eight months. But the only gift that the married couple had wanted for their first Christmas, married, was a baby. And a baby they were given. Here she was, she was delicate but they loved her all the same.

Fast forward twenty years, to August 19th, 2016, this same baby who came into the world is now twenty-two. She is no longer a baby but an independent adult, with many titles. She's a big sister, a writer, an artists, a creator, a nurse, a flapper, a bird, a Phoenix, a stylist, a listener, and a friend.

So, here I am at the age of twenty-two. I have learned a lot in the short time that I've been here. But I know that there is more for me to learn, so I will keep reading, writing, and creating. I have lived through so much change both socially and personally. I am a contradiction to myself but I am me, and I am proud of who I am. Sure, I make mistakes and I regret things in my life but it doesn't stop me from learning and trying to be a better person.

I will never be perfect but I will always be me, and I am not going to change who I am for anyone. I have tried living in the expectations that society has place on me. But I won't follow along, I'll do what I want to do. So, if you don't like the fact that I'm wearing dark purple lipstick, sorry, but I like it. Same goes for my lilac lipstick and a bold wing liner.

Happy Birthday to Me

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Phone Calls

"Artemis, you have a phone call," a familiar voice said through the door.

The young brunette looked up from her homework, and turned to her aunt. "Who is it?" she asked curiously.
Ashley Hammond gave her niece a soft sigh before answering, "It's your dad, sweetie."

Artemis bit her bottom lip as she contemplated if she should take the call or not. She didn't want her friends to know about her strained relationship with her parents. Obviously, Noah and Gia knew about Artemis' family issues but Emma, Jake, and Troy had no idea that she wasn't close with her parents.

Noah gave her a soft encouraging smile. She nodded her head, and excused herself from the dining room table, where her friends all sat. They were studying for an upcoming math and science test. "I'll be back," she called over her shoulder and walked past her aunt.

"You can take the call in the office," Aunt Ashley softly told her neice.

"Thanks, Aunt Ashley," she replied as she moved to the office. She could hear her Uncle speaking, so she gently knocked on the door.

"Come on in, Artemis," Her uncle called. His voice was muffled from the door but Artemis opened the door and peeked her head through the small crack.

"Hey, Uncle Andros, Aunt Ashley said I could take my phone call in here," she told her uncle, as she noticed that he had the phone against his ear.

Andros nodded, "Of course, I was just catching up with your dad. Here you go."

Artemis accepted the phone in her grasp as her uncle held it out for her. "Thanks Uncle Andros," she said as he got up and moved out of the office.

As the door closed behind her uncle with a soft click, Artemis placed the phone against her ear. "Hello," she murmered into the phone.

"Artemis, hey kiddo, how are you?" Tommy Oliver questioned in enthusiastic mood.

"I'm okay, Dad. How's everything at home?" she asked, she hadn't told her parents about being a Power Ranger. She didn't think that they would believe her.

"It's fine, your mom misses you, a lot," Tommy told his daughter with a slight hinting tone in his voice.

Artemis rolled her eyes, she instantly knew that her dad wanted her to talk to her mom. But she didn't want to do that. Artemis knew that her mom did not want to talk to her, if the last few times that she had talked to her mom were any indication.

"I'm sure she does, dad," Artemis replied in a tone that indicated that she didn't even believe what she was saying. "But her attention right now, seems to be more focused on Aiden."

Tommy sighed at his daughter's answer. "I'm sorry sweetheart. I shouldn't have brought it up. So, your Uncle was telling me about the Power Rangers in Harwood. How cool is that?"

Artemis laughed in an ironic tone, her aunt and uncle had no idea that she was Power Ranger. She had grown up hearing stories from her parents and aunts and uncles about the Power Rangers. And now here she was at sixteen, a fully fledged Power Ranger, the white one, and she couldn't talk to anyone other than her friends about it.

"Yeah, it's pretty cool, dad. They definately seem to work really well as a team," Artemis told her dad.

"Well, that's what being a Power Ranger is all about. You're doing good in school, right?"

"Yup, I have a math and science test in a few days. My friends and I were studying when you called," the brunette told her dad with a fond smile. Artemis remembered when she was twelve, her dad would help her study for her math and science tests. She missed her dad, and her mom but she couldn't live with them.

Artemis tried to hold in the tears at those fond memories, before Aiden's birth. She didn't like her brother, and she had had a lot of issues with her parents when he came into the picture. Her mom had suggested that she live with other relatives for awhile, at least until she was ready to come home and 'play nice' with her brother. That had been three years ago...

"Ah, I'm sorry I bothered you while you were studying-" Tommy started to say.

"Don't worry about it, Dad, we were about ready to take a break anyway. So, thanks. How are Uncle Jason, Uncle Rocky, and Uncle Adam, and the dojo?" Artemis didn't want this to be a super quick call, she did want to talk with her dad for a little bit.

"It's going well, the three of them have some great classes. I'm only teaching one class since I do still teach at Reefside. How's dance going?" her dad reminded her softly.

Artemis got up from her seat and left the office with her phone, and moved back to the dining room. "Dance class is going well, we have a competition in few weeks."

"Really, where at?" Tommy asked slightly shocked but there was excitement in his tone, too.

"Ironicaly enough it's in Reefside," she answered as she had reached the dining room. Her aunt was in the connected kitchen. Artemis saw that Uncle Andros was outside with her cousins. They were playing something, she couldn't tell what, but she could see Ella and David laughing.

"You'll have to call me, when you get here. I want to be able to see you," Her dad insisted as she sat down in her chair.

Her friends all glanced at her and smiled, Noah and Gia had soft smiles.

"Sure, dad, I'll let you know. Aunt Ashley knows most of the information. I can just send it to you by email if you want,"Artemis told her dad as she glanced over at her aunt in silent confirmation.

Ashley nodded her head, as she smiled at her niece.

"Of course, sweetheart, I would love that. Will your friends be coming?" Dad asked curiously.

Artemis bit her lip, as she glanced around the table at her friends. "I'm not sure," she answered honestly in an unsure tone.

"Well, I would love to be able to meet them in person. You don't always include pictures in your emails," her dad replied as he chuckled softly at the end.

Artemis blushed softly, as she realized that she hadn't really sent any pictures of her friends to her dad since Troy's arrival to Harwood. "I'm sorry, dad, I'll ask and let you know. But I'm sure that they would love to meet you too."

Before, Tommy could reply there was a knock coming from his end of the phone. Artemis' heart sank as she realized that it was more than likely her mom. And that her dad would have to leave her. She didn't pay much attention as her dad spoke to her mom. She looked down at her homework and tried to hide her tears.

"I'm sorry, Artemis, I have to go. But I'll be looking for your email. I love you, sweetheart," her dad sorrowfully told her.

"Love you too Dad. I'll send the email tomorrow," she promised, sadness leaking into her voice.

"Alright, goodnight Artemis," Tommy replied.

"Night Dad," she softly said as she hung up the phone. She placed the device beside her text book, and wiped at the tears that were about to fall from her eyes.


So, today I wanted to do a Power Rangers piece, but I didn't want to do Claire. I decided to flesh out Artemis some more. This takes place at some point in Power Rangers Megaforce but before the arrival of Robo Knight.


Monday, August 15, 2016

Meet Amelia (MCU) pt. 1

Hi, so today I figured I would do something a little different. Today, I want to go a little deeper into one of my more developed Fandom OC's.

So, don't know who Amelia is, here's a basic summary from my previous blog post:

Amelia Carter-Sousa: Amy is my MCU OC, she's been around since Captain America: Winter Soldier. However, this lady didn't make her first writing debut until January of 2015. She does actually exist in written form on my archiveofourown account. Amy was created originally as a romantic interest for Brock Rumlow (Crossbones) in Cap 2. Amy has since evolved as I've delved deeper in the MCU.

Amy, is a chacter who was originally created as a romantic interest for Crossbones. But she was also meant to be Brock's salvation. Would Brock Rumlow willing go against SHIELD for Hyrdra if the one person he loved was a legacy of SHIELD? Would he risk her safety and life for Hydra?

I didn't think so, but others may have their own opinion on that.

Background: Amelia is the granddaughter of Margaret 'Peggy' Elizabeth Carter; which in turn makes this little lady a SHIELD legacy. A very important one given that her grandmother was the founder of the organization. Her grandfather is Daniel Sousa (yeah, I ship Peggysous so hard). Amy is Peggy's youngest grandchild, she and Daniel have nine in total. Three from each of their children.

Amy's parents are Roger Carter-Sousa and Ellen Hill. Her dad is Peggy's eldest son, and her mom is Maria Hill's older sister. Maria Hill and Tony Stark are her godparents. As Roger, who was named after Captain Steve Rogers, grew up with Tony, it makes sense that he would ask his best friend to be his daughter's godfather.

Amy has two older brothers, Henry and Lucas. She has six cousins, four are boys and two are girls. (These characters are currently underdeveloped, I may eventually develop them more in the future.) She adores both of them but she doesn't really have a great relationship with Luke, because he doesn't agree with her career choice. Henry doesn't have an issue as he's a SHIELD specialist, he's often undercover so most people don't realize that he's a legacy.

Pairings: As I've fleshed out, Amy, I've paired her with different characters. Which as led to different 'verses of Amy. I'll title this the Amy-verse. There are quite a few and even a few within a few.  But let's start with the current MCU pairings.

Brock Rumlow: In this Amy-verse, Amy works with STRIKE, primarily as their Handler. She has a close relationship with Brock, when they first meet they don't always get along but as they've worked together their relationship has changed. There is a 'verse where the couple are secretly married with only Fury and Hill knowing.

Steve Rogers: I think that this is an obvious choice. Amy looks a lot like Peggy, Peggy often flashes back to her time in the 1940's whenever she sees her granddaughter. Steve does see a lot of Peggy in Amy but he also sees Amelia. She helped him adapt to the twenty-first century. They don't really start any kind of romance until maybe sometime in Avengers: Infinity War. But they have a close friendship and mutual respect for one another.

Bucky Barnes: Now, this one is an interesting pairing because this is really in an AU of MCU. If Bucky hadn't chosen to go back into cryo-sleep. I want to think that he would have been a wonderful protector for Amy. I could easily imagine during Captain America: Civil War, when Sam and Bucky are in the Volkswagon, Amy would be in the back. She would have practically glued herself to the back driver side to give the Winter Soldier some more room, since Sam won't scoot his chair up. I'd like to think that during the scene where Scott meets Steve for the first time, that Amy would be sitting on the roof of the bug. Bucky would just give her a small smile.

-xxx- I'll leave it here for today. But I'll give you more info on Amy and MCU on Wednesday. 


Friday, August 12, 2016

Suprise Meetings (TEC)

"Where exactly are we going?" Ella asked as they crossed the busy intersection. Her hair was swishing behind them.

"Just a little place I like to go, when I have a day off," Adam replied as he looked back at the Nightshade Princess with a smile.

"Which is the equivilant of never," Ella sarcastically replied with a smirk. She knew that Adam seldomly had any time off. He only had four days off in a month, and that was every other weekend. Unless of course there was a holiday such as St. Valeria Day, Christmas, or Thanksgiving. But other than that, her bodyguard stayed with her for all of the hours that she was awake.

Adam chortled at her comment. But otherwise didn't argue with her, as he knew it was true. He just held her hand as he led them off the busy street to a more quiet one, that wasn't too far from the main fairway. They walked along the street, until Adam stopped just in front of a cute little cafe. Ella smiled as she caught sight of the name, Rosewood.

She wondered if the cafe belonged to someone in Adam's family. She knew very little about her bodyguard. As Adam kept his life very private, Ella didn't blame him. He was constantly in the public spotlight with her. "Come on," Adam said as he pulled the door open and allowed her to head inside first.

Ella stepped inside and stopped to wai for Adam. She looked around at the interior, it was lovely it had a classic feel to it. The walls were a soft mint color with black hardwood floors. The tables were black iron wrought, and had matching chairs with mint and turquoise cushions.

The princess giggled as she couldn't picture Adam coming here at all. She looked back at him with a wide grin.

"What's so funny?" he asked as he looked at her. He had a soft smirk as if he was trying to figure out what she was thinking.

"I just can't see you ever being in a place like this. This feels more like a place where my mom and I would enjoy our tea," Ella replied as she followed Adam. He led them to a little table in the back, he pulled the seat out for her.

She thanked him as she slid into the seat. Adam sat down directly across from her. Before they could continue their conversation, a young female, who looked to be Ella's age approached the table.

"Adam," she happily greeted, as she pulled the man up from his seat to give the newcomer a hug. "It's wonderful to see you. And with a friend." The female said as she looked down at Ella.

Ella smiled at the young woman but didn't contradict her statement. She wasn't sure if she was recognized. She glanced at Adam, and wondered if he would be able to explain.

"Zoey," Adam let out an embarrassed groan. "It's not what you think."

Ella watched as Zoey laughed before she pulled away from Adam. "Sure it isn't. I'm sorry, I'm Zoey Rosewood," she said as she held her hand out for Ella.

Ella grasped the young woman's hand and gave it a firm shake. "It's nice to meet you. I'm Ella, Adam never mentioned that he had a sister," the princess replied as she frowned at her bodyguard.

Zoey laughed at the comment, "Oh, I'm not his sister. Adam here is an only child. I'm his cousin, but I may as well be his sister," Zoey replied as she giggled.

"I'm sorry, the resemblance is uncanny," Ella said as her cheeks tinged a rosey color. She was going to have to pesture Adam to know more about his personal life now.

"Oh, don't be. I've gotten that comment so much over that last few years. It's always hard to believe that people believe that we're siblings. So, how do you know my cousin?" Zoey asked curiously as she looked at the princess.

Ella's widened and she silently panicked, before she could answer, Adam replied. "I work with Ella at the palace."

Zoey's eyes widened with excitement. "Oh, so you're one of Princess Eleanor's decoys, then?" she asked but it was more retorical.

Ella glanced at Adam, and wondered if she should go with this assumption or correct the woman. Adam gave a subtle nod, one that let Ella know she should just go with it, for now.

"Yup, I'm her primary decoy," Ella replied with a fake smile. She felt terrible because her primary decoy was Athena. But had been given some time off, recently, since there were no scheduled trips for Ella to leave the kingdom. Athena, was one of Ella's closest friends, but she was from Havaria, one of the neighboring kingdoms of Nightshade. Athena returned to her home for three months of year, and she was currently back in Havaria.

"That's so cool," Zoey excitedly commented. "So, you both work for the Princess. What's she like? Adam won't say anthing."

Ella looked shocked at that statement, she would have thought that Adam would have mentioned a number of things to his family about her. As she knew that she could be brat, she certainly had been when she had been first assigned a bodyguard.

"Zoey, I've already told you. I  can't share anything about the Royal family. I signed a confidentiality agreement upon receiving the job. And Ella can't either," Adam interrupted before the Princess could say anything.

Zoey deflated slightly as if she had hoped to hear some juicy gossip about Ella, that she could tell others. Ella frowned sadly as the young woman. 'Sorry' she mouthed as Adam nudged Ella back into her seat.

"Come on Zoey, just bring me two of the usuals," Adam told his cousin as he looked at her with disappointment in his face.

"Sure, I'll be back in a bit," Zoey said as she walked off.

"What's the usual?" Ella asked as she looked at her bodyguard.

Adam lifted his gaze from the table to meet Ella's honey gold eyes, "You'll see," he answered with a soft smirk.

Ella huffed and crossed her arms but didn't comment otherwise.

So, this is the third part of Escape for the Day. I'm thinking that I might have another part up on Monday. But I'm not entirely sure.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Look Around (TEC)

Ella smiled as she and Adam traveled farther and farther away from the palace and closer to the city. As they reached city limits, Adam slowed down to allow the eighteen year old the chance to look at their surroundings. Ella took in the sights, while she had been in Nightshade's capital city of Lunaria, it was usually in a limo with her parents or brothers.

She took in the various shops that made up the main avenue. There was so much variety in Lunaria, that it was overwhelming for the princess. But she easily trusted that Adam would show her around the capital. Ella only knew where the various Council and Elder buildings were, but she felt as if she didn't truly know her capital.

Adam pulled the bike to a stop off a side street. He turned off the engine, and removed his helmet. Ella removed her arms from around her bodyguard's waist and did the same. After she removed the helmet from her head, Ella pulled her hair from it's ponytail and smiled at Adam.

The twenty-four year old male, gently grasped Ella's hand in his. And he led them through the small street. They thanked their lucky stars that they hadn't been recognized, but to be fair Ella was not wearing one of her crowns or any of her usual dresses that she typically wore for public appearances. She was instead wearing chunky black booties, burgundy red jeans, a black floral printed top, and a grey knit cardigan. She was also wearing a brown leather backpack, and her cat-eye sunglasses were now on her face, to hide her obvious honey gold eyes.

"Do you think we'll be spotted?" Ella asked as they moved swiftly through the street. She trailed behind Adam, at a moderate pace.

"I don't know, Ella. But I know that I'm starving, and I happen to know that you didn't have much for breakfast this morning," Adam said as they reached a crossing. They had to wait before they could reach the other side of the road.

Ella just glanced around, not letting their stand-still stop her from looking around. She smiled as she spotted a cute little bakery. She wondered what kinds of desserts they had available. She made a note to ask Adam to stop by before they headed back to the palace.

I'll be adding another part on Friday so keep an eye out for it.

Love you all,

Monday, August 8, 2016

Escape for the Day (TEC)

Ella sat in the second story window ledge, she was bored out of her mind. It was a quiet day in the palace. She didn't have anything that she needed to do, her parents were away from the palace for the day. Some sort of second or third honeymoon, she had heard Xander and Matthew refer to it. She wasn't sure that she wanted to know.

But Jason was currently in charge, and he was busy meeting with the Elders and Council of the districts in the kingdom. Skylar, Rowan, and Hunter were having tutoring lessons, since Ella was eighteen, she no longer was required to have private tutoring lessons. She had graduated with full honors, from Nightshade's schooling system at sixteen.

"Your highness," a soft yet firm voice called out.

Ella turned her gaze from the window, to Adam Rosewood, her bodyguard of two years. She knew that he was not duty for the day, given that she wasn't doing anything today.

"Hello, Adam," she replied as she took in his appearance. He wasn't wearing his usual suit. He was instead wearing a black t-shirt, a medium brown leather jacket with dark blue denim jeans. He looked different but it was a nice different. His brown hair looked as if it had been windblown. "What are you doing here? It's your day off."

"Well, I figured since you were here, and were going to be here all day, we may as well get out. Come on," Adam answered as he reached forward to grab her hand.

Ella rolled her eyes but allowed herself to be pulled away from her window seat. She trailed behind Adam as they traveled downstairs, but they didn't go the obvious route. Adam led Ella through the route that the staff typically took. Ella hadn't ventured through that route since she had been a little girl. She smiled at the familiarity of it.

Her black booties softly thumped as they reached one of the service doors. One that the family didn't use, but rather the various staff that didn't live in the palace frequented.

She stopped just outside as she caught sight of a motorcycle, she frowned as she looked at her off duty guard. "Oh no, no way," she balked as she backed away from her guard.

"Are you scared, Eleanor?" he asked as he gazed at the princess.

Ella jerked her head in response, "Frightened."

Adam softly chuckled, "You will be fine, Ella, I won't let anything happen to you. Please, trust me." He held his hand out, palm up silently asking for her trust him.

Ella frowned but hesitantly placed her hand in Adam's. She knew that she could trust him. He was her body guard and he hadn't ever harmed her, except for that one time he had pushed off a staircase landing. But she did land in the ocean. "Promise me that neither of my parents will find out about this," she told me as he gave her hand a gentle squeeze.

"They won't realize a thing," he swore as gave a quick spin.

The princess giggled at Adam's action, he wasn't usually so open. He was very much one who followed the rules. But she liked this different side of him.

"You'll need this," he said as he presented her with a helmet. 

Ella grabbed the black helmet, she placed it on the second seat of the motorbike. She quickly grabbed her dark locks and pulled her hair into a ponytail. Then she grabbed the helmet and placed it over her head. It fit snugly, she adjusted the chin strap. Once she was done, she straddled the back of the bike behind Adam.

"Hold on tight," Adam's muffled voice called out.

Ella wrapped her arms around his waist, and rested her chin on his shoulder as he started the bike. Once he was sure that everything was good to go, he gave Ella's burgundy colored thigh a soft pat before he took off.


 This is a new TEC piece, and I'm hoping to have the next part of this up on Wednesday. Where should Ella and Adam go? Leave a comment. I'm hoping to have a set for this on Wed. or Friday.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Escape of Haven

The resounding blare of a horn, woke me from my sleep. I sat up in bed and looked around my room, I was familiar with the sound of that horn. I quickly got out of bed and began to throw on more suitable clothes. I pulled my long locks into a braid and ran towards the clearing.

Chaos was happening all over as I left my little hut. The White Elms were ablaze, as were the surrounding fields. There were so much terror as various people fled and hid. Some screamed and some cried, it was difficult to see. The smoke that was in the air, made it difficult to breathe. But ran and kept running until I had reached the Haven.

"Zarnak!" I called aloud and mentally, to try and wake her.

"Livera," the familiar voice replied in my head. As a growl could be heard from inside the Haven.

"We must leave, now," I commanded as I sprinted inside and ran towards the familiar indigo colored scales that belonged to my dragon.

Zarnak gave a soft cry in response as I climbed up her back, while I didn't have my riding harness, I knew that I had to leave with her. I glanced around and noticed that were a few other dragons who were missing. This gave me hope that they had escaped with their riders. They were only a few dragons who remained in the Haven, but I could hear footsteps which caused me to turn around. I raised my hands ready to fight off whoever had entered the Haven.

"Calm yourself, Livera. Tis only Ker," Zarnak softly murmured in my mind. I nodded in acknowledgment to  her comment but I was still wary.

Sure enough, the familiar features of Ker, his bright green eyes were visible to me. "Ker," I sighed out in relief as I ran towards my fellow rider.

"Livera," he mumbled into my hair as he hugged me to him. "I'm so glad you are safe."

"Ker, where are the others?" I asked quickly as we prepared Zarnak and Tsi, Ker's golden dragon.

"I do now know, But hopefully they will escape with their dragons," Ker answered as we both climbed aboard our respective flyers. "I shall see you at The Moorshire," he called out as our dragons took flight.

I watched as Ker and Tsi flew off, in a different direction than my own. I silently cried as I prayed that the other riders and dragons would escape the Haven.


I'm sorry for not posting on Wednesday. I was busy with filling out job applications and I was working on this piece. I'm not completely happy with it, but if I go back and finish I'll hopefully have something better. I've always wanted to write a fantasy piece and the idea of dragons has been one that I've been playing with in my head for awhile.

Let me know what you think

Monday, August 1, 2016

Unexpected News (TEC)

Princess Eleanor walked through the Royal Gardens, despite the fact that it was a cool autumn day. But the sixteen year old princess didn't mind, she enjoyed the weather. She walked through the leave covered paths and enjoyed the crunch from her steps.
"Excuse me, your highness," a voice called from behind the young female.
Ella turned around and easily recognized Matthew, her mother's body guard and one of the heads of Royal Security. "What is it, Matthew?" The princess asked with concern and slight worry. It wasn't like Matthew to leave her mother unattended.
"Nothing, as grave as your thoughts, Ella. Your father needs you in his office," Matthew informed the young princess. "I shall escort you there."
Ella nodded in reply and gave a soft sigh at the thought of leaving the garden but she knew better than to disobey her father. She led the way out of the gardens back into the palace, Matthew followed diligently behind her. As she reached her father's study, she noticed that Michael, Jason's bodyguard was outside of the office. However, before she could ask any questions, Matthew opened the door and gently nudged the princess inside before closing it behind him.
Ella rolled her eyes at Matthew's actions, but as she examined the occupants in her father's study she felt some worry. She noticed that her mother sat beside her father, while Jason sat in one of the chairs in front of the large antique desk. She also spotted Xander, her father's body guard in the far left corner of the room. But she didn't recognize the man who was standing next to Xander. She tilted her head as she studied the man, he was tall like Jason, maybe taller. He had short brown hair and dark brown eyes. The stranger wore dark clothing that fit him very well.
"Eleanor," the gravely voice of the king, called out.
Ella looked at her father as she stood at attention. "Yes, Your Majesty," she said in small voice.
"Take a seat," he said as he gestured to the seat next to Jason.
Ella immediately moved to sit down next to her brother, her hands were placed daintily in her lap as she looked at her father.
"Eleanor, how old are you?" her father asked in a tone that made Ella realize that she was not going to like whatever her father had called her in for.
"Sixteen, father," Ella replied with gentle sigh. She looked at her mother, hoping that the Queen would give her a hint at what was going on.
Ella did not like the frown that her mother was giving her. Not at all.
"Exactly, you are sixteen years old, Eleanor. You are the only Princess of the Kingdom. And it has come to my attention from both your mother and eldest brother, that you are constantly leaving the grounds without anyone with you. I shall hear no more of this, Eleanor. You will be assigned a body guard and he will go with you wherever you go," the King said in a stern tone as he gave his daughter a pointed look that dared her to speak back.
Ella, however, was just as stubborn, if not more, than her father. She frowned at her mother and turned to glare at her brother. "I never leave the palace, Your Majesty. I merely wander through the gardens. But if you prefer that I have a body guard for your concern of my well being fine," she said as she rose from her seat and left her father's office.
She slammed the door close behind her, and took off running down the hallway. She ran back to the Royal Gardens. Ella knew that her body guard, who was more than likely the unknown man in her father's office would follow.
The young princess came upon the Rose Garden, her father had created these for her mother. She loved the Rose Garden, just as much as she loved her own little meadow but she didn't want to share her private place to her new body guard.
Ella sat one of the benches and smelled some of the few roses that were still in bloom, when she heard the footsteps. She knew that these were the ones that belonged to her body guard.
He came around the corner and entered her line of sight. "Your father is only trying to do his best," her body guard said.
Ella ignored him, she childishly turned her face away from the man who would now follow her everywhere. 'Goodbye privacy' Ella thought as she scanned the bright red roses.
"You're going to be handful, aren't you?" her body guard asked, as if he hadn't picked up the hint that she wanted to be alone.
Ella turned to golden eyes to her body guard. She sent him a fierce glare, one that scared many in the palace.
"Ah, the famous glare that Matthew and Xander were mentioning earlier. I'm not afraid of you, your highness. We will be spending a large amount of time together and we best learn to get along. Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Adam Rosewood."

This was previously posted on my polyvore, I am working on a new TEC piece for either Wednesday or Friday. But I wanted to share the beginning of Ella and Adam. Since he's going to be a very interesting person in her life.


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