Friday, December 30, 2016

New Year

gold confetti falls
from the skies
with white crisp
flakes joining the celebration
of the new year

kisses between couples
glasses clink in cheers
for the new year
resolutions made to try
and make a new change
for yourself

it's a new year
a new day
a chance to better
than we were the day


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Worried Sick

Diana Halloway sat next to her cousin and friend, as they enjoyed the quiet afternoon. "I can't believe Aunt Artemis, Uncle Scott, and Uncle Zane had to leave you to babysit today," Diana told Athena, as she looked at her mahogany haired cousin.

"Honestly, I'm not that upset. With Ryder and Venus suddenly getting sick, it's makes sense that I'm here with Calliope. Besides, Archer and Nate are only running the perimeter with Dad gone. Besides, Calli, knows better than to cause trouble with me," Athena pointed out as she looked down at Calliope, who was sitting in recliner that belonged to Archer, when he came home from college.

Calliope looked up from the book in her lap, "I can hear you, Diana," the six year old contemptuously mumbled as she met Diana's blue-grey eyes, that were a St. Rose signature color.

Diana frowned before she got up and knelt in front of Calliope's seat. "I'm sorry, Calli, I'm just worried about Venus and Ryder. I didn't mean to make it sound as if you were causing trouble," the sixteen year old apologized with a soft blush at being called out on her comment.

Calliope frowned, her brow furrowed as she met Diana's pleading stare. "I'm worried too, Diana. It's my twin sister and baby brother, who are sick. I miss Vee," the little told her cousin, a soft sob escaping at the mention of her twin sister's name.

Diana didn't say anything, she instead reached up and pulled Calliope into her arms. The little girl sobbed as she looked over Diana's shoulder to find Athena. The mahogany haired girl, moved just behind Diana and grasped Calliope's hand tightly in her own. All of them were worried, it didn't make sense for Venus and Ryder to get sick, at least not as sick as they had gotten.

Athena looked in the doorway, and met Archer's gaze as he looked at them. The twenty year old, werewolf and warlock sat down beside Diana and just rubbed Calliope's back. Nate sat just behind Calliope, ready to catch her when she pulled away from Diana. The silent room was filled with worry and concern for the two missing Evermoon St. Rose Conway siblings.

Sorry for not posting on Monday. It slipped my mind, but I am excited so share more stories about Eden with you all.


Friday, December 23, 2016

Beneath the Mistletoe (TEC)

Delia's grey blue eyes looked around the ballroom of the Nightshade Castle. The Princess of Stardune enjoyed the rose gold and marble theme. The Princess easily recognized the hosting family for the event. The Nightshade family were well known for hosting their annual Christmas Balls, and they were always the talk of the various kingdoms.

"I see you're enjoying yourself, for once," a familiar voice said from Delia's left. The mahogany haired princess turned to see Princess Eleanor or Ella as Delia called her.

"Ella," Delia happily greeted as she pulled her friend into a hug. "This is beautiful, I love the theme, and your dress. I'm surprised you didn't wear something in either rose gold or marble."

"And blend into the decorations?!?! Ha! Besides mother insisted that gold would look better against the piano," Ella muttered as she looked at her.

Delia nodded in understanding, "Well, this dress suits you, Ella. The gold makes your eyes shine even brighter. Your family looks excited."

Ella inclined her head as she looked at her friend. "You mean, Jason, and he's really miserable. He would much rather be doing anything else than attend the ball," Ella answered her friend.

The Stardune Princess's cheeks flushed a soft pink color. She had a crush on the eldest child and Crown Prince of Nightshade but she knew that he didn't want her. Delia recalled hearing a conversation between Jason, Prince Damien of Evermoon, and Prince Wesley of Avisteria. They had been talking about Princesses that they would never consider for their future wives. All three of them had adamantly decided that she was not worthy of their attention. Delia's heart had shattered because she and Jason had been such good friends, despite that he was three years older than her.

The friendship between the pair had crumbled easily, with Delia avoiding Jason at all costs. She rarely left her own Kingdom, and when she did, it was because Jason was usually visiting Stardune. She doubted he even realized that he hadn't seen her in two years.

"Ella," Delia mumbled, embarrassed from Ella's statement.

Ella looked at her one of closest friends, she could see the tears that were beginning to cloud her grey blue eyes. The Nightshade princess reached out and grasped her friend's hand. "I'm sorry, Delia. Let's ignore my brother. I love your dress, the soft lilac looks lovely on you."

"Thank you, Ella," Delia answered with a soft smile. She wiped a finger against the outer corner of her right eye, to keep the tears from falling.

Ella moved towards the music maestro, she whispered something into his ear. As Ella pulled way, he nodded and tapped his music stand. Delia watched as Ella made her way back, but she was suspicious and didn't fully trust her friend.

Delia sighed and walked out of the ballroom, she made her way towards the Royal Gardens. King Erivine had created them for Queen Avaline, and Delia always enjoyed visiting the gardens as a child. Of course, the Stardune Princess knew that King Erivine had created a section for Ella, that was for Ella's personal enjoyment.

She walked amongst the flowers and ignored the chill that was beginning to fall through the grounds. Delia stopped to enjoy the roses that were named after Queen Avaline, the Avelia's. They were the most beautiful to Delia, the roses were a soft lilac color and just large enough to hold in palm of her hand.

"You know, mother never understood how the roses became the lilac color," a voice called from behind her.

Delia straightened before she slowly turned to look at Nightshade's Crown Prince, Jason. "They're beautiful, despite the odd coloring," Delia replied as she turned back to the roses.

"Delia," Jason started before he stopped.

"Delia, why are you ignoring me?" Jason asked as he gently reached out and turned the Stardune Princess to look at him.

Delia didn't dare meet Jason's gaze, instead she stepped back and out of his reach. "Excuse me, Your Majesty," she said as she gave him a small curtsy. Before she walked away from her oldest friend. She wasn't going to tell him anything, if he didn't understand why she wasn't talking to him then that was his problem.

Delia took the long way back to the palace, as she climbed the steps that would lead her into back into the hallway. She easily spotted Ella with her bodyguard, they were talking. Delia wasn't sure about what, but it wasn't any of her business. As she reached the threshold, Delia felt another presence next to her.

"Ooh, look who's under the mistletoe," Ella happily cried as she clapped her hands together.

Delia looked up and glared at the offending foliage, before she glanced out of the corner of her eye to see that it was Jason, who was next to her. Delia glared at her best friend, before met Jason's sky blue gaze. "You are not funny, Ella," she muttered as she tried to step out from under the mistletoe.

Jason's hand was wrapped around Delia's elbow, halting her escape. She turned her head to glare at him. "Let me go, Jason, now," Delia ordered.

"It's tradition, Cordelia, we wouldn't want to break tradition," Jason argued as he looked pleadingly at the Princess of Stardune.

Delia narrowed her eyes even more at the use of her full name. "Fine," she mumbled, as she reached up and placed a chaste kiss on Jason's cheek. "Happy?" she questioned as she pulled away.

Ella snorted as she looked at her older brother and best friend. "That is not the rule of mistletoe, Delia and you know that," Ella commented.

"She's not wrong, Cordy," Jason answered as he used his own nickname for her.

Butterflies fluttered in Delia's chest as she heard the familiar nickname from Jason. Delia closed her eyes and sighed in defeat, before she opened her eyes. She stood on tip toe and placed a kiss on Jason's lips. He responded quickly, but gently pulled away. His hand had slipped from Delia's elbow to her waist.

Ella smiled happily before she walked away from her best friend and brother. "Come along, Adam," she Nightshade Princess called over her shoulder to her body guard.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Cookies and Cocoa

Laura hummed along to Bing Crosby's crooning voice, she smiled down at her children as they stood on stools and were using cookie cutters. She watched as they passed the cookie cutters and worked together. But they weren't alone, Laura caught her best friend's eye and smiled.

Artemis giggled as her three children weren't really interested in the cookies. Archer and Nate were more interested in seeing who could get the most dirty with the flour. The red head sighed but separated the two, before any werewolf claws tried to make an appearance. The High Priestess shook her head in annoyance but helped her children with their cookies.

Avis and Athena were helping each other with their cookies. Laura and Artemis shared a conspiratorial wink with one another at the sight of the two girls. Archer was now helping Lynx with her cookies, he would place them on the cookie sheet after she finished. Laura watched the pair with an affectionate smile, it was adorable to see Lynx and Archer getting along.

Once the cookie sheets were filled, Laura and Artemis wrangled their trios into the living room for a Christmas movie. Each of them were given a small bowl of the holiday popcorn and a candy cane. Laura and Artemis planned to bring in hot cocoa during the middle of the movie.

With The Santa Clause firmly up and running with the second and third movies, cued up to play soon. The two witches didn't worry as they made their way back to the kitchen to make hot chocolate. The mothers laughed and told each other stories of what their children had been up to. It was a quiet afternoon for them as they worked together.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Little Sisters

Athena St. rose sighed as she looked at the large amount of snow that covered the ground. The sixteen almost seventeen year old female shivered in her winter coat, as she walked around Coven grounds. The witchling gazed in the woods and spotted the familiar furry and blurred shapes that belonged to the Evermoon pack. She easily spotted her half brothers and Papa, in the treeline.

Both Archer and Nate were different colors, and depending on the time of day, one was easier to see than the other. But Athena knew what to look for, when it came to werewolves. She waved at the trio, as they stood watch over the Coven. She was watching some of the children, as a group had wanted to go outside and play in the snow. Athena had volunteered to go with the group and watch them.

Of course, Athena's mother, Artemis, the Coven's High Priestess and Coven Leader knew that the trio of wolves would be watching, as well. Athena looked very much like her mother, but the main difference were her eyes, while her mother had the St. Rose blue-grey, almost silver colored eyes; Athena had her father's ocean blue-green colored eyes.

"Athena, come on, you're meant to be playing with us," the voice of her little sister, Calliope called from the top of a large snow mountain.

Calliope threw a snowball, at her big sister. As the ball hit, Athena in the shoulder she scoffed, "Calliope Jane," Athena exclaimed as she ran towards her sister.

Calliope squealed as she spun and tried to slide down the hill, to escape Athena. But she wasn't able to get far, because she was stopped her own twin, Venus. "Venus, let me go," Calliope whined as she tried to swat away her sister's hand that had caught the hood of her white jacket.

Venus shook her head as she jumped on top of her twin. The pair began to roll and slide down the hill. Athena sighed as she watched her sisters end up at the bottom of the mountain. She shook her head and tapped her right foot as she pursed her lips.

Before she could say anything, two wolves moved forward from the tree line. The black wolf was the girls' oldest brother, twenty-year old Archer; while the white wolf was eighteen year old Nate. Each picked up one of the two, by the scruff of their coats, and seperated them before they could break out into a fight that involved small fists or accidental bursts of magic.

"Thanks, Archer, Nate," Athena said as she jumped from the top of the small mountain, to land on her feet. She looked at her two sisters, who each struggled to escape from their brothers' grasp.

"Athena!" Both whined and whimpered as they looked at their sister.

The red head frowned but nodded to both Nate and Archer. The wolves promptly released the twins, and watched as they moved towards Athena and wrapped themselves around her legs.

Athena became slightly unbalanced, and fell on to her back with a sister attached to each leg. But she didn't complain, instead she just moved her arms and legs back and forth. Her sisters each let go and followed her example.

They stood up and took a step back, the twins smiled as they saw the snow angels.

The moment came to an end when on of the other children called for Athena. She turned her attention to the others, and moved forward to help them as they built a large snowman. The witchling kept an eye on her sisters and the others, as she moved around to help the various groups of children.

"Athena," a little voice that belonged to her cousin, Beth, called out.

Athena crouched down in front of Beth, "What is it, Beth?" The sixteen year old asked as she looked at her cousin, she reached out and brushed a stray blonde curl behind her ear.

"When can we head back inside? Mom and Aunt Artemis promised us hot chocolate," Beth asked as she looked at Beth with wide blue-grey eyes, that matched Persephone and Artemis'.

Athena looked at the kids and saw the same curious look in each of their own eyes. "We'll go in, in five minutes. In the mean time," Athena said as she grabbed a bundle of snow and crunched it together in to a ball. "SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!!" the teenager yelled as she threw the ball in the direction of Archer.

The wolf playfully howled but retorted with kicking snow in the direction of Venus and Calliope. Chaos immediately erupted as white snow in various sizes were being thrown at anyone and everyone. Athena smiled and laughed as she and her older brothers joined in and threw snow.

Here's a piece on Athena and a look into Artemis's future. I'm still working on ages but I realized that she's forty-seven or a newly turned forty-eight in this piece. It's crazy because we've met five of her children, Archer, Nate, Athena, Calliope, and Venus. This does hint a maybe who she ends up with or does it?


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Early Gifts (TAG)

Sixteen year old Ella Rosewood sat in the kitchen with a notebook and pen in front of her. She had a list of names written on the sheet. She looked at the names with a small frown, as she contemplated what she should give to her 'brothers' for Christmas. Some would be easy to do but others were difficult; and there was her 'dad', grandma, Brains, and Creighton-Ward family members to think about as well.

The mahogany haired female sighed in frustration, and pouted before she shoved her notebook to the other side of the counter. She crossed her arms on the counter and placed her head on her arms. She closed her eyes as she tried to think of gifts.

Virgil, Gordon, and Alan would be easy to get gifts for, as they had been hinting for a while at what they each wanted. Ella had gotten Virgil some new sheet music of some of his favorite songs, and a notebook of blank sheet music for him to write his own music. Gordon would be receiving some new swim shorts and full year subscription to a video app that he enjoyed. Alan's gift was a scrapbook of family pictures, most of their mom before her accident; with some funny stories that Ella wanted to share with her baby brother.

Since John and Scott were both gone, and no one knew if they would be coming home for Christmas, Ella had a harder time thinking of something. John was away at college, studying to be an astronaut like dad. And Scott was serving the GDF Air Force, as a pilot. But neither had been sure, if they would be returning to Tracy Island for Christmas, much to everyone's dismay. But Ella had no idea what to gift her brothers who wouldn't be home. Ella sighed again, before she closed her eyes.

A hand gently patted the top of her head, and Ella looked up to see her dad on the other side of the kitchen counter. "What's got you so sad, Ella?" Jeff Tracy asked his daughter.

While, Ella wasn't a biological Tracy, she was still very much a Tracy child. Jeff and Lucy had raised the dark haired beauty since she was a baby, after her parents had died in a car crash. Jeff missed his friends Christian and Elizabeth Rosewood, but Ella had helped him and Lucy mourn them a little easier as they knew that she wasn't gone.

"I can't figure out what to get Scott and John for Christmas. I have everyone else's gifts done, but I don't know what to get Scott or John," Ella explained sadly as she sat up and looked at her dad.

Jeff hmed in understanding, "Well, let's think about that, what did you get them last year?" Jeff asked her as he moved to the fridge and began to pull out various ingredients for dinner.

"I gave John a magazine subscription to his favorite one for three years. And Scott got sent a box of Christmas treats," Ella reminded her dad as she got off her seat and moved around to the other side. She grabbed some of the vegetables and fruit and started to rinse them off.

"Well, what do you want to give them?" her father asked his sixteen year old daughter as he pulled out some burgers and hot dogs.

Ella shrugged, "I don't know, I just want them to come home. I mean, John came home last year for Christmas but he didn't stay for long. And Scott couldn't get leave."

Jeff nodded in understanding, "I know, Ella, have you tried asking your brothers what they're getting Scott and John?"

"Yup," Ella replied while she popped the p. "Virgil won't share, but Gordon and Alan decided to do a joint gift."

Jeff chuckled and shook his head, "I should have guessed as much. Maybe you should send both of your brothers Christmas treats. I remember Scott telling me that he enjoyed his gift last year."

Ella looked at her dad with wide eyes, "Really? But I don't want them to think that I'm being lazy."

Jeff stopped prepping the burgers and turned to face Ella. "Ella, I don't think they'll believe that. Your brothers, all five of them, know that you spend a lot of time and effort into anything you bake. Besides, your cookies are always better than Grandma's," Jeff conspiratorially whispered to his daughter, as he looked around the room. As if he was expecting Grandma Tracy to come out from around the corner.

Ella laughed at her Dad's comment. A familiar voice came from the living room, "I heard that, Jeff Tracy."

Ella stopped and with wide eyes watched as Grandma Tracy appeared in front of the counter with her arms crossed as she looked back and forth between her son and granddaughter.

"And I was going to give your gift early," Grandma sighed as she frowned at the pair.

Ella moved to join Grandma, and wrapped her arms around the elderly woman. "I'm sorry Grandma," Ella told her Grandma with a soft frown.

Grandma sighed but held Ella tightly to her. Ella was her only granddaughter, and the sixteen year old had already two mothers, one father, and two sets of grandparents. She easily recalled the day when Jeff and Lucy had brought her home. Scott, John, and Virgil had were all under her care when she came into the Tracy home. Scott had been six, John was four, and Virgil was two. Ella had only been a few months old. Scott and John didn't understand why they were getting a new sibling, a sister at that. Virgil hadn't really understood what was happening, and didn't care that much.

Grandma melted as she held Ella, "Alright, then, you can come in now," Grandma called out as she pressed her cheek against the top of Ella's dark curls. Ella was quite short, especially in comparison to her brothers. She was only five feet tall and Grandma suspected that she wouldn't get much taller than that.

Ella pulled away from Grandma with a confused look as she looked towards the living room. There in the entrance were Scott and John Tracy. She shrieked in delight before she left go of her grandmother and launched herself at her twenty-two and twenty year old brothers. She could hear her dad's chuckle resonate through the room as Ella held onto her brothers.

Jeff and Grandma Tracy watched the scene with happiness. Ella held a close relationship with both Scott and John, and with them gone she missed both of them. As Jeff watched his daughter and eldest son interact he couldn't help but wonder if Lucy had been right when she said that Scott and Ella were meant for each other. He easily watched as Scott was constantly touching Ella in someway, and she was doing the same thing.

Maybe Lucy was right when she said that Scott would make Ella a Tracy.

Another Ella Tracy piece, I'm just feeling the feels for this family. Especially since I've been binge watching the episodes like crazy the last few days. Let me know if you want more Christmas pieces with them.


Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas Themes (TEC)

A knock woke the sleepy princess from her nap. Ella sat up and called out weak come in, she smiled at the familiar sight of Adam Rosewood, her bodyguard. "Adam," She groggily greeted him.

"Princess Eleanor, your mother has requested your presence in the ballroom, immediately," Adam monotonously informed his charge.

Ella sighed but nodded in understanding. "I'll be down in a few minutes. Somehow, I doubt my mother wants me downstairs in my pajamas," Ella mumbled as she threw her covers off of her. She climbed out of her bed and meandered towards her closet.

The Princess of Nightshade quickly changed into a dark wine colored dress with black tights and a cream colored cardigan. She wore black ankle booties on her petite feet. Ella quickly braided her hair, and ran out of her bedroom. As she passed Adam, she faintly heard him mutter something in his earpiece. But she was sprinting down the stairs to get to the ballroom.

One did not keep the Queen waiting, and certainly not when said Queen was your own mother. Ella nearly tripped down the stairs a few times but luckily caught herself each time. As she hit the bottom of the stairs, she took off through the hallways and ran towards the large ballroom. Once the large ornate doors were in sight, she stopped and took a few deep breaths to calm herself down. After a moment, Ella strode inside and looked over her shoulder at Adam.

She shook her head and shut the door behind her, before he could attempt to step inside of the room with her. Ella knew that Matthew was somewhere in the hallway, hidden from her sight. She figured that Adam would be fine with Matthew.

Ella looked around and spotted the large pine three that was in the center of the room. There were not decorations on the tree, which was odd to Ella. As she usually only ever saw the tree after it was decorated and trimmed.

"Ella, there you are," the familiar warm voice of Queen Avaline called from just behind the tree.

Ella moved towards her mother and looked at her. "Yes, why exactly am I here?" she asked as she looked at the tree.

"I wanted your help with picking a color theme for the tree this year. Someday it will be your job, and I want you to be ready for when the time comes," Avaline explained as she looked at her daughter.

Avaline knew that her seventeen year old daughter was hesitant to take on new duties, but Ella understood that she would need to to do this for her kingdom.

"Any kind of theme?" Ella asked as she looked at her mother with a slight frown.

"Yes, any kind of theme that you would like," Avaline agreed as she moved to stand next to her daughter.

"I think rose gold and marble, would be lovely," Ella hesitantly suggested.

Avaline's smile brightened, "That's a lovely suggestion, Ella. I quite like it, we'll pass that information on to Vella. You'll be working with myself and Vella to make sure everything is to your standard."

Ella looked at her mother with wide eyes. "My standard?"

"Yes, as it's your theme, everything will be done to your specifications," Avaline told Ella as she looked at her daughter.

"Wow," Ella whispered in awe.

Yes, I have returned the Eleanor Chronicles. There will be more int he coming days. I haven't forgotten about Ella.

Friday, December 9, 2016

First Snow

Avis looked at the sky in delight as white fluffy flakes fell from the sky. She smiled and spun in circle, and threw her hands out. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue in hopes of catching a precious flake.

"Avis, come on! We're going to be late," her best friend Athena St. Rose yelled from ahead of her.

The sixteen year old female looked ahead at Athena, and sighed before she ran to catch up with her brunette friend. Once, Avis had caught up with Athena the pair made their way to Eden Falls High to start their last day of classes before winter break started.

"Ugh, why do we have to be here? It's snowing, and it's the kind that's perfect for playing in," Avis whined to Athena as they strode through the school parking lot.

Avis easily spotted Athena's cousins, Vera and Elijah St. Rose, and elder brother, Nate Evermoon. Avis shyly looked away her best friend's brother, and easily spotted her own family members in the crowd. She sent a bright smile and wave to her cousins Evie and Darren, who were climbing out of Uncle Ronnie's SUV.

The window rolled down, and she heard her uncle wish her cousins a goodbye. He easily spotted and yelled a hello to her as well. Avis flushed a little as people looked at her, but she told her Uncle that she would see him later. As he pulled away, Evie and Darren separated. Evie approached her and Athena, while Darren moved towards Elijah, Nate, and the rest of the boys who played sports at EFHS.

"Hi, Avis, morning Athena," Evie greeted as we stood on the steps.

"Hi, Evie," Avis replied as she pulled her cousin into a hug. "I like your hat," she added as she admired her cousins gray knit hat, that was over her brown locks.

"Thanks," Evie answered.

"Hey, Evie, and Avis is right, your hat is cute. Come on Miss Freshman, let's head inside it's cold out here," Athena suggested as they climbed the rest of the stairs and made their way inside. Together they made it to Evie's locker and helped her gather her books and put away her backpack. Then, they clamored through the halls to reach Avis and Athena's shared locker.

"We'll see you at lunch, Evie," Avis promised her cousin as they walked her to her math class. As they walked away, the pair could hear some girls behind them sigh that Evie was lucky that she got to hang out with older students.

The two witches looked at each other and shared a laugh before they headed to art for their first class. Once they sat down, Avis stared out the window and watched the snow fall. She wished that she was outside enjoying it with her friends and family.

"Hey, Av, we should get everyone together tomorrow and have a snow day. As a way to celebrate the end of school until the New Year, and for you to stop moping," Athena suggested with a giggle as she gently nudged Avis with her elbow.

"You mean it?" Avis asked with a perked up response as she looked at her best friend.

"Of course, we'll tell everyone at lunch and send a group text/message tonight," Athena promised as she sent her friend a warm smile.

Avis smiled as she took another glance at the falling flakes outside. She couldn't wait to enjoy the snow.

Little Avis is all grown up, -sniff- I can't believe that she's a beautiful sixteen year old teenager. I wanted to do more with the Laura verse, which has actually become an extension of my Artemis (Witch) verse. I made the connection during NaNo this year. So, be on the look out for more Avis pieces, and a different look into Eden's future.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

I'll Be Home For Christmas

Lyra smiled as she hung the last ornament on the tree. Once, the little robin was placed in a safe place on the tree, she stepped back and looked at the tree. "And it's perfect, which means it's done!" Lyra delightfully cried out.

A familiar sigh came from behind her, as she turned to look at her brother. "I'm not sure about that, Lyra," Drake muttered from his seat.

The petite brunette rolled her eyes at her brother's comment, "Bite me, Drake," she replied as she returned her attention back to the Christmas Tree. The multi-colored lights twinkled as they blinked their various colors around the room. Lyra smiled as she sat on the couch, next to her boyfriend, and snuggled into his side.

"Ignore, Drake, Ly. You know he's upset about Vivian being in France, and not returning until after the New Year," Rex replied with a chuckle as he wrapped an arm around Lyra.

"He doesn't have to be bitter about," Lyra mumbled as she shot a glare at her brother.

Drake rolled his eyes at his sister, but pouted as he looked at the tree that was in front of him. He noticed a new ornament that hadn't been apart of the family's collection last year. He got up from his seat and made his way over to examine it closer. Upon further inspection, the ornament was a clear one, but inside was a picture of himself with Viv from last Christmas. One the ornament written in silver was 'I'll be home for Christmas'. Drake spun and looked at his sister in shock and surprise as if to confirm the truth from her.

Lyra and Rex both got up and looked at Drake with huge smiles. "Yeah, she's leaving France early. She couldn't bare to think of spending a Christmas without you," Lyra told her brother with a smile.

Drake wrapped his sister in a hug and held her tight. "Thanks, Ly," he murmured softly, for only his sister to hear.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Winter Blues (TAG)

Ella Tracy sighed as she looked out the window, it was warm in the South Pacific. The twenty-three year old female easily recalled the early years where it actually snowed on Christmas. Of course, that had been back when they lived in Kansas, when Alan had been a baby, not a sixteen year old teenager. She remembered that she had to beg Scott and John to play with her, Virgil, and Gordon outside. But her pout and bright green eyes finally made the elder Tracy's crave and play outside with her. Oh, the fun that they had had, and the trouble they had gotten into. She smiled as thought of Scott breaking one of the windows with a snowball. Or how he had lifted her up so she could put the hat on their snowman, that was taller than her.

She missed those times, before they had lost their mom to an avalanche. Winter hadn't been the same without Lucy Tracy, and Ella suspected that was partly why their dad had moved them to an island in the South Pacific that rarely got snow. Ella looked out at the turquoise blue water that was the Pacific Ocean, and frowned.

Alan and Virgil Tracy looked their sister-in-law/surrogate sister with concerned faces. Alan was worried about his sister, he knew that Ella became melancholy during December. He was never sure why, but she had been like this for a few years. Ella had taken on a motherly role, after they had lost their mom. But he loved his sister, even though she hadn't been adopted by their parents, she was still a Tracy. She just hadn't inherited the last name, until she had gotten married to Scott, but she had always been a Tracy.

Virgil knew that his sister was going through her winter blues, even if it didn't look like winter outside. The brown-gold eyed artist watched as Ella got lost in her thoughts. Christmas had been her favorite holiday as a kid. She had always been dragging him and the rest of the boys out to do various winter activities. During the the first snow, Ella always made sure that she, Scott, John, Gordon, a baby Alan, and himself were outside for a few minutes to enjoy the quiet snow fall. Of course, she had been wrapped in a million layers and looked like a marshmallow, but she never seemed to care.

Virgil gently nudged his brother with his shoulder. Alan looked at his brother who wore a lot of flannel, with a raised eyebrow. Virg gestured to Ella and gave Alan a pointed look. The youngest Tracy sighed but followed his brother's silent order. He moved to where Ella was, and sat next to his sister.

"Whatcha thinking about?" he asked brightly as he looked at his sister.

Ella's attention moved from the window to her baby brother, "Snow," she answered with a soft smile. Before she reached out and gently ruffled his blonde hair.

Alan ducked and tried to swat at his sister's hand, "Ella," he whined as he wiggled on the small window seat.

"I don't think so, little brother," she replied with a tinkle of laughter as she moved from ruffling Alan to tickling him instead.

The sixteen year old squirmed away from his sister, but he was moving so erratically that he fell off the window seat. Ella giggled at the sight of Alan as a pile of limbs, but she reached down and helped him back up. "Sorry, Alan," she mumbled as they sat in the window seat.

Alan just smiled at his sister, and together they watched the blue waves outside. "Sorry, we don't get snow here, Ella," Alan said as he looked at his sister.

"It's fine, Alan, I haven't had a Christmas with snow since you were eight and I was fifteen," Ella answered with a soft smile. "It's just a long time to go without a white Christmas."


I have officially entered the Thunderbirds 'verse with this piece. I love the Thunderbirds (both shows), and I've been playing around with the idea of Ella Tracy in head for a while. I'll try to write more pieces with her and her relationship with the Tracy family in the coming weeks and months.


Friday, December 2, 2016

News and News

Hey everyone it's Alex. Today's post is not a story, but rather just news and updates.

So, as you know last month was NaNoWriMo, and it was my third year participating.I wrote almost 30k, I was short by about 600 words. I'm not disapointed by any means, it was a huge goal and achievement for me. I hit around 52 pages on my WordDoc. There are about 8-10 pages that are handwritten, which I need to transcribe on the actual document. I will try and do nano again next year.

Second, I have started a tumblr for this account. You find it here. I haven't done much with it yet, but I plan to do more with it in 2017. For now, I will post primarily links of what I've posted. But in 2017, I plan to do sneak peeks, brainstorms, and other things. Maybe pictures and fancasts. So, please feel free to check it out.

It's December, I'll try to post little Christmas pieces as we get closer to the Christmas. Who has their tree up yet? We don't, my family is waiting for my sister to finish her classes. Once she's done we'll be getting our tree up. Would you prefer poetry or actual stories? I am open to both but I would like to hear from you all.

I think that is everything. If I find something to add then, I'll made a post script.


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