Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Drabbles of Fandom OC's

Hi everyone, just some drabbles since I don't really have much motivation to produce a 500+ word piece.

Bitten Verse (Avery x Nick) Pre-Season 1

Avery napped on the den's couch, it was a quiet day in Stonehaven. The only pack member home was Avery's uncle, and the Pack's Alpha, Jeremy Danvers, and he was upstairs in his studio. As the young werewolf slept, a car drove into the property lines and parked outside. Jeremy smiled, and gently called out to Antonio and his son, Nick Sorrentino to walk right in.

As the men walked inside, Nick smiled as he caught a peek of Avery asleep on the leather couch. He hadn't seen her since she had left for university a few years prior. He had enjoyed the company that the little she-wolf had given him whenever he came to Stonehaven. The male pointed out the she-wolf to his father. Antonio chuckled silently, as he saw Avery.

Charmed TNG (Sapphire x Wyatt)

Sapphire rolled her eyes at her whitelighter as she sat down at the kitchen table. "You're being silly Wyatt. I can take care of myself, besides your mom and aunts have been training me," she reminded her whitelighter, as she stabbed at the pancakes that Piper Haliwell had made for her.

"He's just doing what any concerned whitelighter does, Saph. Ignore him, Dad did the same thing with mom," Melinda Haliwell, Sapphire's best friend and Wyatt's little sister told her best friend.

"I have every right to concerned, Mel, do you know how many upper level demons have been after her in the last week?" Wyatt cried in outrage at his sister's comment. Sometimes he wished that he hadn't been assigned to Sapphire. It felt like she was more trouble than she was worth.

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