Friday, July 29, 2016

Tea With The Queen (TEC)

When one was summoned for tea by the Queen, one did not simply ignore the request. Ella had received the summons only ten minutes ago, via Lady Valaria, one of Queen Avaline's ladies in waiting.

Ella knocked gently on the door to her mother's solarium. "Enter," a delicate yet firm voice called from the other side.

Ella looked at her bodyguard, with a soft sigh. "You can stay out here with Matthew, Adam. That way, the Queen won't force a cup of tea onto you," Ella said with a soft smile.

Adam smiled back at his charge, "Thank you, Princess Eleanor. Enjoy your tea with the Queen."

Ella nodded as she opened the door and entered the solarium. The young princess closed the door behind her, then stepped into the room.

"Come sit down, Ella," the prim voice that belonged to Ella's mother, Queen Avaline said with a soft smile.

Ella sat down next to her mom, in an ungraceful fall. The young princess removed her crown and set it beside her as she leaned into her mother. "You've had an interesting morning, I imagine," Ella's mother said as she looked down at her daughter.

Ella met her gaze, with a sigh of defeat. "I'm not going to ask," the princess muttered as she looked at her mother.

"Oh, Ella, you'll find that when you're the Queen, nothing goes on in this palace that I don't know about. You would be amazed what the eyes and ears of the palace inform me about. Such as Skylar's scoff at the the arrival of Prince Damian. Or you're sudden departure," Queen Avaline said with a raised eyebrow and soft smirk.

Ella's cheeks burned with shame, she knew that she hadn't made the best impression on Prince Damian. But she knew that her father had been trying to marry her off to the Evermoon Prince. Ella was also going to be giving one of the said eyes and ears of the palace a stern talking to later, about her actions being reported back to her mother or father.

"I'm not sorry. I don't want to married off like a prized cow," Ella protested as she sat up and poured herself a cup of tea.

Avaline shook her head, her soft wheat colored curls falling from the soft bun that she wore. "Oh, Eleanor. I would never allow for your father to marry you off. You are my only daughter, and I would prefer that you marry for love like your father and I did," the Nightshade Queen told her daughter, as two pairs of honey gold eyes locked gazes with each other.

Ella looked down at the crown in her lap. It was a family heirloom, it had belonged to her maternal grandmother. One of the few pieces of history that belonged to the Grey Light kingdom, before they had been decimated.

"Sometimes, I wish I wasn't a princess. I don't mean any offense, Mom, but there's just so much pressure with being a princess," Ella told her mother as she sipped daintily from her saucer.

Avaline gently brushed a soft brown curl away from Ella's face. "I know how you feel Ella, but you have myself and your brothers to help with the duties that you share," the Queen reminded her daughter. "Now, finish your tea, a walk through the rose garden is needed. Especially after your morning."

Ella's soft laughter could be heard through the door, where Adam and Matthew, Queen Avaline's bodyguard both stood. Adam gave a small smile at the sound of his charge's delightful giggles.

A few moments later, the door opened revealing a smiling Queen Avaline and a slightly glum Princess Eleanor. As the two females passed their body guards, Ella stopped to look over at Adam. "Traitor," she hissed at him as she followed after her mother.

Matthew chuckled at the princess' remark to her shadow. As he and Adam followed after their charges, Matthew whispered to his and Xander's protege, "I told you she would find you about your report."

Ella and her mother had heard Matthew's remark to Adam but neither had commented. The Nightshade Princess looked up at her mother,as they reached the iron wrought doors that led to the Royal Gardens. Avaline opened the doors and led the way for mother and daughter to take a walk through the gardens.

Hey everyone, this piece is a re-written piece from The Eleanor Chronicles. If you want to see the original and the matching set, the link is here.

I added a bit more because my sister has been helping me flesh out the TEC 'verse. I have a few more ideas that I want to write for it. But I've also been working on other pieces as well.


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Another Nanny

His solution to the problem of having two children to care for, was to find another woman to do the job. He knew that his children were not going to have it, but what choice did he have but to find but another nanny. Tom sighed and picked up his phone to make the call for another classified ad in the paper.

A few days later, his secretary began the screening process for the new nanny. Tom understood the frustration that Lillian felt, as she was once again distracted from her task of helping Tom with their new business deal. But she never once complained about the distraction, she had taken a liking to Tom's two children.

While, Lucas and Avalon were both only four and two, he knew that they didn't like having nannies. But, what choice did Tom have? Ella's passing during Ava's arrival hadn't been something that he had planned on. While, he had been given his little girl; he had lost his wife. He missed her and constantly went to her grave, sometimes with Luke and Ava, sometimes without.

But the fact that this was the third nanny in a span of four months, was beginning to drive him up the wall. Tom could not understand what was wrong with the blasted nannies. While, he didn't want to believe that his children were the problem, he wasn't entirely convinced that they were entirely innocent. Or rather that Luke was, as Ava was  only two, she wasn't going to be too much trouble. Tom knew that his son was a mischievous  fellow.

He softly sighed as he looked over at his napping children. Ava was softly sleeping on the leather couch, she was cuddled into the back cushions with her teddy bear. Luke was sprawled out on the other end of the couch, his left arm and leg were dangling over the edge of the couch, his blanket was at his feet. Luke had managed to kick it all the way down.

Tom adored his children, he could easily see Ella in their features and while it did hurt him to see those familiar features that belonged to his dead wife; he knew that she wouldn't want him to miss out on anytime with his children. He got up and moved the blanket back over Luke, he gently moved his son closer to the back so he didn't fall off the couch. He placed a kiss on both of their foreheads as they slept.

This could be a future piece to last Friday's Unexpected Meetings. I haven't fully decided whether it is or isn't.

This was another first sentence prompt. Let me know what you think.

Monday, July 25, 2016

First Meetings (TEC)

Ella's honey gold eyes glanced at the envoy from the Evermoon Kingdom. She stood on her father's left, while her eldest brother Jason stood on her father's right. Her other brothers were just behind her and Jason. She peeked out of the corner of her eye to see that Jason was wearing a frown. The young princess wondered what would put a frown on her brother's face.
 "Greetings, Prince Damian, welcome to Nightshade," her father called out as he nodded in greeting towards the envoy. Ella snapped her attention back to the envoy, she studied the man was Prince Damian. She had never met the prince but there were many stories surrounding the prince that made her instantly wary of him. The brunette princess studied the Prince, he was tall, about as tall as Jason if not a little taller. Ella knew that Jason stood at six feet one inch tall. Prince Damian had brown hair that reminded her of the earth that was freshly dug up in the royal gardens. What surprised her was the dark brown, almost black eyes that met her gaze as she finally studied his face. Prince Damian raised an eyebrow at her, with a soft smirk as he greeted her father. "Thank you, Your Majesty. I am sorry that word was not sent of my inclusion with the envoy." Ella looked at the bricked ground and rolled her eyes. She could hear a soft snort that came behind her, if she were to wager a guess she would think that it was her brother, Skylar. She would have done the same had she not been beside her father. "It is not an issue, Prince Damian. Please allow me to introduce you to the rest of the Royal family. My eldest son, Prince Jason," the King said with a wave of his hand. He gestured to his right. Prince Damian shook hands with Ella's and gave the traditional bowing. Ella could see that the two were sizing up one another. Ella sighed softly in frustration at her brother's stupidity. Once the contest was done, her father gently nudged Ella forward. "And this is my eldest daughter, Princess Eleanor," her father informed the Prince. Ella bowed her head and curtsied to the foreign Prince.
 Once she rose, Prince Damian stepped forward and grasped her right hand. "It is a pleasure to meet you Princess Eleanor," he greeted as he bowed to place a kiss upon on her gloved hand.
 "And you as well, Prince Damian. Your reputation on your looks proceeds you," the Princess replied as she smirked at the prince. "If you will excuse me, I have other matters that I must attend to," she excused herself from the meeting. The princess spun and returned the castle. Ella could feel Prince Damian's gaze on her as she entered her home to find her mother and attend to her Princess duties.

So, this is the first Ella piece that I've written, and I really like the title because it's the first meeting of Ella. But it is also Ella's first time meeting Prince Damian. Kinda a fun twist that I created.

There is more to The Eleanor Chronicles, that I will be adding here to the blog. I will let you know if the piece is all new or if it's been previously posted. You find the corresponding polyvore set to this piece here.


Friday, July 22, 2016

Unexpected Meetings

After five years, he just happened to be walking down her street?

Tom paused as he neared her small little brownstone house. He wondered if he should maybe stop and see if she was in. But as he stood just outside near her home, he looked at the forest green door, his courage failed him. Instead, Tom turned away from her home, and the memories of their time together flashed through his head.

He remembered the good times; the movie nights on her gray lumpy sofa, their leisurely walks in the park that wasn't far from her home, or the nights where they had fallen asleep on her bed. He frowned as he turned around. And began to walk away.

"Tom," a voice called from behind him.

The tall man froze, he stood stalk still as he recognized that voice. The sweet familiar voice that had a slight lilt but sounded like honey. He couldn't bring himself to turn and face her.

"Tom, is that you?" she called out, as if she was afraid that it might be him.

Tom turned around and looked at her. He easily recognized her, she hadn't changed in the years that they had been apart. Her chocolate brown locks were windblown, and her blue-grey eyes were wide with shock and surprise. She held a paper bag filled with groceries, if he had to guess the contents inside he would say trail mix and salad ingredients. She was very simple when it came to meals.

"Hello, Ella," he said with a heartbroken smile.

I used the same first line generator. And this kinda just spilled out of me. It's different but I totally like it.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Morning Walks (TEC)

It had become a part of Ella's morning routine, after breakfast, to take a long walk through the gardens. The habit began not long after the arrival of Prince Damian. Ella didn't like the visiting royal and to avoid him at all costs, she had begun to take walks through the gardens.

But even after the foreign royal had left, Ella had continued to walk through the gardens. Of course, Adam Rosewood, the princess' bodyguard went with her. He enjoyed the walks, as it often gave them time to get to know each other better.

Ella often teased her bodyguard, as they walked together through the gardens. The brunette princess often had a mug with her as they enjoyed the seasonal flowers. Adam would have his own thermos of coffee, he needed it to keep up with his charge.

They would walk through the gardens for an hour, at least before they headed back inside the palace. Adam at times would have to force her back inside especially during the warm spring mornings. Or the crisp autumns but they had become close friends during their walks, even though within the palace walls they were Princess and bodyguard they were close to one another.


This is part of the Eleanor Chronicles, with no dialogue. I do have a corresponding set from my polyvore. Morning Walks

Monday, July 18, 2016

I Can't Stand Him

He haunts me. We have a difficult relationship, he enjoys my company. I don't really like his but he's a constant companion. We've been friends with each other for a long time, but we weren't officially introduced until 2008, but we've been each other for a long time.

Sometimes, he's nice to have around. He makes a great partner for last minute study sessions. Or when I need to finish that essay that I procrastinated on.

He can help at times, but he's got his moments of annoyance. During the school year, I want to get some sleep but he doesn't always agree with me. He'll keep me up with little random bursts of not so important information that becomes important. I toss and turn as he whispers in my ear.

I get annoyed with him, easily but he's never there when I want to yell. I lose sleep from his actions, I don't get to enjoy peaceful nights. I'm instead up with worry or excitement. I lie in bed and want him to get out of bed. But he eludes any kind of confrontation, he just walks away when I'm ready to lose my temper.

Oh insomnia, you're never leaving me alone. I can't stand you

Friday, July 15, 2016

Soy la niña bilingüe

The Bilingual Girl

Two languages, dos idiomas
espanol y ingles, Spanish and English

Hija de Mexico y los Estados Unidos
Daughter of Mexico and the United States
Hija de la madre estrella y vagon piedra
Daughter of the Mother Star and Wagon Stone

Sister of  Wandering Grace
Hermana de errante gracia
y yo, yo soy la defensor de la humanidad y dios es mi juez
And me, I'm the defender of mankind and god is my judge

But I am two pieces of one
Perro soy dos pedazos de una parte
la hija de dos idiomas
the daughter of two languages

Which do I choose?
Cual idioma escoje?
They are both me, los dos son parte de yo

a veses usa la dos
sometimes I use the two
y otros uno sobre el otro
and others one over the other

Cual escoje?
No se, y no tengo la solucion

Which do I choose?
I don't know, and I don't have the answer
Soy la niña bilingüe

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Not a Story Post... Just a Rambly Post

So, today is not a story post. My insomnia has flared up and I'm not feeling motivated to write out anything creative story wise. I figured I would just talk about some of the things that I've been loving lately. There's not a lot but I wanted to share anyways.

Sherlock: So, this is the BBC version. I've always loved Sherlock Holmes, Hound of the Baskervilles was one of my favorite stories but Sir Canon Doyle. But after seeing so many people on YouTube and tumblr have videos or posts about it, I bit the bullet and started to watch it. I've just finished the first season but I'm already hooked. I adore the relationship between Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch as Watson and Holmes. It's totally amazing, it has humor, drama, action, and adventure. I totally like it, plus it's in modern times so there's no worry of not understanding everything that is being said. I'm excited to start season two.

From Dusk Till Dawn: I just finished the first season on Monday. I'm totally addicted to this show. I love the plot and characters, well not all of them. This show is one that I totally love, because it's about a Meso-American myth, the Snake Queen/Goddess. As someone who is 5/8th Mexican, there isn't a ton of shows or movies about Meso-American mythology and I'm happy about this. It's just a great representation of it. There's a well diverse cast as well, so I'm excited for that.

FDTD just resonates with me in a unique way. Plus, there's snake-vampires, it takes a new look at vampire mythology. It's just so different that I'm excited to see season two and season three, whenever it airs.

That's it for now. See you all on Friday!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Princess Nominations

"Artemis, hurry up or we'll be late!" The voice of Lizzie, my cousin and best friend yelled.

I quickly made my way down the stairs with my bedroom door shutting behind me. "Alright Lizzy, I'm coming. Jeez, don't have a cow," I muttered as I stood in front of my cousin. "Besides, it's like my dad would seriously leave without me."

Lizzie rolled her eyes as she pushed me out the front door, with bye yelled over her shoulder to mom. "Come on, I don't want to be late."

"Lizzie, it's not the first day of school. It doesn't matter, if we're early or not. They'll announce the Winter Princess's nominations over morning announcements," I told as we got into my dad's waiting car.

As dad pulled out of the driveway, he looked at Lizzie through the rear-view mirror. "Lizzie, you'll be nominated. I'm sure of it," my dad tried to sooth my cousin as we made our way to school.

"Yeah, Lizzie, you're one of the most popular girls in school. Other than Ella, but each year has four nominations for Winter Princess and Prince," I reminded her as we finally reached town. We passed through the sleepy town of Eden Falls, there were a few places that were open like the local coffee shops and breakfast diners. But none of the little boutiques, like mom's store, were open and they wouldn't be until around ten.

I could easily feel Lizzie roll her eyes at me, even without seeing my brunette cousin. "Thanks for the reminder, Artemis," Lizzie said in groan.

I shared a look with my dad at Lizzie's theatrics, they weren't new and we were used to them. Actually, the entire family was. 

"Lizzie, you'll be nominated, don't worry about it," I tell her reassuringly as I turn to look at her over the seat. I wanted to give her a hug, but since I was in the front, I wasn't able to but I knew how much she wanted this nomination.

Seph and Ayden had both been nominated, and had both won Winter Princess and Prince. It was kind of a family tradition. Even Aunt Sarah had won Winter Princess, when she had attended Eden Falls High. Dad had won Winter Prince, too. Henry and Christian had both been nominated, and both of my brothers won. I didn't think that I would be nominated. I didn't have high hopes for it, most people in school didn't really like me that much. The only reason that I was part of the popular crowd was because of Lizzie and Ella.

"I hope so," she mumbled as she turned to look out her window.

I softly sighed before I turned back to face the front. I knew that there wasn't much else to say and I wasn't going to try and force a conversation with her. Thankfully, dad pulled up in front of the school before the silence could get too awkward.

"Alright, here we go. I'll see you when I get home Artemis. And I'll see you at breakfast, tomorrow, Elizabeth," Dad said as Lizzie got out of the car. I quickly unbuckled and grabbed my bag from my feet and made to follow after my cousin. "Artemis, look after her," Dad added as Lizzie had already left and was walking towards the front.

"I will dad. I'll see you tonight. Love you," I replied as I looked at my dad.

"I love you, too," he said as I closed the door. I gave him a wave before I turned and made my way up the stairs towards the doors.

Once, I reached the front of the school, I found Lizzie, Ella, and a the rest of popular crowd from freshman to seniors all crowded in front of the bulletin board. I rolled my eyes as I walked past, I wasn't interested in the nominations. I reached my locker and quickly sorted through my bag to put the books that I would need later in my locker and grab the ones that I needed right away.

After I finished my task, I closed my locker and made my way up to the third floor for Spanish. Ugh, stairs, how I can't stand you. I thought as I climbed quickly to get to class. I entered my class and slipped into my assigned seat and pulled out the book that I was reading before class started.

Twelve minutes later the final bell rang, and morning announcements began. And finally the nominations for Winter Princess and Prince were called out for the whole school to hear.

And that's where I'm leaving this today. I'm thinking that I'll add to this either Wednesday or in a few weeks. Did Lizzie or Ella get nominated? Did Artemis? We'll see soon enough.

Love you all


Friday, July 8, 2016

You're Safe

She couldn't believe it. Was it really him?

Amy didn't believe her eyes anymore, her exhaustion from Secretary Ross' endless questioning made her question everything. The SHIELD agent, sagged against the chains that kept her from falling, she had been up right since she had arrived at the Raft. Amelia had been taken into questioning immediately upon arrival.

The brunette stared tiredly at the bright blue eyes that looked at her through the glass. "You're not real," she mumbled as she closed her eyes. Amy couldn't feel her feet, even though she knew that they were on the ground or maybe they weren't. Maybe she was on her toes, Amy couldn't be too sure anymore. She had been kept awake for a solid five days, with little rest.

Amelia didn't trust that he was really in front of her. She could vaguely hear his familiar voice telling her to hold on. She closed her eyes for a few seconds but opened them instantly when someone touched her arms, that were above her. Her brown eyes couldn't focus on who was in front of her, it was blurry like someone had placed a semi-see through bag over her head. She could make shapes and some color but nothing too serious. Her instincts were on high, as she to fight against the person touching her, she instinctively pulled herself up and gave a kick with both legs to the intruder. 

"Amy, Amy calm down!" Another familiar voice echoed in her small cell, this one was the most familiar to her. 

"Amelia Margaret," the same voice murmured as a set of hands rested against her cheeks.

"Uncle Clint," Amy gurgled in a hoarse voice. She tried to clear her throat but she was a jumbled mess.

"Shh, it's okay, Melia, it's okay. Steve's going to let you down. You're safe sweetheart, you're safe," Clint told her.

Amy knew when her arms had been released from the pipe that they had hanging from. She sagged her full weight against her Uncle.

Clint adjusted the sudden feeling of Amy's weight with a few steps. "Steve, you take her. Wanda needs me more right now," Clint told his friend. He knew that he could trust the soldier with his niece.

Steve nodded as he stepped forward to get the brunette who looked so much like her grandmother. Steve cradled her tightly to his chest, while he didn't know what Wanda, Amy, Scott, Sam, and Clint had gone through during their time in the Raft. He knew that they were true friends, and his heart broke at the realization that they had been held captive because they had helped him.

"I'm sorry, Amy. I promise that I will make everything better," he vowed as he and the rest of Team Cap walked out of the Raft.

I totally want to write more for this but I can't really think of anything else. So, this was an Amy-Verse week. I'm sure I'll have another in the future. And the first line was a random first line generator. Same from last week. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Happy Birthday Steve (Part 2)

July 4, 2016

"Steve, I'm not sure this is a good idea," Amy muttered from just behind her friend. Her dark locks were tucked away into a black hoodie as she looked around the path that they were walking on. The former SHIELD agent didn't see any immediate threats but that didn't mean that they weren't there, waiting in the shadows for the pair to drop their guard.

"Relax, Amy. We'll be fine, we won't be here long for anyone to realize. I just... I just need to..." Steve trailed off as he thought of why they were heading towards the ominous black iron gates that weren't too far in front of them.

Amy shifted anxiously and constantly was looking around them, without being obvious of her constant surveillance. She was a SHIELD agent after all, she knew how to be subtle, not to mention she had grown up learning spy tactics from her Nana. As she glared at the gates, she could feel the sadness from both her and Steve begin to manifest into an uncomfortable tension.

Steve clutched the flowers in his hand tighter. While, Amy reached out and wrapped her arms around his right arm. She had unconsciously left his side open, Bucky had always been on Steve's left for as long as Amy had been hearing stories about Captain America and his best friend Sgt. Barnes. Amelia had taken the mantle of Peggy Carter, just five years ago when she had first met America's Hero.

Together, the aesthetically looking couple to anyone in the viewing vicinity, made their way inside the gates of the small cemetery. They walked slowly and quietly through the quiet emptiness until they reached the desired row. Amy followed just behind Steve as he first reached the headstone that belonged to one Margaret 'Peggy' Elizabeth Carter-Sousa. He crouched down in front of the gray stone, his fingers brushed against the engraved P.

Amy stepped back and instead moved to the headstone that was to her Nana's right. The one that belonged to her Pop-Pop, with slightly worn engraving. This plot belonged to Daniel Sousa, the Deputy Director of SHIELD in it's starting days. The one man who Amelia was named after, and had spent only a few years with before he had passed. Tears clouded Amelia's eyes as she sat down in front of her Pop-Pop's grave. She hadn't seen him since she was six years old. Amy just sat and stared at the letters that spelled her grandfather's name, she softly cried as she thought of how little time she had with him. Especially compared to all of her brother's and cousins.

Meanwhile, Steve placed the small bouquet of flowers in front of Peggy's headstone. He didn't know what to say. So, he stayed silent for a few minutes. As he crouched their in front of Peggy's grave, he remembered a promise he had given Peggy only last year. "I'll protect her, Peg," he whispered as he glanced over at his lost love's youngest grandchild.

Steve stood up and made his way towards Amy, he pulled her into a hug. As she sobbed into his chest. He just rubbed her back up and down and laid his head on top of her's as the sat in front Daniel Sousa's grave. While, he had never met the man, Steve knew that he had suggested the name of his and Peggy's eldest to be named Roger. He murmured soothing words to his close friend and just held her as she cried. Steve knew that it wasn't just Daniel, she was crying about. He could easily guess that it was also about the loss of Peggy and even the Sokovian Accords.

Amy had lost so much that day at the airport, she had lost Tony and Rhodey. Her father's two closest and oldest best friends, her godfather and uncles. He blamed himself for her loss, but Steve knew that Amy held the burden much more.

Eventually, Amy's sobs subsided into little hiccups. As she pulled away, Steve studied Amy's face. Even with swollen red eyes, she still looked so much like Peggy. He gently brushed a strand of her wavy hair behind her ear, and gently reached back to tug her hood back up over her chocolate locks. "You alright?" He asked gently as he wiped a stray tear from her cheek with his thumb.

The young SHIELD agent nodded as her brown eyes met Steve's blue eyes. "Yeah, we should go. We've probably spent too much time here. I don't think we should really be in Europe or the States for the time being, what with Secretary Ross making us Wanted Felons," Amy said as she stood up. She brushed the front of her jeans as Steve righted himself.

"Did you want to say anything?" he asked as he gestured to Peggy's gravestone just behind him.

Amy bit her lower lip as she contemplated the idea. "Not right now. I think she knows I'm okay," Amelia answered honestly.

"Alright, let's get going," Steve said, as he wrapped his right arm around her shoulder.

Together they made their way out of the cemetery. Once they passed the gates and had reached the cobblestone road, Amy turned to look at Steve. "Happy Birthday Steve."
Disclaimer: Any recognizable characters ie. Peggy Carter, Steve Rogers, and Daniel Sousa rightfully and legally belong to Marvel. I'm merely writing with them and not making any money from this work. This is a fanfiction piece, however Amelia is my character.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Birthday Steve

Amelia Carter-Sousa smiled as she and the rest of the Avengers hid all over the common room in the New Avengers Facility. The young SHIELD Agent had managed to convince her godmother to get one Steve Rogers out of the facility for a few hours, so she and the rest of the Avengers could get the place ready. It didn't take long for Amy, Sam, Wanda, Nat, and even Laura Barton to get the place ready.

Amy had seen that Rhodey, Tony, and Clint were outside setting up the grill for dinner. She also spotted Dr. Jane Foster, Dr. Erik Selvig, and Darcy Lewis outside as well. Amy smiled at the sight of her friends, she had seen Vision help Wanda earlier with stringing a banner up. Peggy's youngest granddaughter had smiled at the obvious affection that the two shared with each other.

"Come on, Maria, all I want is to just take a shower. You had me working out harder, than the army did," Steve's voice moaned from the stairs.

"Honestly, Steve, one drink isn't going to hurt. Hell, you won't even get drunk from it," the group heard Maria reply.

Steve grumbled something unintelligible under his breath, "Why is it dark in here?"

"SURPRISE!!!" The group had shouted as the lights had flicked on.

Steve jumped in shock and stared in awe at the group of people around the room. His mouth hung open as he looked at the decorations and the friends.

"Oh, look we've made Capsicle speechless," Tony gleefully said as he rubbed his hands together.

"Uncle Tony," Amelia said in exasperation as she shook her head. "Be nice."

Tony merely stuck his tongue out in reply.

"You really don't have anything to say?" Nat asked Steve with a raised eyebrow and head tilt.

Steve opened and closed his mouth a couple of times, as he tried to compose himself. "I'm just... Wow, I didn't expect anyone to remember," he finally said.

"Of course, we remembered Steve. It's not everyday that America's Golden Boy turns 97," Clint said from just behind Nat, Nate was in his arms. He sent his friend a smile as he gently bounced the newborn up and down.

"How did you do all of this?" Steve asked as he looked around the room. He could see that the group had split into smaller groups.

"It was Amy's idea," Laura answered as she approached the group and plucked Nate from Clint's arms. She cuddled the newborn, as she looked at Steve with a soft smile. "She planned everything and made all of the calls to get everyone here."

Steve's blue eyes quickly searched for the petite brunette who looked so much like Peggy. He easily spotted her at the long table with the other Barton children, Lyla and Cooper. She had handed them both pieces of watermelon. She had a bright smile on her face as she gently swatted them over to one of the couches in the room. As if she realized that someone was staring at her, Amy looked up and met Steve's eyes. A flush of red colored the brunette's cheeks but she smiled.

America's hero excused himself from his friends and made his way towards the brilliant mind of the night. "So, you're the one who planned all of this?" he asked as he gestured around the room with his shoulders.

Amy sent him a guilty smile, as she peeked up at him through her lashes. "Yeah, I figured it would be fun to get everyone together to celebrate a birthday. Since, it seems like we're always on missions."

Steve nodded thoughtfully as he realized that she was right. He gently pulled the SHIELD Agent into his arms for a hug. "Thanks, Amy," he muttered as he held onto her.

Amy wrapped her arms around Steve, or as much as she could. She soothingly moved them up and down his back. She let him hold her a few seconds longer. "Come on, let's go outside," Amy said as she led him out towards the balcony door.

Steve followed along, he stopped in the doorway as he spotted someone. He easily recognized the head of white hair, that belonged to one Margaret Carter. Steve looked at Amy who stood just to his right, his expression was one that she could easily read.

"Nana wanted to see you. Go on, we'll be in here," Amy said as she gave her childhood hero a shove in the direction of where Peggy sat.

Amelia stepped back inside, once Steve had joined her Nana and sat down across from her. She closed the door and watched. Amy noticed the rest of the group slowly coming to the window to watch. They stood silently as they saw the unshed tears begin to gather in their leader's eyes.

Meanwhile, outside,  Steve sat down across from Peggy. "Hello, Peggy," he softly called out to gather his lost love's attention.

Peggy looked into his blue eyes and smiled. "Hello, Steve. Happy Birthday, Darling."


This is set on July 4, 2015 so just after Age of Ultron.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Revenge is Sweet

The text message simply said 'very clever'.

Lyra looked across the cafeteria and met a pair of blue-grey eyes. She tilted her head as she held Soren's gaze, silently daring him to come over and join her.

Soren smirked at the honey-blonde and shook his head, before he stood up. He grabbed his tray of half-eaten chicken strips and fries, he made his way towards the group of five. He strode across the cafeteria with solely, Lyra in his sights. When he reached the table he placed his tray down and sat in the spot that was directly across from Lyra Everwood.

"My, my you are a naughty little thing, aren't you?" Soren said with malicious grin on his face, as he looked over his shoulder. His grin grew bigger, at the sight of neon green that easily stood out in the small cafeteria.

"Well, it serves Evanna right," Lyra said as she gracefully swept some of her blonde hair over her shoulder. "The little nerd had the nerve to correct me, me, in front of my entire English class."

Soren belted out small round of sinister chuckles. "They'll never learn to not mess you, will they Lyra?"

The popular teen gave a soft shrug, "Who knows, maybe this will remind everyone who really rules the school."

"You are positively devious, Lyra," Soren complimented as he met her violet-blue eyes.

"You are the same, Soren," Lyra told him with a full smile.

I used a line generator for the first line. I'm not sure where I want to go with this, but I like that Lyra and Soren are kinda bad teenagers. I haven't written anything like this before, I kinda like the darkness of them. I'm not sure I'll develop them beyond this, but anything is possible.

I used this generator.

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