Monday, January 30, 2017

La Femme crie

"Where's your coat?" the strong and deep voice of Drake Van Millé demanded as he caught sight of the little bird in front of him.

Evelyn, Evie, Caveleighr sighed as she sent the business man a sharp glare. "None of your concern, Monsieur Van Millé. And the at last glance, I was not in your care until after the cérémonie de mariage," she remarked in between French and English seamlessly as she moved towards the front hall.

Before, the young heiress had made it three steps forward, Drake had grabbed her by the elbow. She was halted in her tracks by the tall muscular man in front of her. Evie tried to pull away from the brute but to no avail was she able to escape from his grasp.

"You let go of me, you big brute, this instant," she demanded in an angry tone.

"What are you going to do if I don't doll?" he questioned in a bored and disinterested voice. He knew that the little bird was nothing but that, a bird. She wouldn't be able to do anything, her father wouldn't take her word, it was hers against his. Howard Caveleighr trusted Drake more than he did his own daughter, a blessing for Drake and curse for Evie.

"I'll scream, I'll scream so loud that your eardrums will shatter," she answered through gritted teeth as Drake's grip tightened. Evie suspected that she would have a bruise of his hand print on her arm.

"I doubt that," he smirked as he tugged her closer to him. He wasn't foolish to give the woman in front of him anything. He knew that she was a weakling, she was nothing compared to her father or older brothers.

Evie let out a loud shriek, that caused sonic waves to be released into the air. As she screamed, Drake was surprised. The brunette man promptly fell to ground, he tried to cover his ears from the Banshee shriek that was coming from his fiance. But even his hands couldn't stop the sound as his ears rang and bled. He tried to get her to stop, but he was completely helpless. He whimpered as she grew louder in volume.

Evie stopped her cries, she barely spared the whimpering man a glance as she stepped over him. She reached the front door, and simply walked out into the night to join Everett at the Nightingale. "Goodnight Monsieur Van Millé," she casually called over her shoulder as the door promptly shut behind her with a resounding thud.


Friday, January 27, 2017


Hi everyone, I know that yesterday and Monday I posted two pieces that were about political issues. I want to let you all know, that I will write whatever I feel I need to write, and sometimes it will be political pieces. I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable, I just want to write what I feel I need to write. Inequality is a huge thing that I've become passionate about, I grew up in a home, where I was told to treat everyone equally and the way that I would want to be treated. I know that I don't always do that, but I want to try and be respectful of other people's opinions and beliefs. 

I grew up in mixed race home, with a Mexican mother, and father who is 3/4 European and 1/4 Mexican. I have a mixed background, but I was born here in the United States, I happen to speak two languages, English and Spanish. I struggle with an identity of being American or Mexican. I'm proud to be Mexican-American, sure I don't know everything about the Mexican side of my heritage but my mom has tried to help me with that.

I want everyone to feel welcome to visit and read my blog. This is a safe place for everyone, you are allowed to be who you want to be. I do not want any hateful or racist comments. If you have your own opinion on something that you don't agree with me about let me know. I would like to get your perspective, I want to become a better well rounded person. I want to hear both sides of the story.

I am saying that this place is welcome for anyone and everyone. So, feel free to share your stories with me and each other.

Love lots of love

Thursday, January 26, 2017


It's a barrier, not only to keep them out but to keep us in. It is a cage, a cage that will prevent those who can't afford to come here legally. Those who are desperate to escape the from the crime, violence, and drugs. This wall will divide us as a nation, with a wall all who are Mexican or of Mexican descent will be accused of being here illegally.

If he sends illegal immigrants back across the border, who is to say that he won't do it to other immigrants? We have no guarantees that he won't deport or prevent anyone from entering our country. We will be caged, but who will pay for this fucking wall?

Mexico has said over and over that they will not pay for it. Will American tax payer's pay this monstrosity? Why should we? I say to you Mr. President, if you want to build a wall, you should pay for it with your own money. You are a billionaire after all, why don't you pay for it?

This wall will divide us more than unite us. You will not make America Great again, you will Break America with a wall, our wallets emptied and what we stand for broken. We will fight against what you are trying to do to us and our country.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Shocking News (Amy x Clark)

Amy stared at the little stick in her hand, in disbelief. This was not something, she or Clark were expecting or planned for. The brunette photographer quickly and quietly walked out of the bathroom. She watched Clark from the doorway, he leaned against the headboard with a book in his hands. His face was full of concentration as he read what was in front of him.

Amy smiled at this sight, it was rare that the couple have time like this to themselves. With both of them dong their usual tasks at the Daily Planet, or Clark saving Metropolis as the Man of Steel, and sometimes the occasional Justice League call. The simple moments were the ones that Clark and Amy cherished the most.

Clark looked up at Amy and gave her a bright a bright smile. "You okay?" Clark wondered aloud.

Amelia didn't say anything, she instead moved forward. Proceeded to climb into the bed, and nestle herself in Clark's lap. He happily wrapped his arms around her waist. Once she settled and content, Amy pulled the pregnancy test from her robe pocket. she placed the test in Clark's hand. The photographer picked up the book that Clark had been reading and smiled as the realization of the book. A childhood favorite for the pair, Peter Pan.

The Man of Steel sat frozen, as he stared at the item, his wife had given to him. His attention move from the test to his Amy. "Really?" he asked in disbelief, as his bright blue eyes met his wife's dark brown colored eyes.

"Yeah, really," Amy answered as she wrapped her arms around Clark's neck. She placed a warm kiss on his lips, before pulling away.

The married couple shared an excited grin with each other, before Clark placed a protective hand on Amy's waist. "Should we schedule an appointment?"

Amy rested her head against Clark's shoulder, and gently moved to find a comfortable position. "Tomorrow, Clark, let's just have the rest of the day to ourselves," the photographer suggested with a warm smile.


Monday, January 23, 2017


As a woman, I have the right to dress how I want. Without judgement or cat calling. As a woman of Hispanic descent, I have the right to learn Spanish without your judgement or questions. As a woman, I have the right to equality of that of a man. Without your masculine complaints that it is not fair. As a woman I have the right to vote, to drive, to wear pants, to be feminine or masculine. We are equal, not one one gender is above the other. No race is stronger than the other, WE ARE EQUAL. As a citizen of the United States of America, I want the truth. I have the right to know what you will be doing to my country. I have the right to say no against change that will injure or harm others. I have the right to protect this land, the land that was given to us. WE ARE EQUAL, so why are we not treated equally?

Friday, January 20, 2017

Claw Prizes (TAG)

Ella smiled at Alan and Gordon but shook her head. She followed after Scott, while they were on the stairs, she could hear Alan telling Gordon that they should have gotten prizes for the claw machine. She softly giggled, as Scott grabbed her hand and pulled her up the stairs to their room. Their room, which had at one point been Scott's room.

Ella flopped onto the bed, Scott did the same. She laid next to him, her head resting on his shoulder. Scott wrapped an arm around his wife, and gently pressed a kiss to the mahogany locks. Both of them, just stayed cuddled together in bed for a while. It had been a stressful day for Scott, Kayo, and the family of Tracy's that had answered today's call.

"You know, it was kind of funny that Scott and Gordon managed to find an antique version of the claw game," Ella mumbled with a smile on her face.

Scott chuckled in response to Ella's comment. "That's true, but I don't think any of us will be touching that for a while. I remember when John used to win you all of those stuffed animals when we were kids," He recalled as he caught Ella's golden-brown gaze.

"I'm pretty sure most of my stuffed animals came from John winning them for me," Ella admitted as she looked at the small collection of stuffed toys that were on a shelf in their bedroom.

"I gave you a couple, too, Ella. Or have you forgotten the trips to the fair and circus when we were kids?" Scott asked with a mock offended tone.

Ella giggled, "That's true, you did win me a couple too."


A little drabble from TAG's Claw episode (either 2x12 or 2x13, can't recall off the top of my head).

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Meeting the X-Men

Amy sighed as she watched the training that was going on in the War Room. This was not how she had wanted to meet the X-Men. The brunette SHIELD agent looked at Charles Xavier, a man who had been a friend with her grandmother.

"Don't worry, Amelia, they don't bite," Charles reassured the nervous agent with a warm smile.

Amy shook her head as she gave Charles an anxious smile. "Sorry, Professor, I just, in all of the years that I've worked with SHIELD, I never thought that I would be meeting the X-Men," she admitted as she looked at the group.

The brunette knew that the original members had been Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Storm. Eventually, Wolverine had joined them. Then, a few others had joined while they were still students at the Xavier Institute, Ice Man, Colossus, Shadow Kat, and Rogue. Then, Warren Worthington III, had joined them during the whole x-gene cure debacle, with Hank McCoy returning to help his friends. Amy had kept tabs on the group over the years, as she had grown to admire them. She never understood the prejudice people had against them.

They were amazing, they worked well together as a team of heroes. They split into groups but would regroup into a larger group, it wasn't that much different from what the Avengers had done in the past. She could easily see that some people worked better together than others. Rogue and Colossus were quite a team; the same could be used to describe the duo of Shadow Kat and Ice Man. Amy watched as Cyclops and Wolverine avoided each other, it was obvious that while they were good at playing together in the field that there was some sort of tension between the pair. She could only compare it to Captain America and Iron Man after what had happened during the 'Civil War'.

"Yes, they can sometimes have that effect on people. But they are a wonderful group, who have learned to work together to help save the world," Charles reminded her.

Amy shook her head as she watched the group, they had finished and Cyclops was now giving them direction on how well they had done. She could see that some people took the criticism in stride, while others were clearly not happy with it.

"They'll be out soon, let's wait for them," Charles directed her out of the control room and into the hallway just outside of the War Room door.

The doors opened to reveal the X-Men in their black tactical uniforms. Amelia Carter-Sousa took a quick glance to study the group. They were all exhausted from the training but there was also a hint of excitement at the success of a War Room assignment from the group that were still students.

"Professor," Cyclops greeted Charles as the brown haired mutant looked at Amy. Or least she thought, she couldn't be sure with the visor blocking Cyclops' eyes.

"Ah, Cyclops, X-Men, this is Agent 46, she works with--" Charles started to introduce.

"SHIELD," Cyclops interrupted, his voice had become cold. Amy could feel the glare that he was giving her as looked down at the ground, to avoid meeting the angry gaze that clearly belonged the X-Men leader. "What is a SHIELD Agent doing here?"

Amy's throat went dry at the amount of anger in Cyclops' voice. She had not expected a hostile meeting. Before the brunette female could answer, Charles spoke up for her.

"She is here, with a mission for you. And I expect you to listen to what she has to say. Miss Carter-Sousa is a family friend," Charles told the group.

Amy could see that Charles was looking directly at Cyclops and wondered if he was telepathically talking to him. She couldn't be sure, but it seemed as if that was the case.

"Fine," Cyclops ground out as he turned to his attention back to the petite agent.

She didn't look like an agent and it made Cyclops suspicious of her. She could understand his hesitation, she didn't look like the typical agent. She was petite, standing at only five feet two inches, she was an inch or two taller in her shoes. Her brown hair was just past her shoulder blades, it was wavy. But her face was probably the most unsuspecting thing, Amy had wide brown eyes that were often compared to a doe. Her lips were plump, which only made her look innocent like a doe. Many men had fallen for the soft innocent looks, not truly realizing that she was trained to be deadly and dangerous.

Charles led the group and Amy to the planning room, as they entered Amy studied the room. It was similar to the War Room's control room, except for the large table that was in the middle. She stood beside Charles, with Cyclops directly across from her. She softly frowned as she realized that Cyclops would be watching her like a hawk.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Breakfast Rush

"Mom, have you seen my ballet shoes?" Diana Halloway yelled from her bedroom. The golden blonde frantically tore her room apart as she searched for the missing shoes.

"They're in your dance bag by the door, Diana," her mother called from the bottom of the stairs.

Diana's cheeks flushed in embarrassment, "Thanks mom," she sighed in relief as she finished putting her bag together for the day. The blonde knew that her aunt would be arriving soon to pick her up, to get dropped off at school with her cousins. She quickly looked through to see that she did have everything she needed for the day, before she left her room and made her way downstairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She flattened the few fly away strands that were annoyingly straight up. Once, Diana finished, the sixteen year old made her way to the kitchen to find her mom, sister, brothers, Aunt Artemis, and cousins.

"Morning," the young dancer greeted her family, as she moved towards the fridge to grab the orange juice.

"Morning," some members chirped, others grumbled in reply to Diana's greeting. She gave her mom and Aunt each a kiss on the cheek before doing the same to her sister, Beth, her younger cousins, Venus, Calliope, and Ryder.

Ryder giggled and reached his arms out for a hug. Diana didn't object, she picked up the little guy and moved around the kitchen to make a quick breakfast. She poured her OJ into a tumbler, and opened the cabinets. "Ryder can you reach for the box of granola bars?" Diana asked her cousin with a smile.

The three year old nodded and reached for the items that she asked for. Diana could hear her Mom and Aunt Artemis as they cooed behind her. She could feel the smirk on Athena's face and Nate's eye roll at the comment. Her cheeks flushed a soft pink, as Ryder grabbed the box.

"Thanks, Ry," Diana sighed in relief as she opened the box and pulled out three bars. Two for herself, and one for Ryder. She knew that he would share with Vee and Calli. While Di, would split one with Athena and Nate.

She placed the box back, then handed Ryder to her aunt. She also gave him his granola bar, before she shoved her two into her jacket pocket.

"Are you ready, Diana?" Diana heard her aunt ask her.

Diana studied her aunt, one of the two that she was named after. She knew that Aunt Artemis wasn't her actual aunt, but rather her mom's cousin, she knew that they had been close. Since Aunt Artemis was the youngest and the only daughter of Pop-Pop Thomas and Great Aunt Aubrey. She didn't really look much like Aunt Artemis, the only things that Diana could immediately see were that they had the same St. Rose blue grey, almost silver, eyes and she was petite like her aunt.

Diana had not inherited the gene that made her model tall like her mom. But she hadn't wanted to be a model, Diana had found a passion in dance. And she was pretty good at it, if she said so herself.

"Yeah, I'm ready, Aunt Artemis,"Diana answered as she looked at her aunt.

"Good, go grab your dance bag," Artemis told her niece as she pointed her finger in the direction of where Diana had left her bag.


Friday, January 13, 2017

Return of Gotham's White Prince

Amelia Carter sat in the board meeting, with a neutral expression as she listened to what the heads of all of the various departments were presenting the production that had taken place at Wayne Industries in the last quarter. The twenty three year old female didn't want to be in this meeting but quarterly meetings were mandatory for her attendance. She took in the information and made notes on what she was being told.

"Is that everything?" Amelia asked as the last department had spoken.

"Yes, Ms. Carter, but we were all rather curious about your suggestions," Mr. Roberts, the Public Relations department head wondered.

Amelia sighed softly as she looked at the man. "Mr. Roberts, I don't have many suggestions, at this time. I have reviewed all information that was presented to me today. All departments have performed beyond expectations, all I have to say is keep up the excellent work gentlemen. Now if you'll excuse me," She responded as she stood up from her seat and walked out of the room with a grace and strength that frightened most of the department heads.

Amy made her way to her office, as she passed her assistant's desk, she asked that all calls be put on hold or to have them leave a message. Once the brunette was safely in her office, she sagged into comfortable swivel chair. She unbuttoned her navy blue blazer and kicked off the nude heels that killed her feet. With a quick, spin in her chair, Amy was now facing the large floor to ceiling windows that were the entire back wall of her office.

She gazed with longing out the windows. Her heart was saddened as she thought of her best friend, and the man who really should have been running Wayne Industries. Unfortunately, Bruce had left her seven years ago to get away from Gotham and the darkness that had taken over the city. Amy had been sixteen, when he had left. Bruce himself had been eighteen, and no one had heard from him in all of the time that he had been gone. Amy and Alfred Pennyworth, the Wayne butler, did receive various gifts over the years for their birthdays and Christmas. There was never a return address but they knew that the gifts had come from Bruce.

"Oh, Bruce, I miss you," Amy sighed as she stood up and stood in front of the window. Her arms were wrapped around her waist. She thought of her childhood and the time she spent with Bruce.

There were so many fond memories, and some terrible ones, like when he had fallen into the cave with the bats. Or when he had lost his parents. She missed Thomas and Martha, just as much as Bruce did. The couple were Amy's godparents, and her parents had been in shock when they had learned about their gruesome and grimly murder.

She watched the skyline and the setting sun. Amy wasn't sure how long she stood like that in front of the window. But a beep from her phone caused her to spin and race to the phone.

"I'm sorry to disturb you Ms. Carter, but Mr. Pennyworth is on the phone. I know you always take his calls," Sara started to explain.

Amy pressed the intercom button to interrupt, "It's not a problem, Sara, I'll take Mr. Pennyworth's call. Thank you for letting me know, line one, I'm assuming."

"Yes, ma'am," Sara replied quickly.

"Thank you, Sara, go ahead and clock out. I'll be leaving the office, once I'm finished with my phone call from Mr. Pennyworth."

"Yes, Ms. Carter," Sara answered as she clicked off the intercom.

Amelia wondered what Alfred was calling about. He typically only called if she was attending a gala or large society event and need him to drive her. She didn't have anything on the calendar for tonight or for the next few weeks.

Amy picked up the phone, "Alfred, is something wrong?" the brunette's voice was filled with worry and concern for the Wayne butler and her friend.

"No, Miss Carter, I called to inform you that Master Bruce has returned," Alfred answered. Amy could hear the smile that was on his face as he told her the news.

"He's home?" Amy asked softly in disbelief. Her voice caught in her throat as she thought of Bruce.

"Yes, indeed, he has come home," Alfred told her.

"I'll be at the Manor as soon as I can, Alfred. Oh, and don't tell him I'm coming over," the CEO ordered the butler with an excited smile on her face.

"Of course, Miss Carter," Alfred said, Amelia could picture the nod of acknowledgment from her order. She didn't typically order Alfred around, but she was sure he wouldn't mind today's order.

Amy hung up the phone, she gathered her purse and shoes, before she left her office. She quickly locked the door behind her, and sprinted from her office to the elevator and made her way down to the garage.


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Amy in the Flarrow 'Verse (Arrow 2x08)

Amy sat at in chair, for the Queen Consolidated meeting with all of the department heads. With the young former Argus Agent, serving as temporary head of Public Relations, she rolled her eyes as the meeting droned on. However, when Moira Queen entered the meeting room, Amelia sat up straight and looked at Oliver's mother with attention. Amelia had grown up with the Queens, Merlyns, and Lances, as a young child.

Amelia sends Moira a warm smile as she takes a seat not far from her. When, Oliver is asked to have a conversation with Isabel Amy gets up and hugs Moira. She had been like a second mother to the young lady. "Welcome back, Moira," Amy whispered into Moira's ear.

"Thank you, Amy," Moira replied as she pulled away. Together, both of them saw Dig approach Oliver. "You better go with Oliver, Melia," Moira suggested as she looked at the young brunette.

Amy nodded before she left the room, and followed after Oliver and Diggle. She was right behind them as they stepped in the elevator. "What happened?" She asked in concern as she saw the worried look on Oliver's face.

"There was a robbery at one of our science storage facilities," Oliver answered, as he looked at Amelia.

Amy nodded as they found Felicity downstairs waiting for them. Together they made their way to the facility, Amy looked at the door. It was on the floor, as if someone had taken it off the hinges with a strong push. Her eyes widened in shock at that fact. She shared a surprised look with Felicity as they took in the door.


Monday, January 9, 2017

Amy in the DC-Verse?!?!

Hey everyone, I've been dabbling with Amy in the DC-Verse, primarily the TV shows. And I'm kinda obsessed so, today's piece are just drabbles of Amy with various characters.

Earth 38: Amy looked at her friend with a raised eyebrow. "Come on, Clark, how is she?"

Clark Kent chuckled as he looked at Amy. "Kara is okay, she misses you and sends her love."

Amelia nodded in satisfaction at her hero's answer. "Well, I'm glad she's okay," the reporter replied as she turned her attention back to her computer screen.

"What are you working on?" Clark asked as he looked over the brunette's shoulder.

Said brunette turned to meet Clark's blue eyes. "My next piece for Perry," Amy answered as she frowned at her article. She also had the CatCo article by Kara Danvers open, so she could compare the two.

"So, you're on Supergirl and Superman coverage, huh," Clark teasingly told the female with a chuckle.

Amy rolled her eyes at Clark's gleeful expression. "Yeah, and too bad I can't get an interview with the girl and man of steel," she sarcastically commented with a smug expression on her face.

The Man of Steel chortled at the reporter's comment, he shook his head as he kept an eye on her. Clark and Amy's relationship was a unique one filled with banter and subtle jokes about Clark's secret identity. But they were close friends who mutually adored and respected on another.

Earth 1: Amy sat between Caitlin and Felicity, as they waited for Barry and Cisco to return from, whichever Earth they had disappeared to. Iris had disappeared somewhere, but the former Argus agent kept her eyes on Team Arrow and Team Legends, as they waited.

"So, how does Barry know an alien?" Felicity asked as she looked over at Amy and Caitlin.

The two brunettes looked at one another and shared a soft shrug. "Barry accidentally traveled between dimensions, and ended up on Earth 38, a while back," Caitlin commented as she and Amy both shared a concerned look.

Felicity's eyes widened when she heard Caitlin's statement. "He's that fast?"

"No, he was wearing a tachyon enhancer, and he ended up going faster than expected. He was gone for two days, at least to him. But he was gone only seconds here," Amy told her friend with a soft shrug.

"Wow," Felicity said in awe.

Before they could comment anymore on Barry's speeding adventures, a breech opened. Immediately all attention turned to the breech as Cisco, Barry, and a blonde haired girl appeared through the breach. Amy, and the others all watched as the girl commented on traveling through the breach. "Wow, that was cool."

"Guys, this is Supergirl," Barry called out to the various groups of heroes.

"Barry, I thought you said you were bringing an alien," Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow, commented as he looked at his friend with concern.

"I did, Kara's an alien," Barry told Oliver with a bright smile.

"What makes her so, super?" Jax asked in a disbelieving tone.

Amy watched as Barry and Kara shared a look, before said alien flew threw the sky. And used heat vision on the floor.

"I'm convinced," Diggle commented in an neutral tone.

Amy giggled at Dig's comment, she figured that meant he was finally starting to believe in all of the weird that was going on in their lives.

"That's a first," Amy commented to Felicity and Caitlin.

The trio giggled as they peaked at Diggle, he shook his head and gave them a frown. Which only made the girls laugh harder.


Friday, January 6, 2017

Exiled, again

Matt Murdock: Amy banged her head against the hall wall. She was waiting for her roommate, Skye to finish having sex with her boyfriend. The nineteen year old brunette, had been sitting in the hall for a little over three hours, since she had returned from her afternoon classes. She adored Skye, she really did, but it was days like this that made Amelia wish that she had taken up her uncle's offer on getting her an apartment of her own.

The door to the right of her opened, a head poked out and looked around the hall. "Could you stop banging on the wall? Some of us are trying to sleep?" the familiar voice of one Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson whined.

"Sorry, Foggy," Amy mumbled as she turned to look at her fellow neighbor.

"Skye has Miles over, again, huh," another voice commented. This voice came Amy's left, she turned her attention to Foggy's dorm mate, Matthew Murdock.

"Yup, and I suspect he's been there since just after I left for class," the female added with a look of disgust on her face. She adored her roommate, but Miles. Not so much, Amy did not like the guy and wished that Skye and Miles would hook up somewhere else.

"You're not wrong," Foggy told Matt and Amy with a grossed out voice.

"Ew," Amy mumbled as she stood up with a frown. "I guess that means, I should consider making that phone call sooner rather than later. It feels like he practically moved in with us, anyway."

"Amy, you know you can come over and hang out with us anytime. Besides, where will you go if you move out of the dorms?" Matt asked in concern.

Upon meeting, Matt and Amy had hit off quite well. They were always studying together or discussing their classes with each other. And at least once a week they would go and have dinner off campus. Foggy and Skye were waiting for the two to finally start dating or banging each other, there was a dorm betting pool.

"Well, my Uncle offered to get me an apartment. Plus, I could easily live with my Aunt Beth. She lives here, and my cousins have all moved out, so I know she wouldn't mine if I moved in. Not to mention, that I do spend at least two nights at her house every month," Amy reminded her friends with a soft shrug.

Amy and Matt in college, with Skye. I'm super excited for more of these kinds of drabbles. I'll hopefully have one next week for you.


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Drabbles of Fandom OC's

Hi everyone, just some drabbles since I don't really have much motivation to produce a 500+ word piece.

Bitten Verse (Avery x Nick) Pre-Season 1

Avery napped on the den's couch, it was a quiet day in Stonehaven. The only pack member home was Avery's uncle, and the Pack's Alpha, Jeremy Danvers, and he was upstairs in his studio. As the young werewolf slept, a car drove into the property lines and parked outside. Jeremy smiled, and gently called out to Antonio and his son, Nick Sorrentino to walk right in.

As the men walked inside, Nick smiled as he caught a peek of Avery asleep on the leather couch. He hadn't seen her since she had left for university a few years prior. He had enjoyed the company that the little she-wolf had given him whenever he came to Stonehaven. The male pointed out the she-wolf to his father. Antonio chuckled silently, as he saw Avery.

Charmed TNG (Sapphire x Wyatt)

Sapphire rolled her eyes at her whitelighter as she sat down at the kitchen table. "You're being silly Wyatt. I can take care of myself, besides your mom and aunts have been training me," she reminded her whitelighter, as she stabbed at the pancakes that Piper Haliwell had made for her.

"He's just doing what any concerned whitelighter does, Saph. Ignore him, Dad did the same thing with mom," Melinda Haliwell, Sapphire's best friend and Wyatt's little sister told her best friend.

"I have every right to concerned, Mel, do you know how many upper level demons have been after her in the last week?" Wyatt cried in outrage at his sister's comment. Sometimes he wished that he hadn't been assigned to Sapphire. It felt like she was more trouble than she was worth.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Breakfast in the New Year (TAG)

Seventeen year old Ella Rosewood, sat at the breakfast bar and slowly ate her breakfast. She was the first of the six Tracy children up, her five brothers were all still asleep. Well, Ella was sure that John was up and getting ready to join, Ella, their dad, Jeff, and Grandma.

Ella watched as her dad, stood in front of the stove and flipped pancakes in the pan. She could never do that trick, no matter how hard she tried. She was banned from flipping pancakes after she had flipped a pancake into the ceiling, one into Alan, and one into Virgil. She felt bad about the pancake in Alan's face, but Virgil totally deserved the pancake that landed on his head. He had been teasing her the day before the incident. But she had been banned, Alan and Gordon had gotten a good laugh from the entire thing though. Virgil had not been amused, but Ella knew that their dad had cracked a smile at Virgil's look.

It was New Year's Day, and all of the Tracy boys were home for the holiday. Unfortunately, Scott hadn't been home for Thanksgiving or Christmas. But he had managed to get home on December 29th, two days before New Year's Eve, and four days after Christmas. Ella munched on a pancake as footsteps made their way downstairs towards the kitchen.

"I'm surprised that you're awake this early, Ella," John called as he stepped into the kitchen.

The mahogany haired teen rolled her golden brown eyes at John's remark. "I didn't stay up as late as the rest of you Tracy boys," Ella told her brother as she took a sip of her orange juice. "Besides, I had homework that I wanted to finish today."

"You know, you're going to turn into a bookworm, if you don't have a little fun every once in awhile, Ella," the familiar baritone of Scott Tracy jested as he made his way into the kitchen. He wore a short sleeved shirt, basketball shorts, and sneakers. Ella guessed that he would be going for a run either before or after breakfast.

"I'll be better off than, Alan. He refuses to do homework most days," Ella commented as she watched her dad place to plates of pancakes, bacon, eggs, and sausages in front of Scott and John, who now sat on either side of her.


Unwanted Grief (DC-AmyVerse)

Persephone Carter-Sousa stood between her Uncle Clark and Uncle Barry. While neither were biologically related to the teen, both were clos...