Wednesday, June 29, 2016



all i want is sleep
to rest my eyes
for the night

dark lashes flutter
as i try
to keep the iris's open
but i can hear her

hypnos is calling
she whispers in my ear
tempting me
persuading me

to join her
in her dreams

oh how i wish
i could join you

but insomnia tugs
and pulls me

away from you
and your hypnotic dreams

how i cannot stand you
oh how i want to ignore you
leave you behind
and forget you


Monday, June 27, 2016

Lilly's Chaos

I glared at my betrothed as he smirked down me. The tears starting in my eyes.

“Leo, let me out of here!” I exclaimed while slamming my hands into the force-field.

“I don't think so, Lilly. You've been a bad girl,” Leo replied with an arrogant smirk on his face.

“Please let me out,” I pleaded.

“I'm sorry my dear, but you've broken the law,” Leo stated, no emotion in his face.

“I didn't do anything, Leo, I swear,” I said slamming my hand into the force-field once again.

“That is not what the council said,” Leo responded.

“Leo, please... don't do this... I'm scared to die alone,” I pleaded, trying to get him to help me.

“I saw a flicker of pain and sadness in his eyes, even though he was holding me captive.

It was a law in our culture, that if you should commit a crime, then you shall be punished. Your mate or betrothed was the one who punished you.

Most of the time, in our culture, many did not survive their punishment.

“Leo, please,” I begged, hoping that I could somehow get through to him.

“You won't survive, Lilly,” Leo said his voice harsh with anger.

I let my tears fall, as I realized that I really was going to die. I closed my eyes and cried, waiting for him to kill me.

I look up at Leo and saw him watching me. My tears fell, and as I waited for my death, I knew it would be by his hand and sword. Traditionally your mated or betrothed could kill you with the tool they favored or mastered.

Leo mastered the sword or rather the chaos blade. I ad yet to master a magical item but I favored the element staff. Before this entire incident, Leo was helping me master the Element Staff.

Leo looked at me as the tears fell, I curled myself into a ball and buried my face in my knee, waiting for the force-field to drop me to the ground. My sobs and Leo's breathing were the only things that could be heard in the Death Chamber.

Finally, the sound of the Chaos Blade, being removed from its sheath could be heard. I instantly fell to the ground as the force-field dissolved around me. I waited in anticipation as the blade drew closer to me. I still sobbed but just as the blade drew closer.

I felt the blade touch my spine, a tingle went up my spine as the Chaos Blade continued to just barely touch my spine. Suddenly, I felt the blade pierce my spine, a tingle went up my spine as the Chaos Blade continued to just barely touch my spine. Suddenly, I felt the blade pierce my spine. I felt the Chaos Blade's magic move up my spine, paralyzing my body from moving. I was wearing the traditional death clothing, a blue camisole with a pair of blue shorts and a robe. My robe had been removed, when I had entered the death chamber.

I wanted let out a cry or scream from the pain as the blade was removed from my spine. My breath came out in pants, as my body nearly lost all of its power to fight.

“Leo, please,” I begged my voice a soft whisper, I wanted to scream but my body wouldn't let me.

I watched Leo's face, seeing his own pain as he watched me suffer. I knew he didn't want to kill me but, it was inevitable, I was going to die. I could fell the Chaos magic slowly, painfully killing me.

I saw the blade drop from Leo's hand. He moved swiftly towards me. He grasped my face between his palms.

“Lilly... Lilly I'm so sorry... I'm sorry angel,” Leo said his voice full of pain. “I hate hurting you.”

“Not your fault,” I said, trying to comfort him.

“Yes, it is Lilly, I could have refused but I chose not to.”

“Leo, we knew this would happen. You can't blame yourself,” I replied in a soft soothing voice.

I felt nothing from my waist down, but I knew I was dieing, I felt myself get weaker and weaker. I closed my eyes wanting to fall asleep.

“Leo, I'm tired... I'm going to sleep now,” I said feeling tired and gently closed my eyes.

“No, Lilly not yet!” Leo said, he pulled me in his arms. Holding me to him, trying to comfort me.

“Yes, now it's Leo, I love you...” I replied softly and closed my eyes.

“I love you, Lilly,” Leo replied placing a gentle kiss on my forehead.

Then, I fell asleep for the last time...

I sat up in bed and gasped. My breath coming in pants. What was that about?

I glanced over to see that Leo was up, he was watching me quietly.

“Lilly are you all right?” He asked his voice full of concern.

I couldn't speak, so instead I just shook my head. The tears falling as the dream came back to me. It was so terrible but I wondered about why I would see myself dying.

Leo pulled me into his chest and just held me as I cried. His hands rubbing my back and smoothing out my wild curls. I sobbed into his strong shoulders and was grateful to have with me. He didn't ask any questions. He just held me in his arms.

“Shh... Lilly, get some sleep,” Leo said in hushed tones.

I nodded my head and tried to close my eyes. Instead of going back to sleep, I saw the visions of my dream in my head. I saw the Chaos Blade covered in blood... my blood.

I couldn't imagine Leo ever using the blade against me. Besides Leo hadn't even mastered the blade, yet. He had been attempting to master the blade since we were children.

But he hadn't been able to master it yet. No one has been able to master the Chaos Blade, not in the last millennium. There was a prophecy about the Chaos Blade.

It stated:
The master of the Blade
that creates Chaos
will not be controlled,
until after the master's
mate has died, by the
blade's own Chaos.
For the Master to earn
control of the Blade,
the blade must take
the master's soul mate
for the chaos to be
in the control of the master.

There was more to the prophecy but you couldn't read it, because it was gone. It looked like it had been ripped or possible burned away but the prophecy was kept in a glass display case. Thus preventing anyone, including the Elders from ever opening and changing the prophecy. The prophecy was very important, it was the key to the Blade of Chaos.

Many had tried and failed to master the Chaos Blade. No one had ever come close to mastering the Blade. Not even my father or brothers.

Leo was the only person who has come close to mastering the Chaos Blade in the last millennium. No one really knew the history of the Chaos Blade, not even the Elders. The history of the Chaos Blade was the greatest mystery of our history.

The songs and chants of the Blade of Chaos have been lost in time or forgotten. Most of the songs and chants were missing pieces about the origin of the Blade.

I closed my eyes once again, hoping that the images would leave my mind and let me sleep. I took deep breaths and let my body relax. I could see the flashes again, they were just quick brief flashes. But they were still there.

I snapped my eyes open. I let out a sigh, before getting up out of bed and walking towards the kitchen. I leaned against the counter, feel the insomnia start to get to me. I felt tired but I couldn't go to sleep. No with that nightmare plaguing my mind.

I couldn't stop seeing the flashes and horrors. It was terrible they couldn't stop plaguing my mind. They were right there tormenting me. I knew Leo wouldn't ever do something like that. He wouldn't do something so stupid.

P.S. Hey, so I do have a prologue piece to this featuring the Original Master of the Chaos Blade, if anyone wants to read let me know. I might post on Friday anyway but feel free to comment and share your thoughts with me. -Alexandra

Friday, June 24, 2016

Paradoxian's Guardians

I never thought a simple walk around the local park would create the amount of drama that it has. Why did I even go for that walk anyway? I could have saved myself so much drama and stress. Ugh, that walk might have been my biggest regret ever.

It all started in the fall of 2011, it was my senior year at Reedly Preparatory Academy, a small private school in Black Falls, Maine, also a small town. There weren't many that got accepted in RPA but I was one of the lucky ones. It also might be due to my parents being the Headmaster and Headmistress. I knew as a child I was going to take over for my parents when they decided to retire. It had been like this since the Academy had opened its doors in 1812, the school has been in my family for nearly two hundred years.

I can very easily tell you my family history but I won't bother, it's a long dry history. Most of the students here come from families of wealth or they're founding families of Black Falls. But of none of this matters, at the moment.

It was October 13th, a Friday, classes were over and everyone appeared to be outside enjoying the sunshine, as it made the autumn leaves, that surrounded the campus, an amazing coral-orange color. I was leaving the grounds to go to a small unknown park not too far away from campus. It was a nice place to go, to escape all the drama and chaos that was high school. The walk wasn't long only five minutes from outside the campus gates.

When I arrived I saw I wasn't the only one there, there were five others. All from my seventh period Mythology class with Mr. Kay. Why were they there? This wasn't their local hangout, it was mine and had been for nearly four years now.

I glared at Nate Bettinson, Jax Wilson, Hannah Williams,Teddy Williams, and Beth Gerard, as they all invaded my spot. If looks could kill, they'd all be and buried now.

"What are you all doing here?" I demanded, my irritation so high I didn't even bother to be polite.

Bettinson looked up from the basketball that he had been dribbling on the small trail, that ran through the park. Hannah stopped her swinging. Jack looked up from his calculus book, Teddy stopped whatever prank he was about to pull. Beth stopped her monologue. None of them really knew what to say.

Finally, Bettinson spoke, "Chill out Monroe, it's a free park. We're allowed to be here."

"Chill!?!?!? Chill!?!?! I'll give you chill you stupid jerk," I said angrily, stomping my way towards him, ready to give him a good kick in the butt.

"Verity, stop! Think about what you're doing!" Hannah exclaimed while standing in front of me, trying to stop me from my war path.

"Leave me alone, nina nina ballerina," I said trying to push her away so I could throw a good punch Nate's way.

Just as I managed to push Hannah away, a bright light started to flash from the ground, making the six of us surrounded in a white blinding light.

"What the--" myself and the others started before a figure loomed over us. I looked up to see a gorgeous woman, her hair was black but you could see natural hints of purple. Her face was beautiful, she looked so much like a statue that I had seen on campus. Her dress was a soft teal green color. Making her skin look like a bronze colored gold. She was gorgeous.

"Who are you?" Beth questioned, asking the question everyone of us had been wondering.

"I am known by many names and faces but for the six of you, you all know me as Honora, the Paradoxian Goddess of Justice," she replied.

"Paradoxian, what exactly is a Paradoxian?" Teddy questioned.

"Quite simple really, they're an ancient civilization that existed not long before the Greek Empire took control of their country and changed everything. Making the Paradoxian Society cease to exist for the rest of eternity," Jax our school nerd, replied.

I rolled my eyes, "That's nice and all but what does that have to do with us?"

"Quite simple, Verity, long ago there were six guardians that protected the Paradoxian tribe. Each guardian controlled one of the sacred elements of the tribe; ice, lightning, water, fire, air, and earth. Each of you are descended from one of the Paradoxian tribe and each of you yields one of the sacred elements.

"Nathaniel Bettinson, son of the great warrior Barto, Lead Warrior of the Ice Element," she said describing a puffed out Nick.

I rolled my eyes as I saw his ego get bigger.

"Ugh, can your ego get any larger?" I asked before slapping his chest.

Honora continued ignoring the banter between the pair of us. "Jax Wilson, son of the Knowledgeable Sage Johanas, you control lightning.

"Graceful Hannah, daughter of our own Goddess Ethera, Goddess of Dance and True Manifestation of Water.

"Lonely Verity Monroe, you are the daughter of our Great God Ardor, God of Fire and Passion, a beautiful yet Powerful God.

"Troublesome Theodore, you come from our Goddess Complexia, a true Goddess of Mischevious Air.

"Elizabeth, a daughter of our Priestess Opheria, a daughter of Earth, a sacred element that is most common but easily underestimated.

"Together the six of you will do great things to protect this sacred and ancient land of Paradoxia. As well as each other," she said.

"What do you mean 'this sacred and ancient land of Paradoxia'? We are in the United Sates of America. We are nowhere near Greece," I said, not believing any the bologna she was spouting.

"My dear Verity, Pangaea was apart of this world, making Greece able to take over Paradoxia," she replied.

"Yeah, right. Listen can we go now, my parents will kill me if I'm not back on the school grounds by five," I stated ignoring everything she just said. I had to get home before my parents really did kill me.

"You may leave, but this will not be our last joining my children," she said as she started to fade into the bright white light.

I rolled my eyes as she faded, not wanting anything to do with this bull. Once the light had faded, all of us looked at each other, wondering which idiot, would try to use 'their sacred element' first. I didn't have to wait long, it was Nate, who looked at the ground and opened his hand.

"What the hell are you doing?" I asked knowing it was something totally stupid.

"What does it look like I'm doing? Use your brain Monroe, I would have thought you had one as the Headmaster and Headmistress' daughter," Nate replied.

I didn't say anything but instead threw my fist out ready to slap him across the face. But a fireball erupted from my hand. Making everyone move away as it tried to collide with Bettinson's face. But suddenly a wall of ice grew in front of him.

I moved my hand down to stop myself from accidentally scorching him or anyone else.

"Are you crazy, Verity? You could have killed me!" Nate yelled at me, taking a step closer. His body towered over mine, making me feel smaller than usual. I took a small step back as the fear shot up my spine.

"Don't even think of leaving," Nick said reaching out and grabbing my arm.

"Let go of me," I cried, suddenly feeling my arm become cold and numb. I looked down to see that a layer of ice was wrapping itself up my arm. I reached out and grasped Nick's arm, and tried to burn him, but it didn't work. My fire just wrapped around his arm in an odd angle, similar to what his ice was doing to my arm.

I gasped before letting go of the dumb jock and moving back as far from him as possible, not at all  understanding what had just happened. I didn't want to think about it as I ran from the park. Trying to get away as quickly as possible. I didn't bother going back to my dorm room, instead I headed towards my parents house, it was in the staff area of campus but it didn't stop me from getting away from those... those... the others.

All I knew was that I needed to get away and going back home seemed to be the faster way. The wouldn't dare think of moving to the private home that belonged to my parents unless it was an emergency.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Fandom OC's (Part 2)

Hey everyone, here is part two of my fandom OC's, these are some of the newer ones.

Ella Rosewood: Ella is for sure the newest of the bunch. She's my Thunderbirds OC, she easily fits in both the original and remake universes. This mahogany haired lady is the Tracy Ward, she's the unofficial sixth Tracy child. Jeff and Lucy Tracy took her in when she was, her father was one of Jeff's closest friends and fellow astronauts. Ella's mother is the daughter of Lady Penelope's Great Aunt Sylvia, making Ella a Cryton-Ward, but Sylvia and her husband allowed Ella to be raised by Jeff and Lucy due to the request being her parent's last wish. Ella is in-between Virgil and Gordon, she grew up with the nickname of Shadow, because she could be constantly found following Scott and John Tracy.

Ellen Night: Ellen is my Teen Wolf OC, she is a natural born werewolf like Derek Hale. She's an orphan who lives with her Uncle, Beacon Hills' Sheriff. Ellen adores her cousin Stiles but she does worry about his ability to get into constant trouble. Ellen has a complicated history with Derek Hale, her family and his were once very close. In actuality, Derek and Ellen are mates but they don't always see eye to eye, and they try to fight their bond. I'm slowly writing this out but there are alternate universes with Ellen. I'll try to do a full blog post about them eventually.

Sophie Conway: Sophie is my Mighty Ducks OC, the Mighty Ducks movies were some of my favorites as a kid. As I've watched these movies again in the recent years, I've found myself wanting an OC sibling for Charlie, who could help him and Adam. Sophie is the calmer of the two Conway kids but she's also got a thing for Adam, which pans out romantically in D2. They're friends in D1 but they're closer than Adam and Charlie.

Zarnak: Zarnak is my Night at the Museum OC, she was once the fiancee of Akmunrah. However she died before they could get married. She was buried with Ak and his parents in a hidden chamber in the family tomb but it wasn't discovered until a few decades after Ak and his parents had been moved. She was placed in the London Museum with Ak's parents but placed into storage. She has always been afraid of the dark, when she wakes in the Museum she panics because she's in the dark. However, Ak and his parents don't find her for another few years. Eventually, she is found but she's extremely skiddish around Ak and his father.

Artemis Oliver: Artemis is my second Power Rangers OC, she's newer than Claire but she might be more accurate time line wise in PR history. She is paired with Troy and is the White Megaforce Ranger. She is the daughter of Tommy Oliver and Kimberly Hart, but she lives in Harwood County with her Aunt Ashley and Uncle Andros. She was acting out with her parents because of her newest sibling. She does dance and is quite good not taking martial arts or gymnastics.

Avery Danvers: Avery is my Bitten universe OC and I've paired with Nick Sorentino. She's a natural born werewolf, not bitten. She is Jeremy's niece, and she has lived with her uncle since she was a four year old girl. There isn't much development for her since I'm still catching up on seasons 2 and 3 of the show. And I haven't really written anything other than some stuff that is pre-season 1.

So, this part two of my Fandom OC's. I'm pretty sure that I will develop more, so when I have maybe three or four more I'll add a part three.

Love you all

Monday, June 20, 2016

My Failed Stories

So, over the years I have had some pretty cool story ideas. But for some reason or whatever I could never finish them or maybe I only had the one scene that really panned out. I'm going to share two ideas that I didn't finish. These are just the ideas, but I will post the stories later this week. There isn't much to either story.

Unfinished Idea Number One: This story was about six teenagers, who don't really get along or hang out with each other. Sort of like the Breakfast Club, but in modern times, the twist was that they all find out that they are descended of an ancient race of alien that once lived on earth. And now they have to work together to save the world. The group is three males and three males, and they weren't all paired off except for the main girl and main guy.

My main reason why this didn't pan out was because it was too much like Harry Potter and The Breakfast Club put together. I enjoy both of those too much to try and rip them off. I also started writing this just really as a way of getting it out of my head. None of the characters were truly fleshed out, so I just couldn't bother to finish this piece.

Failed Story Number Two: I'm so sad that story failed. I totally loved the idea of it but I wasn't able to get a good story line where it didn't just end with and they all died. This story was a story of reincarnation and prophecy. The female protagonist, Lilly was killed by her love Leo in their past life. Lilly supposedly violated one of the laws and was sentenced to death at Leo's hand. Their society is a bit of a hidden society, where each person learns a specific weapon to master. I loved this idea but it's pretty distopian and I just didn't have a good plot for Lilly and Leo.

These are my failed stories. I would love to maybe go back to them or pull ideas from them to help with the development of another story.

See you on Wednesday!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Meet (some of) My Story Characters

So, I figured that I would share some of my characters that I've been writing about. Please note that not all of these characters have full book plots. I have a few ideas of where I want these characters to go but nothing is totally fleshed out, and I won't be giving any spoilers for these characters' stories. You'll have to wait and read about them. =)

Please allow me to introduce Ivory St. Rose, her story is kind of a life story. I have a few pieces of this woman from various ages and at various times in her life. She is a ballerina with mahogany hair and silver-blue eyes. Ivory has an older brother Christian. Christian is sort of a package deal with his best friend Drake Steele, who Ivory does not get along with as a kid. This lady goes through some tough times in her life such loss, this is a theme in her story. But through it all she finds happiness in her life. The idea of loss, is one that I've drawn inspiration from in my own life. Maybe I'll get an ending like Ivory. She's very stubborn and is a total badass, if I do say so myself. I started Ivory back in 2014 in my creative writing class.

Next we have Artemis St. Rose (no relation to Ivory), her story starts on her sixteenth birthday which is also Halloween. She's leads a normal life with her parents and two brothers, Christian and Henry except for the fact that they all have magic. This makes them witches and warlocks, and Artemis has only just come into her powers. That's right, you don't get your powers until you're sixteen (sometimes fifteen or seventeen) but Artemis has to prove that she's as powerful as the Coven believe that she is. This was my Nanowrimo 2015 piece and I got a good start on her.

Finally, there is Princess Eleanor of Nightshade. Ella is a princess, she has four brothers, four! She's the only girl of the bunch. She's newly turned sixteen when we meet her. This Princess does not allow her father or anyone rule her life. She believes in her own independence and is not afraid to speak her mind. Ella has a dry sarcasm, which can sometimes get her in trouble like when she insults a visiting Prince about his promiscuous life style in front of her dad and brothers. Ella will tell you how it is, and she doesn't want to be married off like a prized cow. I do have some pieces about her already written. They can be found on my polyvore account. Ella

Thanks for reading. If you want more information on these characters leave a comment. I would love to share more them with you.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Meet my Fandom OC's

Hi everyone, today I wanted to share some of my OC's (original characters) from various fandoms. Some have set pairings and others I'm more open with pairings. There are a few here, most of these OC's have been my head for years. Some of them, were created back when I was a kid.

These are just basic overviews of the characters. There are some who will get a more in-depth post or posts.

Amelia Carter-Sousa: Amy is my MCU OC, she's been around since Captain America: Winter Soldier. However, this lady didn't make her first writing debut until January of 2015. She does actually exist in written form on my archiveofourown account. Amy was created originally as a romantic interest for Brock Rumlow (Crossbones) in Cap 2. Amy has since evolved as I've delved deeper in the MCU.

Claire Oliver: Claire is one of two Power Ranger OC's. She has gone through a few different developmental story lines as I've worked with her. Claire was originally created back in 2011, she has been paired with Hunter Bradley from the Ninja Storm PR series. She is the daughter of Tommy Oliver and Kimberly Hart. She is a Power Ranger herself in Ninja Storm, she's the Indigo Fire Ranger. I'm currently writing her wedding to Hunter, the first two chapters are up on archiveofourown. I have fan-casted Victoria Justice as teenage Claire with Nina Dobrev as an adult Claire.

Sapphire Deveraux: This beauty is my Charmed OC, she's a next generation OC. Sapphire is Melinda Halliwell's best friend and Wyatt's charge. While, Wyatt is her whitelighter, they don't reall get along at least during their first few years as witch and whitelighter. She's not as developed as some of my other OC's but she was my original OC. But eventually Sapphire and Wyatt fall in love kind of like Leo and Piper, of course, they have their issues along the way.

Avalon Elrondial: Avalon is another OC where I do have published pieces about. They are available on my archiveofourown. She is Elrond's youngest daughter. I have paired her with Legolas, she's also a tenth walker in the Lord of the Rings saga. She's really stubborn, and can't use the twin blades to save her life. She's excellent with a bow and a dagger. In the Hobbit, she is training in Mirkwood under the guidance of Legolas. She's not afraid to fight for what she believes in. Avalon is another character who has gone through quite a bit of evolution and changes as I've worked more and more with her. I've fancasted her as Natalie Dormer (Anne Boleyn and Margery Tyrell).

These are some of my OC's, the ones that have the most development. I'll post a part 2 either next week or in a few weeks.

Love you,

P.S. Link to my AO3

Monday, June 13, 2016

Lost Ones

Lost Ones
We grieve, we mourn
we cry, we sob

lost ones

they are no longer here
we can't hold them,
tell them we love them,
spend time with them

lost ones

are they truly lost?

lost ones are never

we will remember them
their lives matter
and while we may not know 
your name
we will remember you

lost ones are never lost...


Dedicated to the victims in the Orlando Massacre
You are Never Forgotten or Lost

Friday, June 10, 2016

Blog Purpose

Hi everyone!

This is my writing blog. This is for me to write and share what I've got wandering in my head. Since a lot of what I've been writing just ends up in notebooks I figured that this way I would be able to share and maybe receive critique.

I'll be writing anything that comes to mind for me. This is not limited to anything specific. I'll include fanfiction, Original fiction, poetry, story ideas, random posts like lists, character descriptions, mini-series, etc. It depends on what I feel like posting.

Feel free to comment, I'm excited to share some of what I'm doing with my writing.


Unwanted Grief (DC-AmyVerse)

Persephone Carter-Sousa stood between her Uncle Clark and Uncle Barry. While neither were biologically related to the teen, both were clos...