Friday, October 7, 2016

The Spirit

“We're seriously going after a ghost?!?!” Adam demanded as he slammed his hands down on the desk.

Artemis spared a glance at the eldest Cross brother, before she returned her attention back to the book in front of her. She read the ancient lore, that told her of el spirato that she was trying to find. The huntress ignored Adam as she tried to understand more of the history.

“Artemis! Fucking answer me!” The man shouted at her with frustration leaking into his voice.

The auburn haired female, sighed in annoyance. She gently closed the book on her finger, so she could continue her reading. “What does it matter to you, Mr. Cross?” Artemis asked in a bored tone.

“What does it- What does it matter? Are you fucking kidding me?!? You want us to go against a fucking ghost!?! A ghost that wants the Blade and you dead!” Adam yelled at the young female, and banged his knuckles against the wood.

The huntress rolled her eyes as she looked at the pilot. “You won't be doing anything, I will be going after el spirato, on my own,” she replied with emphasis on the last three words. “You're excused.” She flippantly added as returned to her reading.

Adam growled in frustration before he spun and left the room. He slammed the office door shut behind him.

The twenty-four year old ignored the pilot's temper tantrum. She continued reading up on the legend of el spirato. It was an interesting one, that took place nearly eight centuries past. Zarna, a priestess of The Gods, was slayed with the Blade by an unknown person. It was often believe Zarna was killed by her lover Elío. But there was another version of legend that depicted her killer as Maldové, her brother. It was never determined who had stabbed her with the Blade.

Artemis had grown up with this legend, but her family had much more history on the legend. There were quite a few family ledgers that went more into the myth. The huntress, knew that from her previous encounter with el spirato she was in danger. Artemis had been with the Cross brothers searching down another lead for the Blade. El spirato was often seen as a female dressed in a white gown, with a large blood stain over the female's chest.

The huntress had seen this entity, in the empty warehouse they had been searching. The woman in white stalked after her, not Adam or Damon. She had been knocked in the back of the head with a wooden chair. Adam had found her unconscious on the floor, sometime after the attack.

Artemis sighed before she slammed the book shut and tossed it onto the desk. She got up from her seat and left her office. The auburn haired huntress walked downstairs towards the basement, where she kept her weapons. Her heels clanked along the steps as she descended down.

At the bottom, she walked towards the sais that were on display on the wall. She grabbed them and began an intense training with them. As she spun and lunged at the various dummies, and stabbed at them. Along with kicking at the training dummies, she also punched at them. Artemis began to sweat as she continued to aggressively beat at the dummies. She wished that she could take out Adam in the same way, at times.

After an unknown amount of time, an exhausted red haired female slowly climbed back up the stairs. She glared at Adam as she saw that the pilot was waiting at the top of the staircase. "What do you want, Adam?" she asked with an annoyed frown. Her workout had not dissipated any hostile emotions towards the man.

This turned out way more differently than I had thought. But I have a feeling that this month we will getting more adventures with Artemis and the Cross brothers.

Oh, yes, in the first part there was swearing in English and Spanish. I am aware that I don't usually swear but these characters are different from me, they're more angry and they swear a lot more. Artemis is also bilingual so, she's going to swear in multiple languages, like I do from time to time. So, please just be away of that.


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