Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Amy in the Flarrow 'Verse (Arrow 2x08)

Amy sat at in chair, for the Queen Consolidated meeting with all of the department heads. With the young former Argus Agent, serving as temporary head of Public Relations, she rolled her eyes as the meeting droned on. However, when Moira Queen entered the meeting room, Amelia sat up straight and looked at Oliver's mother with attention. Amelia had grown up with the Queens, Merlyns, and Lances, as a young child.

Amelia sends Moira a warm smile as she takes a seat not far from her. When, Oliver is asked to have a conversation with Isabel Amy gets up and hugs Moira. She had been like a second mother to the young lady. "Welcome back, Moira," Amy whispered into Moira's ear.

"Thank you, Amy," Moira replied as she pulled away. Together, both of them saw Dig approach Oliver. "You better go with Oliver, Melia," Moira suggested as she looked at the young brunette.

Amy nodded before she left the room, and followed after Oliver and Diggle. She was right behind them as they stepped in the elevator. "What happened?" She asked in concern as she saw the worried look on Oliver's face.

"There was a robbery at one of our science storage facilities," Oliver answered, as he looked at Amelia.

Amy nodded as they found Felicity downstairs waiting for them. Together they made their way to the facility, Amy looked at the door. It was on the floor, as if someone had taken it off the hinges with a strong push. Her eyes widened in shock at that fact. She shared a surprised look with Felicity as they took in the door.


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