Monday, February 27, 2017

On the Track

Lyra pressed on the gas pedal and flew across the track, as she maneuvered way through turns on the race track. The female race car driver saw only track in front of her, there were no other drivers.

"Nice job, Ly, just keep an eye for this upcoming turn, I noticed you were fishtailing a little the last time you took this turn," the familiar voice of her spotter, Davie told her as she approached the turn.

"Copy that," she replied as she took the turn, her car speeding as drifted through the turn.

Lyra straightened out, her grip tight on the steering wheel, as she felt rather than heard the revving of another car behind her. Her grip tightened as she looked in her mirrors and spotted the familiar black and red car that belonged Rex. She changed gears to give herself some more torque on the track.

The driver of the number nineteen smiled as she was gently pulled back into her seat from the force. She met the next turn with no problem, and grinned as the finish line approached. The end of the race was fast approaching and she was close to a possible victory.

Racing season has started with the Daytona 500. While NASCAR is not my preferred racing sport, it was a great race to see yesterday. I'm excited for St. Pete, which is the kickoff of the IndyCar series, and I'm excited to see the races.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Chit chat's and drabbles

Have you ever had one of those days where you're not sure what you want?

Yeah, I'm having one of those days too... But I will preserver, even it's a conversation like this with you guys. So, what kinds of pieces would you like to see on my blog?

I have a bunch of ideas but would love to have some feedback.

I already have a few established 'verse pieces here (The Eleanor Chronicles and The Eden Saga) and fanfiction pieces (Clunter [Power Rangers], Tromis [Power Rangers], Ella Pike [Star Trek], and Amy-Verse [Marvel and DC]). There are also quite a few solo stories that are available for your personal enjoyment.

I'm considering putting up some poetry pieces, since I've written a few that I adore. I do have established poetry on the blog. Would anyone be interested in reading pieces from some of my English classes in college? I have a few assignments where I was allowed to be creative and I would love to share those. They aren't crazy long, some are in fact quite short.

I am open to suggestions, please feel free to throw in requests or ideas. I would love to try and do writing prompts from you.

Here's a small drabble piece.

She bopped her head along to the beat that was playing on her iPod. Her right leg moved up in down with the beat and tempo, she sketched away in her notebook. The drawing that was on the page was a portrait in pencil and ballpoint pen.

The artist stretched the book out with her arms and gave a head tilt as she studied the newly created piece. With eyes full of concentration, she realized that the nose a little off. She placed her pad back on the desk and fixed the nose.

Once satisfied she nodded before she placed her notebook in her bag and departed the little cafe. Her music still played and sang as she left to find more inspiration.


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

St. Valeria Day (TEC)

Saint Valeria Day was a special holiday to Queen Avaline, and it was one that she had passed down to her five children as she raised them. However, now that they had all grown older from their time as toddlers, some of her children had discontinued the traditions of the holiday. However, not all had disregarded the holiday such as Eleanor, Rowan, and Hunter.

Her daughter and two youngest sons, enjoyed celebrating the holiday. It was a tribute to Grey Light's Queen Valeria, a reluctant ruler, but one who did what was right for the people. She had been a beloved and cherished monarch, with a tragic story. Avaline had shared this story with all of her children, but Ella had always enjoyed hearing the story as a child, to her it was fairy tale. Even to Avaline it was, it was an inspiring story that Avaline adored and loved.

Avaline, Eleanor, Rowan, Hunter, Matthew, Adam, and Athena all walked to the Royal Gardens. There Avaline and Eleanor picked a variety of roses, there were many kinds in the gardens to choose from. The mother and daughter duo chose a little bit of everything. Avaline smiled at the crown of red roses that Ella wore in her hair, it had been a style that Avaline had worn for St. Valeria Day many years ago.

"You look lovely, Ella," Avaline complimented as she reached out and gently brushed a stray curl from Ella's face.

Ella smiled as she held her mother's gaze, the same honey-gold eyes met and silently spoke more than the words that had been spoken. Together, the group made their way to a waiting limousine, Athena and Ella sat beside each other and chatted. They had been discussing their next trip to Lunaria, Ella wanted to get out of the castle for a bit, together they planned a girl's day out.

Hunter and Rowan sat on either side of Avaline, Hunter's golden locks rested against's Avaline's arm, while Rowan was staring out the window. The trip to Valeria's Ridge wasn't very long, but it as one that passed through agricultural regions in Nightshade.

As they reached the point, where they could no longer travel in car, Matthew and Adam allowed the royal group to exit the limo. Avaline held Hunter's hand, Rowan took the side of Hunter. While, Ella and Athena led the way to the edge of the Valeria's Ridge. As they reached the cliff top, Avaline and Ella passed a few roses to Hunter, Rowan, and Athena. Together the five of them tossed them into the Crimson Ocean.

Ella peered over her shoulder and met Adam's gaze, before she looked back to the ocean. The same one where Valeria had stood and waited for her true love to return on The Enchantress. Adam joined Ella's side, she silently offered him a few roses. The blonde haired bodyguard took the roses and dropped them into the ocean.

Ella sent Adam a warm smile before she reached up and pulled her rose crown off her brown waves. She held it in her hand, and closed her eyes. Time had stopped as Ella gently flung the rose hair piece into the ocean, before she opened her eyes. Her golden eyes watched as the red roses moved along the waves. A hand gently squeezed the brunette's shoulder, Ella looked at Athena and smiled at her friend.

Ella gathered her brothers, and led them back to the limo. Athena dutifully followed behind her friend. Adam trailed a few steps, while Matthew stood off to the side, to allow Queen Avaline a moment to herself on Valeria's Ridge.

Avaline breathed in the familiar sea salt filled air, the warm breeze blew her blonde hair in her face. She sent a silent prayer to Valeria for good health and judgement, in this trying time in Nightshade.


Monday, February 20, 2017

What They Saw (ST-ff)

When Ella had first met Doctor Leonard McCoy, he had been making a fuss because he couldn't stay in the bathroom on the shuttle, back to Starfleet Academy. She had found him amusing, especially when he had told Jim Kirk that he might throw up on him. On the shuttle ride to San Francisco, she would occasionally catch the doctor's eye before she looked away.

Jim Kirk would swear up and down in his best man speech at his friends'  wedding, that those little looks were the start.

Leonard McCoy knew he was in love with the brunette nurse, that was Eleanor Pike, when they were in their first year at Starfleet Academy. They had been doing a simulation class together, one that was a functioning medbay. It had been in that class, where Bones and Ella had been paired together as Doctor and Nurse. They had been partners for a few weeks, and during one of their labs, Ella had been well prepared for Leonard's barking. She was quick and efficient with all of her tools and knowledge, he would even quizzed her on a patients injury and suggested treatment.

In that lab class, Leonard McCoy fell in love, with one of the most brilliant nurses in Starfleet.

Christopher Pike knew when his daughter had developed romantic feelings for Jim Kirk's best friend, before his daughter had.

During their conversations, the young brunette, who reminded the Captain so much of his departed wife, was constantly talking about the doctor. She always had an interesting anecdote with Jim and Bones. The conversation typically strayed to Bones and her thoughts on him being a good doctor. She wore an expression that was full of fondness and respect.

He could never deny Ella anything, especially her happiness.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Inquiries and Compliments (ST-ff)

"Cadet Pike, please stay behind," the voice of Medical Officer Danvers called through the crowd of students, as they tried to exit the lecture hall.

Ella sighed before she stopped her progress. The brunette spun and walked down the stairs towards the podium that Danvers used to teach his lessons. As she wove through the crowded, she stepped just in front of the podium and looked at her professor.

"You wished to see me Professor Danvers," Ella wondered what she had done wrong. She had never been asked to stay behind in a class before. She nervously shifted her weight from one foot to the other.

"Yes, I wanted to ask you a few questions about your most recent assignment. You were able to get very technical in a few areas, things that we haven't covered in class. How were you able to come by this information?" Officer Danvers asked the young nurse with curiosity in his tone.

"Doctor McCoy has been tutoring me. Since this course has proven to be a difficult one for me, he's been going over the material with me," Ella answered honestly as she looked down at her shoes.

She hoped that she hadn't gotten Bones in trouble, she knew that he had just wanted to help her. More than likely also stop her from having a break down, too. Bones had offered to help her with her biology classes, specifically alien biology.

Professor Danvers nodded in understanding, "Well, he's doing an excellent job, Cadet Pike. I've seen both of you in your labs. You work well with Dr. McCoy, he could use a nurse like you to work with."

Ella's cheeks colored a soft pink color from her professor's compliment. This wasn't the first she had heard of her and Bones working together, but it was still unexpected. She didn't think that she was worthy of working with Bones, he was an excellent doctor. Ella couldn't get through alien biology without his help.

"Thank you, professor," Ella mumbled as she turned her gaze back down to her black boots.

"Best head off to your next class, Cadet Pike. And you received the highest marks on this assignment with the extra information you provided," Officer Danvers informed Ella, as he dismissed the nurse to her next class.


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's Surprise (ST-ff)

Ella McCoy neé Pike smiled softly as she finished her shift in medbay, it had been a long shift; but it had been one without the Enterprise's Chief Medical Officer. Jim had taken Spock, Bones, and Scotty with him to explore the planet, Betazed. It was a quick visit to meet with the Betazoids and learn more about the telepathic people.

None of them were injured, so Bones didn't force anyone to return to medbay, a small miracle in and of itself. Ella had been left in charge as Head Nurse with Dr. M'Benga for the shift. Very few patients had be in medbay, it was calm and wonderful to have some peace.

The Enterprise was a little over a year and a half into its five year mission. Ella and Bones were two years into their marriage; something that had surprised quite a few crew members. Many didn't expect the couple to last, but Jim knew better. He understood the relationship that Ella and Bones shared, they were good together. Both inside and outside of medbay, they had been a working team since their first year at the academy. The Admiral Board was always giving the pair constant acknowledgment and commendations on their work in the medical field.

Ella's blue-gray eyes glanced at the clock, she caught sight of the time and smiled. The petite brunette moved towards Dr. M'Benga's office.

"You off already, McCoy?" the dark skinned doctor asked as he looked at the nurse.

"Yup, Christine, is here. So you'll be fine until your shift is over," the nurse informed the doctor.

"I'll see you later, McCoy. And tell your husband that his medbay is in perfect working order," M'Benga added in a humored tone as he followed Ella to the doors.

It was well known that CMO McCoy liked his Medbay in perfect running order at all times. Even when he wasn't in medbay,

"Of course, it's in order, there was a McCoy in the Medbay," Ella joked, she giggled at the look on M'Benga's face, before she fled from Medbay.

She quickly made her way back to her personal quarters, that she shared with her husband. When they had first been placed on the Enterprise both of them had separate quarters. When they had gotten married, they had both tried to figure out who's quarters they would share. Jim had surprised the pair by the giving them new quarters, that were bigger for the pair. It had been a wonderful gift that had been a surprise to the newlyweds.

As Ella opened the doors to her room, she smiled at the scattered rose petals on the floor. There were several large bouquets of  roses, lilies, orchids, and lilacs all around the room in various vases. The brunette nurse smiled at sight before she followed the trail of petals to her bedroom. Upon entering the doorway, Ella gasped at the gown that was laid out on the bed.

The dress was a simple one, in a peach color with light gray flowers scattered around the skirt and shoulders. It was lovely, and one that Ella been eyeing for sometime, but she couldn't find an excuse or reason to warrant such an expensive purchase. Starfleet paid it's officers generously but Ella had never been one for impulse purchases unless it was for a purpose. And with Ella and the rest of the Enterprise crew in space exploring for five years, she couldn't find it in herself to buy the dress.

A pair of strong muscular arms wrapped themselves around, Ella's waist. Soft lips gently ran along the tip of her ear, before the familiar husky voice greeted the petite brunette.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Darlin'. And Happy Birthday, Ella," Leonard McCoy murmured softly into his wife's ear.


Monday, February 13, 2017

Welcome to Starfleet (ST-ff)

Eleanor Pike unbuckled her seat once the small craft had touched down in the Starfleet Academy shuttle bay. She patiently waited until the returning cadets left the shuttle that would one day belong to the Enterprise. The brunette female was one of three left on the shuttle, other than Captain Pike and a various officers who were returning to the academy.

Once all of the students departed, Captain Christopher Pike stepped through. Ella smiled at her father as he stopped in front of her seat, he graciously offered his arm out. The female stood and threaded her arm through her father's. “Kirk, McCoy, if you'll follow me,” the Captain ordered as he led the two new recruits out of the shuttle.

As they reached the door, Captain Pike stopped to allow his daughter to exit the craft with James Kirk and Leonard McCoy to follow after the brunette female. Ella hadn't wondered too far as she waited for her father to exit the shuttle, she glanced around and noticed other new recruits and returning cadets were scattered all around the bay. Ella noted that both Kirk and McCoy were looking around the bay with slight curiosity. "You haven't seen anything yet," she commented to the pair, as she followed after her father.

Both the men trailed after Captain Pike and his daughter. The Starfleet Captain led the trio to the administration building. "This is where I leave the three of you. I suspect that I will see you all sooner rather than later," Captain Pike told the trio, as he turned to walk back down the stairs that he had led them up.

"Oh, and Eleanor, don't forget-" The captain started before he was interrupted by his daughter.

"I know family dinner next week with all of us Pike children. Yeah, yeah, I know," she cut off her father, with an eye roll. Both of her older brothers had been calling to let her know about dinner for nearly three weeks now.

"Good," Christopher nodded as he continued his descent.

It was silent between James Kirk, Leonard McCoy, and Ella Pike for only a few seconds. "So, Pike, huh, you're a legacy," Kirk commented with a smirk as he looked the petite brunette up and down with wondering eyes.

"I'm not the only legacy, Kirk, and don't even think about it. You'll be thrown out of here faster than you can say Captain Pike. Not to mention what my brothers would do to you if you tried anything," she informed the blonde haired man, as she strode past him into the administration building.

McCoy clapped Kirk on the shoulder, "Tough luck Kirk," he commented with a soft smirk before he followed after Ella inside.

Friday, February 10, 2017

A Promise of Escape (TEC)

"Thank you agreeing to have tea with me, Princess Avaline," Princess Illyana graciously told the Princess of Grey Light.

Avaline nodded as she met Princess Illyana's dark gaze, "Thank you for inviting me."

Illyana softly sighed as she looked at the princess who sat across the table from her. Illyana could see the dark circles under Avaline's gold eyes, the hollowness in her once full cheekbones. Her skin clung tightly to the bones, making it obvious that Avaline had not been taken care of here in Nightshade. Illyana gently reached out to grasp Avaline's pale hand in her own dark colored one.

"Oh Avaline," Illyana softly sighed in sadness and concern. She squeezed Avaline's hand in her own.

Avaline looked away from Illyana as the tears burned her eyes. She didn't want the Avesterian Princess' pity, she hadn't even wanted to meet with Illyana but she had hoped that Illyana would help her. Grey Light and Avesteria had been close allies and shared many of the same beliefs, there had been many alliances and marriages between the two kingdoms in the past. The last had been almost two centuries past but their had been discussions for Illyana to be wed to Avaline's, now deceased brother, Mikel.

"Avaline, I can't leave you here in Nightshade. You will return with me to Avesteria," Illyana swore to her friend. She wouldn't allow Avaline to be locked away, as she suspected that Zanos and Erivine had done to her. Illyana was grateful that her father had allowed her to come on this trip to Nightshade. She had wanted to understand what had happened to Grey Light, and the only kingdom to have answers was Nightshade.

Avaline shook her head, at Illyana's promise, "You might not be able to keep this promise, Illyana," Avaline mumbled as she fought to keep her tears at bay.


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Avaline's Tears (TEC)

Avaline walked through the gardens of her new home. The Grey Light Princess had begrudgingly accepted that she was a 'guest' in Nightshade, specifically to Nightshade's Crown Prince, Erivine. She was reluctant to become part of this kingdom, the very one that had decimated and destroyed her own home. Her parents and siblings dead, because of Erivine and his father, King Zanos.

The Princess took in the different flora that grew, she enjoyed the warm sun that shined onto her. After spending six months locked away in the East Tower, she spent most of her days outside wandering the castle grounds. Erivine would join her on the occasion but she seldom spoke to him. However, both King and Prince insisted that she not be allowed to be alone anywhere in the castle, she was given a bodyguard and lady-in-waiting, Matthew and Valaria. Matthew said very little and would stoically follow her everywhere, and when he couldn't follow Valaria did.

She was angry that after six months of being trapped, that she wasn't allowed a moment of peace. Valaria slept in room just off to the side of Avaline's and she couldn't leave her room without going through Valaria's. The princess glared at the stone path, before she abruptly turned and headed back the castle. Erivine and Zanos' actions had off put her time outside, she moved swiftly and quietly through the large halls to her room. She promptly slammed the door closed to keep both Matthew and Valaria out. Avaline angrily tore off the soft pink dress, it lay in tatters on the carpet floor, she chose to wear a soft gray nightgown to wear. The golden haired princess clamored into her bed, she pulled the peach duvet over herself and silently sobbed into the pillow.

Her heart shattered, as her home and life were gone. She was a prisoner in an enemy kingdom, with little to no privacy. All Avaline wanted was her life back, she wanted her family and she wanted to be home with her own things.


Monday, February 6, 2017

Enchantress' Return

Valeria Nightingale stood on the cliff edge, she watched the ocean with a hopeful gaze. She waited for the familiar white sails and flag that belonged to her betrothed's ship, La Incantatrice. James Hunter had left behind his beloved for a six month expedition to Avesteria, a kingdom that was across the Crimson Ocean.

Valeria hadn't been able to go with James, even though she had desperately wanted to join him on his journey. Both her father and betrothed had been adamant that she stay in Evermoon with her family. The sixteen year old had no desire to be left behind, however she did as her intended asked only for his benefit.

In the six months that James had been away, Valeria had spent most of her time in the capitol with the Royal family. Valeria was a Lady in Waiting to Princess Merabeth, and she was close friends with the Princess. Merabeth's own betrothed was Prince Micel of Avesteria. Valeria and Merabeth had often wondered if Micel would be accompanying James back to Evermoon, but neither knew a definite answer.

Valeria had counted the months, weeks, and days until James' return. She had been at the cliff since early morning, her skirts and petticoats were covered in mud. The white slippers she had worn now a filthy brown caked in mud from the walk. She didn't care, she only wanted to see that James had kept his promise and was home safe. There the young lady stood and waited La Incantatrice to safely arrive in Port Royale. The day slowly slipped away until it was twilight, and there was still no La Incantatrice. A tear slipped down Valeria's cheek as the first stars began to peek out into the orange and lilac colored sky. Her arms wrapped around her waist, before she turned away to walk back to her family's stately mansion.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Blistering Cold

cold, frozen, bitter
white flakes fall and crash
they pile, cover, conceal
all in sight in bright
bitter stark white

beautiful yet deadly
if stepped upon wrong
one can tumble and fall
or crash
in a burning cold

pins and needles
all over your skin
prickle and consume
the inside and out

silent screams and pleas
unheard unseen
unspoken as they
cry and shriek
into the blistering burning
winds that tangle and tug
forever losing your way

in the bright
white frozen
tundra of falling
water crystals

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Life Update: Help and Tears

Hi everyone, so today's piece is a little personal.

My dad is on a transplant list, I won't specify, but if you are close to me, then you are aware of which list it is. Yesterday, we went to the hospital to meet with the transplant team and for a few tests. Nothing serious or invasive but they are needed for the transplant. My dad has been on the list for almost seven years now, and it's been a long process.

The last few years, I have been doing a lot for my family. I pretty much run the household, since my dad can't see very well anymore. He also can't drive, so I do all of the driving. I am the only driver in the house. Neither my sister or mom know how to drive. I do a lot for my family, I don't complain because who else will do it if I don't?

Yesterday, when we were meeting with the team, the transplant social worker asked me how I felt about it. I was shocked, I think it was the first time that someone had asked how I genuinely felt about the transplant and what I do for the house. I don't think anyone really realizes how difficult it is unless you're in a similar situation.

My sister goes to school and works, I don't work. It feels like I do nothing for my family other than run the errands that they can't do. I make sure the bills are paid, that we have groceries in the house, and I take my dad to his various doctor's appointments. I know where everyone in my home is probably twenty four seven. I have been looking for a job for nearly three years now and I still don't have one. That is super frustrating, because I can't pay for the gas in my car. My dad does it, I don't have any money. All I have is what is in my savings and it's not much. I am under a lot of stress, and while I do manage it pretty well, I do still struggle. I have a lot on my plate and I don't have a lot of help.

I had a breakdown about it, and I just want everyone to know that it's okay to be stressed and breakdown. I know that I did and while, I am not instantly one hundred percent better, my dad and I talked to my mom and sister, they'll be helping a little more. Some of the unmentioned tasks that I do will now be passed to them, so I don't have a heavy burden.

That's all for today.

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