Monday, January 30, 2017

La Femme crie

"Where's your coat?" the strong and deep voice of Drake Van Millé demanded as he caught sight of the little bird in front of him.

Evelyn, Evie, Caveleighr sighed as she sent the business man a sharp glare. "None of your concern, Monsieur Van Millé. And the at last glance, I was not in your care until after the cérémonie de mariage," she remarked in between French and English seamlessly as she moved towards the front hall.

Before, the young heiress had made it three steps forward, Drake had grabbed her by the elbow. She was halted in her tracks by the tall muscular man in front of her. Evie tried to pull away from the brute but to no avail was she able to escape from his grasp.

"You let go of me, you big brute, this instant," she demanded in an angry tone.

"What are you going to do if I don't doll?" he questioned in a bored and disinterested voice. He knew that the little bird was nothing but that, a bird. She wouldn't be able to do anything, her father wouldn't take her word, it was hers against his. Howard Caveleighr trusted Drake more than he did his own daughter, a blessing for Drake and curse for Evie.

"I'll scream, I'll scream so loud that your eardrums will shatter," she answered through gritted teeth as Drake's grip tightened. Evie suspected that she would have a bruise of his hand print on her arm.

"I doubt that," he smirked as he tugged her closer to him. He wasn't foolish to give the woman in front of him anything. He knew that she was a weakling, she was nothing compared to her father or older brothers.

Evie let out a loud shriek, that caused sonic waves to be released into the air. As she screamed, Drake was surprised. The brunette man promptly fell to ground, he tried to cover his ears from the Banshee shriek that was coming from his fiance. But even his hands couldn't stop the sound as his ears rang and bled. He tried to get her to stop, but he was completely helpless. He whimpered as she grew louder in volume.

Evie stopped her cries, she barely spared the whimpering man a glance as she stepped over him. She reached the front door, and simply walked out into the night to join Everett at the Nightingale. "Goodnight Monsieur Van Millé," she casually called over her shoulder as the door promptly shut behind her with a resounding thud.


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