Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Meeting the X-Men

Amy sighed as she watched the training that was going on in the War Room. This was not how she had wanted to meet the X-Men. The brunette SHIELD agent looked at Charles Xavier, a man who had been a friend with her grandmother.

"Don't worry, Amelia, they don't bite," Charles reassured the nervous agent with a warm smile.

Amy shook her head as she gave Charles an anxious smile. "Sorry, Professor, I just, in all of the years that I've worked with SHIELD, I never thought that I would be meeting the X-Men," she admitted as she looked at the group.

The brunette knew that the original members had been Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Storm. Eventually, Wolverine had joined them. Then, a few others had joined while they were still students at the Xavier Institute, Ice Man, Colossus, Shadow Kat, and Rogue. Then, Warren Worthington III, had joined them during the whole x-gene cure debacle, with Hank McCoy returning to help his friends. Amy had kept tabs on the group over the years, as she had grown to admire them. She never understood the prejudice people had against them.

They were amazing, they worked well together as a team of heroes. They split into groups but would regroup into a larger group, it wasn't that much different from what the Avengers had done in the past. She could easily see that some people worked better together than others. Rogue and Colossus were quite a team; the same could be used to describe the duo of Shadow Kat and Ice Man. Amy watched as Cyclops and Wolverine avoided each other, it was obvious that while they were good at playing together in the field that there was some sort of tension between the pair. She could only compare it to Captain America and Iron Man after what had happened during the 'Civil War'.

"Yes, they can sometimes have that effect on people. But they are a wonderful group, who have learned to work together to help save the world," Charles reminded her.

Amy shook her head as she watched the group, they had finished and Cyclops was now giving them direction on how well they had done. She could see that some people took the criticism in stride, while others were clearly not happy with it.

"They'll be out soon, let's wait for them," Charles directed her out of the control room and into the hallway just outside of the War Room door.

The doors opened to reveal the X-Men in their black tactical uniforms. Amelia Carter-Sousa took a quick glance to study the group. They were all exhausted from the training but there was also a hint of excitement at the success of a War Room assignment from the group that were still students.

"Professor," Cyclops greeted Charles as the brown haired mutant looked at Amy. Or least she thought, she couldn't be sure with the visor blocking Cyclops' eyes.

"Ah, Cyclops, X-Men, this is Agent 46, she works with--" Charles started to introduce.

"SHIELD," Cyclops interrupted, his voice had become cold. Amy could feel the glare that he was giving her as looked down at the ground, to avoid meeting the angry gaze that clearly belonged the X-Men leader. "What is a SHIELD Agent doing here?"

Amy's throat went dry at the amount of anger in Cyclops' voice. She had not expected a hostile meeting. Before the brunette female could answer, Charles spoke up for her.

"She is here, with a mission for you. And I expect you to listen to what she has to say. Miss Carter-Sousa is a family friend," Charles told the group.

Amy could see that Charles was looking directly at Cyclops and wondered if he was telepathically talking to him. She couldn't be sure, but it seemed as if that was the case.

"Fine," Cyclops ground out as he turned to his attention back to the petite agent.

She didn't look like an agent and it made Cyclops suspicious of her. She could understand his hesitation, she didn't look like the typical agent. She was petite, standing at only five feet two inches, she was an inch or two taller in her shoes. Her brown hair was just past her shoulder blades, it was wavy. But her face was probably the most unsuspecting thing, Amy had wide brown eyes that were often compared to a doe. Her lips were plump, which only made her look innocent like a doe. Many men had fallen for the soft innocent looks, not truly realizing that she was trained to be deadly and dangerous.

Charles led the group and Amy to the planning room, as they entered Amy studied the room. It was similar to the War Room's control room, except for the large table that was in the middle. She stood beside Charles, with Cyclops directly across from her. She softly frowned as she realized that Cyclops would be watching her like a hawk.

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