Monday, January 9, 2017

Amy in the DC-Verse?!?!

Hey everyone, I've been dabbling with Amy in the DC-Verse, primarily the TV shows. And I'm kinda obsessed so, today's piece are just drabbles of Amy with various characters.

Earth 38: Amy looked at her friend with a raised eyebrow. "Come on, Clark, how is she?"

Clark Kent chuckled as he looked at Amy. "Kara is okay, she misses you and sends her love."

Amelia nodded in satisfaction at her hero's answer. "Well, I'm glad she's okay," the reporter replied as she turned her attention back to her computer screen.

"What are you working on?" Clark asked as he looked over the brunette's shoulder.

Said brunette turned to meet Clark's blue eyes. "My next piece for Perry," Amy answered as she frowned at her article. She also had the CatCo article by Kara Danvers open, so she could compare the two.

"So, you're on Supergirl and Superman coverage, huh," Clark teasingly told the female with a chuckle.

Amy rolled her eyes at Clark's gleeful expression. "Yeah, and too bad I can't get an interview with the girl and man of steel," she sarcastically commented with a smug expression on her face.

The Man of Steel chortled at the reporter's comment, he shook his head as he kept an eye on her. Clark and Amy's relationship was a unique one filled with banter and subtle jokes about Clark's secret identity. But they were close friends who mutually adored and respected on another.

Earth 1: Amy sat between Caitlin and Felicity, as they waited for Barry and Cisco to return from, whichever Earth they had disappeared to. Iris had disappeared somewhere, but the former Argus agent kept her eyes on Team Arrow and Team Legends, as they waited.

"So, how does Barry know an alien?" Felicity asked as she looked over at Amy and Caitlin.

The two brunettes looked at one another and shared a soft shrug. "Barry accidentally traveled between dimensions, and ended up on Earth 38, a while back," Caitlin commented as she and Amy both shared a concerned look.

Felicity's eyes widened when she heard Caitlin's statement. "He's that fast?"

"No, he was wearing a tachyon enhancer, and he ended up going faster than expected. He was gone for two days, at least to him. But he was gone only seconds here," Amy told her friend with a soft shrug.

"Wow," Felicity said in awe.

Before they could comment anymore on Barry's speeding adventures, a breech opened. Immediately all attention turned to the breech as Cisco, Barry, and a blonde haired girl appeared through the breach. Amy, and the others all watched as the girl commented on traveling through the breach. "Wow, that was cool."

"Guys, this is Supergirl," Barry called out to the various groups of heroes.

"Barry, I thought you said you were bringing an alien," Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow, commented as he looked at his friend with concern.

"I did, Kara's an alien," Barry told Oliver with a bright smile.

"What makes her so, super?" Jax asked in a disbelieving tone.

Amy watched as Barry and Kara shared a look, before said alien flew threw the sky. And used heat vision on the floor.

"I'm convinced," Diggle commented in an neutral tone.

Amy giggled at Dig's comment, she figured that meant he was finally starting to believe in all of the weird that was going on in their lives.

"That's a first," Amy commented to Felicity and Caitlin.

The trio giggled as they peaked at Diggle, he shook his head and gave them a frown. Which only made the girls laugh harder.


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