Friday, September 30, 2016

Study Talks (TEC -PRAU)

Ella stood in the doorway of Philli's study, she smiled sadly as she caught sight of her Prince. He was standing in front of the tall windows. She knew that he was lost in thought, his silver eyes were unfocused as he stared.

"You miss them, too," the Princess of Lunaria said, allowing her presence to be known.

Phillip turned his silver gaze to Ella's golden stare. "Yes, I do," he answered truthfully.

Ella smiled sadly, before she stepped into the room. She quickly closed the door behind her, so she and Phillip could have a rare elusive private moment. Once the door was closed the Princess ran towards Phillip, she wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face into his chest. Ella tried to hold in the tears that wanted to fall.

Phillip rubbed her back, he rested his cheek on top of her mahogany colored curls. "We will see them, again, Ella," Phillip promised his Princess.

Ella sighed as she snuggled closer to Phillip. "I know, I just didn't expect to miss them all so much," Ella replied as she pulled away from Phillip to look up at him. She gently reached her hand forward and brushed a strand of honey brown hair away from his face.

Phillip gently pressed his forehead against Ella's, "They were quite a charming bunch," Phillip murmured. He pressed a soft kiss to her forehead, and stepped back. "We will see them, again, Ella. Hopefully, we'll be able to help them on their journey in search of the energems."

Ella stared at Phillip, in surprise, as she realized what he was saying. "You want to find an energem. You want to be a Power Ranger," she softly accuse her fiance with a look of worry and concern on her face.

Phillip let out a sigh at Ella's truth, he nodded and gave a sheepish grin yes, in reply.


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Seriously, Mother

She decided to go to her father's grave, to ask his advice. Even though he wouldn't really answer, as he had been dead for eight years. Her black heels sunk into the grass as she stood in front of the stone, that stood erect above the ground. As she breathed, it came out in soft white clouds of smoke, her black coat wrapped tightly around her. The cold bit through her black tights, numbing her legs.

"You know, I hated you for a long time. After you died," Esther mumbled as she bent in front of the gray marble slab.

There was no response, as she expected. "I, honestly, don't know if mom comes to see you, but I wanted to ask you something. You won't judge me like mom or anyone else would."

Esther shivered from the cold, there wasn't snow on the ground but she knew that it would be coming any day now. Her blonde hair was pulled away in a ponytail, that swung slightly as the cold caused her started shaking. "Ines, is pregnant, with her first baby," she announced with sarcasm in her tone. "Mom's ecstatic of course. She's happily telling everyone, and I do genuinely mean everyone. I caught her telling the grocery store clerk yesterday."

Esther paused in her rant, she reached out and traced along the letters that spelled out the familiar name that was her father's. "I don't know, I just don't feel excited, I should right?" she asked with a confused note in her voice. "Mom, demanded to know why I haven't given her any grandchildren yet."

Esther sighed in frustration as she admitted, what had been on her mind. She wanted to run her fingers through her hair, but she knew that she wouldn't have time to fix it. "I mean, I get that I am twenty-eight, but I am not ready for children! I don't want to have children, would you please give her a fucking sign, that I don't want children. As she keeps pushing the issue and I don't want to have to deal with it anymore..."she trailed off.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Heading to Amber Beach (TEC-PRAU)

Dino Charge Episode 11: Break Out

“Phillip, this is not a good idea,” Ella told her betrothed Prince as they rode to Amber Beach's Dinosaur Museum.

Her honey-gold eyes were met with an uncaring look in his face. “Ella, we cannot allow these imposters to sully our engagement,” Phillip passionately told his love as he reached out and gave her hand a gentle squeeze.

“Phillip, no one knows of of our engagement. Well, no one did before this incident happened,” Ella replied as she looked out the window of the limousine.

The Prince of Zandar pulled Ella's hand to his lips and kissed her knuckles on her right hand. “I know, Ella,” Phillip said. “I'm sorry that it came out like this.”

Ella gave her fiance a soft smile, “I know Phillip.”

Before they could reply, the limousine began to slow, which meant that they were arriving at their final destination.

“Your Highness, we have arrived,” one of Phillip's guards said from the front of the limo.

“Thank you, let us move quickly,” Phillip ordered as the door opened.

Phillip quickly smoothed down his tie and jacket as he stepped out of the black limousine. He reached back inside for Ella. The Princess of Lunaria, quickly grasped her fiance's hand and stepped gracefully out of the limo. She smoothed down the front of her white dress that had water colored lilac flowers all over the skirt and waist.

“You look gorgeous, Ella,” Phillip complimented his fiance with a bright smile.

“Thank you, Phillip,” Ella said as her cheeks became a soft pink.

Phillip led the way inside the museum, the guards quickly followed after the young couple. They were quick to find the display of the Treasures from Zandar, as they reached the wing, Phillip gave the order. “Collect everything,” he said, his tone was strong but Ella knew that he was worried about her more so.

I have to rewatch the episode but I wanted to give you this little piece. And I've included a sneak peek for a Clunter piece and Troy/Artemis short.

Together, the thirteen of us Rangers jumped off the cliff. We landed in a line, and yelled out “Ranger Power.”

Elsa and the other monsters were anxiously waiting for us. “Attack,” Elsa yelled out as she swung a staff forward.
I looked over at Hunter, he was looking my direction. I gestured my head back to the cliff. Hunter nodded his head as it was obvious that he understood what I was thinking. I quickly Ninja streaked to the top of cliff. I stood on the edge and took a deep breathe, I hadn't used Phoenix form since we had had helped Hunter recover the Gem of Souls from Vexacus.

“Fire Storm, Phoenix Form,” I called out as I jumped off the top of the cliff.

“Claire, what are you doing?” I heard Kira yell before I was engulfed in indigo and crimson colored flames.

I could hear the cries and shrieks of surprise from the Dinos and laughs from my Ranger team were intermixed with my parent's awes of amazement. They had never seen Phoenix form in person, only on video.

I gracefully swooped through the air and surveyed the surroundings around me. I noticed a group of Kelzaks trying to circle my mom. I quickly shot over towards mom, to take out the Kelzaks. I easily took them out. "Thank you, Claire," Mom called out as I saw her run in Dad's direction.

I cried back, I knew that mom would understand even without words. It was a soft symphony of notes, at least that's what my reply sounded like to me.

"Claire, watch out!" Tori shouted from my left side. I instinctively snapped over to the right and up. I glanced down to see a blast that had passed over where I had been. I heard the sinister laugh of Zurgane, as he sent another blast in my direction.

I dived and flew in crazy directions and patterns, I wasn't paying too much attention to how I was flying. I just wanted to get away. As the blasts kept following after me.

"Hunter, HELP!" I cried out both in song-like notes and telepathically. I could feel my tail feathers getting warm, a warning that Zurgane had nearly got me, and had just barely grazed my tail.

"I'm on it, Claire," Hunter telepathically replied as he aimed his Crimson blaster at Zurgane.

Artemis hurriedly moved towards the office, through the crowded hallways. She was running late and it wasn't even her fault this time. The brunette teenager had been called into her counselor's office yesterday and asked if she would show the new transfer student to his classes, as he apparently had most of the same classes as she did.

She had agreed, mostly because she knew that her Aunt and Uncle wanted to give her dad some news that she was trying to make friends in Harwood, even after living in the small town for three years. The newly turned sixteen year old could say that she only had two friends in school, Noah Carver and Gia Moran. She wasn't popular by any means and most of the other kids easily avoided the girl who moved to town because her parents sent her away.

Noah and Gia had been the only ones to reach out and try to include her into their groups of friends. She got along with their respective best friends Jake Holling and Emma Goodall but she couldn't say that she was friends with them. But she knew that her Aunt Ashley and Uncle Andros were in constant contact with her parents, even if she only took a few phone calls from them. She did want to help the new student, and maybe have another friend.

But this morning had not been her morning, her alarm clock hadn't gone off and she had woken up after the bus had passed her stop. She had thankfully gotten a ride from her aunt to the school, with only ten minutes before school started. Artemis had sprinted into the building and rushed to her locker to get her things for her morning classes.

She reached the office with only a minute before classes started. As she opened the door, she looked at the secretary, "I know I'm late, I'm so sorry! I haven't had a great start to the day," Artemis told the secretary as she burst into the room. The brunette could easily guess that she looked like a mess, her wavy locks flying everywhere, her white cropped sweater and black t-shirt wrinkled. Her black jean capris and white converse with little smudges from the grass that she had fallen into, on her way into the building.

"Mr. Burrows, this Artemis Oliver, she'll be helping you around to your classes today," the secretary, Mrs. Davis said as she ignored Artemis and talked to the boy, who was leaning against the counter on the side farthest from the door.

Artemis blushed a soft pink color as she looked at the student that she was going to be showing around. She had not been told that it would be a guy, ugh and she had already embarrassed herself in front of him. 'Nice job, Artemis, make yourself look stupid in front of the new guy.'

"I don't-" The light haired brunette teen started to protest.

"You both share quite a few classes, Mr. Burrows. Now here are your passes for Mr. Burley's class as you're both already late," Mrs. Davis said with a fake bright smile on her too bright red lips.

Artemis grabbed the pass and slunked out of the office. She held the door open for the guy behind her. Once they were both in the hallway with the door, closed behind them, Artemis turned to look at the new guy. "Hi, I'm Artemis and welcome to Harwood County High," the caramel colored brunette introduced and held her hand out.

The new guy placed his hand in hers and gave a firm shake. "Troy Burrows, and thanks. So, what's your first class?" He asked after he let go of the female's hand.

"Science with Mr. Burley, but let's go to your locker first." Artemis suggested as she sent the boy a smile.

"Sure," Troy said as he looked down at his schedule. "I have 215-A."

"You're right next to mine. I'm 216-A. The letter just references the section that your locker is in," Artemis explained as they moved down the hallway.


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Golden Petals

Golden petals shine brightly
as they glisten and gleam
in the barely warm sunlight

The ground, as colored 
with jewel-tones of
ruby, gold, marigold,
wine, aubergine, dark raspberry

Petals of various colors
shapes, and sizes glide
twirl, dance and happily 
fly through the air

a harsh but soft
breeze carries the jewels

before they spontaneously
drop and collapse
into a pile of cold and wet 
gold and orange embers

Embers that do not provide
warmth and light from 
the dark of a moonless night

Instead, these embers
glow a bright golden light
in the warmth of the sun
they are are wet but comfort
and good fun to jump in

the beginning of the end of a year
a time for trees to start
to sleep as they shed
their leaves and unseeingly 
grow for the new year


Monday, September 19, 2016

One of Three (Sneak Peek)

So, I started writing this a few days ago, and I'm kinda in love with the idea. Please note this story is still fleshing itself out, so this is only a sneak peek. I'll maybe try to have more out in a few weeks.

Laurel was one of three, she had been the youngest to be presented. Her rose-gold hair was pulled away from her face in a braid that hung over her shoulder. She gazed out of her third story window in Everest Castle, there wasn't much to see.

The view was of the Dark Wood, it was a forest that was supposedly haunted by the various people who went into the wood but never came out. The Dark Wood wasn't immediately in her view, it was a good few thousand feet away from the grounds. Black wrought iron fencing kept the wood from encroaching on the palace ground.

Laurel caught sight of Prince Dashiel, the golden haired Prince of Evernight was walking the grounds with his steed. The Prince wore black clothing, as was tradition for those who lost their loved ones.


There is more to this beautiful start but I don't want to give it all away. Love you all

Friday, September 16, 2016

Get to Know Me

Here are 5 random facts about myself that I want to share. Leave a random fact about yourself in the comments.

1. I have died my hair three times and it doesn't work in my favor. I was twelve when I decided that I wanted to try and have blonde streaks in my hair. Yeah, my mom did it wrong and I had bright orange hair, I started middle school with the nick name 'Fireball'. When I was fifteen, I wanted to try a bright raspberry color, well I ended up with a purple tinge to my hair, it did fade to a nice caramel color nine months later. And my most recent attempt was in April, I wanted a red tint but it honestly doesn't look like anything, sure you can see it if you know what you're looking for. Next time, I might just go for blue-black.

2. I was born with green eyes, not blue or brown. But straight up green eyes, however at some point during my first few months they changed color. You can see a slight, very slight ring of green around my eyes but you have to be super close to see it.

3. Reading is one of my favorite hobbies. Reading was always something that happened at home. I'm pretty sure that I could read before I started school. My dad read me and my sister the first Harry Potter book when I was six. I, later, received a copy for Christmas when I was nine, but I didn't really start reading the series until 2003, with Prisoner of Azkaban. (I might have skipped the first two, because I was really excited for movie three to come out.) But my dad read a lot to me as a kid, a lot of Arthur and Dr. Seuss, and I still have most of those books in my closet. I'm currently re-reading/finishing the Morganville Vampire series by Rachel Caine. I'm on the first book but once I'm done I want to re-read/finish the House of Night books after. I have a long reading list.

4. I can't stand Hollywood remakes, I usually avoid them if I can. But then a few years later, after the remake has been out, I'll watch it and find that I like it. I did this with the Spider-Man movies and The Amazing Spider-Man movies. I grew up with Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man, when it was announced that there would be a re-boot with Andrew Garfield, I instantly decided that I didn't want to see them. I didn't care and I didn't want to like it, however in February, I finally bit the bullet and saw them. They're pretty good, it's a different story from the Tobey version. I did the same thing with the Man of Steel movies and the Superman movies. Don't get me wrong, I like Henry Cavill but I love Christopher Reeve as Superman more. But Man of Steel was good too, it gave a different story to Krypton since technology has advanced since the Superman movies. And I did this with the Star Trek movies. I adore the Original series with William Shatner, Deforest Kelley, Leonard Nimoy and Nichelle Nichols. I didn't see the movies with Chris Pine, Karl Urban, Zachary Quinto, and Zoe Saldana until again earlier this year. I like these just as much as the original series. Bones will forever be my favorite character with Deforest Kelley and Karl Urban's portrayals. 'Dammnit man, I'm a doctor!'

5. So, all children get the chicken pox, that's just how it is. Even with immunizations, you still the get those lovely pink and red spots all over you. Well, I was one of those unfortunate people who got the chicken pox.... wait for it... twice. It got the spots twice! The first time that I got the pox, I was four years old, and I remember an incident with me proudly showing off my spots to some visitors (probably not the best idea but to be fair I was only four. I wasn't fully developed in the head at the age). It was only a mild case, I don't really remember developing a fever just the spots, but I did give it to my sister.
The second time that I got those spots, I was six years old and in school. I had gotten them from someone else in my class who came to school clearly still contagious without spot development. I got them and it was so much worse, I remember having a fever and tummy aches, along with the itching. I do have a scar from my itching near my right eyebrow, which batch it's from I couldn't tell you. My mom might know! But after I was clear of being contagious, I was able to go back to school. Mind you that I did still have spots, not a lot but they were on my face, arms, and legs. I had a difficult time with teasing from the girls in my class because they all thought that I was still contagious. It was horrible, none of the girls wanted to play with me at recess, and those that did were really mean about me still having spots. I remember that I gave up on playing with the girls and just played with the boys, cooties be damned. The boys were much more welcoming and they didn't care that I still had spots. Of course, when you tell people at the age of six that this was the second time with chicken pox not many people believe you. Eh, I did have them twice. It's in my medical records.


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Writing Prompt #1

Write a sentence with six words or less about loneliness.

Isolated, even in a crowded classroom.


So, my sister shared this prompt with me and this was one of the second version that I came up with. This easily describes how I felt during a few classes in high school, and even college.

Just because I am an introvert does not mean that I like being alone. I do like hanging out and interacting with people. So, maybe try to include the quiet person every once in a while, because they'll remember that moment.


Monday, September 12, 2016

Worries and Medical Supplies (ST-ff)

Leo,” Ella cried out in relief as she ran towards the Enterprise's Chief Medical Officer. She wrapped her arms tightly around his waist, she was flooded with happiness at his familiar features.

Ella,” Dr. Leonard 'Bones' McCoy sighed as he wrapped one arm around his Head Nurse's waist. The other hand cradled her head against his shoulder. He placed his chin on top of her soft brown waves. “Are you alright?” He demanded as he pulled away and cradled her soft face between his hands. His thumbs were gently rubbing against her cheekbones, his hazel-green eyes were examining her face to make sure that she wasn't injured in anyway.

I'm fine,” Ella replied with a nod as she reached out gently turned her friend's head to get a better look at the cut near his temple. “Are you alright?” she questioned in return as she frowned over his injury.

Bones sighed but nodded, he was glad that she was doing her job. “I'm fine, but I'm more worried about Spock,” he answered his nurse honestly.

Ella nodded in understanding, they pulled apart and immediately joined Captain Kirk, Spock, and Scotty. Ella wrapped her arms around Leo's right arm. She looked at Spock with worry, it was obvious that the Vulcan had been injured during the time that both Bones and Spock had been missing from the bridge.

Bones, you okay?” Captain Jim Kirk asked his first friend from their days at the Academy. His bright blue eyes looked at his friend and like Ella's took note of the cut at his temple.

Yeah, I'm fine. It's him you need to worry about,” Bones answered, he jerked his head over in Spock's direction.

Captain, I am functioning adequately,” Spock hurriedly tone, as if he didn't himself believe that he had a serious injury, too near his heart.

Immediately, after Spock's vehement denial he swayed on his feet. Both the Captain and Doctor reached out to steady the First Officer. Ella stood moved in front of Spock and began to look him over to see if there was anything other than his internal bleeding.

Do, we have any medical supplies on this thing?” Bones demanded as he looked over at Scotty and Jaylah.

The black and white alien, with unique green eyes nodded. “This way,” she answered and led the group to the mess hall.

Ella stepped away from Spock and headed over the transporter control panel. She immediately grabbed the medical kit that was in her escape pod, and the spare one that she had taken after her disastrous return to the Enterprise with Kirk and Ensign Chekov.

When she reached the mess room, there was a mess of ancient medical supplies on the floor. Bones was sorting through them and trying to find something that could use to save the green blooded alien.

Ella frowned as she knelt down beside Leonard. “Leo, this might work better,” she softly murmured to him as she tried to give Jim and Spock some semblance of privacy to their conversation.

Leonard McCoy looked at Ella and saw that she held two medical kits in her hands. He smiled before he reached out and grabbed one. “Darling, I could kiss you,” he exclaimed in delight at seeing familiar tools.

Ella's cheeks flushed a soft rosey color at his comment. “Leo,” she mumbled with embarrassment.

Captain James T. Kirk, who had heard Bones' comment, smirked at Ella's blush. He knew that there was a mutual attachment and attraction between his C.M.O., and Head Nurse. “You know Bones, she might take you up on that,” Jim said as he sent a wink to the red faced nurse.


Disclaimer: I don't own any of the recognizable characters in this. I only own Ella, who is another OC. I'm not sure if I'll be doing all of the Star Trek (2009) movies but I really wanted to do this one. Happy 50th Anniversary to this amazing show. Gene Roddenbarry has created a masterpiece that I've grown up with and love tremendously.

Maybe I'll wonder into the other Star Trek universes, we will have to wait and see.

Love you all.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Reunited Arrival

"Mae govenen Leglas Thranduilion," Avalon greeted the blonde Prince of Mirkwood.

"Mae govenen Lady Avalon Elrondial," Legolas returned as he bowed his head in the respect toward the dark haired elleth.

The other elves of Mirkwood that had arrived with Legolas, bowed in respect towards their Princess and their Prince's young wife.

"Ada has asked that I escort you to your rooms," Avalon stated as she led the group into the House of Elrond, she guided the guests to the rooms they would be residing in.

"Thank you, Lady Avalon," the group  all said as they each enter their designated rooms.

Eventually, it was just Legolas and Avalon. They walked side by side until they reached the last room at the end of the hall.

"Hannon le, Lady Avalon," Prince Legolas humbly replied as she led him to the room.

"You're welcome, Prince Legolas," she replied as she bowed her head. "There is a passage in the wardrobe that will lead you to my room." she added before she gently placed a kiss upon Legolas' lips.

"That is wonderful, shall we take a walk through the famous gardens of Imladris?" Legolas asked as he held his arm out.

"Why, of course, Prince Legolas," she said with a giggle as she wrapped her arm around his.

Legolas quickly gave his wife a kiss on the lips before he led them from his room. The pair walked through the hallways towards the gardens.

Just a little drabble of Legolas and Avalon. I wrote this a few years ago, in one of my notebooks. I'm thinking that I'll do more Avalon and Legolas pieces soon.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A Writer's Mind

Most days she can be found with a book, it doesn't matter if it's new or old. She reads constantly and continuously. She has a thirst for the words that are hidden in the tombs of pages that sit on shelves. If she isn't reading, she's writing. A desire to scribe the details of inner mind on paper for the world to see. Not all thoughts are written down, only what is meant to be share. But she finds that she doesn't mind. Her hand is smudged along two of the knuckles on her right hand. It's usually ink but sometimes it's graphite from a mechanical pencil.

She may have a stray cloud of gray on her nose, as she does rub her fingers against it from time to time. In her backpack, there is a bag that is filled to the brim with all kinds of pens. There are ball point pens and felt tip pens. The odd gel pen and pencil are hidden away inside too. The standard ink colors of black, blue, red, and green are there. But there are lots of other colors; a large variety of pinks and purples, some different shades of blue. Even some odd colors like bright lemon yellow and a soft gray are found here.

Color, she enjoys color. It makes everything brighter, even the dim ones. But they help to stay organized. It was how she took notes in college, different colors for different days. It was a tool that she used to help study. Now, they indicate different tasks in her planner. The sky blue color is for the tv shows that she'll watch later. The regular blue is either job applications completed or random things to do with her video editing program. The standard green ink represents the errands that she has completed or needs to complete. The TV shows that she needs to remember to download is in red ink. Bright pink are for doctor appointments or meetings. Purple is for YouTube, either a video to finish or upload to her channel.

The notebooks that she uses easily begin falling apart, she doesn't mean to abuse them. But they hold the words that have spilled out. Ones that she can't take back, but she doesn't always share. The covers might be falling off, pages might be crinkled from getting wet. Honestly, there are very few notebooks that haven't suffered some sort of damage, but she does use them.

Her fingers ache at times. An indication that she has been typing too long at her keyboard. But there are some stories that she wants to publish. She only really publishes on her blog or on the red and white website designed to share work that is fanfiction related. Her writing varies, some days it's about a Princess, one day it might be a witch. There is very little rhyme or reason, she just writes what her fingers write, there is very little control in what she shares. Sometimes her fingers scribe faster than she can think. Or is it?

Her mind is in constant flux, one idea after another is working it's way into being added or taken away from the piece that she wants to share. Maybe it's a spy or a Power Ranger in the color Indigo. No matter what she'll never stop writing she's always have a pen and notebook to write. A book will be her constant companion. She'll never truly be alone.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Public Appearances (TEC)

Ella sighed as she sat in the limousine with her mother, four brothers, and father. Matthew and Xander were with Adam, Michael and Drake. She looked out the window and pretended that she couldn't see her mother's frown at her choice of outfit.

The Nightshade Princess knew that her mother was going crazy at what she had chosen to wear. Ella was comfortable and she knew that many of the young females at today's public outing were going to be judging her based on her outfit. Ella wore a black bandeau bra with a cropped black sweater, it wasn't too cropped, it did show a few inches of her waist. She also was wearing a burgundy red pleated skater skirt with nude heels.

There wasn't anything wrong with her outfit per se but Queen Avaline did not like the amount of skin that Eleanor was showing. However, she couldn't make her daughter change, because Ella and Adam had arrived at their respective cars last. And they were already running a few minutes behind schedule.

"Eleanor, what were you thinking when you chose this outfit?" King Erivine had questioned his daughter. His tone was full of disapproval and annoyance.

"I wanted to be comfortable, Your Majesty," Ella replied to her father in a clipped tone.

The young princess had a strained relationship with her father. Despite how much Ella had tried over the years, she knew that she would never make her father proud or have his approval. She had given up on trying to receive praise from the Nightshade King.

"This is not an appropriate outfit for today's events, young lady," her father angrily chastised as he send her an angry frown.

Ella rolled her eyes and didn't bother to reply. She instead turned her attention back to the window, they were nearly in Lunaria, the capital of Nightshade. Ella hoped that maybe she would be able to disappear during the festivities, she hated public appearances as a family.

The limo pulled to a stop outside the large sports stadium. As the crowd of photographers and reporters tried to make their way to the limo, Royal security and personal bodyguards cleared the way for the family to exit the vehicle.

"Please children, remember to behave," Queen Avaline urged as she smoothed her curly dark brown over her shoulder, one last time.

The car door opened and King Erivine stepped out the limo first, as it was his kingly duty. He smiled brightly and waved at the gathered crowd. The King turned back and offered his hand to his wife. At the sight of Queen Avaline, the crowd became louder. Nightshade very easily loved the Queen.

Ella watched as Jason stepped out next, he gave Ella, Skylar, Rowan, and Hunter a soft smirk as he left the vehicle. Skylar, followed after his role model. The amount of screaming from all of the females in the crowd became louder at the sight of their Crown Prince and the spare heir. Rowan, the newly turned sixteen year old stepped out next. He gave the crowd a large wave and smile. Ella gently nudged her youngest brother out of the limo. Hunter smiled worriedly at her, but she gave him a quick hug before the photographers saw.

Ella was the last to leave, as she had been doing since she was little girl. She stepped gracefully out of the limousine, with a fake smile plastered on her face. She waved at the crowd and allowed the media to take her picture. She could hear shouts from various photographers wanting her to look at their cameras.

She followed after her parents and brothers, as they entered the stadium. It was the first baseball game for the Nightshade Knights, and Ella had been asked to throw the first pitch of the game. Ella knew that Adam was directly behind her as he trailed after his charge.

The Royal Family met with the team, Rowan and Hunter were the most enthusiastic with meeting the team. Ella had politely greeted the players, she found that they were a diverse bunch, the teams usual pitcher Teddy Phillips was wonderful. He had happily answered her questions about pitching the baseball. He had even gotten a few laughs out of the Princess.

As the team was called out onto the field for opening ceremony, Ella and her family followed. Ella held Hunter's hand as the walked from the locker room out onto the field, he happily chatted with some of the players who wanted to introduce themselves personally to Princess Eleanor. Ella happily held conversations with her brother and the various players.

They quieted down as opening ceremonies began. Once the opening was completed, Ella was called out to throw the first pitch of the game. Ella walked through the field in her heels, with Teddy Phillips, as he would takeover after she was escorted off the field. Once at the the pitcher's mound, Teddy handed the princess a baseball, she grasped it in her hands. Ella allowed herself to form a pitcher's stance, once she was in form, she threw the baseball to the Knight's catcher. He caught the ball and held it over his head.

The crowd happily cheered at the Princess' pitch, Adam and Matthew escorted Ella off of the field to allow the game to start. Ella knew that they wouldn't be staying for the game, as they were also making another appearance at a the grand opening of Nightshade's newest animal shelter. This shelter was one that Ella had helped raise the funds for, she had been very much involved with this project.

"We have Eleanor, and we shall head to the limousine," Adam told whoever was on the other line of his earpiece, it was more than likely Xander.

Ella followed Matthew as he led them to the limousine, it had been moved around the back of the stadium. Adam opened the door for Ella. "Thank you, Adam," Ella said as she climbed inside.

Adam nodded before he closed the door. He knocked three times on the hood of the roof, to signal to the driver that they were ready to move.

Once she buckled the car began to move, she warily looked at her father. He was quietly talking with her mother, but she what it was they were talking about. But whatever it was, did not seem to make the King happy.

"Ella, you did an awesome job," Hunter said as he looked at his sister.

Ella smiled at Hunter, "Thanks Hunter, who knows maybe you and Rowan and will get to throw the opening pitch for a Knight's game in a few years," Ella told her brother.

Hunter's eyes got wide as he thought about that. "That would be so cool," he exclaimed as he and Rowan began to talk about the pros and cons of getting that privilege.


Friday, September 2, 2016

Soft Moments

Amy stood in front of the bathroom mirror and frowned slightly. She didn't really want to color her hair, but she understood that it was a necessity, especially for her and Steve. Given that they were both wanted fugitives.

She softly sighed as she took in her new hair color. Amy was no longer a brunette but she was now an auburn haired woman. It was better than black or blonde.

"You look fine, Amy, but I don't know how I feel about my new color," Steve admitted as he stood against the door jam.

Amy met his gaze through the mirror, "I don't know Steve, I think you look good as a brunette," she admitted with a soft smile.

Laura Barton watched from the kitchen window, as Amy spun in circles around the backyard with Lila's legs in the air. The mother of three, smiled as she saw them laughing together. It was a rare moment where Amy was able to be carefree with her family.

Laura felt a strong presence behind her, she knew that Captain Steve Rogers was protective of her niece. She turned and looked at the Captain, she could easily understand why many people were so willing to help him. She knew why Clint answered his call right away back in May.

"Thank you for letting us stay here, Mrs. Barton," Steve said softly as he looked down at the brunette who was Ellen Carter-Sousa's sister.

"You're welcome, Steve. You can call me, Laura, you know," she teased the gentleman from the forties with a smile.

Steve blushed a soft pink color. "Of course, Laura," he awkwardly struggled with her name.

"Take care of my niece, Steve. I watched her grow up under both Henry and Luke's shadow and scrutiny for wanting to be a SHIELD agent. She wasn't always the confident woman that she is now," Laura told the super soldier, as she turned back to the window.

She smiled as she saw that Amy was helping Lila with gymnastics. The pair were laughing as Amy cart-wheeled but instead of landing on her feet, she landed on her butt.

Amy peeks her head into Wanda's room, she smiles as she catches sight of her fellow brunette still asleep in bed. She looks over her shoulder and gestures to Lila. She stops her cousin, before she can ruin the surprise, with her hand. 

They smile, before Amy begins a silent down with her fingers. As soon as Amy hits zero, she moves her hand and Lila launches herself at Wanda.

Amy smiles as Lila jumps on Wanda's bed, and excitedly calls out the Scarlet Witch's name in excitement. 

Wanda sits up and looks at Lila in shock in surprise before she catches the little Barton girl. "What is it, Lila?" Wanda asks the concern in voice is filled with a little bit of worry.

Lila giggled at Wanda and shook her head. "Nothing's wrong, Wanda," Lila told her surrogate big sister. She wrapped her arms around the brunette. "Happy Birthday," she mumbled into the hug.

Amy saw Wanda's eyes widen as she realized what exactly today was. She leaned her head against the door's entryway. Wanda glanced at the former brunette agent and gave a head tilt in confusion.

Amy gave her friend a soft nod in confirmation that today was indeed her birthday.

At Amy's reassurance, Wanda thanked Lila and held her more tightly.


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