Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Shocking News (Amy x Clark)

Amy stared at the little stick in her hand, in disbelief. This was not something, she or Clark were expecting or planned for. The brunette photographer quickly and quietly walked out of the bathroom. She watched Clark from the doorway, he leaned against the headboard with a book in his hands. His face was full of concentration as he read what was in front of him.

Amy smiled at this sight, it was rare that the couple have time like this to themselves. With both of them dong their usual tasks at the Daily Planet, or Clark saving Metropolis as the Man of Steel, and sometimes the occasional Justice League call. The simple moments were the ones that Clark and Amy cherished the most.

Clark looked up at Amy and gave her a bright a bright smile. "You okay?" Clark wondered aloud.

Amelia didn't say anything, she instead moved forward. Proceeded to climb into the bed, and nestle herself in Clark's lap. He happily wrapped his arms around her waist. Once she settled and content, Amy pulled the pregnancy test from her robe pocket. she placed the test in Clark's hand. The photographer picked up the book that Clark had been reading and smiled as the realization of the book. A childhood favorite for the pair, Peter Pan.

The Man of Steel sat frozen, as he stared at the item, his wife had given to him. His attention move from the test to his Amy. "Really?" he asked in disbelief, as his bright blue eyes met his wife's dark brown colored eyes.

"Yeah, really," Amy answered as she wrapped her arms around Clark's neck. She placed a warm kiss on his lips, before pulling away.

The married couple shared an excited grin with each other, before Clark placed a protective hand on Amy's waist. "Should we schedule an appointment?"

Amy rested her head against Clark's shoulder, and gently moved to find a comfortable position. "Tomorrow, Clark, let's just have the rest of the day to ourselves," the photographer suggested with a warm smile.


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