Friday, January 13, 2017

Return of Gotham's White Prince

Amelia Carter sat in the board meeting, with a neutral expression as she listened to what the heads of all of the various departments were presenting the production that had taken place at Wayne Industries in the last quarter. The twenty three year old female didn't want to be in this meeting but quarterly meetings were mandatory for her attendance. She took in the information and made notes on what she was being told.

"Is that everything?" Amelia asked as the last department had spoken.

"Yes, Ms. Carter, but we were all rather curious about your suggestions," Mr. Roberts, the Public Relations department head wondered.

Amelia sighed softly as she looked at the man. "Mr. Roberts, I don't have many suggestions, at this time. I have reviewed all information that was presented to me today. All departments have performed beyond expectations, all I have to say is keep up the excellent work gentlemen. Now if you'll excuse me," She responded as she stood up from her seat and walked out of the room with a grace and strength that frightened most of the department heads.

Amy made her way to her office, as she passed her assistant's desk, she asked that all calls be put on hold or to have them leave a message. Once the brunette was safely in her office, she sagged into comfortable swivel chair. She unbuttoned her navy blue blazer and kicked off the nude heels that killed her feet. With a quick, spin in her chair, Amy was now facing the large floor to ceiling windows that were the entire back wall of her office.

She gazed with longing out the windows. Her heart was saddened as she thought of her best friend, and the man who really should have been running Wayne Industries. Unfortunately, Bruce had left her seven years ago to get away from Gotham and the darkness that had taken over the city. Amy had been sixteen, when he had left. Bruce himself had been eighteen, and no one had heard from him in all of the time that he had been gone. Amy and Alfred Pennyworth, the Wayne butler, did receive various gifts over the years for their birthdays and Christmas. There was never a return address but they knew that the gifts had come from Bruce.

"Oh, Bruce, I miss you," Amy sighed as she stood up and stood in front of the window. Her arms were wrapped around her waist. She thought of her childhood and the time she spent with Bruce.

There were so many fond memories, and some terrible ones, like when he had fallen into the cave with the bats. Or when he had lost his parents. She missed Thomas and Martha, just as much as Bruce did. The couple were Amy's godparents, and her parents had been in shock when they had learned about their gruesome and grimly murder.

She watched the skyline and the setting sun. Amy wasn't sure how long she stood like that in front of the window. But a beep from her phone caused her to spin and race to the phone.

"I'm sorry to disturb you Ms. Carter, but Mr. Pennyworth is on the phone. I know you always take his calls," Sara started to explain.

Amy pressed the intercom button to interrupt, "It's not a problem, Sara, I'll take Mr. Pennyworth's call. Thank you for letting me know, line one, I'm assuming."

"Yes, ma'am," Sara replied quickly.

"Thank you, Sara, go ahead and clock out. I'll be leaving the office, once I'm finished with my phone call from Mr. Pennyworth."

"Yes, Ms. Carter," Sara answered as she clicked off the intercom.

Amelia wondered what Alfred was calling about. He typically only called if she was attending a gala or large society event and need him to drive her. She didn't have anything on the calendar for tonight or for the next few weeks.

Amy picked up the phone, "Alfred, is something wrong?" the brunette's voice was filled with worry and concern for the Wayne butler and her friend.

"No, Miss Carter, I called to inform you that Master Bruce has returned," Alfred answered. Amy could hear the smile that was on his face as he told her the news.

"He's home?" Amy asked softly in disbelief. Her voice caught in her throat as she thought of Bruce.

"Yes, indeed, he has come home," Alfred told her.

"I'll be at the Manor as soon as I can, Alfred. Oh, and don't tell him I'm coming over," the CEO ordered the butler with an excited smile on her face.

"Of course, Miss Carter," Alfred said, Amelia could picture the nod of acknowledgment from her order. She didn't typically order Alfred around, but she was sure he wouldn't mind today's order.

Amy hung up the phone, she gathered her purse and shoes, before she left her office. She quickly locked the door behind her, and sprinted from her office to the elevator and made her way down to the garage.


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