Monday, January 16, 2017

Breakfast Rush

"Mom, have you seen my ballet shoes?" Diana Halloway yelled from her bedroom. The golden blonde frantically tore her room apart as she searched for the missing shoes.

"They're in your dance bag by the door, Diana," her mother called from the bottom of the stairs.

Diana's cheeks flushed in embarrassment, "Thanks mom," she sighed in relief as she finished putting her bag together for the day. The blonde knew that her aunt would be arriving soon to pick her up, to get dropped off at school with her cousins. She quickly looked through to see that she did have everything she needed for the day, before she left her room and made her way downstairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She flattened the few fly away strands that were annoyingly straight up. Once, Diana finished, the sixteen year old made her way to the kitchen to find her mom, sister, brothers, Aunt Artemis, and cousins.

"Morning," the young dancer greeted her family, as she moved towards the fridge to grab the orange juice.

"Morning," some members chirped, others grumbled in reply to Diana's greeting. She gave her mom and Aunt each a kiss on the cheek before doing the same to her sister, Beth, her younger cousins, Venus, Calliope, and Ryder.

Ryder giggled and reached his arms out for a hug. Diana didn't object, she picked up the little guy and moved around the kitchen to make a quick breakfast. She poured her OJ into a tumbler, and opened the cabinets. "Ryder can you reach for the box of granola bars?" Diana asked her cousin with a smile.

The three year old nodded and reached for the items that she asked for. Diana could hear her Mom and Aunt Artemis as they cooed behind her. She could feel the smirk on Athena's face and Nate's eye roll at the comment. Her cheeks flushed a soft pink, as Ryder grabbed the box.

"Thanks, Ry," Diana sighed in relief as she opened the box and pulled out three bars. Two for herself, and one for Ryder. She knew that he would share with Vee and Calli. While Di, would split one with Athena and Nate.

She placed the box back, then handed Ryder to her aunt. She also gave him his granola bar, before she shoved her two into her jacket pocket.

"Are you ready, Diana?" Diana heard her aunt ask her.

Diana studied her aunt, one of the two that she was named after. She knew that Aunt Artemis wasn't her actual aunt, but rather her mom's cousin, she knew that they had been close. Since Aunt Artemis was the youngest and the only daughter of Pop-Pop Thomas and Great Aunt Aubrey. She didn't really look much like Aunt Artemis, the only things that Diana could immediately see were that they had the same St. Rose blue grey, almost silver, eyes and she was petite like her aunt.

Diana had not inherited the gene that made her model tall like her mom. But she hadn't wanted to be a model, Diana had found a passion in dance. And she was pretty good at it, if she said so herself.

"Yeah, I'm ready, Aunt Artemis,"Diana answered as she looked at her aunt.

"Good, go grab your dance bag," Artemis told her niece as she pointed her finger in the direction of where Diana had left her bag.


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