Friday, January 6, 2017

Exiled, again

Matt Murdock: Amy banged her head against the hall wall. She was waiting for her roommate, Skye to finish having sex with her boyfriend. The nineteen year old brunette, had been sitting in the hall for a little over three hours, since she had returned from her afternoon classes. She adored Skye, she really did, but it was days like this that made Amelia wish that she had taken up her uncle's offer on getting her an apartment of her own.

The door to the right of her opened, a head poked out and looked around the hall. "Could you stop banging on the wall? Some of us are trying to sleep?" the familiar voice of one Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson whined.

"Sorry, Foggy," Amy mumbled as she turned to look at her fellow neighbor.

"Skye has Miles over, again, huh," another voice commented. This voice came Amy's left, she turned her attention to Foggy's dorm mate, Matthew Murdock.

"Yup, and I suspect he's been there since just after I left for class," the female added with a look of disgust on her face. She adored her roommate, but Miles. Not so much, Amy did not like the guy and wished that Skye and Miles would hook up somewhere else.

"You're not wrong," Foggy told Matt and Amy with a grossed out voice.

"Ew," Amy mumbled as she stood up with a frown. "I guess that means, I should consider making that phone call sooner rather than later. It feels like he practically moved in with us, anyway."

"Amy, you know you can come over and hang out with us anytime. Besides, where will you go if you move out of the dorms?" Matt asked in concern.

Upon meeting, Matt and Amy had hit off quite well. They were always studying together or discussing their classes with each other. And at least once a week they would go and have dinner off campus. Foggy and Skye were waiting for the two to finally start dating or banging each other, there was a dorm betting pool.

"Well, my Uncle offered to get me an apartment. Plus, I could easily live with my Aunt Beth. She lives here, and my cousins have all moved out, so I know she wouldn't mine if I moved in. Not to mention, that I do spend at least two nights at her house every month," Amy reminded her friends with a soft shrug.

Amy and Matt in college, with Skye. I'm super excited for more of these kinds of drabbles. I'll hopefully have one next week for you.


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