Monday, October 31, 2016

Witches and Kisses (Sneak Peeks)

Artemis laid on the roof of the building and watched Adam and Damon from her sniper scope. They were outside in the courtyard, waiting for their contact. The Cross brothers were murmuring to each other, if the Huntress had to guess it was more than likely about how the deal would be going down.

She kept her body still but here eyes were in constant motion. Finally, after some time she spotted their visitors. They appeared before the pair in a puff of black smokes, "Brujas," Witches, Artemis muttered as she looked through her scope. She wanted to be able to shoot them at a moments notice should anything go south.

Adam greeted one of the witches with a hug and kiss on the cheek. 'Of course, he would find time to flirt and piss me off,' the Huntress thought as she rolled her eyes.

But it made sense that their contact would be witches, as today was All Hallow's Eve. The Huntress watched as Adam spoke with the two females. The blonde witch gave Adam a kiss on the lips, Artemis rolled her eyes again, but kept her eyes on Damon and the black haired witch. But they didn't really do anything.

After Adam's lovely reunion, the witches took off. They disappeared in another black whirlwind of smoke. With their departure, Artemis packed up her sniper rifle before she headed towards the fire escape that was behind her. She climbed down, and found the Cross brothers waiting for her.

"Well, what did they tell you?" Artemis asked as she looked at them with a raised eyebrow.

"They don't have any good information on the Blade, but they had few leads that seemed worth looking into," Adam replied as he moved towards the car that they had taken.

Artemis frowned in suspicion at his words. She looked at Damon, he gave her a shrug, and held his hand out. "I'll take your bag," he offered with a soft smile.

The Huntress placed the bag in his hand, together they made their way to the car. Her auburn hair swinging back and forth from the braid that she had styled it as. Damon opened the back door for the Huntress and allowed her to get inside, before he closed the door and put her rifle in the trunk. He joined his brother in the front.

"Happy Birthday, Darling," Zane greeted Artemis with a kiss to her temple.

Artemis smiled before she turned and gave her husband a kiss on the lips. Zane broke the kiss and smiled happily at his wife, "Do we have any plans for tonight?" he asked as he poured himself a cup of coffee.

The twenty-six year old witch, bit into a piece of toast. "We have dinner with our family. Then we have the coven meeting. Afterwards, you and the Pack have a run planned," she answered as she looked at Zane.

Her blue-grey eyes met his golden brown. She smiled at him from across the table, before she daringly ran one of her feet up her husband's leg.

Zane jerked from the movement and looked at her with wide eyes. "Don't start anything you can't finish my little witch," he graveled as he looked at Artemis.

Artemis gave a head tilt as she looked at Zane with wide innocent eyes. "I have no idea what you're talking about dear," she replied as she took another bite of her toast.

Zane downed the rest of his coffee before he got up from his seat. Artemis watched as he stalked towards her like a hunter in search of his prey. "You know what you're doing," he growled in her ear as he moved behind her. His hands affectionately running up and down her sides.

He placed a kiss on her neck, and bit at the spot where she was the most sensitive. Artemis whimpered and tried to move away from Zane. But his hands tightened on her ribs and kept her from moving.

So, these are two sneak peeks into what I'm doing for NaNoWriMo. The Huntress and Artemis Witch, I'm pretty sure that I'll be bouncing between the two stories. So, see you all in December!


Friday, October 28, 2016

Haunted Hospitals

Lyra frowned as she, Vivian, Rex, Dana, Levi, and Drake stood outside the old building. Lyra shivered further into her coat, as she sidled up to Rex; and leaned into his side.

"Okay, I get we wanted to do a haunted house but did it have to St. Ignatius Hospital?" Lyra asked as she looked at her friends.

Drake sighed before he looked at his little sister, of two years. "Come, Ly, it will be fun. Does anyone know if Nick, Sienna, Maddie, and Brett are coming?" He asked the group, Vivian was tucked into his side.

Lyra rolled her eyes as she looked at her brother, "Doubtful about Nick, Sienna, and Maddie. Sienna's pissed that she caught Nick and Maddie in bed together. Brett texted and said he would be here soon."

Rex pulled the petite brunette against him and wrapped his arms around Lyra's waist. His chin atop her head. Lyra and Rex had started dating just after Halloween in their senior year of high school. They were now in their last year of college and they had been couple since. Most of their town thought that they were adorable together.

Dana and Vivian sympathetically frowned at Lyra's news. Most of their dorm had heard about the scandal of Nick, Maddie, and Sienna. Most of the girls in their dorm were taking Sienna's side, but their group hadn't wanted to take sides.

Drake winced at his sister's news. "Well, hopefully Sienna will show up. She was the most excited to be doing this," Drake mumbled as we stood outside the brick building.

A few seconds later, a car pulled into the parking lot. It was familiar to the group, Lyra sighed in relief as she recognized the driver and passenger. "You don't have to worry, big brother. Brett seems to have kidnapped Sienna," she hooted as she noticed Sienna's expression.

Rex's chuckles vibrated through Lyra's body, as she snuggled closer to her boyfriend. Brett got out of the car, Sienna reluctantly followed.

Lyra moved away from Rex and wrapped her friend into a hug. "Come on, Si, this is going to be fun. You know I'm a scaredy-cat but I'm here," she comforted her friend as they joined the others. Dana and Vivian joined them.

"So, we ready to go?" Drake asked as he rubbed his hands together.

Lyra rolled her eyes at her brother's enthusiasm.

"Let's get going, before Lyra decides that she wants to go home," Brett suggested as he gave the petite brunette a pat on the top of her head.

Lyra swatted Brett's hand away, as he created static electricity from her hair and her gray knit hat.

"Come on, Brett, she wouldn't be able to go home even if she wanted. I drove, and she can't drive stick," Rex told him as he gently nudged his girlfriend forward.

"You're horrible," Lyra muttered as she followed after their friends.

As they entered the brick building, flashlights were flipped on. The group of eight looked around the building.

"Alright, let's go downstairs," Drake suggested as he gestured toward the basement.

The group followed after Drake as he led the way. Since he was older it was obvious that he would be the leader. Lyra shivered as they walked through the empty hallways.

As they made their way to the basement, Lyra spotted something out of the corner of her eye. She looked behind but didn't see anything. She could have sworn that she had seen someone else.

"What did you see Lyra?" Brett asked as he looked at her.

"I thought I saw... never mind," she answered as she shook her head.

As they moved towards the basement, it got colder. Lyra could see her breathe forming clouds.

When they got to the basement, Lyra was freezing. She moved closer to Rex, and tried to soak up as much of his warmth as she could.

"You okay?" Rex asked in concern.

"Yeah, I'm just freezing," she replied as her teeth began to chatter.

At this point it was so cold that Lyra was full on shivering. Rex noticed and looked at her worry. "Drake, Ly and I are heading back up. She's freezing, and I mean more so than usual," Rex told Lyra's brother as he began to guide her back upstairs.

"Alright we'll meet you at the cars in an hour or two," Drake replied as he looked at his sister. He could see that her lips were starting to tinge blue.

Rex led Lyra upstairs and out of the abandoned mental hospital. Halfway up the stairs, Lyra fell back, Rex caught her and carried up the rest of the way.

He clutched her to his chest as he ran to his car. He opened the passenger door, and set her inside. Rex scurried to the back and grabbed a few throw blankets that he kept in the car for Lyra. He gently placed in them in her lap, before climbing in between his seat and Lyra's. Once he was settled into the driver's side, he started the car and turned the heater on. The honey blonde male wrapped the blankets tightly around Lyra, as she began to gain some color back in her cheeks.

They sat in silence as he ran his hands up and down her arms to create friction. She had gotten so cold, and he didn't like it. He just tried to keep her as warm as he could. After a few minutes, she looked better.

"You okay, Lyra?" Rex asked as he looked at her.

Lyra nodded, "Yeah, I just. I get it, I was okay before we went inside. But then it just it kept getting colder," she answered as she looked at Rex with bright frightened eyes.

"Hey, you're okay, you're going to be fine. Nothing is going to happen, Ly. The others will be out soon. Then we'll go out and get something to eat," Rex promised her as he placed a hand on her cheek.

Lyra nodded, before she closed her eyes. "Can I take a nap?"

Rex let out a belt of chuckles, "Yeah, get some sleep. I'll wake you when the others come out," he promised.

Yes, we have re-entered the world of Cold Paper. The group is about four to five years older. And we've met a few new characters such as Drake and Brett. I would like to maybe delve more into this group of characters. But what do you think?

Monday will be my last update until sometime in December. As November 1st is the official first day of NaNoWriMo, and I'm going to be working on that. So, no new writing pieces until December. See on Halloween.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Jack-O-Lanterns and Family

Laura smiled as she watched Jack with their trio of terror. All three of them were in various stages of their pumpkin carving. Enver was scooping the pumpkin seeds and filling out of his with his bare hands. Lynx was trying to choose which of the four pumpkins she chose, to carve into first. Little Avis was getting help from Jack with carving into her pumpkin.

"Enver, pumpkin guts on the newspaper please," Laura called out to her son. When she spotted that twinkle of trouble in his eye. The mother easily recognized that look, she had seen it many times in Jack's eyes when they were growing up together.

Her son pouted, before he dropped his pumpkin insides onto the newspaper. He gave a soft sigh, before he looked longingly at the big pumpkin.

"When can we carve the big one?" He asked as he looked at his mom.

Laura shook her head, "After we finish these pumpkins. The little ones we don't need to carve into. So, finish your pumpkins, and maybe help your sisters. Then, we'll get to the big one quicker."

At his mom's response, Enver dug more eagerly into his pumpkin. Laura made her way over to Lynx, she stood behind her daughter. "Do you need help, sweetheart?"

Lynx looked up at her mom with bright eyes. "Yeah, I can't figure out which one I want to use for my witch's hat jack-o-lantern," The eight year old had an artistic eye, always for detail. Laura had known that her wild cat, would have an artistic career.

Laura studied the pumpkins with a critical eye. She found one that worked, "What about this one?" she suggested to Lynx. As she pointed at the pumpkin that would work for Lynx.

Lynx looked at the pumpkin in question and smiled, as if she realized that it would work. "Oh, thanks mom," she said as she pulled said gourd towards her. Lynx picked up a black marker and began to draw her design onto the pumpkin.

Laura glanced at Enver to see that he had gotten the larger pieces out of his pumpkin. He was now using a spoon to get the finer details. She moved closer to Enver, and looked at him with soft eyes. It was hard to believe that her son was ten years old. It seemed like yesterday that he was a baby celebrating his first Halloween dressed as a candy corn.

She walked around to the other side of the table, and sat down across from him. She reached out for one of his pumpkins and cut into the top. Once, she had made a hole for him, she placed the lid back on Laura did that for the rest of his pumpkins. Enver smiled at his mom once he realized what she had done. She did the same for Lynx, Jack had done the same for Avis' pumpkins.

The family of five worked diligently on pumpkins for a few hours. Once all of the pumpkins minus one were carved, Jack and the children cleaned the dining room table. Laura had made hamburgers for dinner. Once dinner was done, the three children bounced in their seats and looked at their parents in excitement.

"Is it time?" Enver asked in anticipation.

Laura looked at Jack and met his eye. They shared a mischievous grin with each other. "Time for what, En?" Jack asked his son in return.

Enver, Lynx, and Avis looked at their parents in confusion. Avis' head was tilted to the side, as she answered her father's question, "Big pumpkin, Papa!"

"Yeah, the big pumpkin," Enver cried out after his sister.

Jack and Laura shared another look, "What big pumpkin?" she wondered aloud as she looked at the children.

Three faces of shock, indignation, and outrage were staring at their parents. They couldn't believe what they were hearing. How could their parents forget about the big pumpkin? It was huge,

At the look on their children's faces, Laura and Jack burst into peals of laughter. Jack was hooting as he looked at his wife. Laura was wiping tears from her eyes as she met Jack's gaze. As they tried to calm down their laughter, the children frowned and pouted.

"You're not funny," Lynx muttered as she frowned in disapproval at her parents.

"Oh, I wouldn't be so sure about that, Lynx. Your parents got into quite a bit of mischief and hijinx as children," a voice called out from behind the children.

Three heads snapped over their shoulders to look at the new arrivals. "Aunt Kat, Uncle Ronnie, Pop-Pop, Nana," were all shouted as three sets of legs scrambled out of their seats.

Laura glanced at Jack and smiled at her husband. She placed her hand on top of his as their children ran to hug their relatives. It was always an adventure when their family got together. Laura and Jack watched as the children talked excitedly about the pumpkin.

"Are you going to help us with the pumpkin?" Enver asked his uncle as he looked up at his blonde haired uncle.

"Yeah, but we're still waiting for a few more people," Ronnie hinted as he looked at his sister. "Hey, sis," he called as he looked at Laura.

Laura raised an eyebrow as she looked at her brother. "Hi, Ronnie," she replied as she reluctantly got up from her chair. She made her way over and hugged her baby brother.

Ronnie laughed and scooped his sister up and lifted her off the ground. Laura shrieked and laughed as she slapped her brother's back, to try and get him to put her. "Ronnie, you put me down this instant," Laura warned her brother in a stern voice.

Ronnie sighed but placed his sister back on the ground. "Party pooper," he mumbled as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her into his side.

Jack laughed while Laura rolled her eyes. "I don't know Ronnie, you always were in more trouble than either Jack and Laura were," a voice called from behind Jack.

Jack turned in his seat and easily spotted his own siblings and parents. His children cried in delight and excitement as they spotted their Uncle David, Uncle Mike, Aunt Katie, and his own parents. He got up and hugged his parents, before he and his brothers began a little bit of rough housing, with Ronnie joining in on the fun.

"Boys, what have said about rough housing," three voices of Laura, Nana, and Grams each chastised the four grown men.

Instantly, all four let go of one another and straightened up. The women laughed, while Pop-Pop and Gramps shook their heads at their son's trouble. "Honestly, you would think that they were children again, with the way they act," Nana said as she shook her head.

"To be fair, mom, they were always trouble makers the four of them," Laura replied, Kat and Katie nodding in agreement.

The men all protested and shouted at Laura's statement. "You were just as much trouble, Laura, or have you forgotten?" David asked his sister-in-law with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh, I'll admit Jack and I had our fair share of mischief but the four of you together, were always a phone call from the principal or the sheriff. I know that I didn't go to jail during my bachelorette  party, nor did I ever end up in a cell in high school or ever for that matter," Laura pointed out with look of annoyance.

The four mens' cheeks were tinged a soft red color at being caught. They did have their fair share of shenanigans that had gotten them into trouble. And the incident with the bachelor party had been one of the worst and most regrettable ones.

"Yeah, let's not forget the phone calls," Kat said as she looked at her own husband with annoyance.

Ronnie winced, he had been so drunk when he had called Kat.

"I don't know, the mugshots looked pretty good, and we got to use them as Christmas cards," Katie said with a laugh as she looked at her three brothers and brother-in-law.

Another round of laughter took place. While, the three children were confused at the adult conversation going on. "Can we carve the big pumpkin now?" Lynx asked as she looked between her aunts, uncles, grandparents, and parents.

Laura laughed before she nodded. "Let's get started, everyone's here," she agreed as she herded the children back to their seats.

Jack, Ronnie, David, and Mike lifted the big pumpkin up onto the table. While, the women gathered various knives, spoons, pens, and newspapers. They worked together and in a little over two hours, they had a large empty pumpkin that was a scene of a pumpkin patch. Lots of pictures had been taken, the one that everyone truly enjoyed was the one with Avis sitting in side looking up. Enver and Lynx were sitting next to the pumpkin on either side.

The large pumpkin and all of the other pumpkins were placed outside, some on the front porch and the rest in the backyard. The candles were lit and the family enjoyed the jack-o-lanterns. Before, they made their way inside to watch a Halloween movie, that was kid appropriate much to Mike and Ronnie's dismay.


I wandered back into the Laura verse today. And this came out a lot different than I thought that it would. But I still love it.


Monday, October 24, 2016

Movies and Lights

Vera sleepily laid her head on Erik's shoulder, she could barely keep her eyes open. The twenty-four year old  female had been up most of the night finishing choreography for a new routine. The dancer had been working on this specific project for few days, and she had needed to get the routine finished.

Erik snacked on a large bowl of popcorn in his lap, as he watched the movie on the screen. He glanced at Vera to see that she was sound asleep. The twenty-six year old male, sighed in frustration. He knew that Vera had been up all night for work, but this was getting ridiculous. Vera had fallen asleep again, this was the fourth time in a span of a week.

He turned his attention back to the movie in front of him. It was a scary movie, but it wasn't one that was scary to him. Vera had been jumping and latching onto him earlier. Honestly, he was enjoying the movie but he didn't understand why she was so scared it was just a scary movie.

Their shared apartment looked more scary that the empty house in the movie did. Vera was obsessed with Halloween, she enjoyed it more than Christmas. The dancer went all out for the holiday, instead of being only one day, it was three days. Vera extended Halloween into Day of the Dead, a holiday that Erik hadn't known much about until they had started dating.

He knew that Day of the Dead was a tradition that she had done with her family. When Erik was twenty and Vera eighteen, she had invited him to celebrate the holiday with her family. He had gone not really knowing what to expect. He had thought it would be like Halloween but it was completely different, and he really liked the holiday. He and Vera kept joining her family for the holiday ever since.

Erik finished the movie, before he shut the TV off. He wasn't tired, but he wasn't going to move, he had learned the hard way that a sleep disturbed Vera was never a good thing. She was scarier than any monster that existed in the scary movies. And Erik was a huge fan of scary movies, he loved them, couldn't get enough, honestly. If he had his way, that's all he would ever watch but Vera hated scary movies. She was jumpy and got spooked easily, the irony of her loving Halloween.

The brunette male glanced at all of the decorations that littered their apartment. There were fake pumpkins, fairy lights, and other little things all over. There were black cats, witch hats, brooms, wands, vampire coffins, fake mummies, and skulls to name a few. Vera was never one to go halfway in her decorating but this was Halloween. Christmas wasn't quite this chaotic, but Erik loved Vera and enjoyed the little quirks that she had even if they confused him to no end.

The white ghost lights twinkled at him as he closed his eyes. He leaned his head back and fell asleep to the soft Halloween playlist that Vera kept on repeat, all October.


Friday, October 21, 2016

Costume Disaster (TW Ellen)

Post S4 (Mid Season 5 AU)

Ellen stood in front of the mirror and smacked her lips. She studied her mouth in the reflective surface to make sure that wasn't any mistakes. Once, the alpha werewolf determined that nothing was wrong, she spun around and left the bathroom.

She stopped just a foot into her and Derek's bedroom. There in front of the large windows, stood Derek. His back was to her, but she smiled at the shiny black cape, with the overly large collar.

He slowly turned to look at his mate. Ellen giggled as she took in the sight of her mate. His dark hair was slicked back. His face was covered in white face paint, with red around his mouth. "I hate this," he told her. He wore two fangs in his mouth.

Ellen softly shook her head. "I know you do. We still have time, so you can change your costume if you want," The female alpha said as she moved towards him. Ellen noticed that he looked miserable in the makeup that he wore. "Come on.," she pulled him into the bathroom and helped him remove the makeup.

As the brunette female worked quickly to remove the makeup from her mate, she laughed as she remembered a similar incident.

"Why are you laughing, Elle?" Derek asked, he had removed the fangs from his mouth.

"I'm just remembering the last time, you had to wear makeup, Mon Cher," she said as wiped away what was left of the cleanser with a damp wash cloth.

Derek groaned as he recalled that time. The pair had been five and eleven, they had been paired together for the annual Halloween dance recital. Talia Hale and Lauren Night had suggested that the pair dress as Morticia and Gomez Adams. They had done it, and the pair had done a paso doble, dressed as the couple. Derek had hated the makeup, while Ellen had kept tripping over the skirt of her dress.

"You're horrible, Cara Mia," Derek replied as he nuzzled his nose against Ellen's cheek.

The she-wolf squeaked as she tried to move away from her mate. But Derek's arms held her against his chest tightly. He peppered her cheeks with kisses as she tried to escape.

He walked them out of their bathroom, and carried her back to their room. He gently tossed her on the bed, before she could react he was over her. He pinned her in place and tickled her sides, as she squirmed her hair and black pointy hat fell off her head. But he just smiled before stopped tickling her to kissing her.

Ellen had reciprocated the kisses. Before, things could get too far, there was a banging on the loft door. "You guys better not being doing the dirty!" the familiar voice of Ellen's cousin, Stiles Stilinski called out as his footsteps indicated that he was coming into the apartment.

Ellen and Derek pulled away from each other. Ellen frowned, before she gently shoved her mate off of her. "Find a costume, I'll take care of Stiles," she told him as she gave him a quick kiss on his scruffy cheek. She grabbed her witch's hat from the floor and headed downstairs.

"You should try to get your Uncle to arrest him for breaking and entering," Derek muttered as Ellen climbed down the circular staircase.

She giggled at his comment, she knew that Derek would bring it up to her Uncle at some point. "Stiles, what have we told you about knocking?" she asked as she looked at her cousin.

Stiles, looked at his cousin, "Uh, I'm not going to answer, because you or your sour wolf won't like the answer," he mumbled.

A growl came from upstairs, Ellen turned to look up towards where her and Derek's room was. Her curls moved from side to side as she shook her head. "You know he hates that nickname, Stiles."

The pale boy, gave a shrug of his shoulders, as he moved forward. "He'll get over it, how are you and little bean?" he asked as he wrapped his arms around his cousin.

Ellen pulled away and looked at Stiles with a raised eyebrow. "You've been reading pregnancy books haven't you?" she asked with slight concern in her voice.

Stiles flushed a bright cherry red color. He didn't say anything, his phone began to ring before Ellen could question him any further. He picks it up, Ellen easily recognizes the voice of one Lydia Martin. She moved away from Stiles to give him the illusion of privacy.

The alpha female, headed towards the kitchen and pulled the containers that contained her homemade apple bread off the counter. She walked back into the living room as Stiles hung up his phone. As she looked at her cousin, she got a good look at his costume. She giggled at the familiarity of it.

"Why are you laughing?" He asked as he moved towards her and took the containers from her grasp.

"Your costume," she replied through the chortles of laughter. Tears were slowly leaking from the corner of her eyes.

Stiles frowned as he looked down at his cowboy sheriff costume. "What's wrong with it?" he asked as he spun trying to see if there was something on his back. He resembled a dog chasing its tail at that moment.

Ellen burst into more peals of laughter. "You look like your dad," a voice from the staircase grumbled.

Ellen turned to look up at Derek as he made his way downstairs. She headed towards the bottom of the stairs, just as her mate reached the last step. He placed a kiss on her forehead and wrapped his arms around her waist.

Stiles squawked at the comment. "I do not!" he huffed as he looked at his cousin-in-law. "What are you supposed to be anyways?" he asked as he looked at him with a frown.

Derek rolled his eyes, "He's hopeless," Ellen's mate said with a scowl. "Let's get going, before the Banshee screams."

Derek held Ellen's hand as he led her towards loft door. Stiles followed with the two Tupperware containers. Once, Stiles had left the apartment, Derek closed the door behind him.

They walked into the elevator and silently made it down to the bottom level. As they exited the building, Derek unlocked the Camaro with a click of a button on his keys. He opened Ellen's door, and helped her into the car.

"Are you taking the Jeep, Stiles?" Derek asked as took the containers from him. He placed them into Ellen's waiting hands.

"Uh, can I get a ride with you?" Stiles wondered as he glanced back and forth between the pair.

Derek and Ellen shared a look and shrug. "Sure, get in the back," Derek said as he closed Ellen's door and made his way towards the driver side.

Stiles hurried into the back, and buckled himself in. "Seriously, what are you dressed up as?" he asked as they drove towards the Martin house.

Derek rolled his eyes, as he looked at Stiles from the rear-view mirror. Derek ignored Stiles' grumbling, as they neared Lydia's house. As Derek pulled up, the trio glanced out the window to see that there were orange, purple, and green lights all over. Along with ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, spiderwebs, and other Halloween decorations covering the front yard.

"Well, Lydia never does anything half way," Stiles said with a whistle.

Ellen looked at Derek with raised eyebrows, if this was the outside, she was excited to see the inside. Derek frowned, but knew that he didn't have a choice in not attending.

I'm going to be adding to this next week. Let me know what you want to see the other's dressed up as.

Corresponding Polyvore set, which has been sitting in my drafts for a year. Ellen's Costume

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Cold Paper

"Do we really have to do this?" Lyra asked as she glanced at the large wrought iron gate that towered over her.

"Come on Ly, it's tradition," Vivian prompted her friend, as she nudged the brunette towards the gate.

Lyra clumsily fell into Rex Tyler's back. The honey blonde race car driver, spun around to look at the person who fell into him. He easily spotted the brunette, she was a bright red color in the face. Despite the fact that it was cold out and everyone was puffing smoke as they breathed.

"You okay, Lyra?" Rex asked as he looked at his fellow classmate.

"Uh huh," Lyra nodded as she buried herself into her scarf and hat.

Everyone was wearing hats, jackets, and gloves from the cold midnight air. It was supposed to snow at some point in the night but it hadn't happened yet.

"Well, let's get going," the loud and obnoxious voice of Nick Braze called out. He casually leaned against the fence.

The group of seven all looked at each other, anxiously and nervously. "You first, Nick. This was your idea," Sienna told her boyfriend as she held her flashlight at the gate.

Lyra shivered as she stepped closer to Rex. "I don't like this," she muttered as Nick opened the wrought iron gate, which opened with a squeal that could have easily awoken the rest of the neighborhood.

Nick and Sienna led the way, through a small crack that they had made in the gate. Rex huffed before he followed after the duo. Vivian went next, Lyra was quick to follow as she slid her body through the opening. Dana and Levi followed after, all flashlights were now on and everyone was grouped together.

They all walked cautiously and quietly across the lawn, that was brown and dead. A slight crunch came as they all stepped towards the large trees, that could easily hide the group. They all leaned against the trunks.

"You ready?" Nick asked as he pulled the large bag from over his shoulder.

He tossed it on the ground and opened the bag. There were rolls and rolls of toilet paper in the bag. He casually tossed everyone a couple of rolls each.

"Let the fun begin," Sienna sarcastically replied as she opened one of her rolls.

Everyone followed suit and began to throw the rolls up into the air. As they caught on branches and fell down, they kept decorating the trees. Lyra spotted a few shorter trees, she caught Rex's eye, and gestured towards the trees with her head.

He nodded as they ran towards the tree, Rex lifted Lyra up, she wrapped the top of the tree a couple of times, as Rex walked around the base. Once, they reached an area, where they could both be on their feet, Lyra hopped off of Rex's shoulders. Together they ran around the tree and wrapped it, so the tree looked like a mummy.

Lyra could hear the giggles and random bursts of jovial laughter as they continued to TP, Principal Randall's yard.

An alarm went off on Sienna's phone. "Time to go, he'll be back in fifteen minutes!" Sienna warned. As a group, they slipped back out the gate, and made their way to their respective vehicles. Lyra, climbed into the passenger seat of Rex's car and laughed with him, Dana, and Levi.

"That was so much fun," Levi said as he poked his head through the center console.

"It was, I'm glad that we were the seven chosen," Rex replied as he drove away from their school principal's yard.

"I can't wait to hear his announcement about it tomorrow morning," Dana added as she shoved Levi out of the way.

"Me either, but did we have to pick one of the coldest nights to TP his house?" Lyra asked as she shivered in her seat. Rex had turned the heat on, and her seat had a heater in it, but she was still cold.

"I totally blame, Nick, he picked tonight knowing how cold it was. Dana pass Ly, the blanket from the back, will you? She's shivering up hear, I can hear her bones rattling," Rex commented with a laugh.

Lyra sarcastically laughed at Rex's response, she happily accepted the blanket from Dana. She curled herself into the blanket.

Hey everyone, I thought that this would be a totally different piece. But I love how it turned out, high hi-jinx were always fun to see in movies. Mind you they never happened in my life. I'll see you all Friday.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Break Downs

Amelia smiled sadly as she looked through the various boxes that were scattered around her. The young woman of twenty six had inherited many of her Nana's possessions after she had passed away. She and Steve were visiting her parents at their home in Washington D.C., Carter-Sousa family had several residencies, which were not limited to condos, apartment buildings, safe houses, offices, and even a few secret SHIELD bases. Peggy had invested quite a bit of money into various real estate ventures over the years that have panned out. Amy and Steve had used a few of the safe houses, she had lent a few to Scott Lang, Clint, Wanda, and the rest of the Barton clan, Sam, and Natasha.

After, the pair had hidden themselves in Europe for a while, her mother had called and suggested that she and Steve head to the Washington D.C., house be used. Initially, the pair had been hesitant but after much discussion they decided to go to the house.

While, there Amy figured she would go through some of her Nana's belongings. She had found a photo box, inside were many pictures in sepia tones, black and white, and color. The brunette looked at the various pictures. There were pictures of Peggy and Daniel's wedding. Some of her pregnancy with her three children. The colored pictures were mostly pictures of Amelia, her brothers, and cousins. There were a few photos of Tony, Rhodey, and her father back when they were teenagers.

One picture, Amy stopped and began to cry. It was a picture of Amy, Henry, Lucas, and Tony. They were dressed as Peggy Carter, Captain America, Bucky Barnes, and Howard Stark. Amelia had been five, and it was her first year trick or treating without her parents. Rhodey had gone along with them as Gabe Jones. Henry and Lucas had tried to get everyone in the family to dress up as some from the Howling Commandos but it didn't work the way he wanted. But he managed to convince their father, Roger, to dress up as Dum Dum Dugan and their mom as one of the Captain America dancing girls.

Steve cautiously stood back, he wanted to comfort Amy but he wasn't sure if he would be able to. She had become prone to mental breakdowns from whatever had happened to her at the Raft. He couldn't get her to talk about what exactly had happened to her. She constantly had nightmares and had developed tremors in her hands. Steve knew that she was hiding her pain well but he couldn't help but feel concerned.

Steve gently moved towards Amelia, he sat down next to her. Gently, the former hero tugged the agent into his arms. He held her as she cried. Steve looked at the pictures scattered on the floor, one in particular stood out to him. He studied the picture and smiled. He easily recognized  the younger version of Tony Stark, he looked an awful like his father in the picture, mustache and all. In front of Tony were two boys, one dressed as himself, and the other dressed as Bucky. The girl in Tony's arms looked very much like Peggy back in the 1940's. As he examined the picture, he realized that the little girl was Amy with her brothers.

He gently picked up the picture and looked at it more closely. "Amy, what's got you in tears?" Steve asked as he pulled away a little. He moved so that the female was curled into his side.

Amy wiped the tears from her eyes as she looked at him. She gently tugged the photo out Steve's hand and gave it a sorrowful glance. "Nothing," she mumbled.

"It's nothing, it has something to do with this picture. So, what about it is making you sad?" He asked with a no nonsense tone in his voice. He needed her to know that she was safe to delve into those memories. "You're okay, nothing is going to happen if you remember the good times."

Amy gently bit the inside of her bottom lip. "I just miss them. I miss spending time with Hen, Luke and my cousins. We haven't done anything together as a group of nine for a long time. I'm pretty sure it was Henry's graduation, and he was eighteen. I was eleven. I'm twenty-six now, it's just everyone grown up and had babies. And I still feel like the baby, this was one of the last Halloweens that we all actually all got to go trick or treating. The next year, it was Henry's thirteenth Halloween and he decided that he wanted to hang out with friends instead of me and Luke.

With each passing year, the same thing happened. Someone would decide that they had other priorities. Eventually, it was me with my cousin's children or with my nieces and nephews. They left and I was all alone. I hate being alone, and they all abandoned me!" She finished with a sob and began to cry again.

Steve watched with sorrowful eyes as the brunette sobbed and rocked back and forth on the floor. He held her as she rocked. He had never had siblings or a big family. Only his ma, Bucky and his family, eventually Peggy, Howard, and the Commandos became part of it. But he could see the hurt that had inflicted on her, he now understood why she put some much effort into her work. It was so she wouldn't be alone, anymore. And The Sokovian Accords had taken the little family she had, and tore it apart.

Guilt filled him as he shed a few tears into Amy's brown waves. He held her as she mourned her grandmother and family.

Not a lot of Halloween elements but I do plan to write more about Amy's Halloween. I have it started I just need to finish. I'll try to have it up on Friday.


Friday, October 14, 2016

Apple Picking

After Avis, Lynx, Enver, Laura, and Jack finished their apple ciders; Laura noticed that Lynx and Enver were a little jumpy. She took a look at Avis, and saw that she was still awake. She wasn't quite tired yet but it was obvious that she would ready for a nap soon.

"Why don't we do some apple picking? Then it will be time to head home," Laura suggested as she looked at Lynx and Enver.

The older two nodded in excitement. "Yeah!"

"Why don't you both, take your dad? Avis and I won't be long," Laura told her children as she stood up and collected her four year old daughter.

The pair moved towards the front counter. Mrs. Riker smiled at them, "Let me guess Miss Laura, hold the pumpkins and wait until you get back with your case of apples."

Laura laughed, "You're right, as always, Aunt Beth.

"I should know my favorite niece," Beth Riker replied with wink to the golden blonde female.

"Thanks, Aunt Beth," Laura called out as she took Avis and they headed towards the bathroom. She knew that Avis would want to use the bathroom without having her four year old saying anything.

After their trip to the bathroom, they left the small store and moved towards the apple orchards. With Avis on her hip, Laura pulled out her phone and called Jack.

She heard her husband's phone ring and headed off in that general direction. "Hey, where are you?" Jack asked as he answered his phone.

"We're on our way, just keep talking, I heard your phone ringing, so we should be able to find you," Laura told Jack as she and Avis headed towards the others.

"You know, you could just have your Uncle John just give you a ride on the tractor," Jack reminded her with a deep and throaty chuckle.

Laura could hear Jack's voice much better now, which meant that she was getting close. "Listen for Daddy, Avis," she prompted her auburn haired daughter.

"You know it's cheating when you use our children," Jack told her, she knew that he was smiling.

"Very funny, Jack, you're so hilarious ha ha," Laura sarcastically called out with fake laughter.

Suddenly, Avis shrieked, Laura dropped her phone at her daughter's cry. Laura looked up from her phone to see Jack with Lynx and Enver behind him, looking at the various apples. The mother of three frowned at her husband. She placed Avis on the ground and retrieved her phone.

Avis toddled towards her father and hugged his leg tightly. She clung to him as if she was attached. Laura smiled and snapped a picture of Avis with her father. Jack smiled at Laura, as she put her phone in her pocket.

"Come on, Avis you wanna pick some grab some apples?" Jack asked his daughter as he picked her up and held her in his arms.

Laura whipped out her phone to take another picture. These family moments were important to her, as she had never known her father. Laura loved seeing Jack interact with their children, they were moments that she cherished the most. She slowly followed after Jack and Avis, Lynx was jumping up to try and grab a bright red apple.

The blonde thirty-six year old, reached up and grasped the apple. "Here you go, Lynx," she told her daughter as she handed her the apple.

"Thanks, mom," Lynx gave her mom a bright smile, as she place the apple in her bucket that was next to her.

"You're welcome," she replied as she kissed her daughter's forehead.

The family of five wondered throughout the apple orchards. Jack and Laura helped their trio pick the ripened apples that they couldn't reach. They enjoyed the time spent together, Enver kept talking about Laura's homemade apple pie. While, Lynx expressed her excitement for the caramel apples that they would enjoy on Halloween.


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Apple Cider (Updates)

Laura herded her trio of children back towards the little old fashioned store towards the entrance of Riker's Farm. They each had a few pumpkins, in varying sizes. Laura smiled at the miniature pumpkins that Avis held in her hand. It was obvious that Enver and Lynx had asked her to hold the little ones.

Once they reached the store, Enver led the group to the front counter. He stood on his tiptoes and placed his three pumpkins on the counter. The auburn haired boy took the pumpkins from Avis and did the same. Lynx had handed them off to Enver. The group of three worked together.

Behind the counter was Mrs. Riker, she smiled at the selection of pumpkins that they had placed up on the counter. "Well, well, this is quite a selection you've got here," she said as she looked at Laura.

"Yes, they picked a quite a few this year," Laura replied as she picked up Avis.

The toddler smiled at Mrs. Riker, before she hid herself in her mother's hair. "Aw, she's such a cutie," Mrs. Riker cooed at the little girl. "Of course, all of your brood is a good looking bunch. Mr. Enver, grab those empty crates so I can get a better look at you and Miss Lynx."

Enver nodded and did as Mrs. Riker had told him. Not long after the ten year old stood on an apple crate beside his sister. "Why, you both look lovely, just like your parents," the elderly woman said as she looked at the two eldest children. "Did you find any big pumpkins?"

"Yeah, we found a really big one, Dad's putting it in the car," Lynx replied as she looked at Mrs. Riker with bright blue-grey eyes.

"I imagine that Mr. Riker is helping him with that. If that pumpkin is anything like last years," Mrs. Riker reminded them with a fond smile on her face.

"It bigger!" Avis exclaimed with a bright smile on her face.

"Is it really?" Mrs. Riker asked as she looked at the family.

"It's twice the size of the pumpkin that they got last year, hon," the familiar voice of Mr. Riker called out from behind the group.

Laura turned around to look at Mr. Riker, she saw that Jack was just behind him. "You get it in the car alright?" she asked Jack a hint of concern in her voice.

"Yup, you just about ready in here?" Jack wondered as he stood next to his wife.

Laura shook her head, "Not really."

"Why am I not surprised? Kids, you want apple cider?" Jack asked his small brood.

The three exclaimed happiness, Enver led the way to the small tables in the store. He sat beside Lynx and started bouncing. Laura laughed in excitement. "You can get the drinks and I'll settle the little ones," Laura told her husband as she made her way over to her children.

I'm thinking that I'll add another part on Friday. I have a few updates for you guys. First, I won't be posting anything throughout the month of November. With November being NaNoWriMo, I'm going to focus on one of two projects. Continuing last years piece or working in more depth of my Huntress piece. I'm not sure which one yet but I'm heavily leaning towards last years piece.

Second, last night my sister and I met P.C. and Kristin Cast. They're the authors of the House of Night books, they're my favorite books. I plan to re-read the series after I finish the current series that I am re-reading right now. They are so sweet and nice. I highly recommend their various works, as they're all unique but amazing.


Monday, October 10, 2016

Pumpkin Picking

Avis trailed after her brother and sister as they walked along the dirt path. The little four year clutched her mother's fingers as they looked at the various pumpkins. There was a large variety in all kinds of shapes and sizes, some were even bigger than Avis. Her little pig tails bobbled as she constantly kept changing her head in multiple directions.

Laura laughed softly at Avis' distracted movements. The mother of three, easily watched as her eldest two, Enver and Lynx ran a little ahead, towards the larger pumpkins. Laura recalled Enver stating earlier that he wanted to get a pumpkin that Avis could sit inside of. The mother of three shook her head, “Don't get too far ahead,” she called out.

Enver came to a slow stop and turned towards his mother. Lynx did the same, strawberry blonde hair shined a brilliant gold against the sunlight. Enver tapped his foot as he waited for his mom and sister, it was obvious that he wanted to get his pumpkin. He had been waiting for three days, his mom hadn't wanted go. There had been a lot of wet weather in the area, but today had finally let up.

Avis let go of her mom's hand and ran towards her siblings. She grasped both of Enver and Lynx's hands. Together the three of them skipped ahead of Laura. The trio moved forward, they reached the larger pumpkins. Enver started looking at the pumpkins with Avis. The ten year old boy would ask his four year old sister to stand next to a pumpkin. He would shake his head at each one. Lynx was staring at the pumpkins with an artist eye, she suggested a few to Enver.

Laura looked at her trio, and took pictures with her phone. These were such amazing moments with Enver, Lynx, and Avis. After some time, they found a pumpkin that they wanted. It was quite large, but it wasn't as large as Laura was expecting.

“Mom, it's perfect. We need it!” Lynx called out excitedly. She pointed towards the pumpkin that the three had chosen.

“It looks amazing, let me text your dad. Why don't you three pick some smaller ones, too?” Laura suggested as she began to text to her husband. She looked after her children as they each looked at the various pumpkins.

Laura smiled as she watched her children, eventually a pair of arms wrapped themselves around her waist. Laura sighed as she leaned back into Jack's chest. “They've found a pretty big pumpkin,” the mother of three told her husband.

Jack's chest rumbled with laughter as he watched his children. “Which one is it?” he asked.

“We're standing next to it,” Laura answered with a bright smile. She caught sight of Lynx helping Avis carry some little pumpkins.

Jack turned the large pumpkin, that was next to them. It was quite big, Avis would easily be able to fit inside, once it was empty. He let out a low whistle, “That's a big one.”

“Uh huh, you get this to the car. While, I get these rascals and their little pumpkins to the store. Depending on if Avis isn't tired, maybe we could do some apple picking,” Laura hinted to her husband as he moved towards the large pumpkin.

Friday, October 7, 2016

The Spirit

“We're seriously going after a ghost?!?!” Adam demanded as he slammed his hands down on the desk.

Artemis spared a glance at the eldest Cross brother, before she returned her attention back to the book in front of her. She read the ancient lore, that told her of el spirato that she was trying to find. The huntress ignored Adam as she tried to understand more of the history.

“Artemis! Fucking answer me!” The man shouted at her with frustration leaking into his voice.

The auburn haired female, sighed in annoyance. She gently closed the book on her finger, so she could continue her reading. “What does it matter to you, Mr. Cross?” Artemis asked in a bored tone.

“What does it- What does it matter? Are you fucking kidding me?!? You want us to go against a fucking ghost!?! A ghost that wants the Blade and you dead!” Adam yelled at the young female, and banged his knuckles against the wood.

The huntress rolled her eyes as she looked at the pilot. “You won't be doing anything, I will be going after el spirato, on my own,” she replied with emphasis on the last three words. “You're excused.” She flippantly added as returned to her reading.

Adam growled in frustration before he spun and left the room. He slammed the office door shut behind him.

The twenty-four year old ignored the pilot's temper tantrum. She continued reading up on the legend of el spirato. It was an interesting one, that took place nearly eight centuries past. Zarna, a priestess of The Gods, was slayed with the Blade by an unknown person. It was often believe Zarna was killed by her lover Elío. But there was another version of legend that depicted her killer as Maldové, her brother. It was never determined who had stabbed her with the Blade.

Artemis had grown up with this legend, but her family had much more history on the legend. There were quite a few family ledgers that went more into the myth. The huntress, knew that from her previous encounter with el spirato she was in danger. Artemis had been with the Cross brothers searching down another lead for the Blade. El spirato was often seen as a female dressed in a white gown, with a large blood stain over the female's chest.

The huntress had seen this entity, in the empty warehouse they had been searching. The woman in white stalked after her, not Adam or Damon. She had been knocked in the back of the head with a wooden chair. Adam had found her unconscious on the floor, sometime after the attack.

Artemis sighed before she slammed the book shut and tossed it onto the desk. She got up from her seat and left her office. The auburn haired huntress walked downstairs towards the basement, where she kept her weapons. Her heels clanked along the steps as she descended down.

At the bottom, she walked towards the sais that were on display on the wall. She grabbed them and began an intense training with them. As she spun and lunged at the various dummies, and stabbed at them. Along with kicking at the training dummies, she also punched at them. Artemis began to sweat as she continued to aggressively beat at the dummies. She wished that she could take out Adam in the same way, at times.

After an unknown amount of time, an exhausted red haired female slowly climbed back up the stairs. She glared at Adam as she saw that the pilot was waiting at the top of the staircase. "What do you want, Adam?" she asked with an annoyed frown. Her workout had not dissipated any hostile emotions towards the man.

This turned out way more differently than I had thought. But I have a feeling that this month we will getting more adventures with Artemis and the Cross brothers.

Oh, yes, in the first part there was swearing in English and Spanish. I am aware that I don't usually swear but these characters are different from me, they're more angry and they swear a lot more. Artemis is also bilingual so, she's going to swear in multiple languages, like I do from time to time. So, please just be away of that.


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Moonlight Flights

The familiar chimes of 'Dance of Sugarplum Fairies' sang through the room, Artemis St. Rose woke up and glared at her alarm clock. As she looked at the time, she realized that it was time. The young witch moved out of bed.

She moved toward the window seat in her room, and looked out at the bright moon. It was a gorgeous golden orange color. Artemis smiled at the sight of the Harvest Moon. With a snap of her fingers, the witch was no longer in pajamas but in a more appropriate outfit for a midnight flight. A black dress that was cinched in at the waist with a corset. The skirt cascaded until just an inch above the ground. On the young witch's feet were black heeled ankle booties, that complimented the rest of the outfit beautifully. Artemis moved to the mirror and smiled at the medium sized pointed hat that sat tilted on the right side of her brown tresses. She smiled at her reflection, before she made her way back to her bed.

On the foot of her bed was a small bundle of black fur, the young mistress of magic gently stroked her finger across her kitten's back. "Come on Cerberus, it's time," she softly cooed to her cat.

Cerberus's soft green eyes blinked open to look at her mistress. She mewled at Artemis, before she began to stretch and arch to spend time with her Lovely.

Artemis softly laughed at her cat's movements but gently crooked her finger under Cerberus' chin. She knew that her familiar would-- Ah as predicted the little black kitten began to purr and rub her head against her mistress's hand.

"Come on, silly girl, we don't want to miss this," Artemis said as she gently picked up her cat and left her bedroom.

With a gentle shut of the door, Artemis stood in the dark and listened to the silence that emanated from the hallway. There was no sound that indicated that her parents or Henry were awake, it was perfect. The sixteen year old crept down the stairs and skipped the squeaky step that was the third from the bottom.

The mahogany haired witch moved towards the kitchen, where the back door was. She could have gone out her bedroom window, but Artemis' use of the floating spell wasn't good. The witchling needed more work on that spell.

A soft breeze brushed against the witch and her kitten. Artemis clutched Cerberus a little closer to her. "Are you ready Cerberus?"Artemis asked as she looked down at her kitten.

Cerberus' expression gave nothing away but Artemis could practically hear her saying, 'Yes, Artemis, now let's go we're burning moonlight.'

Artemis shook her head but gently placed the black cat on the ground. The young witch grabbed the broom that she had placed by the door earlier that day. Artemis stepped out into back yard, or rather forest since her family did live in an isolated part of Eden Falls. She mounted her broom, and looked around for her familiar. "Come on Cerberus," she called, just as her cat jumped on the handle.

Artemis took a deep breath and concentrated. She closed her eyes and listened the whispers of the wind. She listened for the moment, a strong gust pulled her up into the air. Artemis opened her eyes and laughed in delight at the sight in front of her. She flew higher in the air, the wind whipped at her and Cerberus but the pair just allowed air to pull them along.

The young witch smiled as she looked at the moon. It's bright glow was warm and inviting. Artemis smiled as she soaked up the moonlight. She gently reached out and stroked her kitten by the ears. "You like the moonlight, Cerberus?" she asked her kitten.

If the responding purr from the black cat was any indication, Artemis held in the giggles.

The pair flew the air for a good half an hour, before fatigue began to plague the witch. Artemis flew back down to earth. She landed gracefully in the backyard of her home. Once her feet touched the ground, the kitchen lights turned on and the back door opened.

Artemis froze as she looked to see the two silhouettes that were easily distinguishable to her. "Artemis James St. Rose," the familiar voice of her mother sternly called into the yard. "Inside now, young lady." Her mother's shadow exaggerated with an arm and finger pointing inside.

The young witch allowed her kitten to get off the broom, before she dismounted. Cerberus scampered into the house, through her mistress' father's legs. Cerberus knew that the warlock would keep her mistress out of too much trouble.

Artemis meekly walked past her parents, she stopped just beyond the threshold. There in the kitchen of the St. Rose household were her brothers; Christian and Henry, her cousins; Persephone, Ayden, and Lizzie, her Aunt Sarah and Uncle David. All of them had various emotions on their faces, some worried, some bored, some amused, and some angry.

She knew that she was in deep trouble now, especially if her parents had called over her Aunt and Uncle and their children. "You are so busted, Little Sister," Henry said with a smirk on his face.


Monday, October 3, 2016

The Huntress

The young huntress, casually leaned against the wall, waiting for her cue to enter the fore. Artemis smirked as she watched the Cross brother's try and fail to get information from el vampiro. She listened as the brother's threatened and injured the bloodsucking demon information.

Finally, after an hour of nothing working, the auburn haired female stepped away from the wall. This caught the demons attention, along with the Cross brothers. She gracefully and sinfully made her way in front of it. She tilted her head as she stared intensely at the creature. "Dima me, adonde esta la Espada?" Tell me, where is the Blade? The huntress demanded as she leaned toward the demon, she kept herself far enough away that he wouldn't be able to bite or hit her.

"Chingate!" the demon hissed as it struggled against the chains and ropes that kept him in the metal chair. Fuck you!

Artemis pulled away from the demon and looked back at the Cross boys. Adam's arms were crossed in front of his with his typical serious face. Adam was difficult to read, but she could tell that he was not amused with her interruption. While, Damon was leaning against the wall he wore an amused smirk on his face as his blonde locks fell in front of his silver-green eyes.

"Disfruta de demonios. Dile hola a Lucifer," Artemis told the demon before she whipped a knife out of her black boot. Quick as a hummingbird, the huntress killed the demon before it had a chance to scream. Enjoy hell. Say hello to Lucifer.

The demon burned into a pile of ashes, the ropes and chains fell with a thud. Artemis turned back towards the Cross brother's with a soft smirk on her face.

Adam quickly made his way in front of the huntress, "What the hell was that?" Adam yelled at her. His hand gestured towards the now empty chair. "Do you know how long it took us to hunt down that asshole? And what do you do, you kill it first chance you get!"

Artemis frowned and glared at the eldest brother. "He didn't know anything. If it had known anything about the Blade, it would have said something sooner. Like when Damon was cutting lines into his arms. Or when you were using his face like a boxing bag? This one didn't know anything. And you are fool if you think you can find any demon who knows anything about the Blade," she cried out before she shoved past him. She purposely elbowed the black haired male in the gut on her way past.

La Huntresa stomped out of the room, her heeled boots clicked against the floor with each of her steps. She slammed the door open on her way out and didn't bother to close it as she made her way upstairs and began to pace. "Honestly, that asshole. He makes me want to kill him," she muttered as she stopped in front of the desk and looked at the mess that was on top.

They had been looking for the Blade, for a little over six months. And they had made little progress in their search. The Blade, was a supposedly a mythical blade that could wipe the demons that lived on earth, even those in El Paraiso. Until earlier this year The Blade had been believed to have been only a myth, that was until Rafael, one of the few angels who lived on the earthly plain gave the huntress and the Cross brothers a visit. The trio had been on the search ever since, but nothing had panned out.

Frustrated, Artemis angrily swept everything off the desk. She let out a loud angry shriek, one that easily could have rivaled a banshee.

So, I've been playing this character in my head for awhile. Of course Artemis was originally going to be an OC in From Dusk til Dawn but I liked her too much. The Cross brothers aren't nearly as developed but they're inspired by Gecko brothers and Winchester brothers.

October is going to have dark themes, since it's the month of Halloween, one of my favorite holidays. So expect something with a mythical/supernatural element in each piece.

Love you all

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