Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Autumnal Magic

With the arrival of October, the witches know it is now time. They all begin to brew their potions and cast their spells for Samhain, a new year for all of those who practiced magic. Autumnal breezes blow the golden colored leaves, as the air smells clean as if it had rained.

Leaves crinkle and crack as they are stepped upon. They crunch loudly when they are jumped on. Piles of orange and yellow leaves are seen all over the town. Pumpkins in shades of white, gray, and orange decorated stoops and doors of homes and businesses. All were in the festive spirit of All Hallow's Eve as it approached.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Fun Weekend

Chrys watched as the trees whizzed past her in a daze, the conversation from the front seat between Isabelle and Enya was one Chrys had heard before. She had shared a similar conversation with Enya a few days earlier. In the seat next to her Willow snapped pictures with her phone, Chrys knew her digital camera was in the brown leather backpack at her feet.

"Yo, Chrys are you awake?" Ayden asked with a thump to the back of Chrys' seat.

Chrys spun to look around her seat to look at Ayden, "I'm awake, I'm just tired. I had a long night last night," she answered as she sent her friend a grin.

Soon, they arrived at William's Farm and Orchards. They all hopped out of the car and made their way around the farm. It was a busy weekend for the far, the group looked around for the rest of their friends.

"Should we text the others to find out where they are?" Willow wondered as she looked at her friends.

Enya nodded as she pulled out her phone to send the others a text. Chrys knew they had planned to do the corn maze later that night around dusk. But it was still pretty early, so they would be able to do other activities.

Soon, they found the rest of their group of friends. Hugs and greetings were passed around, before they all decided to look around at the various vendors and food stalls. It's a nice day for the group as they wait for the time to do the corn maze.


Friday, October 13, 2017

Haunted Dreams

There in front of Tomas sat Ava, as she often prepared for various formal events. She was distorted in gray scale instead of color, he noted that she was transparent. He could easily imagine that she wasn't there but she was.

With a step back, Tomas attempted to retreat only to run into the doorway. The noise caused Ava to stop her preparations. She looks over at Tomas with a surprised look.

"Tomas, why are you here?" Ava harshly asked as she looked at her husband. A sharp glare crossed through her eyes.

Tomas ignored Ava's question. "You're not here. You are dead," he growled as he shook his head.

At the words, Ava froze, her lips slightly open as she looked at Tomas with confusion. Her eyebrows pulled together, a familiar sight to the King. "Dead?" she hesitantly asked as if she didn't want to believe her husband's words.

“Yes, dead,” Tomas bluntly stated with an irritated expression.

“Oh,” she softly said as the words sank into her thoughts.

With slow blinks, Ava’s gaze moved to the floor, her eyes watered with tears. Her thoughts riddled with questions and denial. She was not dead, she couldn’t be. Ava had been in her room preparing the Hallows Eve Festival Madolvina held every year.

“What is the date, Tomas?” she asked as she looked up at her husband.

“Why do you care, Ava? You are DEAD!” he angrily huffed. He turned away from the Princess and left her alone in her rooms.

Ava glared at Tomas’ retreating form with ire. “Don’t you dare walk away from me Tomas!” she commanded.

Tomas came to a screeching halt as Ava suddenly appeared in front of him. Her once golden brown eyes sharply regarded her husband. His blue-gray eyes were frightened, he stepped away from his dead wife. She had never been this much trouble when she was alive.

“What is the date, Tomas?” she growled at the King of Maldovina. Her eyes flashed a vibrant scarlet color that glowed against the darkness of the hallway.

Tomas babbled an unintelligible answer. Fear consuming his thoughts as he was caught in her gaze. The anger in her eyes frightened him, he felt chills run down his spine.

"It is .... Eleven years past your death, Ava," he informed her with an annoyed tone.


Wednesday, October 11, 2017


The castle loomed against the horizon as Era looked at the weathered brick monument from the wrought-iron gates. Her lilac eyes moved back and forth as she studied the forbidden building with suspicion.

Havenwood Castle had haunted Era's dreams for the last few months, and she couldn't understand why. As a child everyone in Havenwood, stories were told about the castle and who had lived there. Rumor of a vampire residing in the castle was quite popular.

With a sigh, Era moved away from the gate. As she walked back to her home, the hair on the back of her neck stood up. Tingles ran up and down her spine, before she looked over her shoulder to see nothing. Era looked around to see nothing but trees and the road before her.

She shrugged as began to make the trip back home. All the while with the feeling that something or someone was watching her.

Monday, October 9, 2017

October Rain

Giggles echoed on the pavement, as the rain fell through the canopy of orange and gold leaves. Despite the gloomy weather, the four year old girl enjoyed the falling water. Her red-brown hair bopped along as she bounced from puddle to puddle. The soft pink boots that adorned her feet created large splashes as she jumped in the air.

The splashing water wet her father's beige khakis and black rain boots. Thomas St. Rose didn't mind, he rather enjoyed these little moments with his youngest child and only daughter, Artemis. He had done the same with Christian and Henry when they had found love in jumping into large puddles from the falling rain.

"Up, Daddy. Up," Artemis demanded as she lifted her arms up for her father.

The doctor chuckled before he offered his hands out to Artemis. She tightly grasped the hands and lifted her legs. Her laughter increasing as her dad lifted her a foot off the ground, then swiftly lowered her. Artemis threw her legs down to catch the puddle and make bigger splashes.

As the rain continuously fell, the father daughter duo made the short journey back home. The trip always came to a stop to splash and kick at the water, as Artemis enjoyed the puddles.

Original: September 21, 2017
Revised: October 9, 2017

This is a revised edition of a previous piece that I wrote in my journal.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Forgotten Ghosts

Tomas stared at his wife with wide eyes. Disbelief in his features as he truly saw her as if for the first time. "No, you can't be here," he shakily uttered as he looked into her gray eyes. The Maldovina King stepped back as Ava moved forward. Shaking his head he continued to back away until he hit the wall behind him.

"Tomas," the disjointed silky voice, that sounded only slightly like Ava. With a pale white hand, Ava reached out to caress the King's cheek.

"You aren't real. You're DEAD!" he exclaimed as he shifted to his right to escape her cold touch.

With a gasp the King sat up in his bed. He feverishly looked around his private rooms, searching. The ghostly figure of his long deceased wife nowhere in sight. His chest rose and fell rapidly as he buried his face in his hands, in an effort to calm himself.

"It wasn't real," he told himself as he left his bed. He pulled on a robe and exited his chambers. His guards absent, as they usually were in the late night hours.

With a resounded sigh, the King made his way across the palace. He had not entered the East Wing of the Palace since the siege. The same siege that freed him of his cold wife and made him King. As he looked at the familiar hallway, memories filled his thoughts. Many enjoyable ones of the past, without Princess Ava.

At the approach of her forgotten quarters, Tomas hesitated in opening the door. He had never loved his wife, their marriage had been a political arrangement between their fathers. He never cared for her, she was merely a toy to keep on his arm for events. Ava was never any use to him, he enjoyed to annoy his regal wife.

She was frigid and often angered easily. Upon her passing, he had gained the freedom he had wanted since their marriage. Many of their staff had adored her but he never understood why. She was boring and plain with her brown hair and dark eyes, she resembled the does he often had hunted for sport.

Anger filled the King, she would not dictate his life anymore. Ava had been dead for eleven years. She was all but forgotten now, her name erased from all documents. When his reign came to an end, no one would remember Princess Ava, the dead wife of King Tomas.

He entered her chambers and looked around the dusty room. Everything was covered in a thick layer of dust. The room was bright from the light that filtered in through the windows, a large panel fell upon the vanity. Tomas turned to see something most unexpected.


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Heading to the Pumpkin Patch

"Avis it's time to go!"

Avis winced at her mom's tone, she looked at her white familiar. "Well, Cleo, it looks like I'm late, again," she sighed as she grabbed her bag off her desk.

As the sixteen year old witch left she casually threw over her shoulder, "I'll see you when I get back, Cleopatra."

Avis ran down the stairs and quickly made her way to the living room. She saw her mom, dad, brother, and sister all waiting for her. She pinched her face at their annoyed glances. "Sorry," she mumbled as she walked past her siblings to head out the door to her father's car.

The sixteen year quickly climbed into the back seat. She watched with watchful blue eyes as Enver moved towards his car, Lynx doing the same. Avis figured she was on her own with her parents, with a sigh she sank into the leather seat and looked out the window. As she studied the large pine trees that lined one side of their Victorian style home, her parents joined her in the car.

"Ready to find some awesome pumpkins, this year, Avis?"

Avis looked from the window to see her dad looking at her from the rear view mirror. She smiled at the familiarity of it all. "Yeah, I have a few ideas for my pumpkins already," she answered as they drove through the little town of Eden.

It was only nine thirty, but the town was bustling with business. Halloween was the season that everyone in Eden enjoyed the most. Avis smiled as they passed her godmother, Artemis St. Rose's office, the lights off. She hoped that Artemis would be at the Riker Orchards. She wanted to see her godmother and her best friend Athena St. Rose, and Venus and Calliope.

"Already?" her mom asked as she spun to look at Avis.

The honey blonde looked at her mom with a coy grin, "Yeah, but I'm not telling. You'll have to wait to see what I come up with."

Jack chuckled at the banter between his wife and youngest daughter. He enjoyed these peaceful moments with his children and spouse, they were quite rare now with Enver and Lynx in college and moved out of their home. But they always came together for holidays and he cherished these moments.


A/N: This is a semi-sequel to last year's Pumpkin Picking piece. You can find them in last years October blogs.

Autumnal Magic

With the arrival of October, the witches know it is now time. They all begin to brew their potions and cast their spells for Samhain, a new...