Monday, March 12, 2018

Winter Favorites

Hello everyone. I apologize for not posting last Friday. To be honest, I was in a bit of a funk where I wasn't sure what to write. Most of the pieces that I've posted have come my nightly journals from last year. I have done some editing, but they aren't original. I do have a few new ideas that I'm going to work on, it will take time so please be patient.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about some of my new favorite things that I've been enjoying the last few weeks and months.

TV: I've been watching a lot of British shows, such as Doctor Who, Victoria, Medici: Masters of Florence. I'm also getting into Historical Drama pieces like Man in the High Castle and the Last Tycoon. I've only seen an episode of Medici, High Castle, and Last Tycoon each but they have peeked my interest.

As for Doctor Who and Victoria, I am hooked. I started watching Victoria just last year after it aired in the UK. I haven't finished the second season yet, but I'm excited to watch it. I enjoy the story, for sure I enjoy the friendship between Lord M and Queen Victoria. It doesn't hurt that Jenna and Rufus make the characters so enjoyable to watch.

I place the blame of watching Doctor Who on Jenna. I have only watched the episodes with Jenna. So the second half of season 7 through 9. I just finished season 10, I'm hoping to catch the Christmas special later this week. I've been busy that I haven't had the time to watch it like I wanted. I'm smitten with whoffaldi, Peter is my favorite Doctor so far. I have seen a few episodes with the ninth and tenth doctor. So, I have a good feel for them, but I'm planning on watching season 1 through the rest. So no spoilers, please.

Books: I've been reading a lot of fanfiction more than books. I have read a few ebooks because I'm apart of a few ARC teams. I won't promote those books here, but they are all really amazing. I may do reviews for them on my review blog. Anyone remember that?

Anyway, I've actually been reading the Little House books by Laura Ingles Wilder. I found a vintage set of the books from the 1970's. I'm still on Little House in the Big Woods but I am enjoying the stories. I adored the Little House books when I was younger, and I'm happy to get the chance to revisit my childhood. I have a big stack of books to read after the Little House books but I'll get it done.

I don't really have a lot of music favorites. I've been enjoying Imagine Dragons, but that's pretty much it in terms of music. So, I'll sign off here. See you on Friday with a new piece.


Monday, March 5, 2018

Zara's Ka (Yu-Gi-Oh) 200th Post

Zara turned to see Seht and Atem both looking at her with curious eyes. The young sorceress flushed at the two of them finding her alone in the gardens. She had forgotten that neither the Priest or Prince had lessons, when she was in in Magic study.

“Sneaking out of lessons, Zara?” Seht asked with a teasing grin on his face.

No, Mahod is helping Mana. He suggested I find a spell to try on my own,” she told the duo as she looked from one to the other. Her golden eyes sincere as she met Atem’s warm purple eyes.

“Why are you out here, Zara?” Atem wondered as he studied his petite friend.

A sigh escaped the young sorceress’s lips at the questions her friends were asking of her. “The spell requires on to be in a place they hold dear to their heart,” she replied with a slightly clipped tone, in attempt to not snap at the next King of Egypt.

Atem’s eyes widened as he realized the spell Zara would be attempting. He moved forward to snatch the scroll where it lay on the brick. The Prince opened the papyrus, Seht looked over his shoulder. The pair read the spell quickly.

Atem’s violet eyes looked at Zara with a sad smile. He knew of her fears for using this spell.

Seht’s eyes were wide with shock and surprise as he met Zara’s gaze. “How have you never performed the Spell of Ka? You should have used this spell by now, Zara,” he asked as he sent a confused frown to his friend.

“I’ve never felt ready to try. Master Shimon and Mahod believed I was ready for this spell, long before Mahod was. But I couldn’t bare the thought of being a stronger magician than Mahod. Despite his reassurances that it wouldn’t be a bother to him. I just could never believe that I was the more powerful between the two of us," she shamefully admitted. Tears in her eyes as she looked down at her feet to avoid her friends' gaze.

Zara's cheeks a rosy color, before she looked at the fountain. Not watching anything, mind lost in the past of when her magical abilities first manifested. She had been five, but by the age of six her magic had grown uncontrollable, there was nothing her parents could do to help. They sent her to join Isis at the Palace, in hopes that one of the court Magicians would help the little girl.

At one point Zara had managed to lose her sister, she wondered the halls until she came upon the garden. The fountain full of fish fascinated her, yet they looked lonely. She had silently wished for something of beauty to appear for the fish to enjoy.

Only moments later, the lotus flowers appeared in full bloom on their own.

At the time, Zara had been spotted by the Prince of Egypt. He had been with Mahod and Mana. Atem with his own eyes had seen the flowers grown in pool. Awestruck the boy had gone to find his friends to see the feat the little girl had done.

It had been the start of a beautiful friendship between Atem and Zara. One that many in court envied. There were rumors easily spread that the Pharaoh intended for his son to marry the young sorceress. But there was indication of such an action happening as of yet.

A sad sigh came from Zara's right, a finger slipped under her chin and raised her face. She warily met Seht's intense blue gaze.

"Zara, it does not matter to any of us. Just as long as you are willing to try," Seht said, as he gazed into the golden eyes that sometimes reflected an olive green like lotus leaves.

"Seht is right, Zara. I am excited to see what your Ka is. We know of your sister's, Mahod's, Seht's, and even my own. But yours is the one all of the court has been most excited to see."

Zara looked from the Prince to the Priest to the spell in Atem's hand. "Try Zarnak," he said, an order in his eyes as he held out the scroll for his Court Magician.

With a deep breath, the dark haired teen grasped the spell in her hands. She read over the spell once more. After she sufficiently memorized the spell, she hand the papyrus back to Atem.

A few steps away, her back against them. She inhaled and closed her eyes. The spell's words fell from her lips as she spoke the incantation, her hands moving in tandem. A strong breeze blew her hair over her shoulders.

With her eyes closed, Zara heard a soft sound. It reminded her of Kuriboh, Atem's Ka, but not quite the same. Nervously she opened her eyes and gasped.

"Zara," Atem gaped in awe.

In the pond, in front of the Magician, Priest, and Prince, her Ka appeared. The creature was long and serpentine with a coloring that reminded the sorceress of beautiful sunset. Shades of lilac, peach, gold, lavender, pink, and even a few hints of soft red and coral made up the dragons scales. Instinctively, she knew her Ka was a dragon. Whenever she moved her tail, the scales shifted to reveal more colors.

Zara looked up at met the gaze of the bright Nile blue colored eyes of her dragon. She smiled as she realized that she had done it. Tears fell, as she silently sobbed in relief.

A/N: Happy 200th post, Zara's dragon resembles Dragonair from Pokemon. But she's a sunset/sunrise colored. See you on Friday.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Reflection in the Garden (Yu-Gi-Oh)

Zara watched from seat as Mahod helped Mana with the wording of their newest spell. The dark haired teen smiled as she had been given free rein on her lesson. She turned her attention to the various magic scrolls in front of her. Some spells were ones she had learned long ago, as a child of six years. Others were ones she had yet to try but had the ability to perform. One spell caught her eye, they spell to release one’s ka, the fifteen year old had yet to manifest her ka.

With another look at the scroll, she knew it was one she could do. Quickly, Zarnak grabbed the papyrus scroll and stole another glance at Mahod and Mana. Mana had accomplished the spell, with a few side effects.

Giggles escaped Zara’s lips as she caught sight of the floating pots that surrounded Mana. The spell was meant for growing plants in a pot. There were a few pots that contained flowers but the spell castress couldn’t understand where the floating part came from the spell.

“Did you find a spell you wished to work on Zara?” Mahod asked as he looked from his pupil to his fellow magician.

“I did,” she answered as she moved forward to show him the spell.

A look of understanding and excitement crossed the spell caster's face. “Ah, I wondered when you would finally pull that spell out. You’ve always been an amazing sorceress, my equal in many ways,” he told his friend with a proud smile.

“Any advice on performing the spell?” Zara inquired as she flushed a soft pink color.

“Outside would be best, in the place you enjoy the most. Your gardens,” he pointed out with a chuckle before he returned his attention to Mana.

“Good luck, Zara,” Mana happily called as Zara turned to leave the room.

Zara looked over her shoulder to meet Mana’s bright green gaze. “You as well, Mana. Oh, maybe a little less enunciation on the last word,” she added before she left the room used for the spell castors in the castle.

The fifteen year old made her way through the halls quickly. Desperate, to reach the palace gardens. Her obsidian hair flowed behind her as she passed guards and servants. Briefly, she wondered if her sister would like to see her perform the Ka reveal spell. But she decided against it, as she wished to see what form her inner spirit was first. Eventually, she would show her sister and her friends.

As Zara reached the gardens, she stepped out into the sunshine. Her golden eyes closed as she enjoyed the warmth of Ra’s golden rays. A breeze softly blew through her hair, a few strands tickled her nose.

With a happy sigh, Zara moved through the lush plant life, of the Royal Gardens. In the nine years, Zara lived in the palace the gardens were her sanctuary. She grew all kinds of flora and plant life to help feed the people of Egypt. Some changes had occurred from when Prince Atem’s mother had been responsible of the gardens to Zara’s reign of the vegetation and flowers. But the center of the garden, it was the place that remained Queen Tiri’s with one exception. Lotus flowers in varying shades of white, pinks, and soft but vibrant purple grew in the large encased pond. A reminder of Zara’s own mother, whom she had not seen in nine years.

She sat on the edge of the pond, and brushed her fingers over the surface of the cool water. Memories of her first time in this spot fondly played in her mind.

“What are you up to?” a familiar voice questioned from behind the teenager.

TBC on Monday

Monday, February 26, 2018

A Dragon's Welcome

Kate watched in anticipation as the cracks began to widen on the gold and lilac colored egg.

“Oh, Avis, you’re almost here,” she informed her dragon. The only dragons present were Troi, Riker, Caspian, and Nox.

Nox’s own voice invigoratingly joined the fray with his soothing voice of Avis’ hatching. Kate glanced at the large midnight blue, deep grey dragon with sporadic spots of silver. Nox had been surprised when he had bonded with Avis, but he adored his mate. Kate knew her beloved dragon was in excellent care with Nox as her mate.

The night sky colored dragon, had bonded with Zane, his rider, fourteen years past. Kate vaguely recalled when Zane and Nox had become a pair, the details were blurred as she was only two at the time. Nox was a kind dragon, his heart full of love for Avis. He spent his nights in the hatchery just laying with Avis.

As both Avis and Kate began to fall asleep, Nox would tell his dragon mate stories of his various adventures with his bonded rider. Kate could hear the stories from Avis’ thoughts. Often the pair would fall asleep together, never hearing the end of two adventures that Zane and Nox enjoyed.

“You’ll be be here soon, Avis, keep stretching,” Kate softly whispered as she sat beside her beloved dragon.

Riker and Troi stood not too far from behind Kate, sang softly.

‘Kate, dear, she’s getting ready to hatch. It’s best to take a step back,’ Troi gently warned her Rider’s daughter.

Kate looked up to meet Troi’s gaze, with a sigh she moved away to stand between the her parent’s dragons. Riker’s large crimson tail moved in front of her, to protect her from any sort of shell.

Nox and Caspian joined Troi and Riker in song. All the dragons around the rage were singing aloud, to welcome Avis for her incoming arrival. Newborn dragons, always an exciting event in the rage between the flying reptiles and their riders, since it happened only once a year.

‘I want out, now!’ Avis shrieked. Her egg rocked more violently back and forth in the sand. Cracks grew wider, expanded, and spread throughout the golden lilac shell.

‘Soon, Avis, you’re almost here,’ Nox told his mate. Kate smiled at Nox’s soothing baritone voice, her dragon so in love with her mate. Despite being in shell.

Avis pushed herself harder against her shell. She was desperate to escape her confined space. Eagerness filled her to see her parents, mate, brother, and Kate, her beloved Kate with her own eyes. Desperately, she wanted to gaze at Kate in person, she knew what her rider looked like from the thoughts of the dragons who gazed upon her rider. But Avis was determined to see Kate with her own eyes for herself.

‘I want out, now!’ she cried with a hard push of her front legs and wings.

The shell shattered and broke away from Avis. The newborn briefly balanced on her hind legs with her wings fluttering to keep herself upright. Soon, she landed on all four legs. Her silver-grey eyes scanned her surroundings.

Easily, Avis recognized the brunette female, who stood behind her father’s dark red tail. Her bonded rider, met her own gaze. Euphoria swept over Avis, as she attempted to run to her Kate, only to end up on the ground.

“Oh,” the soft voice of Kate rang through the hatchery. “Avis are you alright?”

Kate’s warm hand rested on Avis’ forehead. The silver eyed dragon, softly huffed but nuzzled into Kate’s touch.

‘Kate, you’re so pretty,’ the newly hatched lilac dragon complimented her rider.

Laughter fell from the sable haired teen’s lips. “Thank you, Avis, what a wonderful way to spend my birthday, with the welcoming of my dragon breaking shell,” she happily remarked as she gently petted Avis’ scales along her neck.

Song burst from Avis’ throat as she nudged herself closer to Kate. Happiness, satisfaction, and delight filled the bond between the pair. The smile upon Kate’s lips brightened before movement just behind her summer sunset colored dragon caught her eye.

“There’s someone you need to meet, my little bird,” Kate gently reminded her dragon. “Just behind you,” she added in a whisper.

With quiet steps, Kate pulled back and moved between Troi and Riker to watch the first first meeting between Avis and her Nox.


A/N: I'm back in the Avis Dragon 'verse. Please expect a few more pieces these next few weeks. I've been hit in the head by my dragon muse. Finally, she's hatched! Poor kid's been in the shell for nearly two years!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Lunch Time (Star Trek 2009)

Ella Pike sighed in relief once the bell rang, dismissing her Human Anatomy class. It had been an interesting lecture, the class had been informed that they would have a lab assignment with the cadavers, to demonstrate what they learned. The nursing student didn’t fully understand why they need the cadaver, but she wasn’t going to question her teachers. At least not in front of them.

The brunette female made her way out of the building. She grinned as she spotted two familiar faces passing the medical lecture building.

“Jim, Leo,” she called out to get her friends’ attention.

The two males turned to see Ella. She sent them a wave as she moved to cat up with them. Both separated to allow her to stand in between the pair.

“Hey Ella,” Jim Kirk greeted as he looked at his adviser's daughter with a bashful grin on his face.

“Hey, Jim, how was class?” she asked, as they continued moving. Jim led the way to the Academy’s cafeteria.

A snort came from Ella’s right. The female looked at the doctor with a raised eyebrow. “What did he do, Bones?” she asked, if his reaction was an indication, it was going to be a good story.

“He spent half the time, arguing with our teacher. Admiral Archer’s son, Captain Matthew Archer. Literally, they were yelling at each other about the better strategies of preventing or stopping an invasion,” he grumbled as he sent Jim a harsh glare over Ella’s head.

Ella softly sighed before she looked at her blonde friend, “I’m not going to ask for your side. But be wary of Captain Archer, Jim. He’s an excellent Cpatain, and one of Starfleet’s youngest Captains. He was not given his own ship because of his parents. He earned his title, just like my brothers, and they all graduated within a few years of each other,” she reminded Jim with a stern warning in her tone.

Jim chuckled at Ella’s statement. “If I didn’t know any better, Ella, I would say you’re smitten with Captain Archer,” he commented with an impish grin.

Blue-grey eyes widened at the statement that had been uttered from Jim Kirk’s mouth. “I’ve known Captain Archer most of my life. In case it slipped your mind, he is good friends with my brothers and dad. Just like we’re good friends with Admiral Archer and his wife,” she answered with pursed lips and furrowed.

As Jim opened his mouth to comment, another voice beat him to the punch. “Alright, knock it off you two. One of you is going to burst a blood vessel,” Bones loudly ordered as he looked at the two. “Besides, I heard the cafeteria is serving apple pie today.”

Ella and Jim both broke into peals of laughter at Bones’ enthusiasm for apple pie.

Ella shook her head, her brown waves swaying at the motion. “Only you, Leonard McCoy, only you,” she said with a grin as she patted the good doctor on the shoulder.

Leo sighed as he watched the young nurse take the lead, he diligently followed after. Jim just behind her as well, as they entered the building that held various food kiosks of foods from the many galaxies, Starfleet had encountered over the years.

“Let’s get lunch, then meet at our usual table?” Jim suggested as his eye caught sight of Galea, an Orion, her green skin and red hair glowed under the lights.

Both Bones and Ella agreed, as they watched James T. Kirk chase off after the female alien. Ella rolled her eyes before she turned her attention to her other friend. “Come on, Leo, let’s go find you some pie. Maybe we can get a whole one to split between the two of us.”


Friday, February 16, 2018

Ardeth's Visit (Mummy)

Zarnak stood beside her father, as he waited for the arrival of their visitor. She had heard the rumors of Ardeth Bay, he was the Commander of the First Medjai tribe. His father was the Chieftan of the twelve tribes, but Ardeth was due to inherit the title. Just as Oded, Zarnak’s brother, was set to inherit the title of Commander of the twelfth tribe from their father.

“Remember to mind your manners, Zarnak,” her father advised as they waited for Commander Bay.

“Yes Abu,” she answered, a soft sigh escaped her lips.

Suddenly, in the distance a rider appeared. Zarnak’s golden gaze spotted the black stallion as it fast approached with its rider astride. The female medjai watched and waited for Ardeth Bay.

He pulled to a stop not far from the duo. Ardeth jumped off his horse and moved to the pair. The Medjai Commander greeted his fellow Commander, before his attention turned to Zarnak.

“You must be Zarnak,” Ardeth said as he looked at the brunette female with his dark eyes. “Your brother speaks very highly of you,” the Commander addressed. He reached forward and placed a kiss to her knuckles, his eyes locked onto her own.

“Thank you,” she replied softly, as she pulled her hand away. “Oded has spoken highly of you, Commander Bay.”

She stepped back as her father moved forward. “Come Ardeth, let us return to camp,” Zarnak’s father suggested. He sent his daughter a warning with his eyes.

Zara looked down, her cheeks flushed. She knew she would later be getting a lecture from her abu about her behavior with Commander Bay. Her Umi had hoped that she would leave an impression that would make the Commander desire her, but Zara did not want to be an object. She was a warrior, she had no desire to marry or have children.

The trio walked the short distance back to the camp of the twelfth tribe. Ardeth held the reigns of his horse as he walked beside Mohad. Together they spoke softly with another of the various news and reports of different camps. Zara kept a fair distance from the men to give them some semblance of privacy. While she was a Medjai warrior, her father had often kept things from her, as he felt she contributed little to the tribe.

Golden eyes swept the area, in constant motion as they reached the village. As they reached the stables, Zara caught her father’s eye and nodded towards the training arena. Mohad gave a simple nod.

Zara smiled before she turned and ran to the arena.

Mohad’s eyes followed after his daughter. He hated the idea of his only daughter being a warrior, but Oded had allowed her train. His son had taken her under his tutelage and guided her as she completed her training with the others her age.

Zara was one of the youngest warriors at sixteen, but she still needed some more training. The female was sufficient with sais and the short sword. She grabbed her sais. She easily spotted her friend and fellow Medjai, Mana.

“Mana,” she called out.

“Zara, you’re back,” the brunette rushed to hug her friend.

Zara laughed but returned her friend’s hug. “We didn’t go far. Practice with me?” she asked with a stressed smile.

“Of course,” Mana assured her friend. She patted Zara on the shoulder.

Soon, the pair were looking at each other. Arms raised and prepared for battle. Seht, Mohad’s second-in-command counted off. At his word for attack, Zarnak and Mana moved towards each other.

Zara’s sais clashed with Mana’s. The girls swiped, dodged, and ducked at each other’s coming attack. Zara sank down when Mana attempted to stab her in the face. She swiped a leg out, to knock Mana on her back.

As the fight continued, other warriors stopped to watch the pair. Both knew each others strength and weaknesses. The duo pushed the other to get stronger and better, the crowd watched. Seht kept a critical gaze on Zarnak and Mana, he had easily spotted a few mistakes.

Seht saw Mahod and Ardeth enter the training arena. As the two men joined Seht, he kept his eyes on Mana and Zara. “You should be proud, Mahod, she has shown great improvement,” Seht told his commander.

Ardeth watched as Zara and Mana fought each other. His eyes followed the movements of Zarnak, the female he had heard so much about. Oded’s stories of Zara were full of admiration and fondness. He knew that Oded adored his younger sister, she had willingly defied Mahod to join the Medjai. Her story fascinated him, and he hoped to eventually have patrol rotations with her.


Monday, February 12, 2018

Sunset on the Nile (Charmed)

A smile crossed Sapphire’s lips as she soaked in the warmth that came for the Egyptian sun. The Nile was smooth and calm, as the Deveraux witch sat on the dock and dangled her feet into the river.

“You’re enjoying yourself, too much,” a voice smugly commented from behind the teen.

Sapphire glanced over her shoulder. She easily spotted and recognized her best friend’s older brother. “Wyatt, what are you doing her here?” the sixteen year old female asked in surprise.

Mel was worried, she sent me to look for you. Imagine to my surprise that after using the scrying crystal, you were here in Egypt. Why are you here?” a curious expression on his face as he crossed his arms.

The purple haired teen rolled her eyes, “I’m visiting some family with my mom for the month. It’s kinda what we we do. July is spent in Egypt with my mom’s family, August in France with dad’s family. It’s how my summer’s have been for the last eleven years, just after their divorce.

“Next time, Mel asks bring her with you. My aunts and uncles have been wanting to meet my best friend. Especially given the fact that she’s a daughter of a Charmed One. And no I didn’t advertise that information, my Aunt Isis recognized your mom from one of the pictures that I brought to show off some of my adventures with Mel.”

Wyatt chuckled as he sat down next to the teenager, “I’ll ask Mom, but it shouldn’t be an issue. Mel will probably freak out, a little.”

The Twice Blessed Child paused as he took in the scenery around him, the wind blew gently it felt nice to enjoy the warmth of the sun. “So, this is the Nile. It’s pretty,” he admitted as he looked over at Sapphire.

Bright blue eyes met brown as Sapphire met Wyatt’s gaze. “Yeah, I love the fact that our family owns a house by the river. Dad owns a house on the beach in France. I spend most of my summers swimming or soaking in the sun. I love the beaches at home, but there’s something more peaceful or different,” she admitted aloud as her attention moved back to the river.

Wyatt closed his eyes and enjoyed the salt filled air, “Yeah, there is,” he agreed as he bumped his shoulder into Saph’s.

Sapphire laughed at the twenty-one year old’s antics. The pair sat on the dock and enjoyed the brilliant sunset together. A few words were exchanged but the duo primarily watched as the sun reflected off the water.

From the doorway, a crowd of Imar witches watched the duo. All were curious about who was with the Deveraux witch, none dared to interrupt. Both Zara and Isis, Sapphire’s mother and aunt smiled at the sight of the Halliwell male with Sapphire. Isis could easily see the bond between the two. While, it wasn’t a romantic bond, the witch who resided along the Nile could easily tell that this was a precious bond. One that could eventually become romantic if nurtured and taken care of.


Winter Favorites

Hello everyone. I apologize for not posting last Friday. To be honest, I was in a bit of a funk where I wasn't sure what to write. Most ...