Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Back to School

With a final look in the mirror Kit looked at her outfit, her brown hair was tousled to keep the long dark brown strands away from her face. With a nod that it was a good outfit, Kit Swann sat in the burgundy armchair and placed her feet in boots. The zippers smoothing went up with a satisfied zipp sound. The brunette headed downstairs to see her dad and sister in the kitchen, she quickly joined her twin and father at the table.

She smiled as she saw the contents on her plate. "Thanks Liz," she told her sister as she happily dug into the french toast.

"You're welcome, Kit," Liz replied as she gave Kit a smile.

"Are you both excited for today? First day of senior year," their dad asked as he looked between the twins.

Kit and Liz peered at each other from the corners of their eyes. Kit nodded, while she chewed her breakfast, leaving Liz to answer the question.

"A little nervous, but it will be nice to see everyone who we didn't get to see over summer," Liz told their father as she took a sip of her orange juice.

"Good good," Warren Swann commented as he turned his attention back to the newspaper in front of him. While, Kit and Liz went back to their breakfast.

Soon, it was time for the Swann twins to depart for the day. Kit put her plate in the sink, before she ran towards the entryway. She grabbed her bag, and moved towards Liz's car, since her twin had wanted to drive for the first day.


Monday, September 18, 2017

Early Return

She sat in his lap, curled up against him. Her head rested on his shoulder, and listened as he breathed. Cerberus sat at Hades feet, his three heads all fast asleep from the excitement of the day. Persephone returned happily to Hades, leaving the summer for the autumnal start.


Friday, September 15, 2017

Slow Creep

slowly almost unnoticeable
the temperature begins to fall
one degree or two every few days

soon, the sweaters appear
along with the thicker pants
the boots that vary in height
join the collection
scarves and hats in tones of
mauve and burgundy

the wind blows the golden
leaves from their branches
the crisp crunch which jolts
the senses when stepped upon
brings a smile

the tea mugs sing
as they are filled with tea
green tea with lemon
vanilla chai
caramel apple

autumn has begun its slow creep
into the summer, with nary
a whisper


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Kit and James

"James," Katherine sighed as she looked at the familiar face. She hadn't seen James in a few months, her heart beat a little faster at the sight of him.

"Kit, are you all right?" James asked as he looked at the soft brunette who was trapped behind steel bars.

Kit sent him a wary smile, "I'm fine. Where have you been? We couldn't find you after you left."

James reached out and held one of her hands. "You wouldn't believe me, and I'm just happy to be home. Let's see if we can get you out of here," he said as he pulled the keys from his pocket.


Monday, September 11, 2017

Lost Sibling

two stood together
twins they were called
one east
the other west

siblings, strong as ever
until one day

that fateful day
sixteen years passed

a lost sibling
in fiery ruins

she weeped for the 
loss of her twin
but she stood
tall and strong for her 

now as the years have passed
she stands in memory for her lost sibling
ready to face the world and what's to come


Friday, September 8, 2017

Scorned Woman

Artemis looked at Adam and Damon Cross with a raised eyebrow as they stood in front of her desk. "Well, well, if it isn't los hermanos Cruz (the Cross brothers)," she commented as she tilted her head to sneer at the duo.

"Artemis," Damon acknowledged with a slight nod. His eyes meeting hers and silently pleading for her help.

"What do you want?" she demanded in an annoyed tone. When she had parted ways with brothers, they had made it clear that they did not trust her. She had been abandoned by the two people who she had ever called friends. The betrayal stung as she looked from one brother to the other, neither of them seemed comfortable in her presence.

"We need your help," Damon answered as he took a hesitant step forward.

"No," she said as she turned away to look out the window behind her. The blinds open, allowing her to see the setting sun, in all of it's glory. The skyline was a dark red ombre that faded into a lilac gold as the twilight hour began.

Damon froze as he looked at the huntress in surprise. "But--" he started.

"No, whatever mess you and your pendejo hermano (idiot brother) got yourselves into is for you to solve on your own. That was why you both forced me to leave the compound. Neither of you wanted to help me when I needed it. In fact I distinctly remember a death threat somewhere in your words," she interrupted as she spun around to glare at the brothers.

"Get out," she coolly demanded as she pointed a finger at the door behind the pair. "You're not welcome here."

"Artemis," Damon pleaded as he looked at her.

"Get out!" At her command the brothers flew out the door. Each colliding into the wall outside before slumping into the ground.

The door closed firmly in front of the duo, while Artemis took deep breathes to try and calm herself down. Her abilities rarely worked, only when she was too emotional, did they manifest. Seeing the Cross brothers brought a flood of emotions she didn't want to dwell on ever again.


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Honest Ramblings (Journal 1)

There are days like today where my brain can't focus. It slips and changes. Concentration... well that's not happening. It's flown out the window like wisp in wind. Distractions are evident everywhere, my thoughts can't stay on a single idea. Growling from my stomach makes the task more daunting. Here I am writing for the day without an idea. I'm simply rambling as I try to focus on anything other than how tired I feel or my grumbling stomach that wants to eat a bowl of Count Chocula.

Inspiration has struck like lightning. Rambling blog posts, kind of like diary entries. Just of whatever I'm feeling or going through... Only for those days like today where I can't focus. I want to blame the smoke filled air for my scattered brain.


Back to School

With a final look in the mirror Kit looked at her outfit, her brown hair was tousled to keep the long dark brown strands away from her face....