Monday, April 9, 2018

Spring Goodbyes

With sad brown eyes she kissed him goodbye. They hated goodbyes, even though they happened once a year. Though he didn't like hugs, she always gave him one.

"I'll be back in six months. You won't even notice that I'm gone," she promises as they pull apart.

A sad smile is on his weathered faced. "I always notice when you're gone, my Persephone."

Gently, she cupped his cheek with her hand. "Close your eyes," she whispered as her lips brushed against his.

Exasperated, the Lord of the Underworld did as he was told. With eyes closed he accepted one last kiss, before he felt his wife's prescence leave their home. Eyes cracked, he spotted Cerberus at his feet. A sadness filled him, his shoulders fell as together he and his dog moved back inside to wait for six months.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Wake Up Calls (TAG)

Sunlight filtered into the large bay windows, the beams of light fell across the floor and through the bed. Golden rays fell onto Ella Rosewood’s face, as the morning arrived.

A groan escaped the mahogany haired teen’s lips, as she flipped over and pulled a blanket up over her face. Ella was not ready for the morning to start, she grumbled as she buried her face under the pillows.

Ella slept peacefully for another hour, before a knock came from the door.

“Ella, wake up!” the voice of one Virgil Tracey called from behind the wooden door.

Another groan escaped the teen’s lips before she grabbed one of the many pillows on her bed and threw it in the direction of the door. “Go away,” her muffled voice grumpily mumbled back to her brother.

A/N: Just a little something to commensurate the start of Thunderbirds season 3.

Friday, March 30, 2018

April Updates: Camp NaNo

Hello everyone, sorry for not being as active this month. I had hoped to post twice weekly, but that didn’t happen. I do apologize for that. But you should be getting two weekly posts in the month of April.

Monday’s will be three sentence pieces or short story pieces. Nothing overly long, all less than 500 words. While, Friday you can expect an update on Camp NaNo. These Friday updates might not be every Friday, but I’m not entirely sure at this point.

Yes, I’m doing Camp NaNo again. This is my third year attempting it. I’ll be working on Crimson and Indigo: The Wedding. This was a piece I started back in 2012 with my Power Rangers OC, Claire Oliver, the daughter of Tommy Oliver and Kimberly Hart. She was the Indigo Fire Power Ranger in Ninja Storm. This story is the wedding of Claire and Hunter Bradley. I’ve been working on the same chapter now for about four years. And I want to finish the Wedding.

I have a few plans for Claire and Hunter. These include their back story, ie life as children, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, and even the 15th Power Rangers anniversary crossover episodes. I want to integrate them into Samurai, and I already do have plans for this, they just haven’t been formally written. Eventually, after the Samurai season is over, and hopefully written, I would like to have them make appearances in later seasons like MegaForce, Dino Charge, and Ninja Steel. But this will more than likely take me a year or two.

Anyway, I want to finish chapter 9 and try to get to chapter 11 or 12 if possible. The Wedding of Claire and Hunter is planned out to be a 15 part story. I am going to try and work on it in Camp NaNo, and hopefully will be able to finish a few chapters. I’ll be going by hours instead of words or chapters. So, I’ll give you updates as I go along.

See you all on Monday with a short story.

Monday, March 26, 2018

St. Avistine Day (TEC)

A soft smile crossed Ella's face as she watched her brother and best friend share a dance for St. Avistine Day. It was a traditional waltz, but the Princess of Nightshade saw her brother's grip tighten on Cordelia's waist. Her smile grew into a full grin as the pair spun, Cordelia's soft lilac skirt flared out in a large display.

"They look lovely together, don't they?" a voice from behind Ella commented.

The Princess looked over her shoulder and smiled at her mother. "Yes, they do. But you knew that a long time ago," Ella remarked. She returned her attention back to her brother, and took a sip from her champagne glass.

A sigh from behind Ella, alerted the young adult that she had hit the nail on the head.

"Excuse me, Mother, I believe that I am the next dance to follow after Jason," Ella tritly commented as she walked away. She looked around for a suitable parter, only for a few moments before she caught the eye of Prince Wesley of Avesteria.

Confidently, Ella made her way to her brother's best friend's side. "Wesley," she coyly greeted the tall Prince.

"Hello, Eleanor," he greeted with a fond smile.

"Be my partner for the next dance?" she asked as she looked up and met his gaze.

"Of course, I would be a fool to turn away our hostess' request," Wesley teased as he offered an arm to the dark haired Princess. 


Here's a 'verse I haven't touched in a while. I've been wanting to get back to Ella but my muses have been running to other places. I hope to post new Ella and Avis piece soon. They'll be short but be on the look out.

Monday, March 19, 2018

One of Three (Amy-Verse Marvel)

Amelia Carter-Sousa had known for most of her life that she was an odd one. It was rare for a person to have more than one soulmate, let alone three. Yet somehow she did. Her brothers teased her relentlessly, as had her cousins but her Nana and Pop-pop had dried any shed tears. Margaret Carter and Daniel Sousa had comforted their youngest granddaughter, they knew she was unique for her situation. But her parents and grandparents loved her all the same.

When she met the first of her soulmates, Amy was twenty and in her first year at S.H.I.E.L.D.s Ops Academy. Amy often sat alone during mealtimes, as most cadets were frightened of her. Given that she was a legacy with quite a few family members in the agency. She found it difficult to adjust to the constant stares and whispers.

One day, during lunch a voice asked, “Is this seat open?”

Brown eyes looked up from the turkey sandwich on her plate. Amy’s eyes widened as she took in the tall, dark haired male with eyes the color of whiskey. Amy didn’t dare utter a word, instead she nodded in reply before she returned her attention back to her meal. A fear filled the petite brunette, that prevented her speaking.

Was he one of her three? The question bounced in her thoughts at the recognition of those words printed on her body.

Lunch passed in silence between the pair as they ate their meals. Once the male was finished, he stood to leave.

“I’m Grant, by the way. Grant Ward,” he casually threw over his shoulder before he left the cafeteria.

Amy sat at the table for a few more moments before she stood and discarded her finished meal. She shook her head, as she contemplated calling her Nana. But decided against it.

The day passed quickly for the young female cadet. Soon, it was time for dinner and Amy chose Chinese for her meal. Something told her, she was going to want the comfort food for the night. Amy spotted her usual spot, the table was empty thankfully.

Quickly, she grabbed a seat and pulled her StarkPad from her bag. She began to read a book, a simple romance novel that she had been wanting to read for a while. It was mostly fluff, but Amy didn’t mind. Books were a comfort to her, especially when no one was brave enough to try and get to know her.

A few minutes into her meal, the chair across from her scraped against the floor. With a peek through her lashes, Amy recognized Grant Ward. Confusion filled her thoughts, why would he sit with her at dinner? She wasn’t the greatest company, especially with someone who could potentially be one of her soulmates.

Words stayed silent on her lips.

“Good book?” Grant asked as he met Amy’s dark gaze.

A flush flooded her cheeks briefly before she nodded. Her attention returned back to her book. Together the pair enjoyed their meals in silence. Neither spoke but it wasn’t an awkward silence.

After that day, a routine formed for the pair. Meals were eaten together in silence, Grant would give a greeting. Amy silently replied, usually with a smile, she couldn’t figure out what to say to him. Anxiety bit into her, as she wondered.

A week passed before she finally asked the question that had been on her mind since their first interaction together.

“Why do you bother to sit with me? No one here wants to deal with a legacy,” she commented in the middle of lunch.

Whiskey colored eyes widened in shock. Grant nearly choked on his turkey sandwich, at the familiar words. Words one Amelia Carter-Sousa uttered, for the first time in his presence.

A sigh fell from Amy’s lips as she muttered, “Please don’t die on me. I don’t want to explain to Director Fury that I somehow managed to kill my soulmate.”

After a few seconds, Grant blinked quickly before he spoke, “Do you have other...” he trailed off not sure how to ask without coming off as rude.

Amelia heard the unfinished question, as she followed his train of thought, she nodded.

Grant sighed in relief, “I thought I was the only one.”

Brown locked onto brown, as Amy tentatively reached out to touch Grant’s hand. She gave him a reassuring squeeze. “No, it’s not just you. Do you want to head to the gym?” she asked.

A firm nod was her answer, together the pair stood. They tossed their lunch and left the cafeteria. Before they could approach the gym, Amy grabbed Grant’s hand. She pulled him off course and led him to the dorms. Rather, her dorm, which was a single and on a floor on it’s own.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Winter Favorites

Hello everyone. I apologize for not posting last Friday. To be honest, I was in a bit of a funk where I wasn't sure what to write. Most of the pieces that I've posted have come my nightly journals from last year. I have done some editing, but they aren't original. I do have a few new ideas that I'm going to work on, it will take time so please be patient.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about some of my new favorite things that I've been enjoying the last few weeks and months.

TV: I've been watching a lot of British shows, such as Doctor Who, Victoria, Medici: Masters of Florence. I'm also getting into Historical Drama pieces like Man in the High Castle and the Last Tycoon. I've only seen an episode of Medici, High Castle, and Last Tycoon each but they have peeked my interest.

As for Doctor Who and Victoria, I am hooked. I started watching Victoria just last year after it aired in the UK. I haven't finished the second season yet, but I'm excited to watch it. I enjoy the story, for sure I enjoy the friendship between Lord M and Queen Victoria. It doesn't hurt that Jenna and Rufus make the characters so enjoyable to watch.

I place the blame of watching Doctor Who on Jenna. I have only watched the episodes with Jenna. So the second half of season 7 through 9. I just finished season 10, I'm hoping to catch the Christmas special later this week. I've been busy that I haven't had the time to watch it like I wanted. I'm smitten with whoffaldi, Peter is my favorite Doctor so far. I have seen a few episodes with the ninth and tenth doctor. So, I have a good feel for them, but I'm planning on watching season 1 through the rest. So no spoilers, please.

Books: I've been reading a lot of fanfiction more than books. I have read a few ebooks because I'm apart of a few ARC teams. I won't promote those books here, but they are all really amazing. I may do reviews for them on my review blog. Anyone remember that?

Anyway, I've actually been reading the Little House books by Laura Ingles Wilder. I found a vintage set of the books from the 1970's. I'm still on Little House in the Big Woods but I am enjoying the stories. I adored the Little House books when I was younger, and I'm happy to get the chance to revisit my childhood. I have a big stack of books to read after the Little House books but I'll get it done.

I don't really have a lot of music favorites. I've been enjoying Imagine Dragons, but that's pretty much it in terms of music. So, I'll sign off here. See you on Friday with a new piece.


Monday, March 5, 2018

Zara's Ka (Yu-Gi-Oh) 200th Post

Zara turned to see Seht and Atem both looking at her with curious eyes. The young sorceress flushed at the two of them finding her alone in the gardens. She had forgotten that neither the Priest or Prince had lessons, when she was in in Magic study.

“Sneaking out of lessons, Zara?” Seht asked with a teasing grin on his face.

No, Mahod is helping Mana. He suggested I find a spell to try on my own,” she told the duo as she looked from one to the other. Her golden eyes sincere as she met Atem’s warm purple eyes.

“Why are you out here, Zara?” Atem wondered as he studied his petite friend.

A sigh escaped the young sorceress’s lips at the questions her friends were asking of her. “The spell requires on to be in a place they hold dear to their heart,” she replied with a slightly clipped tone, in attempt to not snap at the next King of Egypt.

Atem’s eyes widened as he realized the spell Zara would be attempting. He moved forward to snatch the scroll where it lay on the brick. The Prince opened the papyrus, Seht looked over his shoulder. The pair read the spell quickly.

Atem’s violet eyes looked at Zara with a sad smile. He knew of her fears for using this spell.

Seht’s eyes were wide with shock and surprise as he met Zara’s gaze. “How have you never performed the Spell of Ka? You should have used this spell by now, Zara,” he asked as he sent a confused frown to his friend.

“I’ve never felt ready to try. Master Shimon and Mahod believed I was ready for this spell, long before Mahod was. But I couldn’t bare the thought of being a stronger magician than Mahod. Despite his reassurances that it wouldn’t be a bother to him. I just could never believe that I was the more powerful between the two of us," she shamefully admitted. Tears in her eyes as she looked down at her feet to avoid her friends' gaze.

Zara's cheeks a rosy color, before she looked at the fountain. Not watching anything, mind lost in the past of when her magical abilities first manifested. She had been five, but by the age of six her magic had grown uncontrollable, there was nothing her parents could do to help. They sent her to join Isis at the Palace, in hopes that one of the court Magicians would help the little girl.

At one point Zara had managed to lose her sister, she wondered the halls until she came upon the garden. The fountain full of fish fascinated her, yet they looked lonely. She had silently wished for something of beauty to appear for the fish to enjoy.

Only moments later, the lotus flowers appeared in full bloom on their own.

At the time, Zara had been spotted by the Prince of Egypt. He had been with Mahod and Mana. Atem with his own eyes had seen the flowers grown in pool. Awestruck the boy had gone to find his friends to see the feat the little girl had done.

It had been the start of a beautiful friendship between Atem and Zara. One that many in court envied. There were rumors easily spread that the Pharaoh intended for his son to marry the young sorceress. But there was indication of such an action happening as of yet.

A sad sigh came from Zara's right, a finger slipped under her chin and raised her face. She warily met Seht's intense blue gaze.

"Zara, it does not matter to any of us. Just as long as you are willing to try," Seht said, as he gazed into the golden eyes that sometimes reflected an olive green like lotus leaves.

"Seht is right, Zara. I am excited to see what your Ka is. We know of your sister's, Mahod's, Seht's, and even my own. But yours is the one all of the court has been most excited to see."

Zara looked from the Prince to the Priest to the spell in Atem's hand. "Try Zarnak," he said, an order in his eyes as he held out the scroll for his Court Magician.

With a deep breath, the dark haired teen grasped the spell in her hands. She read over the spell once more. After she sufficiently memorized the spell, she hand the papyrus back to Atem.

A few steps away, her back against them. She inhaled and closed her eyes. The spell's words fell from her lips as she spoke the incantation, her hands moving in tandem. A strong breeze blew her hair over her shoulders.

With her eyes closed, Zara heard a soft sound. It reminded her of Kuriboh, Atem's Ka, but not quite the same. Nervously she opened her eyes and gasped.

"Zara," Atem gaped in awe.

In the pond, in front of the Magician, Priest, and Prince, her Ka appeared. The creature was long and serpentine with a coloring that reminded the sorceress of beautiful sunset. Shades of lilac, peach, gold, lavender, pink, and even a few hints of soft red and coral made up the dragons scales. Instinctively, she knew her Ka was a dragon. Whenever she moved her tail, the scales shifted to reveal more colors.

Zara looked up at met the gaze of the bright Nile blue colored eyes of her dragon. She smiled as she realized that she had done it. Tears fell, as she silently sobbed in relief.

A/N: Happy 200th post, Zara's dragon resembles Dragonair from Pokemon. But she's a sunset/sunrise colored. See you on Friday.

Spring Goodbyes

With sad brown eyes she kissed him goodbye. They hated goodbyes, even though they happened once a year. Though he didn't like hugs, she ...