Friday, February 16, 2018

Ardeth's Visit (Mummy)

Zarnak stood beside her father, as he waited for the arrival of their visitor. She had heard the rumors of Ardeth Bay, he was the Commander of the First Medjai tribe. His father was the Chieftan of the twelve tribes, but Ardeth was due to inherit the title. Just as Oded, Zarnak’s brother, was set to inherit the title of Commander of the twelfth tribe from their father.

“Remember to mind your manners, Zarnak,” her father advised as they waited for Commander Bay.

“Yes Abu,” she answered, a soft sigh escaped her lips.

Suddenly, in the distance a rider appeared. Zarnak’s golden gaze spotted the black stallion as it fast approached with its rider astride. The female medjai watched and waited for Ardeth Bay.

He pulled to a stop not far from the duo. Ardeth jumped off his horse and moved to the pair. The Medjai Commander greeted his fellow Commander, before his attention turned to Zarnak.

“You must be Zarnak,” Ardeth said as he looked at the brunette female with his dark eyes. “Your brother speaks very highly of you,” the Commander addressed. He reached forward and placed a kiss to her knuckles, his eyes locked onto her own.

“Thank you,” she replied softly, as she pulled her hand away. “Oded has spoken highly of you, Commander Bay.”

She stepped back as her father moved forward. “Come Ardeth, let us return to camp,” Zarnak’s father suggested. He sent his daughter a warning with his eyes.

Zara looked down, her cheeks flushed. She knew she would later be getting a lecture from her abu about her behavior with Commander Bay. Her Umi had hoped that she would leave an impression that would make the Commander desire her, but Zara did not want to be an object. She was a warrior, she had no desire to marry or have children.

The trio walked the short distance back to the camp of the twelfth tribe. Ardeth held the reigns of his horse as he walked beside Mohad. Together they spoke softly with another of the various news and reports of different camps. Zara kept a fair distance from the men to give them some semblance of privacy. While she was a Medjai warrior, her father had often kept things from her, as he felt she contributed little to the tribe.

Golden eyes swept the area, in constant motion as they reached the village. As they reached the stables, Zara caught her father’s eye and nodded towards the training arena. Mohad gave a simple nod.

Zara smiled before she turned and ran to the arena.

Mohad’s eyes followed after his daughter. He hated the idea of his only daughter being a warrior, but Oded had allowed her train. His son had taken her under his tutelage and guided her as she completed her training with the others her age.

Zara was one of the youngest warriors at sixteen, but she still needed some more training. The female was sufficient with sais and the short sword. She grabbed her sais. She easily spotted her friend and fellow Medjai, Mana.

“Mana,” she called out.

“Zara, you’re back,” the brunette rushed to hug her friend.

Zara laughed but returned her friend’s hug. “We didn’t go far. Practice with me?” she asked with a stressed smile.

“Of course,” Mana assured her friend. She patted Zara on the shoulder.

Soon, the pair were looking at each other. Arms raised and prepared for battle. Seht, Mohad’s second-in-command counted off. At his word for attack, Zarnak and Mana moved towards each other.

Zara’s sais clashed with Mana’s. The girls swiped, dodged, and ducked at each other’s coming attack. Zara sank down when Mana attempted to stab her in the face. She swiped a leg out, to knock Mana on her back.

As the fight continued, other warriors stopped to watch the pair. Both knew each others strength and weaknesses. The duo pushed the other to get stronger and better, the crowd watched. Seht kept a critical gaze on Zarnak and Mana, he had easily spotted a few mistakes.

Seht saw Mahod and Ardeth enter the training arena. As the two men joined Seht, he kept his eyes on Mana and Zara. “You should be proud, Mahod, she has shown great improvement,” Seht told his commander.

Ardeth watched as Zara and Mana fought each other. His eyes followed the movements of Zarnak, the female he had heard so much about. Oded’s stories of Zara were full of admiration and fondness. He knew that Oded adored his younger sister, she had willingly defied Mahod to join the Medjai. Her story fascinated him, and he hoped to eventually have patrol rotations with her.


Monday, February 12, 2018

Sunset on the Nile (Charmed)

A smile crossed Sapphire’s lips as she soaked in the warmth that came for the Egyptian sun. The Nile was smooth and calm, as the Deveraux witch sat on the dock and dangled her feet into the river.

“You’re enjoying yourself, too much,” a voice smugly commented from behind the teen.

Sapphire glanced over her shoulder. She easily spotted and recognized her best friend’s older brother. “Wyatt, what are you doing her here?” the sixteen year old female asked in surprise.

Mel was worried, she sent me to look for you. Imagine to my surprise that after using the scrying crystal, you were here in Egypt. Why are you here?” a curious expression on his face as he crossed his arms.

The purple haired teen rolled her eyes, “I’m visiting some family with my mom for the month. It’s kinda what we we do. July is spent in Egypt with my mom’s family, August in France with dad’s family. It’s how my summer’s have been for the last eleven years, just after their divorce.

“Next time, Mel asks bring her with you. My aunts and uncles have been wanting to meet my best friend. Especially given the fact that she’s a daughter of a Charmed One. And no I didn’t advertise that information, my Aunt Isis recognized your mom from one of the pictures that I brought to show off some of my adventures with Mel.”

Wyatt chuckled as he sat down next to the teenager, “I’ll ask Mom, but it shouldn’t be an issue. Mel will probably freak out, a little.”

The Twice Blessed Child paused as he took in the scenery around him, the wind blew gently it felt nice to enjoy the warmth of the sun. “So, this is the Nile. It’s pretty,” he admitted as he looked over at Sapphire.

Bright blue eyes met brown as Sapphire met Wyatt’s gaze. “Yeah, I love the fact that our family owns a house by the river. Dad owns a house on the beach in France. I spend most of my summers swimming or soaking in the sun. I love the beaches at home, but there’s something more peaceful or different,” she admitted aloud as her attention moved back to the river.

Wyatt closed his eyes and enjoyed the salt filled air, “Yeah, there is,” he agreed as he bumped his shoulder into Saph’s.

Sapphire laughed at the twenty-one year old’s antics. The pair sat on the dock and enjoyed the brilliant sunset together. A few words were exchanged but the duo primarily watched as the sun reflected off the water.

From the doorway, a crowd of Imar witches watched the duo. All were curious about who was with the Deveraux witch, none dared to interrupt. Both Zara and Isis, Sapphire’s mother and aunt smiled at the sight of the Halliwell male with Sapphire. Isis could easily see the bond between the two. While, it wasn’t a romantic bond, the witch who resided along the Nile could easily tell that this was a precious bond. One that could eventually become romantic if nurtured and taken care of.


Friday, February 9, 2018

Someone is Watching (Charmed)

Sapphire stopped and looked over her shoulder, confusion on her face as she looked around. Nobody stood out as an obvious stalker, but the twenty year old witch was not going to chance it. She pulled out her phone and called a familiar number, as it started ringing Saph made her way towards the library.

“Sapphire,” Wyatt answered as she sat on the steps outside the building.

“Wyatt, will you come get me?” she quietly asked as she looked around. Her wariness was getting to her, as the unease filled her chest.

“Yeah, Chris and I are a few minutes away. Where do you want to meet?”

“I’m at the library, right now,” she replied as she hugged her bag closer to her chest.

“You’ll be okay, just keep talking to me until we get there. You sound spooked, and I’m not going to leave you on your own. You’re going to be okay, Sapphire, I promise.”

Her bright blue eyes peeked around her, she kept scanning the crowd to see anything. Nothing stuck out, but she knew the person could be invisible or even camouflaged in disguise.

“I keep feeling like someone is following or watching me. But whenever I look no one’s there,” she whispered into the phone.

“Don’t worry, Saph, I just parked the car. We’ll be there soon,” Chris vowed as he spoke up for the first time.

“Thank you,” she sighed out loud. Her eyes flickered around her the environment that surrounded her. Bright blue eyes looked for two familiar faces, one of whom was her Whitelighter.

“Do you want us to run?” Wyatt asked in a playful tone.

No, but hurry, please,” she said as she searched for the two Halliwell sons.

“We’re almost there, Sapphire,” Wyatt reassured her with a warm tone in his voice.

A few seconds later, the witch saw Wyatt and Chris. She hung up her phone and grabbed her bag. Before, she ran down the stairs, at the last three she jumped. Impulsively, Sapphire threw herself into Wyatt’s arms. She felt safe in his arms as if nothing could touch her.

The honey brown haired male caught his charge and hugged her tightly to his chest. The Whitelighter held her, he gently rubbed his hand up and down her back. He looked over her shoulder and met Chris’ worried stare.

Sapphire was not one to scare easily. If something like this was causing her to panic, there had to be something. Something they weren’t seeing. It was one of those moments, where Wyatt wanted to ask his mom if she knew something or had any ideas.

“Come on, let’s get you back to the manor,” Wyatt suggested as he pulled away to get a better look at Sapphire. Her eyes filled with unshed tears, he wrapped an arm around her shoulder and led her back to the car.

Chris stood on her left, he grabbed her left hand between his and gave it a quick squeeze.

“You’ll be alright, Saph,” We’ll help you with this, Mom said something about cherry fudge brownies this morning, when I called earlier,” he commented as he looked down at his brother’s charge and baby sister’s best friend.

Sapphire perked up at the mention of chocolate brownies. When she had first enjoyed said brownies, she became hooked. Piper Halliwell and her mom always baked a batch for her, on those rough days. Piper had become a second mother to her in the four years, that they’ve known each other. Paige and Phoebe, often joke that Saph was adoped into the family. In some ways it seemed true. During holidays, Sapphire and her parents were invited to spend it at at the manor.

She’s grew close with all of the Halliwell family members, including Penny, Prue, Grams, and Victor. The twenty year old had become a family member, one that the Halliwell’s would always help. Her own parents, despite being divorced were close with the Halliwell family.

Together, Chris and Wyatt guided Sapphire back to their car. She felt safer with the two brothers by her side. When they reached the car that belonged to Wyatt, Chris climbed into the drivers seat. While, Wyatt joined in Sapphire in the back as they made their way back to the Manor. Sapphire rested her head against Wyatt’s shoulder.


Monday, February 5, 2018

Unexpected News (Charmed)

Sapphire glanced at Wyatt out of the corner of her eye. She and the eldest Halliwell son, had been summoned by the Elders. Confusion filled her as she looked at the clouded home of the Elders.

“Why are we here?” Wyatt asked with a frown on his face.

Sapphire could hear the annoyance in his voice. The purple haired knew the Halliwell family did not have a good relationship with the watchers of the magical community. The Elders had given the family a lot of grief, especially Piper and her marriage to Leo.

Many witches got in trouble with the Elders, but none more so than the Halliwell clan. Things were tense on a good day, but most of the time it was hostile between the two groups.

“You are here for your new assignment, Mr. Halliwell,” one answered with a bored tone in his voice.

“Assignment?” Wyatt asked as he skeptically looked at the gold robed Elder in front of him.

“Why am I here, then?” Sapphire asked with a raised hand. She looked around the room at the group of Elders and a few select Whitelighters.

The Elders chuckled at her question, Sapphire crossed her arms with an annoyed expression across her face. She was not amused with the Elders’ humor.

“Oh, Miss Deveraux, you are hilarious. Your are young, Mr. Halliwell’s charge. Enjoy yourself Mr. Halliwell, Miss Deveraux is a handful,” the Elder replied with a wave of his hand.

Blue white orbs surrounded the pair before they fully regenerated back in Halliwell Manor.

Wyatt and Sapphire glanced at each other, once in full form.

I really hate the Elders,” Sapphire grumbled as she moved past Wyatt to the kitchen.

Wyatt trailed after his charge, he stood in the doorway and watched his mom and Sapphire. His mom was cooking dinner and Sapphire sate comfortably at the island in one of the bar stools.

“So, what did the Elders want?” Piper asked as she stood chopping various vegetables

“They wanted to assign Wyatt his charge,” Sapphire answered as she snatched a few vegetables to snack on.

Piper paused in her task. “Really, why were you there?”

Sapphire rolled her eyes as she thought of an answer for Piper’s question. “Because it’s me. I’m his charge,” she admitted with a sheepish smile. Her bright blue eyes met Piper’s with a wide grin.

Piper stopped and placed the knife down. She moved around the island, and wrapped an arm around the purple haired teen’s shoulders. “Well, at least you spend a lot of time. So, Wyatt won’t have to travel too far, unless you’re in Egypt or France,” the Halliwell Matriarch said with a grin.

Giggles escaped Sapphire’s lips at Piper’s comment. “That’s true,” she agreed with a bright smile.

“I’m just glad my first charge is someone I know,” Wyatt commented from the doorway.

Piper smiled at her son, before she moved back to her vegetables. Wyatt slipped into the room and sat next to Sapphire. The trio spoke about Wyatt’s duties to Sapphire as her Whitelighter, and the details that being a Whitelighter to a witch entailed.

“Wyatt, your dad and Aunt Paige will be able to help you with any questions. While, Saph, you can ask your mom or any of us Halliwell’s. But generally your Whitelighter is meant to be there to protect you from any harm magical related,” Piper explained as she looked at Sapphire with fond smile.

Sapphire peaked at Piper with her blue eyes, through her eyelashes. “Thanks, Piper,” the dark purple haired teen said. She grabbed a few slices of bell pepper to snack on with a bowl of sour cream and bullion powder.

Piper’s smile grew brighter as she turned back to finishing dinner. “Are you staying for dinner?”

Sapphire glanced at Wyatt out of the corner of her eye. She didn’t see any type of discomfort in the idea of her staying for dinner.

“Yeah, if that’s alright. I just need to text my mom and let her know,” she answered with a grin. She pulled her phone out of her jean pocket and sent a message to both her mom and dad. The seventeen year old female did not want panicked parents on her case.


Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Cookies (Charmed)

Sapphire Deveraux and her best friend, danced around in Melinda’s bedroom. The Mamma Mia soundtrack played loudly from the CD player. Giggles erupted if one or both performed a ridiculous move. Happily the teen sang along at the chorus of the songs. Sometimes in a goofy accent just to hear Mel’s bouts of laughter. Once the CD came to an end, the pair collapsed onto Melinda Halliwell’s bed.

“Thanks, Saph, I needed this,” Melinda gratefully told her best friend.

The purple haired teen sent her friend a warm smile. “You needed it. Besides, no one likes to see you all mopey.” she added with a laugh. “You hungry?”

“Yeah, mom just finished a batch of cookies. Come on,” Melinda said as she hopped off her bed.

Sapphire sighed softly before she got off the bed and followed behind. She studied the pictures on the walls. There were lots of photos of the Charmed Ones and their children. Sapphire giggled at a picture of her Whitelighter covered in cake. She knew it was an old picture from Wyatt’s first birthday, she believed.

“He was a bit of a handful that day,” a familiar voice commented from behind the teenage witch.

Sapphire sent Piper a smile as she moved over to let the oldest of the Charmed Ones, stand beside her. “I’d believe that,” Sapphire replied as she looked back at the picture with a tilt to her head.

Piper laughed as they studied the picture. “He was worse in his terrible twos,” Piper recalled with a fond smile on her face.

Before Sapphire could comment, blue white lights appeared out of her peripheral. The glowing embers merged together to reveal the forms of Wyatt and Chris Halliwell.

“Hey, Ma,” Wyatt greeted as he stepped forward to give his mom a kiss on the cheek.

“Wyatt, Chris,” Piper sighed as she welcomed her eldest two children with hugs.

“Hello, Saph,” Wyatt said, his gaze on his charge.

An irritated smile crossed her lips, “Wyatt,” she greeted as she walked past him to head downstairs.

Footsteps followed behind Sapphire, she joined Mel in the kitchen. “Your brothers are here,” she warned the brunette.

Mel scoffed, “Typical, bet it was because they ran out of food, again,” the youngest Halliwell commented with disdain in her voice.

Saph hummed in agreement as she turned her attention to the plants in the window. Piper had taken good care of them since Sapphire had first helped them grow. A few new plants, made there way into the sill. It was nice to know that people other than her family desired to encourage her magical abilities. With a casual wave of her hand over the newest plants, they bloomed and grew to their full potential.

With a satisfied grin, she joined Melinda at the island. She grabbed an oatmeal cookie, that had been set aside for her. Saph hated her peanut allergy, she would have loved a chocolate peanut butter cookie.

“These are amazing,” Saph commented as she enjoyed the chocolate chips in her cookie.

“Thank you, Saph,” Piper said as she entered the kitchen.

“You’re not eating a peanut butter cookie, are you?” Wyatt asked as he stepped into the room, behind Chris and Piper.

Sapphire rolled her eyes, “Honestly, you eat a cookie with peanuts once. You have your Whitelighter heal you, but do they ever let it go? No, said Whitelighter keeps nagging and panics over anything you’re about to eat,” she ranted with hand gestures. A glare sent over her shoulder to her Whitelighter.

Wyatt crossed his arms as he looked at his charge. “Honestly, finding you on the floor in antipathetic shock, is not something I want to see ever again,” he said with an eye roll and frown.

Sapphire wore an incredulous look on her face, “You are such a worry wart. I am eating an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. Stop worrying. Honestly, you are worse than my mother,” she mumbled the last remark under her breath.

Wyatt sighed but wrapped an arm around Sapphire’s shoulder. He rested his head on top of hers for a few moments. With the petite witch distracted, he grabbed an oatmeal cookie. Sapphire swatted at his hand.

“Those are mine. Eat your chocolate peanut butter cookies,” she griped as he ate a mouthful.

Melinda and Chris laughed at the pair. It was clear to everyone but the seventeen year old witch, that Wyatt enjoyed spending time with her. She was his only charge who lived in San Francisco, and he enjoyed seeing her. Sapphire lived in two homes between her divorced parents, but Wyatt knew she was at the manor more often than not.

“Why? Mom’s oatmeal cookies are amazing,” he mumbled around a mouthful.


Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Recollections and Returns (TAG)

Ella diligently took notes from her lessons. She knew the sooner she finished, the sooner she could get away for a time. The brunette with honey-gold eyes studied the screen as she tried to work out the math problem in front of her.

Once she finished the problem, she entered the answer in, only for the screen to tell her she was wrong. With a frown, Ella re-read the problem, she tried another method to solve the problem. With a grin she entered the second answer.

The screen gave a burst of green, before it moved to the next problem. With quick eyes, she read the problem twice as she down various notes. This problem was easier than the previous one. Eleanor quickly entered her solution.

Footsteps echoed into the dining area of Tracy Island caught the teenagers attention. Ella glanced away from the screen, but not before pausing the timer on her lesson.

“Hi, Dad,” she called out as she watched him make his way around the kitchen.

“Ella,” Jeff Tracy greeted his sixteen year old daughter. “What are you doing?”

“Homework,” she answered as she turned back to the screen to finish the problem in front of her.

Ella heard her father’s familiar chuckle at her answer. “Where are the boys?”

The teenager shrugged, “Avoiding their homework like always.”

“Well, I’m not surprised about that. But we both know, you’re already ahead on your school work,” Jeff noted as he pulled out different ingredients from the fridge.

“I blame John, he was always ahead on everything involving school. Especially math,” Ella answered as she glared at the screen.

“Math isn’t always easy to learn kiddo,” Jeff reminded her. “I’ve seen you do more advanced math with your work on Thunderbird One, Two, and Three, than what you’ve covered in your lessons. Besides, your dad was the same way, when we were younger.”

Ella perked up at that piece of information. It wasn’t often that Jeff Tracy spoke of his deceased friend. Ella knew her biological parents’ passing had been difficult for her dad. She didn’t remember Christian Rosewood or Elizabeth Creighton-Warrd. The car accident that killed them happened when she was only a few months old. She had been in the care of Jeff and Lucy Tracy not long after their death. As the couple were her godparents and her parents had deemed in their last will and testament.

Ella had grown up in a good home with Jeff, Lucy, and their three boys. Never treated any differently than her siblings, despite being adopted. Her brothers had adored and spoiled her rotten, but she loved all five of them.

“Really?” she asked with a hint of interest in her voice.

“Yup, I remember your dad was worried that he wouldn’t be able to be an astronaut. But your mom was a great tutor, she was able to break it down for him. That’s the first time they met, actually. He was a smitten by the end of their first session,” Jeff told her.

Ella could see the blue eyes, her dad shared with her oldest and youngest brothers, drift off, as he was reliving the moment again. She knew her dad missed her parents, her grandmother Sylvia Creighton-Warrd was the same. Ella was a beautiful mix of her parents, she could easily tell from the pictures she had received over the years.

A familiar sound caught Ella and her dad’s attention. She moved from her seat, and stood closer to the window. With keen eyes, she spotted the familiar plane that was preparing for a water landing. The aqua-plane was a blue color that only one Tracy boy was obsessed with.

Ella gasped, before she looked over her shoulder at her dad. A gleeful smile on her face.

“Go see, Scott. You know he’ll try to find you first,” Jeff ordered his daughter with a laugh.

“Thank you,” she threw over her shoulder as she took off. Her mahogany hair trailed after her, as she ran outside toward the dock.

As she reached the dock, Ella recognized the figure getting off the plane. With a burst of energy, Ella sprinted toward Scott, his name on her lips as she jumped him. Scott stumbled back a few feet as his arms were full of one Eleanor Creighton-Warrd, the duo ended up in the ocean.

Ella and Scott both surfaced not far from the dock. “Oops,” the sixteen year old said, after she got her breath back.

A laugh that Ella had missed since Christmas came from the dock. Ella turned to see the strawberry-blonde head of John Tracy.

“John,” Ella cried in elation.

“Hey little sis,” John greeted as he looked from Ella to Scott. “Told you, you’d end up in the ocean again,” he smugly told the oldest Tracy.

“Yeah, yeah,” Scott grumbled as he sent a splash of water in John’s direction. “Ella,” he sighed as he moved forward, through the water. The eldest Tracy boy wrapped her into a one armed hug, before he pulled away to climb onto the dock.

Once back on his feet, he and John both lifted Ella onto the dock. She wore a sheepish expression as she peeked at Scott through her eyelashes. “Sorry,” she mumbled with a small smile.

Scott’s laughter signaled to Ella that she wasn’t in trouble. “Come on, let’s get to the house before someone else tries to throw me off the dock,” he suggested.

Ella grinned before she climbed onto Scott’s back. The eldest Tracy chuckled but he held the adopted Tracy sister tightly as he and John walked of the dock to head back to their home.

“You would think, you hadn’t seen us in years,” Scott said as they made their way up the trail, that led back to the large house.

“Six months is a long time, and it’s not like either you call or pick up when we try,” Ella remarked, the slight hint of sarcasm was easily heard by both Scott and John.

“Alright we get the hint, Ella. What’s for dinner? It’s not Grandma’s turn to cook tonight is it?” John asked, fear in his eyes at the thought of anything Grandma Tracy cooked.

Ella’s giggles allowed both males to relax. “Nope it’s dad’s turn, and it looked like he was going to fire up the grill when you got here. Of course, that means I’ll making a side salad for dinner.”

John looked at his sister with a smile. “Well, that is one thing I missed most. Your cooking,” he told his sister.

A flush covered the teen’s cheeks, she looked away and stared at the trees. After the loss of Lucy, Ella had started to learn how to cook. She learnt from Jeff, it was a way for the pair to bond and grieve. The little girl, who had lost her second mother, had needed a distraction. Learning to cook with her dad had been the distraction she needed, it was something she excelled at.

“All the guys in my regime enjoyed your cookies, Ella. So, don’t say you’re horrible at cooking because you’re not,” Scott remarked as the large house came into view.


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Libraries and Lessons (YGO)

Zara stood with Seht in the library, the pair were looking over a few of the scrolls for various spells and court ceremonies. While, Zara did not possess one of the Millennium Items, she was given the title of Court Sorceress. A title she shared with Mahad but his word held more weight as he held the Millennium Ring.

"What about this one?" Seht asked as he pointed at the line of script he had been reading.

Zara looked at the scroll on the table, she read the lines with intense scrutiny. "This could work, as the ceremony only requires lotus flowers. I can easily grow or conjure them prior to court," she answered as she met Seht's sapphire stare.

"You truly are magnificent," the young Priest softly commented.

Zara's cheeks flushed at the compliment given to her. "Seht," she whimpered before a set of lips were pressed against her own.

A gasp escaped the female spell-caster's mouth, Seht took the chance to deepen the kiss. Zara willingly gave in, her arms wrapped themselves around Seht's back. One of her hands played with a few stray pieces of soft brown hair.

Before, the pair could continue any further a crash resounded in the library walls. The pair jumped apart, Zara and Seht looked at one another wide eyes on both their faces. Together they moved along the shelves to reach the end of the aisle. Seht reached for his Millennium Rod, should he need to use it. Silently, the duo glanced around the room in search of the noise.

Zara spotted the top a familiar head, hiding away in a large pot in the corner of the library. She placed a finger to her lips, before giving a pointed gesture to Mana's location with her head. The female watched as Seht’s shoulders sagged in relief. He quickly put his Millennium item away, before he followed behind his betrothed.

The priest stopped a few feet away to allow Zara a moment to speak softly the apprentice magician. He knew better than to interfere with Zara’s scoldings, lest he desired to receive one as well. Seht, held no true power over the palace’s spellcasters, just they had no power over the priests and priestesses. He respected the difficult tasks placed upon them. His beloved helped open his eyes to their tasks, long ago a short time after his arrival at the palace.

“Mana are you skipping lessons? Again,” Zara exasperatedly inquired as she looked at Mahad’s apprentice with a raised eyebrow.

Man’s brown hair popped out of the jar as she looked at Zara with large cartoonish eyes. The young student giggled awkwardly at the situation. “Um, my teleportation spells need some work. I wanted to arrive in the gardens, not the library. Haha oops,” she sheepishly explained as she looked at Zara.

“Oh, Mana,” Zara sighed before she closed her eyes and shook her head. Her dark waves trailed after the movements. A pink orb appeared in front of the female magician. “Mahad, she is safe in the library,” she commented.

In a blink, the orb disappeared from view.

Seht stepped forward until he was only just behind Zara. “You weren’t too far off, Mana,” he remarked as he looked at the training spell caster.

“Seht’s right, Mana, you were only a few yards from the garden. You are greatly improving,” Zara added a nod and soft smile.

Mana perked up at the compliments from Seht and Zara. She knew that Zara was just as strong as Mahad with magical abilities, despite being six years younger. Mana remembered as a child, Zara and Mahad quickly advancing in their magical studies. She hoped to one day be as strong as the pair.

“Thank you,” she accepted the compliments with a blush on her face.

Zara sent her friend a smile. “Let’s get you out of the pot. I imagine Mahad will be here soon,” she suggested. “But teleport out of the pot, instead of climbing.” She added in hopes of helping Mana. Zara wanted to asses the control her friend had in short distance teleportation.

Mana nodded, she closed her eyes. Both Seht and Zara could see the concentration grow in her features as she quietly spoke the words in the spell. With sharp eyes, Zara watched as Mana slowly faded out of the pot, she looked around and saw a cloud form near one of the tables.

Soon after, Mana was in full appearance. She happily cheered at her accomplishment.

“Well done, Mana,” Mahad’s voice echoed through the large room.

The trio looked around to see Mahad, he appeared before the group as magic rippled up and down his form to make him visible. He approached Seht and Zara, with a proud expression on his face.

Mana flushed at the praise, her eyes wide at Mahad’s presence. “Um, how long have you been there?” she asked.

“Since, Zara ordered that you teleport out of the pot. Of course, invisibility spells are helpful. You weren’t able to see me, but you did a wonderful job Mana. You are excused from the rest of today’s lessons,” the male spell-caster said with a warm smile on his face.

Mana happily yelled before she ran out of the library. Her voice echoed as she called for Atem. Zara laughed at her friend’s enthusiam, but she happy to see Mana enjoy herself. She suspected Atem would soon be hearing the story of Mana’s adventure.

Zara smiled at Mahad, “That was very generous of you.”

“She did a wonderful job. Thank you for helping her, Zara,” Mahad told his friend and fellow spell-castress.

Zara rolled her eyes at Mahad’s compliment, “I didn’t want her feel defeated. Besides, she has improved greatly these last few months. Seht was not wrong when he told her she wasn’t far from the garden. She’ll be ready soon, I imagine you’ll have your hands full in the coming weeks.”

Mahad shook his head. “Did you find a spell or enchantment for the closing of the court ceremonies?” Mahad inquired with a change of subject.

“We found a spell that could work, it seems simple enough,” Seht answered his friend as he led them back to the table where he and Zara had been.

Ardeth's Visit (Mummy)

Zarnak stood beside her father, as he waited for the arrival of their visitor. She had heard the rumors of Ardeth Bay, he was the Commander...