Monday, October 30, 2017

Final Performance (TW Ellen)

“You’ll be fine, Elle,” Laura told the five year old female wolf. “Besides, Peter has already told Derek that if he steps on your feet that he won’t be going to the batting cages for a month. Dad, even agreed with Peter on the punishment. And we both know how pouty, Der gets if he doesn’t get to do his sports.”

Ellen giggled as she thought about the last time Derek had been without his sports. He had worn a frown for weeks before Talia had relented and allowed him out of the house. But he had been miserable for all those days with not being allowed to leave the house except for school. David had not be allowed to go to Hale house either to spend time with friend, for fear of riling up his friend.

But what if I make a mistake?” she hesitantly asked Laura with wide brown eyes.

The fourteen year old looked down at her friend and hugged her. When Laura pulled away, blue eyes met brown, “Then you make it seem as if it was part of the routine. If you don’t react to it, then no one is going to know.”

Ellen’s brown eyes widened slightly as she heard Laura’s words, “You promise?”

I promise,” the older girl swore as she squeezed one of the Ellen’s hands. “For now, though let’s finish getting you ready for your dance." Laura picked up the white foundation and brush.

She quickly began to pale out Ellen's caramel colored skin, so she looked pale like death. Both girls could hear Derek in the next room grumbling as Talia and Elizabeth put Derek in similar makeup. Ellen's giggles brought a smile to Laura's face, her friend and godsister had been racked with nerves the last few days as Peter had them practice the dance until Derek wasn't stepping on her feet. Laura could taste the nervousness in the air, but she knew that Ellen could do it.

Laura did quick work with Ellen's makeup, she enjoyed Ellen's giggles from the brush as it tickled her skin. Soon enough, the five year old girl was ready with her makeup and dress. She was sill missing her shoes but Laura helped her friend into the kitten heeled dance shoes.

"Okay, you're ready to go. Let's see if we can find Derek," Laura suggested as she helped Ellen down from the counter top she sat on.

Hand in hand the two girls made their to the dressing room next door. The door open, for the pair to step inside. Laura gasped as she took in the sight of her little brother. He looked a lot like Gomez Adams, the fourteen year old laughed at her brothers pouty face that didn't fit with the suave and smooth man.

"Oh Der, look at you little brother," Laura teased as she stood behind Ellen. "Nice work, mom."

"Thank you, it took a while to get the mustache down. He wouldn't stay still," Talia remarked as she frowned at her son. "Ellen, you look so beautiful. Are you both ready?"

The pair who were set dance reluctantly nodded. Talia motioned for them to wait out of sight, not fair from the ballroom. The group of dancers on the floor finished and passed the pair. Ellen's grip on Derek's hand tightened before they made their way out onto the floor.

She trailed after Derek, as they took their first position. Patiently, they waited for the music to start. The opening beats began and the pair took off into the steps they had practiced. It went smoothly, at one point while Ellen was spun away from Derek, she tripped slightly on her skirt. But she caught herself before she fell on the floor to hurt herself. Derek was quick to catch her and move on with the dance.

After three minutes, the pair were tired as they finished the dance. Both were panting as they moved back stage. Once out of view, Ellen cried out an apology for almost falling. Derek hugged her tightly. "Don't worry, no one noticed, Ellen. You're fine. I didn't step on your toes," he joked to try and stop her from crying.

Ellen giggled as she realized that Derek was right. All of her worrying about Derek stepping on her feet had been for nothing. Instead, she had been the one to make a mistake. Ellen knew that her parents, Talia, and Peter had seen the mistake. Disappointment emanated from her little self in quiet waves. Ellen didn't hear the applause as she tried to fight the tears that stung her eyes.


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Friday, October 27, 2017

Practice, Practice, Practice (TW Ellen)

Ellen looked between her mom and the open door. She wondered where Talia had gone but didn't ask. She grabbed the teddy bear that sat next to her and clutched him tightly to her chest. The soft brown bear had been a gift upon her birth, funnily enough Derek had given him to her.

She waited in impatience silence for something to happen. Her socked feet began tapping against the hard wood floor. With closed eyes Ellen's feet moved through the paso steps that she had known for weeks now. In her head she could see herself doing her parts of the dance, with Derek if he didn't step on her toes.

Footsteps broke Ellen from her thoughts, she turned to see Peter Hale enter the room. With excited eyes, Ellen jumped to her feet and threw herself at the beta werewolf. Peter chuckled as he caught the five year old, he lifted her into the air and hugged her, he rubbed his nose against his cheek to scent the young wolf.

"Peter, why are you here?" she demands as she looks at the blue eyed werewolf.

"Well, a little birdie told me that you and Derek won't be doing the Halloween recital," Peter answered as he threw a frown in Derek's direction.

Derek glowered at his uncle’s not so subtle hint. He wasn’t going to deal with Peter, he turned back to the window to let Ellen handle his uncle. Peter was wrapped around Ellen’s fingers, he easily gave in to every whim and desire. It was both amusing and annoying to the Hale family, but Talia enjoyed seeing the softer side of her little brother, who was the enforcer for both Hale and Night Packs.

Ellen nodded her head in agreement with Peter's comment."Nope, we're not going it."

"Might I inquire as to why you aren't doing the recital? I was looking forward to seeing your paso doble routine with the costumes," Peter said as he looked at Ellen with a soft frown.

Guilt ate inside Ellen's stomach, she didn't want to let down Peter. He was one of her favorite people. He always made time to play with her. She pouted softly before she told Peter the truth, "Because I don't want Derek to step on my feet anymore. It hurts to dance when my toes are in pain."

Peter's blue eyes widened as he looked at Derek. He knew his nephew could do a paso doble without hurting his partner. He frowned when he caught sight of Derek's blank expression. "Well, I think that just means more practice for the both of you," Peter suggested as he looked back down at Ellen.

Derek growled at his uncle's suggestion. But he didn't fight him, instead, he got up and followed his uncle to the room that was used as a dance studio. Talia had wanted all of her children to know how to dance, no exceptions. Even her nieces and nephews had to learn this skill. Ellen's father had learned to dance with Talia and both Ellen and David were learning.

"All right, let's see how you two regularly dance. Maybe a different set of eyes will help," Peter suggested as he moved to the CD player to play the music.

Ellen took up their first position, her back to Derek and her gaze on the floor. With quick counts, Derek started the paso and Peter watched with critical eyes. (Since I have no idea how to write dance steps, I would like to refer you to watching a paso doble on YT.) 

After the music came to a stop, the pair separated. Ellen's feet in pain from Derek stepping on her feet. Both listened as Peter gave them their notes. He made both them start over again, with the suggestions he gave. The second try was better, not perfect but better. He tried to fine tune his ideas to help and had them do it one more time.

Their third attempt was much better, Peter praised the pair and suggested they keep practicing. He left the room, he wasn't surprised to see Talia and Elizabeth outside. The three peeked through the gap to see that Ellen and Derek were getting better with their dance. It looked like they might actually do the recital if they kept the good practice up.


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Monday, October 23, 2017

Stubborn Werewolves (TW)

Ellen looked at her mom with wide confused eyes. "But I don't wanna do the paso with Derek. He's too tall!" Ellen whined as she sent said boy a glare.

"Ellen, you and Derek have been working on the paso for weeks. Why don't you want to do the recital with him?" Elizabeth Night asked her daughter with a frown on her face.

The five year old brunette's brown eyes looked at Derek's green gaze. She took in the frown and furrowed brows that often frightened the younger pack members. But Ellen had never been afraid of Derek, much to her brother's frustration. "Mama, he'll step on my toes, again," she muttered the last part.

Derek's frown deepened as he heard Eleanor's comment about stepping on her feet. It had happened once, and to be fair she had stepped away too late. "You're no cupcake, Eleanor," he mumbled as he glared out the window.

Two sighs came from the bickering children's mothers. Talia knelt down in front of her god-daughter, she studied the five year old girl in front of her. She looked very much like both her father and her mother. The young werewolf stubbornly looked down at her black mary-jane shoes, refusing to look into the dark eyes of Talia Hale.

"Ellen, don't you want to show your family what you've learned in your dance classes?" Talia asked as she gently brushed a piece of brown hair behind her ear.

Ellen's eyes flashed from brown to golden amber as her emotions got the better of her. "No."

Talia sighed but moved away knowing that she wouldn't win against her god-daughter. The Hale alpha shared a look with Elizabeth. She got up and moved to her office to make a phone call.

Ellen sat in her spot on the floor, avoiding everyone's gaze. Derek was in the window seat, he let his attention stay on the others who were playing outside. Elizabeth sat in one of the arm chairs with a frown as she looked between the five year old girl and eleven year old boy.

Elizabeth knew Derek and Ellen were close, closer than the two packs truly knew. Ellen and Derek often gravitated towards each other, just naturally. Sometimes, like today, they would be  stubborn but not want to leave the other. Both were waiting for the other to give in to doing the recital. But neither was willing to admit it. She sighed as she waited for the big guns to arrive.


Saturday, October 21, 2017

A Day for Potions

Zara sat in the window seat and looked at the view. The evergreens stood tall and proud as the seasonal trees glowed against the dark background. Shades of gold and rich red were easily distinguishable and created a warmth of burning embers. With the sky gray and ominous, it was enjoyable for the witch. The energy from the day, soothed the magic into a soft vibration. A light trickle of rain fell from the sky but no one appeared to be bothered.

It was the perfect day to brew potions. Zara moved to the small cauldron in her room. With quick movement the ingredients were gathered and ready to be brewed. The potion was a simple one, nothing horrible, just one for minor aches and pains. As, Zara knew that rain bothered her Nana's joints. She never minded making remedies for her Nana. Nana had taught Zara a lot about her magical abilities. She enjoyed the lessons she learned. It was a wonderful passing of the torch for the Oro family.


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Autumnal Magic

With the arrival of October, the witches know it is now time. They all begin to brew their potions and cast their spells for Samhain, a new year for all of those who practiced magic. Autumnal breezes blow the golden colored leaves, as the air smells clean as if it had rained.

Leaves crinkle and crack as they are stepped upon. They crunch loudly when they are jumped on. Piles of orange and yellow leaves are seen all over the town. Pumpkins in shades of white, gray, and orange decorated stoops and doors of homes and businesses. All were in the festive spirit of All Hallow's Eve as it approached.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Fun Weekend

Chrys watched as the trees whizzed past her in a daze, the conversation from the front seat between Isabelle and Enya was one Chrys had heard before. She had shared a similar conversation with Enya a few days earlier. In the seat next to her Willow snapped pictures with her phone, Chrys knew her digital camera was in the brown leather backpack at her feet.

"Yo, Chrys are you awake?" Ayden asked with a thump to the back of Chrys' seat.

Chrys spun to look around her seat to look at Ayden, "I'm awake, I'm just tired. I had a long night last night," she answered as she sent her friend a grin.

Soon, they arrived at William's Farm and Orchards. They all hopped out of the car and made their way around the farm. It was a busy weekend for the far, the group looked around for the rest of their friends.

"Should we text the others to find out where they are?" Willow wondered as she looked at her friends.

Enya nodded as she pulled out her phone to send the others a text. Chrys knew they had planned to do the corn maze later that night around dusk. But it was still pretty early, so they would be able to do other activities.

Soon, they found the rest of their group of friends. Hugs and greetings were passed around, before they all decided to look around at the various vendors and food stalls. It's a nice day for the group as they wait for the time to do the corn maze.


Friday, October 13, 2017

Haunted Dreams

There in front of Tomas sat Ava, as she often prepared for various formal events. She was distorted in gray scale instead of color, he noted that she was transparent. He could easily imagine that she wasn't there but she was.

With a step back, Tomas attempted to retreat only to run into the doorway. The noise caused Ava to stop her preparations. She looks over at Tomas with a surprised look.

"Tomas, why are you here?" Ava harshly asked as she looked at her husband. A sharp glare crossed through her eyes.

Tomas ignored Ava's question. "You're not here. You are dead," he growled as he shook his head.

At the words, Ava froze, her lips slightly open as she looked at Tomas with confusion. Her eyebrows pulled together, a familiar sight to the King. "Dead?" she hesitantly asked as if she didn't want to believe her husband's words.

“Yes, dead,” Tomas bluntly stated with an irritated expression.

“Oh,” she softly said as the words sank into her thoughts.

With slow blinks, Ava’s gaze moved to the floor, her eyes watered with tears. Her thoughts riddled with questions and denial. She was not dead, she couldn’t be. Ava had been in her room preparing the Hallows Eve Festival Madolvina held every year.

“What is the date, Tomas?” she asked as she looked up at her husband.

“Why do you care, Ava? You are DEAD!” he angrily huffed. He turned away from the Princess and left her alone in her rooms.

Ava glared at Tomas’ retreating form with ire. “Don’t you dare walk away from me Tomas!” she commanded.

Tomas came to a screeching halt as Ava suddenly appeared in front of him. Her once golden brown eyes sharply regarded her husband. His blue-gray eyes were frightened, he stepped away from his dead wife. She had never been this much trouble when she was alive.

“What is the date, Tomas?” she growled at the King of Maldovina. Her eyes flashed a vibrant scarlet color that glowed against the darkness of the hallway.

Tomas babbled an unintelligible answer. Fear consuming his thoughts as he was caught in her gaze. The anger in her eyes frightened him, he felt chills run down his spine.

"It is .... Eleven years past your death, Ava," he informed her with an annoyed tone.


Final Performance (TW Ellen)

“You’ll be fine, Elle,” Laura told the five year old female wolf. “Besides, Peter has already told Derek that if he steps on your feet that...