Friday, October 14, 2016

Apple Picking

After Avis, Lynx, Enver, Laura, and Jack finished their apple ciders; Laura noticed that Lynx and Enver were a little jumpy. She took a look at Avis, and saw that she was still awake. She wasn't quite tired yet but it was obvious that she would ready for a nap soon.

"Why don't we do some apple picking? Then it will be time to head home," Laura suggested as she looked at Lynx and Enver.

The older two nodded in excitement. "Yeah!"

"Why don't you both, take your dad? Avis and I won't be long," Laura told her children as she stood up and collected her four year old daughter.

The pair moved towards the front counter. Mrs. Riker smiled at them, "Let me guess Miss Laura, hold the pumpkins and wait until you get back with your case of apples."

Laura laughed, "You're right, as always, Aunt Beth.

"I should know my favorite niece," Beth Riker replied with wink to the golden blonde female.

"Thanks, Aunt Beth," Laura called out as she took Avis and they headed towards the bathroom. She knew that Avis would want to use the bathroom without having her four year old saying anything.

After their trip to the bathroom, they left the small store and moved towards the apple orchards. With Avis on her hip, Laura pulled out her phone and called Jack.

She heard her husband's phone ring and headed off in that general direction. "Hey, where are you?" Jack asked as he answered his phone.

"We're on our way, just keep talking, I heard your phone ringing, so we should be able to find you," Laura told Jack as she and Avis headed towards the others.

"You know, you could just have your Uncle John just give you a ride on the tractor," Jack reminded her with a deep and throaty chuckle.

Laura could hear Jack's voice much better now, which meant that she was getting close. "Listen for Daddy, Avis," she prompted her auburn haired daughter.

"You know it's cheating when you use our children," Jack told her, she knew that he was smiling.

"Very funny, Jack, you're so hilarious ha ha," Laura sarcastically called out with fake laughter.

Suddenly, Avis shrieked, Laura dropped her phone at her daughter's cry. Laura looked up from her phone to see Jack with Lynx and Enver behind him, looking at the various apples. The mother of three frowned at her husband. She placed Avis on the ground and retrieved her phone.

Avis toddled towards her father and hugged his leg tightly. She clung to him as if she was attached. Laura smiled and snapped a picture of Avis with her father. Jack smiled at Laura, as she put her phone in her pocket.

"Come on, Avis you wanna pick some grab some apples?" Jack asked his daughter as he picked her up and held her in his arms.

Laura whipped out her phone to take another picture. These family moments were important to her, as she had never known her father. Laura loved seeing Jack interact with their children, they were moments that she cherished the most. She slowly followed after Jack and Avis, Lynx was jumping up to try and grab a bright red apple.

The blonde thirty-six year old, reached up and grasped the apple. "Here you go, Lynx," she told her daughter as she handed her the apple.

"Thanks, mom," Lynx gave her mom a bright smile, as she place the apple in her bucket that was next to her.

"You're welcome," she replied as she kissed her daughter's forehead.

The family of five wondered throughout the apple orchards. Jack and Laura helped their trio pick the ripened apples that they couldn't reach. They enjoyed the time spent together, Enver kept talking about Laura's homemade apple pie. While, Lynx expressed her excitement for the caramel apples that they would enjoy on Halloween.


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