Monday, August 8, 2016

Escape for the Day (TEC)

Ella sat in the second story window ledge, she was bored out of her mind. It was a quiet day in the palace. She didn't have anything that she needed to do, her parents were away from the palace for the day. Some sort of second or third honeymoon, she had heard Xander and Matthew refer to it. She wasn't sure that she wanted to know.

But Jason was currently in charge, and he was busy meeting with the Elders and Council of the districts in the kingdom. Skylar, Rowan, and Hunter were having tutoring lessons, since Ella was eighteen, she no longer was required to have private tutoring lessons. She had graduated with full honors, from Nightshade's schooling system at sixteen.

"Your highness," a soft yet firm voice called out.

Ella turned her gaze from the window, to Adam Rosewood, her bodyguard of two years. She knew that he was not duty for the day, given that she wasn't doing anything today.

"Hello, Adam," she replied as she took in his appearance. He wasn't wearing his usual suit. He was instead wearing a black t-shirt, a medium brown leather jacket with dark blue denim jeans. He looked different but it was a nice different. His brown hair looked as if it had been windblown. "What are you doing here? It's your day off."

"Well, I figured since you were here, and were going to be here all day, we may as well get out. Come on," Adam answered as he reached forward to grab her hand.

Ella rolled her eyes but allowed herself to be pulled away from her window seat. She trailed behind Adam as they traveled downstairs, but they didn't go the obvious route. Adam led Ella through the route that the staff typically took. Ella hadn't ventured through that route since she had been a little girl. She smiled at the familiarity of it.

Her black booties softly thumped as they reached one of the service doors. One that the family didn't use, but rather the various staff that didn't live in the palace frequented.

She stopped just outside as she caught sight of a motorcycle, she frowned as she looked at her off duty guard. "Oh no, no way," she balked as she backed away from her guard.

"Are you scared, Eleanor?" he asked as he gazed at the princess.

Ella jerked her head in response, "Frightened."

Adam softly chuckled, "You will be fine, Ella, I won't let anything happen to you. Please, trust me." He held his hand out, palm up silently asking for her trust him.

Ella frowned but hesitantly placed her hand in Adam's. She knew that she could trust him. He was her body guard and he hadn't ever harmed her, except for that one time he had pushed off a staircase landing. But she did land in the ocean. "Promise me that neither of my parents will find out about this," she told me as he gave her hand a gentle squeeze.

"They won't realize a thing," he swore as gave a quick spin.

The princess giggled at Adam's action, he wasn't usually so open. He was very much one who followed the rules. But she liked this different side of him.

"You'll need this," he said as he presented her with a helmet. 

Ella grabbed the black helmet, she placed it on the second seat of the motorbike. She quickly grabbed her dark locks and pulled her hair into a ponytail. Then she grabbed the helmet and placed it over her head. It fit snugly, she adjusted the chin strap. Once she was done, she straddled the back of the bike behind Adam.

"Hold on tight," Adam's muffled voice called out.

Ella wrapped her arms around his waist, and rested her chin on his shoulder as he started the bike. Once he was sure that everything was good to go, he gave Ella's burgundy colored thigh a soft pat before he took off.


 This is a new TEC piece, and I'm hoping to have the next part of this up on Wednesday. Where should Ella and Adam go? Leave a comment. I'm hoping to have a set for this on Wed. or Friday.

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