Friday, September 30, 2016

Study Talks (TEC -PRAU)

Ella stood in the doorway of Philli's study, she smiled sadly as she caught sight of her Prince. He was standing in front of the tall windows. She knew that he was lost in thought, his silver eyes were unfocused as he stared.

"You miss them, too," the Princess of Lunaria said, allowing her presence to be known.

Phillip turned his silver gaze to Ella's golden stare. "Yes, I do," he answered truthfully.

Ella smiled sadly, before she stepped into the room. She quickly closed the door behind her, so she and Phillip could have a rare elusive private moment. Once the door was closed the Princess ran towards Phillip, she wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face into his chest. Ella tried to hold in the tears that wanted to fall.

Phillip rubbed her back, he rested his cheek on top of her mahogany colored curls. "We will see them, again, Ella," Phillip promised his Princess.

Ella sighed as she snuggled closer to Phillip. "I know, I just didn't expect to miss them all so much," Ella replied as she pulled away from Phillip to look up at him. She gently reached her hand forward and brushed a strand of honey brown hair away from his face.

Phillip gently pressed his forehead against Ella's, "They were quite a charming bunch," Phillip murmured. He pressed a soft kiss to her forehead, and stepped back. "We will see them, again, Ella. Hopefully, we'll be able to help them on their journey in search of the energems."

Ella stared at Phillip, in surprise, as she realized what he was saying. "You want to find an energem. You want to be a Power Ranger," she softly accuse her fiance with a look of worry and concern on her face.

Phillip let out a sigh at Ella's truth, he nodded and gave a sheepish grin yes, in reply.


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