Friday, September 9, 2016

Reunited Arrival

"Mae govenen Leglas Thranduilion," Avalon greeted the blonde Prince of Mirkwood.

"Mae govenen Lady Avalon Elrondial," Legolas returned as he bowed his head in the respect toward the dark haired elleth.

The other elves of Mirkwood that had arrived with Legolas, bowed in respect towards their Princess and their Prince's young wife.

"Ada has asked that I escort you to your rooms," Avalon stated as she led the group into the House of Elrond, she guided the guests to the rooms they would be residing in.

"Thank you, Lady Avalon," the group  all said as they each enter their designated rooms.

Eventually, it was just Legolas and Avalon. They walked side by side until they reached the last room at the end of the hall.

"Hannon le, Lady Avalon," Prince Legolas humbly replied as she led him to the room.

"You're welcome, Prince Legolas," she replied as she bowed her head. "There is a passage in the wardrobe that will lead you to my room." she added before she gently placed a kiss upon Legolas' lips.

"That is wonderful, shall we take a walk through the famous gardens of Imladris?" Legolas asked as he held his arm out.

"Why, of course, Prince Legolas," she said with a giggle as she wrapped her arm around his.

Legolas quickly gave his wife a kiss on the lips before he led them from his room. The pair walked through the hallways towards the gardens.

Just a little drabble of Legolas and Avalon. I wrote this a few years ago, in one of my notebooks. I'm thinking that I'll do more Avalon and Legolas pieces soon.

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