Friday, September 23, 2016

Heading to Amber Beach (TEC-PRAU)

Dino Charge Episode 11: Break Out

“Phillip, this is not a good idea,” Ella told her betrothed Prince as they rode to Amber Beach's Dinosaur Museum.

Her honey-gold eyes were met with an uncaring look in his face. “Ella, we cannot allow these imposters to sully our engagement,” Phillip passionately told his love as he reached out and gave her hand a gentle squeeze.

“Phillip, no one knows of of our engagement. Well, no one did before this incident happened,” Ella replied as she looked out the window of the limousine.

The Prince of Zandar pulled Ella's hand to his lips and kissed her knuckles on her right hand. “I know, Ella,” Phillip said. “I'm sorry that it came out like this.”

Ella gave her fiance a soft smile, “I know Phillip.”

Before they could reply, the limousine began to slow, which meant that they were arriving at their final destination.

“Your Highness, we have arrived,” one of Phillip's guards said from the front of the limo.

“Thank you, let us move quickly,” Phillip ordered as the door opened.

Phillip quickly smoothed down his tie and jacket as he stepped out of the black limousine. He reached back inside for Ella. The Princess of Lunaria, quickly grasped her fiance's hand and stepped gracefully out of the limo. She smoothed down the front of her white dress that had water colored lilac flowers all over the skirt and waist.

“You look gorgeous, Ella,” Phillip complimented his fiance with a bright smile.

“Thank you, Phillip,” Ella said as her cheeks became a soft pink.

Phillip led the way inside the museum, the guards quickly followed after the young couple. They were quick to find the display of the Treasures from Zandar, as they reached the wing, Phillip gave the order. “Collect everything,” he said, his tone was strong but Ella knew that he was worried about her more so.

I have to rewatch the episode but I wanted to give you this little piece. And I've included a sneak peek for a Clunter piece and Troy/Artemis short.

Together, the thirteen of us Rangers jumped off the cliff. We landed in a line, and yelled out “Ranger Power.”

Elsa and the other monsters were anxiously waiting for us. “Attack,” Elsa yelled out as she swung a staff forward.
I looked over at Hunter, he was looking my direction. I gestured my head back to the cliff. Hunter nodded his head as it was obvious that he understood what I was thinking. I quickly Ninja streaked to the top of cliff. I stood on the edge and took a deep breathe, I hadn't used Phoenix form since we had had helped Hunter recover the Gem of Souls from Vexacus.

“Fire Storm, Phoenix Form,” I called out as I jumped off the top of the cliff.

“Claire, what are you doing?” I heard Kira yell before I was engulfed in indigo and crimson colored flames.

I could hear the cries and shrieks of surprise from the Dinos and laughs from my Ranger team were intermixed with my parent's awes of amazement. They had never seen Phoenix form in person, only on video.

I gracefully swooped through the air and surveyed the surroundings around me. I noticed a group of Kelzaks trying to circle my mom. I quickly shot over towards mom, to take out the Kelzaks. I easily took them out. "Thank you, Claire," Mom called out as I saw her run in Dad's direction.

I cried back, I knew that mom would understand even without words. It was a soft symphony of notes, at least that's what my reply sounded like to me.

"Claire, watch out!" Tori shouted from my left side. I instinctively snapped over to the right and up. I glanced down to see a blast that had passed over where I had been. I heard the sinister laugh of Zurgane, as he sent another blast in my direction.

I dived and flew in crazy directions and patterns, I wasn't paying too much attention to how I was flying. I just wanted to get away. As the blasts kept following after me.

"Hunter, HELP!" I cried out both in song-like notes and telepathically. I could feel my tail feathers getting warm, a warning that Zurgane had nearly got me, and had just barely grazed my tail.

"I'm on it, Claire," Hunter telepathically replied as he aimed his Crimson blaster at Zurgane.

Artemis hurriedly moved towards the office, through the crowded hallways. She was running late and it wasn't even her fault this time. The brunette teenager had been called into her counselor's office yesterday and asked if she would show the new transfer student to his classes, as he apparently had most of the same classes as she did.

She had agreed, mostly because she knew that her Aunt and Uncle wanted to give her dad some news that she was trying to make friends in Harwood, even after living in the small town for three years. The newly turned sixteen year old could say that she only had two friends in school, Noah Carver and Gia Moran. She wasn't popular by any means and most of the other kids easily avoided the girl who moved to town because her parents sent her away.

Noah and Gia had been the only ones to reach out and try to include her into their groups of friends. She got along with their respective best friends Jake Holling and Emma Goodall but she couldn't say that she was friends with them. But she knew that her Aunt Ashley and Uncle Andros were in constant contact with her parents, even if she only took a few phone calls from them. She did want to help the new student, and maybe have another friend.

But this morning had not been her morning, her alarm clock hadn't gone off and she had woken up after the bus had passed her stop. She had thankfully gotten a ride from her aunt to the school, with only ten minutes before school started. Artemis had sprinted into the building and rushed to her locker to get her things for her morning classes.

She reached the office with only a minute before classes started. As she opened the door, she looked at the secretary, "I know I'm late, I'm so sorry! I haven't had a great start to the day," Artemis told the secretary as she burst into the room. The brunette could easily guess that she looked like a mess, her wavy locks flying everywhere, her white cropped sweater and black t-shirt wrinkled. Her black jean capris and white converse with little smudges from the grass that she had fallen into, on her way into the building.

"Mr. Burrows, this Artemis Oliver, she'll be helping you around to your classes today," the secretary, Mrs. Davis said as she ignored Artemis and talked to the boy, who was leaning against the counter on the side farthest from the door.

Artemis blushed a soft pink color as she looked at the student that she was going to be showing around. She had not been told that it would be a guy, ugh and she had already embarrassed herself in front of him. 'Nice job, Artemis, make yourself look stupid in front of the new guy.'

"I don't-" The light haired brunette teen started to protest.

"You both share quite a few classes, Mr. Burrows. Now here are your passes for Mr. Burley's class as you're both already late," Mrs. Davis said with a fake bright smile on her too bright red lips.

Artemis grabbed the pass and slunked out of the office. She held the door open for the guy behind her. Once they were both in the hallway with the door, closed behind them, Artemis turned to look at the new guy. "Hi, I'm Artemis and welcome to Harwood County High," the caramel colored brunette introduced and held her hand out.

The new guy placed his hand in hers and gave a firm shake. "Troy Burrows, and thanks. So, what's your first class?" He asked after he let go of the female's hand.

"Science with Mr. Burley, but let's go to your locker first." Artemis suggested as she sent the boy a smile.

"Sure," Troy said as he looked down at his schedule. "I have 215-A."

"You're right next to mine. I'm 216-A. The letter just references the section that your locker is in," Artemis explained as they moved down the hallway.


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