Monday, September 5, 2016

Public Appearances (TEC)

Ella sighed as she sat in the limousine with her mother, four brothers, and father. Matthew and Xander were with Adam, Michael and Drake. She looked out the window and pretended that she couldn't see her mother's frown at her choice of outfit.

The Nightshade Princess knew that her mother was going crazy at what she had chosen to wear. Ella was comfortable and she knew that many of the young females at today's public outing were going to be judging her based on her outfit. Ella wore a black bandeau bra with a cropped black sweater, it wasn't too cropped, it did show a few inches of her waist. She also was wearing a burgundy red pleated skater skirt with nude heels.

There wasn't anything wrong with her outfit per se but Queen Avaline did not like the amount of skin that Eleanor was showing. However, she couldn't make her daughter change, because Ella and Adam had arrived at their respective cars last. And they were already running a few minutes behind schedule.

"Eleanor, what were you thinking when you chose this outfit?" King Erivine had questioned his daughter. His tone was full of disapproval and annoyance.

"I wanted to be comfortable, Your Majesty," Ella replied to her father in a clipped tone.

The young princess had a strained relationship with her father. Despite how much Ella had tried over the years, she knew that she would never make her father proud or have his approval. She had given up on trying to receive praise from the Nightshade King.

"This is not an appropriate outfit for today's events, young lady," her father angrily chastised as he send her an angry frown.

Ella rolled her eyes and didn't bother to reply. She instead turned her attention back to the window, they were nearly in Lunaria, the capital of Nightshade. Ella hoped that maybe she would be able to disappear during the festivities, she hated public appearances as a family.

The limo pulled to a stop outside the large sports stadium. As the crowd of photographers and reporters tried to make their way to the limo, Royal security and personal bodyguards cleared the way for the family to exit the vehicle.

"Please children, remember to behave," Queen Avaline urged as she smoothed her curly dark brown over her shoulder, one last time.

The car door opened and King Erivine stepped out the limo first, as it was his kingly duty. He smiled brightly and waved at the gathered crowd. The King turned back and offered his hand to his wife. At the sight of Queen Avaline, the crowd became louder. Nightshade very easily loved the Queen.

Ella watched as Jason stepped out next, he gave Ella, Skylar, Rowan, and Hunter a soft smirk as he left the vehicle. Skylar, followed after his role model. The amount of screaming from all of the females in the crowd became louder at the sight of their Crown Prince and the spare heir. Rowan, the newly turned sixteen year old stepped out next. He gave the crowd a large wave and smile. Ella gently nudged her youngest brother out of the limo. Hunter smiled worriedly at her, but she gave him a quick hug before the photographers saw.

Ella was the last to leave, as she had been doing since she was little girl. She stepped gracefully out of the limousine, with a fake smile plastered on her face. She waved at the crowd and allowed the media to take her picture. She could hear shouts from various photographers wanting her to look at their cameras.

She followed after her parents and brothers, as they entered the stadium. It was the first baseball game for the Nightshade Knights, and Ella had been asked to throw the first pitch of the game. Ella knew that Adam was directly behind her as he trailed after his charge.

The Royal Family met with the team, Rowan and Hunter were the most enthusiastic with meeting the team. Ella had politely greeted the players, she found that they were a diverse bunch, the teams usual pitcher Teddy Phillips was wonderful. He had happily answered her questions about pitching the baseball. He had even gotten a few laughs out of the Princess.

As the team was called out onto the field for opening ceremony, Ella and her family followed. Ella held Hunter's hand as the walked from the locker room out onto the field, he happily chatted with some of the players who wanted to introduce themselves personally to Princess Eleanor. Ella happily held conversations with her brother and the various players.

They quieted down as opening ceremonies began. Once the opening was completed, Ella was called out to throw the first pitch of the game. Ella walked through the field in her heels, with Teddy Phillips, as he would takeover after she was escorted off the field. Once at the the pitcher's mound, Teddy handed the princess a baseball, she grasped it in her hands. Ella allowed herself to form a pitcher's stance, once she was in form, she threw the baseball to the Knight's catcher. He caught the ball and held it over his head.

The crowd happily cheered at the Princess' pitch, Adam and Matthew escorted Ella off of the field to allow the game to start. Ella knew that they wouldn't be staying for the game, as they were also making another appearance at a the grand opening of Nightshade's newest animal shelter. This shelter was one that Ella had helped raise the funds for, she had been very much involved with this project.

"We have Eleanor, and we shall head to the limousine," Adam told whoever was on the other line of his earpiece, it was more than likely Xander.

Ella followed Matthew as he led them to the limousine, it had been moved around the back of the stadium. Adam opened the door for Ella. "Thank you, Adam," Ella said as she climbed inside.

Adam nodded before he closed the door. He knocked three times on the hood of the roof, to signal to the driver that they were ready to move.

Once she buckled the car began to move, she warily looked at her father. He was quietly talking with her mother, but she what it was they were talking about. But whatever it was, did not seem to make the King happy.

"Ella, you did an awesome job," Hunter said as he looked at his sister.

Ella smiled at Hunter, "Thanks Hunter, who knows maybe you and Rowan and will get to throw the opening pitch for a Knight's game in a few years," Ella told her brother.

Hunter's eyes got wide as he thought about that. "That would be so cool," he exclaimed as he and Rowan began to talk about the pros and cons of getting that privilege.


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