Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A Writer's Mind

Most days she can be found with a book, it doesn't matter if it's new or old. She reads constantly and continuously. She has a thirst for the words that are hidden in the tombs of pages that sit on shelves. If she isn't reading, she's writing. A desire to scribe the details of inner mind on paper for the world to see. Not all thoughts are written down, only what is meant to be share. But she finds that she doesn't mind. Her hand is smudged along two of the knuckles on her right hand. It's usually ink but sometimes it's graphite from a mechanical pencil.

She may have a stray cloud of gray on her nose, as she does rub her fingers against it from time to time. In her backpack, there is a bag that is filled to the brim with all kinds of pens. There are ball point pens and felt tip pens. The odd gel pen and pencil are hidden away inside too. The standard ink colors of black, blue, red, and green are there. But there are lots of other colors; a large variety of pinks and purples, some different shades of blue. Even some odd colors like bright lemon yellow and a soft gray are found here.

Color, she enjoys color. It makes everything brighter, even the dim ones. But they help to stay organized. It was how she took notes in college, different colors for different days. It was a tool that she used to help study. Now, they indicate different tasks in her planner. The sky blue color is for the tv shows that she'll watch later. The regular blue is either job applications completed or random things to do with her video editing program. The standard green ink represents the errands that she has completed or needs to complete. The TV shows that she needs to remember to download is in red ink. Bright pink are for doctor appointments or meetings. Purple is for YouTube, either a video to finish or upload to her channel.

The notebooks that she uses easily begin falling apart, she doesn't mean to abuse them. But they hold the words that have spilled out. Ones that she can't take back, but she doesn't always share. The covers might be falling off, pages might be crinkled from getting wet. Honestly, there are very few notebooks that haven't suffered some sort of damage, but she does use them.

Her fingers ache at times. An indication that she has been typing too long at her keyboard. But there are some stories that she wants to publish. She only really publishes on her blog or on the red and white website designed to share work that is fanfiction related. Her writing varies, some days it's about a Princess, one day it might be a witch. There is very little rhyme or reason, she just writes what her fingers write, there is very little control in what she shares. Sometimes her fingers scribe faster than she can think. Or is it?

Her mind is in constant flux, one idea after another is working it's way into being added or taken away from the piece that she wants to share. Maybe it's a spy or a Power Ranger in the color Indigo. No matter what she'll never stop writing she's always have a pen and notebook to write. A book will be her constant companion. She'll never truly be alone.

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