Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Seriously, Mother

She decided to go to her father's grave, to ask his advice. Even though he wouldn't really answer, as he had been dead for eight years. Her black heels sunk into the grass as she stood in front of the stone, that stood erect above the ground. As she breathed, it came out in soft white clouds of smoke, her black coat wrapped tightly around her. The cold bit through her black tights, numbing her legs.

"You know, I hated you for a long time. After you died," Esther mumbled as she bent in front of the gray marble slab.

There was no response, as she expected. "I, honestly, don't know if mom comes to see you, but I wanted to ask you something. You won't judge me like mom or anyone else would."

Esther shivered from the cold, there wasn't snow on the ground but she knew that it would be coming any day now. Her blonde hair was pulled away in a ponytail, that swung slightly as the cold caused her started shaking. "Ines, is pregnant, with her first baby," she announced with sarcasm in her tone. "Mom's ecstatic of course. She's happily telling everyone, and I do genuinely mean everyone. I caught her telling the grocery store clerk yesterday."

Esther paused in her rant, she reached out and traced along the letters that spelled out the familiar name that was her father's. "I don't know, I just don't feel excited, I should right?" she asked with a confused note in her voice. "Mom, demanded to know why I haven't given her any grandchildren yet."

Esther sighed in frustration as she admitted, what had been on her mind. She wanted to run her fingers through her hair, but she knew that she wouldn't have time to fix it. "I mean, I get that I am twenty-eight, but I am not ready for children! I don't want to have children, would you please give her a fucking sign, that I don't want children. As she keeps pushing the issue and I don't want to have to deal with it anymore..."she trailed off.

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