Friday, September 2, 2016

Soft Moments

Amy stood in front of the bathroom mirror and frowned slightly. She didn't really want to color her hair, but she understood that it was a necessity, especially for her and Steve. Given that they were both wanted fugitives.

She softly sighed as she took in her new hair color. Amy was no longer a brunette but she was now an auburn haired woman. It was better than black or blonde.

"You look fine, Amy, but I don't know how I feel about my new color," Steve admitted as he stood against the door jam.

Amy met his gaze through the mirror, "I don't know Steve, I think you look good as a brunette," she admitted with a soft smile.

Laura Barton watched from the kitchen window, as Amy spun in circles around the backyard with Lila's legs in the air. The mother of three, smiled as she saw them laughing together. It was a rare moment where Amy was able to be carefree with her family.

Laura felt a strong presence behind her, she knew that Captain Steve Rogers was protective of her niece. She turned and looked at the Captain, she could easily understand why many people were so willing to help him. She knew why Clint answered his call right away back in May.

"Thank you for letting us stay here, Mrs. Barton," Steve said softly as he looked down at the brunette who was Ellen Carter-Sousa's sister.

"You're welcome, Steve. You can call me, Laura, you know," she teased the gentleman from the forties with a smile.

Steve blushed a soft pink color. "Of course, Laura," he awkwardly struggled with her name.

"Take care of my niece, Steve. I watched her grow up under both Henry and Luke's shadow and scrutiny for wanting to be a SHIELD agent. She wasn't always the confident woman that she is now," Laura told the super soldier, as she turned back to the window.

She smiled as she saw that Amy was helping Lila with gymnastics. The pair were laughing as Amy cart-wheeled but instead of landing on her feet, she landed on her butt.

Amy peeks her head into Wanda's room, she smiles as she catches sight of her fellow brunette still asleep in bed. She looks over her shoulder and gestures to Lila. She stops her cousin, before she can ruin the surprise, with her hand. 

They smile, before Amy begins a silent down with her fingers. As soon as Amy hits zero, she moves her hand and Lila launches herself at Wanda.

Amy smiles as Lila jumps on Wanda's bed, and excitedly calls out the Scarlet Witch's name in excitement. 

Wanda sits up and looks at Lila in shock in surprise before she catches the little Barton girl. "What is it, Lila?" Wanda asks the concern in voice is filled with a little bit of worry.

Lila giggled at Wanda and shook her head. "Nothing's wrong, Wanda," Lila told her surrogate big sister. She wrapped her arms around the brunette. "Happy Birthday," she mumbled into the hug.

Amy saw Wanda's eyes widen as she realized what exactly today was. She leaned her head against the door's entryway. Wanda glanced at the former brunette agent and gave a head tilt in confusion.

Amy gave her friend a soft nod in confirmation that today was indeed her birthday.

At Amy's reassurance, Wanda thanked Lila and held her more tightly.


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