Monday, September 12, 2016

Worries and Medical Supplies (ST-ff)

Leo,” Ella cried out in relief as she ran towards the Enterprise's Chief Medical Officer. She wrapped her arms tightly around his waist, she was flooded with happiness at his familiar features.

Ella,” Dr. Leonard 'Bones' McCoy sighed as he wrapped one arm around his Head Nurse's waist. The other hand cradled her head against his shoulder. He placed his chin on top of her soft brown waves. “Are you alright?” He demanded as he pulled away and cradled her soft face between his hands. His thumbs were gently rubbing against her cheekbones, his hazel-green eyes were examining her face to make sure that she wasn't injured in anyway.

I'm fine,” Ella replied with a nod as she reached out gently turned her friend's head to get a better look at the cut near his temple. “Are you alright?” she questioned in return as she frowned over his injury.

Bones sighed but nodded, he was glad that she was doing her job. “I'm fine, but I'm more worried about Spock,” he answered his nurse honestly.

Ella nodded in understanding, they pulled apart and immediately joined Captain Kirk, Spock, and Scotty. Ella wrapped her arms around Leo's right arm. She looked at Spock with worry, it was obvious that the Vulcan had been injured during the time that both Bones and Spock had been missing from the bridge.

Bones, you okay?” Captain Jim Kirk asked his first friend from their days at the Academy. His bright blue eyes looked at his friend and like Ella's took note of the cut at his temple.

Yeah, I'm fine. It's him you need to worry about,” Bones answered, he jerked his head over in Spock's direction.

Captain, I am functioning adequately,” Spock hurriedly tone, as if he didn't himself believe that he had a serious injury, too near his heart.

Immediately, after Spock's vehement denial he swayed on his feet. Both the Captain and Doctor reached out to steady the First Officer. Ella stood moved in front of Spock and began to look him over to see if there was anything other than his internal bleeding.

Do, we have any medical supplies on this thing?” Bones demanded as he looked over at Scotty and Jaylah.

The black and white alien, with unique green eyes nodded. “This way,” she answered and led the group to the mess hall.

Ella stepped away from Spock and headed over the transporter control panel. She immediately grabbed the medical kit that was in her escape pod, and the spare one that she had taken after her disastrous return to the Enterprise with Kirk and Ensign Chekov.

When she reached the mess room, there was a mess of ancient medical supplies on the floor. Bones was sorting through them and trying to find something that could use to save the green blooded alien.

Ella frowned as she knelt down beside Leonard. “Leo, this might work better,” she softly murmured to him as she tried to give Jim and Spock some semblance of privacy to their conversation.

Leonard McCoy looked at Ella and saw that she held two medical kits in her hands. He smiled before he reached out and grabbed one. “Darling, I could kiss you,” he exclaimed in delight at seeing familiar tools.

Ella's cheeks flushed a soft rosey color at his comment. “Leo,” she mumbled with embarrassment.

Captain James T. Kirk, who had heard Bones' comment, smirked at Ella's blush. He knew that there was a mutual attachment and attraction between his C.M.O., and Head Nurse. “You know Bones, she might take you up on that,” Jim said as he sent a wink to the red faced nurse.


Disclaimer: I don't own any of the recognizable characters in this. I only own Ella, who is another OC. I'm not sure if I'll be doing all of the Star Trek (2009) movies but I really wanted to do this one. Happy 50th Anniversary to this amazing show. Gene Roddenbarry has created a masterpiece that I've grown up with and love tremendously.

Maybe I'll wonder into the other Star Trek universes, we will have to wait and see.

Love you all.

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