Monday, October 3, 2016

The Huntress

The young huntress, casually leaned against the wall, waiting for her cue to enter the fore. Artemis smirked as she watched the Cross brother's try and fail to get information from el vampiro. She listened as the brother's threatened and injured the bloodsucking demon information.

Finally, after an hour of nothing working, the auburn haired female stepped away from the wall. This caught the demons attention, along with the Cross brothers. She gracefully and sinfully made her way in front of it. She tilted her head as she stared intensely at the creature. "Dima me, adonde esta la Espada?" Tell me, where is the Blade? The huntress demanded as she leaned toward the demon, she kept herself far enough away that he wouldn't be able to bite or hit her.

"Chingate!" the demon hissed as it struggled against the chains and ropes that kept him in the metal chair. Fuck you!

Artemis pulled away from the demon and looked back at the Cross boys. Adam's arms were crossed in front of his with his typical serious face. Adam was difficult to read, but she could tell that he was not amused with her interruption. While, Damon was leaning against the wall he wore an amused smirk on his face as his blonde locks fell in front of his silver-green eyes.

"Disfruta de demonios. Dile hola a Lucifer," Artemis told the demon before she whipped a knife out of her black boot. Quick as a hummingbird, the huntress killed the demon before it had a chance to scream. Enjoy hell. Say hello to Lucifer.

The demon burned into a pile of ashes, the ropes and chains fell with a thud. Artemis turned back towards the Cross brother's with a soft smirk on her face.

Adam quickly made his way in front of the huntress, "What the hell was that?" Adam yelled at her. His hand gestured towards the now empty chair. "Do you know how long it took us to hunt down that asshole? And what do you do, you kill it first chance you get!"

Artemis frowned and glared at the eldest brother. "He didn't know anything. If it had known anything about the Blade, it would have said something sooner. Like when Damon was cutting lines into his arms. Or when you were using his face like a boxing bag? This one didn't know anything. And you are fool if you think you can find any demon who knows anything about the Blade," she cried out before she shoved past him. She purposely elbowed the black haired male in the gut on her way past.

La Huntresa stomped out of the room, her heeled boots clicked against the floor with each of her steps. She slammed the door open on her way out and didn't bother to close it as she made her way upstairs and began to pace. "Honestly, that asshole. He makes me want to kill him," she muttered as she stopped in front of the desk and looked at the mess that was on top.

They had been looking for the Blade, for a little over six months. And they had made little progress in their search. The Blade, was a supposedly a mythical blade that could wipe the demons that lived on earth, even those in El Paraiso. Until earlier this year The Blade had been believed to have been only a myth, that was until Rafael, one of the few angels who lived on the earthly plain gave the huntress and the Cross brothers a visit. The trio had been on the search ever since, but nothing had panned out.

Frustrated, Artemis angrily swept everything off the desk. She let out a loud angry shriek, one that easily could have rivaled a banshee.

So, I've been playing this character in my head for awhile. Of course Artemis was originally going to be an OC in From Dusk til Dawn but I liked her too much. The Cross brothers aren't nearly as developed but they're inspired by Gecko brothers and Winchester brothers.

October is going to have dark themes, since it's the month of Halloween, one of my favorite holidays. So expect something with a mythical/supernatural element in each piece.

Love you all

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