Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Golden Petals

Golden petals shine brightly
as they glisten and gleam
in the barely warm sunlight

The ground, as colored 
with jewel-tones of
ruby, gold, marigold,
wine, aubergine, dark raspberry

Petals of various colors
shapes, and sizes glide
twirl, dance and happily 
fly through the air

a harsh but soft
breeze carries the jewels

before they spontaneously
drop and collapse
into a pile of cold and wet 
gold and orange embers

Embers that do not provide
warmth and light from 
the dark of a moonless night

Instead, these embers
glow a bright golden light
in the warmth of the sun
they are are wet but comfort
and good fun to jump in

the beginning of the end of a year
a time for trees to start
to sleep as they shed
their leaves and unseeingly 
grow for the new year


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