Monday, September 19, 2016

One of Three (Sneak Peek)

So, I started writing this a few days ago, and I'm kinda in love with the idea. Please note this story is still fleshing itself out, so this is only a sneak peek. I'll maybe try to have more out in a few weeks.

Laurel was one of three, she had been the youngest to be presented. Her rose-gold hair was pulled away from her face in a braid that hung over her shoulder. She gazed out of her third story window in Everest Castle, there wasn't much to see.

The view was of the Dark Wood, it was a forest that was supposedly haunted by the various people who went into the wood but never came out. The Dark Wood wasn't immediately in her view, it was a good few thousand feet away from the grounds. Black wrought iron fencing kept the wood from encroaching on the palace ground.

Laurel caught sight of Prince Dashiel, the golden haired Prince of Evernight was walking the grounds with his steed. The Prince wore black clothing, as was tradition for those who lost their loved ones.


There is more to this beautiful start but I don't want to give it all away. Love you all

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