Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wishes and Snacks (TEC)

Princess Eleanor meandered down the cobblestone street in Lunaria. The Princess had been allowed to wander in the Nightshade Kingdom's capital for the day. However, she was with Adam, her bodyguard, and Athena, her body double.

Both Athena and Adam were very much patient with the sixteen, almost seventeen year old Princess as she looked curiously from shop to shop. Some she would peek into, others she glanced at but didn't go inside.

Ella hadn't gotten anything, at least so far. She however had been given a credit card and some money to bring with her. But there wasn't anything that was really calling to the Princess.

Athena had gotten some fresh flowers for her room, as she usually did whenever she came to Lunaria. Ella had enjoyed helping her friend pick out the fresh blooms.

The trio, were easily recognized but the people of Lunaria didn't dare bother the Princess. As many of the elderly members knew that Princess Eleanor was rarely allowed out of the castle, they prevented the trio from being ambushed. Many did take pictures but none dared to approach the Princess.

Ella, Athena, and Adam eventually found a small cafe. It wasn't Rosewood, but rather the cute little cafe, that Ella had seen when she and Adam had sneaked away from the palace.

They each had gotten different deserts. Adam had chosen a black forest chocolate cake slice. Ella might have stolen a bite or two from his slice, when he wasn't looking. Athena had chosen a small selection of chocolate covered strawberries. The brunette double shared her treat with the Princess and Bodyguard. Ella had chosen raspberry mint flavored macarons. She too had shared her treat with her double and bodyguard.

Before the trio had returned the palace, Ella had insisted that they visit the Emelia Fountain. A fountain that the Princess' great-grandfather had created in honor of his wife.

At the fountain, Ella had given Athena and Adam each a dollar coin. The duo had looked at Ella with suspicion.

"What are you up to, Eleanor?" Adam asked his charge with a raised eyebrow.

"Nothing, Adam, but I just want for us to each make a wish," Ella had answered with a bright smile.

Ella turned her back to the fountain and her friends. She closed her eyes and made her wish, then tossed the coin over her shoulder.

'I wish for more days like today with Adam' Ella had wished.

Once she heard the plop of water, the Princess opened her eyes and turned around. She watched as Athena did the same.

Adam was the last and seemed reluctant to do so, but he did as the Princess asked. After his coin had landed in the fountain, Ella stood beside her guard and grasped his hand in her own and gave it a brief squeeze.


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