Monday, October 10, 2016

Pumpkin Picking

Avis trailed after her brother and sister as they walked along the dirt path. The little four year clutched her mother's fingers as they looked at the various pumpkins. There was a large variety in all kinds of shapes and sizes, some were even bigger than Avis. Her little pig tails bobbled as she constantly kept changing her head in multiple directions.

Laura laughed softly at Avis' distracted movements. The mother of three, easily watched as her eldest two, Enver and Lynx ran a little ahead, towards the larger pumpkins. Laura recalled Enver stating earlier that he wanted to get a pumpkin that Avis could sit inside of. The mother of three shook her head, “Don't get too far ahead,” she called out.

Enver came to a slow stop and turned towards his mother. Lynx did the same, strawberry blonde hair shined a brilliant gold against the sunlight. Enver tapped his foot as he waited for his mom and sister, it was obvious that he wanted to get his pumpkin. He had been waiting for three days, his mom hadn't wanted go. There had been a lot of wet weather in the area, but today had finally let up.

Avis let go of her mom's hand and ran towards her siblings. She grasped both of Enver and Lynx's hands. Together the three of them skipped ahead of Laura. The trio moved forward, they reached the larger pumpkins. Enver started looking at the pumpkins with Avis. The ten year old boy would ask his four year old sister to stand next to a pumpkin. He would shake his head at each one. Lynx was staring at the pumpkins with an artist eye, she suggested a few to Enver.

Laura looked at her trio, and took pictures with her phone. These were such amazing moments with Enver, Lynx, and Avis. After some time, they found a pumpkin that they wanted. It was quite large, but it wasn't as large as Laura was expecting.

“Mom, it's perfect. We need it!” Lynx called out excitedly. She pointed towards the pumpkin that the three had chosen.

“It looks amazing, let me text your dad. Why don't you three pick some smaller ones, too?” Laura suggested as she began to text to her husband. She looked after her children as they each looked at the various pumpkins.

Laura smiled as she watched her children, eventually a pair of arms wrapped themselves around her waist. Laura sighed as she leaned back into Jack's chest. “They've found a pretty big pumpkin,” the mother of three told her husband.

Jack's chest rumbled with laughter as he watched his children. “Which one is it?” he asked.

“We're standing next to it,” Laura answered with a bright smile. She caught sight of Lynx helping Avis carry some little pumpkins.

Jack turned the large pumpkin, that was next to them. It was quite big, Avis would easily be able to fit inside, once it was empty. He let out a low whistle, “That's a big one.”

“Uh huh, you get this to the car. While, I get these rascals and their little pumpkins to the store. Depending on if Avis isn't tired, maybe we could do some apple picking,” Laura hinted to her husband as he moved towards the large pumpkin.

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