Monday, October 24, 2016

Movies and Lights

Vera sleepily laid her head on Erik's shoulder, she could barely keep her eyes open. The twenty-four year old  female had been up most of the night finishing choreography for a new routine. The dancer had been working on this specific project for few days, and she had needed to get the routine finished.

Erik snacked on a large bowl of popcorn in his lap, as he watched the movie on the screen. He glanced at Vera to see that she was sound asleep. The twenty-six year old male, sighed in frustration. He knew that Vera had been up all night for work, but this was getting ridiculous. Vera had fallen asleep again, this was the fourth time in a span of a week.

He turned his attention back to the movie in front of him. It was a scary movie, but it wasn't one that was scary to him. Vera had been jumping and latching onto him earlier. Honestly, he was enjoying the movie but he didn't understand why she was so scared it was just a scary movie.

Their shared apartment looked more scary that the empty house in the movie did. Vera was obsessed with Halloween, she enjoyed it more than Christmas. The dancer went all out for the holiday, instead of being only one day, it was three days. Vera extended Halloween into Day of the Dead, a holiday that Erik hadn't known much about until they had started dating.

He knew that Day of the Dead was a tradition that she had done with her family. When Erik was twenty and Vera eighteen, she had invited him to celebrate the holiday with her family. He had gone not really knowing what to expect. He had thought it would be like Halloween but it was completely different, and he really liked the holiday. He and Vera kept joining her family for the holiday ever since.

Erik finished the movie, before he shut the TV off. He wasn't tired, but he wasn't going to move, he had learned the hard way that a sleep disturbed Vera was never a good thing. She was scarier than any monster that existed in the scary movies. And Erik was a huge fan of scary movies, he loved them, couldn't get enough, honestly. If he had his way, that's all he would ever watch but Vera hated scary movies. She was jumpy and got spooked easily, the irony of her loving Halloween.

The brunette male glanced at all of the decorations that littered their apartment. There were fake pumpkins, fairy lights, and other little things all over. There were black cats, witch hats, brooms, wands, vampire coffins, fake mummies, and skulls to name a few. Vera was never one to go halfway in her decorating but this was Halloween. Christmas wasn't quite this chaotic, but Erik loved Vera and enjoyed the little quirks that she had even if they confused him to no end.

The white ghost lights twinkled at him as he closed his eyes. He leaned his head back and fell asleep to the soft Halloween playlist that Vera kept on repeat, all October.


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