Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Moonlight Flights

The familiar chimes of 'Dance of Sugarplum Fairies' sang through the room, Artemis St. Rose woke up and glared at her alarm clock. As she looked at the time, she realized that it was time. The young witch moved out of bed.

She moved toward the window seat in her room, and looked out at the bright moon. It was a gorgeous golden orange color. Artemis smiled at the sight of the Harvest Moon. With a snap of her fingers, the witch was no longer in pajamas but in a more appropriate outfit for a midnight flight. A black dress that was cinched in at the waist with a corset. The skirt cascaded until just an inch above the ground. On the young witch's feet were black heeled ankle booties, that complimented the rest of the outfit beautifully. Artemis moved to the mirror and smiled at the medium sized pointed hat that sat tilted on the right side of her brown tresses. She smiled at her reflection, before she made her way back to her bed.

On the foot of her bed was a small bundle of black fur, the young mistress of magic gently stroked her finger across her kitten's back. "Come on Cerberus, it's time," she softly cooed to her cat.

Cerberus's soft green eyes blinked open to look at her mistress. She mewled at Artemis, before she began to stretch and arch to spend time with her Lovely.

Artemis softly laughed at her cat's movements but gently crooked her finger under Cerberus' chin. She knew that her familiar would-- Ah as predicted the little black kitten began to purr and rub her head against her mistress's hand.

"Come on, silly girl, we don't want to miss this," Artemis said as she gently picked up her cat and left her bedroom.

With a gentle shut of the door, Artemis stood in the dark and listened to the silence that emanated from the hallway. There was no sound that indicated that her parents or Henry were awake, it was perfect. The sixteen year old crept down the stairs and skipped the squeaky step that was the third from the bottom.

The mahogany haired witch moved towards the kitchen, where the back door was. She could have gone out her bedroom window, but Artemis' use of the floating spell wasn't good. The witchling needed more work on that spell.

A soft breeze brushed against the witch and her kitten. Artemis clutched Cerberus a little closer to her. "Are you ready Cerberus?"Artemis asked as she looked down at her kitten.

Cerberus' expression gave nothing away but Artemis could practically hear her saying, 'Yes, Artemis, now let's go we're burning moonlight.'

Artemis shook her head but gently placed the black cat on the ground. The young witch grabbed the broom that she had placed by the door earlier that day. Artemis stepped out into back yard, or rather forest since her family did live in an isolated part of Eden Falls. She mounted her broom, and looked around for her familiar. "Come on Cerberus," she called, just as her cat jumped on the handle.

Artemis took a deep breath and concentrated. She closed her eyes and listened the whispers of the wind. She listened for the moment, a strong gust pulled her up into the air. Artemis opened her eyes and laughed in delight at the sight in front of her. She flew higher in the air, the wind whipped at her and Cerberus but the pair just allowed air to pull them along.

The young witch smiled as she looked at the moon. It's bright glow was warm and inviting. Artemis smiled as she soaked up the moonlight. She gently reached out and stroked her kitten by the ears. "You like the moonlight, Cerberus?" she asked her kitten.

If the responding purr from the black cat was any indication, Artemis held in the giggles.

The pair flew the air for a good half an hour, before fatigue began to plague the witch. Artemis flew back down to earth. She landed gracefully in the backyard of her home. Once her feet touched the ground, the kitchen lights turned on and the back door opened.

Artemis froze as she looked to see the two silhouettes that were easily distinguishable to her. "Artemis James St. Rose," the familiar voice of her mother sternly called into the yard. "Inside now, young lady." Her mother's shadow exaggerated with an arm and finger pointing inside.

The young witch allowed her kitten to get off the broom, before she dismounted. Cerberus scampered into the house, through her mistress' father's legs. Cerberus knew that the warlock would keep her mistress out of too much trouble.

Artemis meekly walked past her parents, she stopped just beyond the threshold. There in the kitchen of the St. Rose household were her brothers; Christian and Henry, her cousins; Persephone, Ayden, and Lizzie, her Aunt Sarah and Uncle David. All of them had various emotions on their faces, some worried, some bored, some amused, and some angry.

She knew that she was in deep trouble now, especially if her parents had called over her Aunt and Uncle and their children. "You are so busted, Little Sister," Henry said with a smirk on his face.


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