Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Cold Paper

"Do we really have to do this?" Lyra asked as she glanced at the large wrought iron gate that towered over her.

"Come on Ly, it's tradition," Vivian prompted her friend, as she nudged the brunette towards the gate.

Lyra clumsily fell into Rex Tyler's back. The honey blonde race car driver, spun around to look at the person who fell into him. He easily spotted the brunette, she was a bright red color in the face. Despite the fact that it was cold out and everyone was puffing smoke as they breathed.

"You okay, Lyra?" Rex asked as he looked at his fellow classmate.

"Uh huh," Lyra nodded as she buried herself into her scarf and hat.

Everyone was wearing hats, jackets, and gloves from the cold midnight air. It was supposed to snow at some point in the night but it hadn't happened yet.

"Well, let's get going," the loud and obnoxious voice of Nick Braze called out. He casually leaned against the fence.

The group of seven all looked at each other, anxiously and nervously. "You first, Nick. This was your idea," Sienna told her boyfriend as she held her flashlight at the gate.

Lyra shivered as she stepped closer to Rex. "I don't like this," she muttered as Nick opened the wrought iron gate, which opened with a squeal that could have easily awoken the rest of the neighborhood.

Nick and Sienna led the way, through a small crack that they had made in the gate. Rex huffed before he followed after the duo. Vivian went next, Lyra was quick to follow as she slid her body through the opening. Dana and Levi followed after, all flashlights were now on and everyone was grouped together.

They all walked cautiously and quietly across the lawn, that was brown and dead. A slight crunch came as they all stepped towards the large trees, that could easily hide the group. They all leaned against the trunks.

"You ready?" Nick asked as he pulled the large bag from over his shoulder.

He tossed it on the ground and opened the bag. There were rolls and rolls of toilet paper in the bag. He casually tossed everyone a couple of rolls each.

"Let the fun begin," Sienna sarcastically replied as she opened one of her rolls.

Everyone followed suit and began to throw the rolls up into the air. As they caught on branches and fell down, they kept decorating the trees. Lyra spotted a few shorter trees, she caught Rex's eye, and gestured towards the trees with her head.

He nodded as they ran towards the tree, Rex lifted Lyra up, she wrapped the top of the tree a couple of times, as Rex walked around the base. Once, they reached an area, where they could both be on their feet, Lyra hopped off of Rex's shoulders. Together they ran around the tree and wrapped it, so the tree looked like a mummy.

Lyra could hear the giggles and random bursts of jovial laughter as they continued to TP, Principal Randall's yard.

An alarm went off on Sienna's phone. "Time to go, he'll be back in fifteen minutes!" Sienna warned. As a group, they slipped back out the gate, and made their way to their respective vehicles. Lyra, climbed into the passenger seat of Rex's car and laughed with him, Dana, and Levi.

"That was so much fun," Levi said as he poked his head through the center console.

"It was, I'm glad that we were the seven chosen," Rex replied as he drove away from their school principal's yard.

"I can't wait to hear his announcement about it tomorrow morning," Dana added as she shoved Levi out of the way.

"Me either, but did we have to pick one of the coldest nights to TP his house?" Lyra asked as she shivered in her seat. Rex had turned the heat on, and her seat had a heater in it, but she was still cold.

"I totally blame, Nick, he picked tonight knowing how cold it was. Dana pass Ly, the blanket from the back, will you? She's shivering up hear, I can hear her bones rattling," Rex commented with a laugh.

Lyra sarcastically laughed at Rex's response, she happily accepted the blanket from Dana. She curled herself into the blanket.

Hey everyone, I thought that this would be a totally different piece. But I love how it turned out, high hi-jinx were always fun to see in movies. Mind you they never happened in my life. I'll see you all Friday.

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