Friday, October 21, 2016

Costume Disaster (TW Ellen)

Post S4 (Mid Season 5 AU)

Ellen stood in front of the mirror and smacked her lips. She studied her mouth in the reflective surface to make sure that wasn't any mistakes. Once, the alpha werewolf determined that nothing was wrong, she spun around and left the bathroom.

She stopped just a foot into her and Derek's bedroom. There in front of the large windows, stood Derek. His back was to her, but she smiled at the shiny black cape, with the overly large collar.

He slowly turned to look at his mate. Ellen giggled as she took in the sight of her mate. His dark hair was slicked back. His face was covered in white face paint, with red around his mouth. "I hate this," he told her. He wore two fangs in his mouth.

Ellen softly shook her head. "I know you do. We still have time, so you can change your costume if you want," The female alpha said as she moved towards him. Ellen noticed that he looked miserable in the makeup that he wore. "Come on.," she pulled him into the bathroom and helped him remove the makeup.

As the brunette female worked quickly to remove the makeup from her mate, she laughed as she remembered a similar incident.

"Why are you laughing, Elle?" Derek asked, he had removed the fangs from his mouth.

"I'm just remembering the last time, you had to wear makeup, Mon Cher," she said as wiped away what was left of the cleanser with a damp wash cloth.

Derek groaned as he recalled that time. The pair had been five and eleven, they had been paired together for the annual Halloween dance recital. Talia Hale and Lauren Night had suggested that the pair dress as Morticia and Gomez Adams. They had done it, and the pair had done a paso doble, dressed as the couple. Derek had hated the makeup, while Ellen had kept tripping over the skirt of her dress.

"You're horrible, Cara Mia," Derek replied as he nuzzled his nose against Ellen's cheek.

The she-wolf squeaked as she tried to move away from her mate. But Derek's arms held her against his chest tightly. He peppered her cheeks with kisses as she tried to escape.

He walked them out of their bathroom, and carried her back to their room. He gently tossed her on the bed, before she could react he was over her. He pinned her in place and tickled her sides, as she squirmed her hair and black pointy hat fell off her head. But he just smiled before stopped tickling her to kissing her.

Ellen had reciprocated the kisses. Before, things could get too far, there was a banging on the loft door. "You guys better not being doing the dirty!" the familiar voice of Ellen's cousin, Stiles Stilinski called out as his footsteps indicated that he was coming into the apartment.

Ellen and Derek pulled away from each other. Ellen frowned, before she gently shoved her mate off of her. "Find a costume, I'll take care of Stiles," she told him as she gave him a quick kiss on his scruffy cheek. She grabbed her witch's hat from the floor and headed downstairs.

"You should try to get your Uncle to arrest him for breaking and entering," Derek muttered as Ellen climbed down the circular staircase.

She giggled at his comment, she knew that Derek would bring it up to her Uncle at some point. "Stiles, what have we told you about knocking?" she asked as she looked at her cousin.

Stiles, looked at his cousin, "Uh, I'm not going to answer, because you or your sour wolf won't like the answer," he mumbled.

A growl came from upstairs, Ellen turned to look up towards where her and Derek's room was. Her curls moved from side to side as she shook her head. "You know he hates that nickname, Stiles."

The pale boy, gave a shrug of his shoulders, as he moved forward. "He'll get over it, how are you and little bean?" he asked as he wrapped his arms around his cousin.

Ellen pulled away and looked at Stiles with a raised eyebrow. "You've been reading pregnancy books haven't you?" she asked with slight concern in her voice.

Stiles flushed a bright cherry red color. He didn't say anything, his phone began to ring before Ellen could question him any further. He picks it up, Ellen easily recognizes the voice of one Lydia Martin. She moved away from Stiles to give him the illusion of privacy.

The alpha female, headed towards the kitchen and pulled the containers that contained her homemade apple bread off the counter. She walked back into the living room as Stiles hung up his phone. As she looked at her cousin, she got a good look at his costume. She giggled at the familiarity of it.

"Why are you laughing?" He asked as he moved towards her and took the containers from her grasp.

"Your costume," she replied through the chortles of laughter. Tears were slowly leaking from the corner of her eyes.

Stiles frowned as he looked down at his cowboy sheriff costume. "What's wrong with it?" he asked as he spun trying to see if there was something on his back. He resembled a dog chasing its tail at that moment.

Ellen burst into more peals of laughter. "You look like your dad," a voice from the staircase grumbled.

Ellen turned to look up at Derek as he made his way downstairs. She headed towards the bottom of the stairs, just as her mate reached the last step. He placed a kiss on her forehead and wrapped his arms around her waist.

Stiles squawked at the comment. "I do not!" he huffed as he looked at his cousin-in-law. "What are you supposed to be anyways?" he asked as he looked at him with a frown.

Derek rolled his eyes, "He's hopeless," Ellen's mate said with a scowl. "Let's get going, before the Banshee screams."

Derek held Ellen's hand as he led her towards loft door. Stiles followed with the two Tupperware containers. Once, Stiles had left the apartment, Derek closed the door behind him.

They walked into the elevator and silently made it down to the bottom level. As they exited the building, Derek unlocked the Camaro with a click of a button on his keys. He opened Ellen's door, and helped her into the car.

"Are you taking the Jeep, Stiles?" Derek asked as took the containers from him. He placed them into Ellen's waiting hands.

"Uh, can I get a ride with you?" Stiles wondered as he glanced back and forth between the pair.

Derek and Ellen shared a look and shrug. "Sure, get in the back," Derek said as he closed Ellen's door and made his way towards the driver side.

Stiles hurried into the back, and buckled himself in. "Seriously, what are you dressed up as?" he asked as they drove towards the Martin house.

Derek rolled his eyes, as he looked at Stiles from the rear-view mirror. Derek ignored Stiles' grumbling, as they neared Lydia's house. As Derek pulled up, the trio glanced out the window to see that there were orange, purple, and green lights all over. Along with ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, spiderwebs, and other Halloween decorations covering the front yard.

"Well, Lydia never does anything half way," Stiles said with a whistle.

Ellen looked at Derek with raised eyebrows, if this was the outside, she was excited to see the inside. Derek frowned, but knew that he didn't have a choice in not attending.

I'm going to be adding to this next week. Let me know what you want to see the other's dressed up as.

Corresponding Polyvore set, which has been sitting in my drafts for a year. Ellen's Costume

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