Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Apple Cider (Updates)

Laura herded her trio of children back towards the little old fashioned store towards the entrance of Riker's Farm. They each had a few pumpkins, in varying sizes. Laura smiled at the miniature pumpkins that Avis held in her hand. It was obvious that Enver and Lynx had asked her to hold the little ones.

Once they reached the store, Enver led the group to the front counter. He stood on his tiptoes and placed his three pumpkins on the counter. The auburn haired boy took the pumpkins from Avis and did the same. Lynx had handed them off to Enver. The group of three worked together.

Behind the counter was Mrs. Riker, she smiled at the selection of pumpkins that they had placed up on the counter. "Well, well, this is quite a selection you've got here," she said as she looked at Laura.

"Yes, they picked a quite a few this year," Laura replied as she picked up Avis.

The toddler smiled at Mrs. Riker, before she hid herself in her mother's hair. "Aw, she's such a cutie," Mrs. Riker cooed at the little girl. "Of course, all of your brood is a good looking bunch. Mr. Enver, grab those empty crates so I can get a better look at you and Miss Lynx."

Enver nodded and did as Mrs. Riker had told him. Not long after the ten year old stood on an apple crate beside his sister. "Why, you both look lovely, just like your parents," the elderly woman said as she looked at the two eldest children. "Did you find any big pumpkins?"

"Yeah, we found a really big one, Dad's putting it in the car," Lynx replied as she looked at Mrs. Riker with bright blue-grey eyes.

"I imagine that Mr. Riker is helping him with that. If that pumpkin is anything like last years," Mrs. Riker reminded them with a fond smile on her face.

"It bigger!" Avis exclaimed with a bright smile on her face.

"Is it really?" Mrs. Riker asked as she looked at the family.

"It's twice the size of the pumpkin that they got last year, hon," the familiar voice of Mr. Riker called out from behind the group.

Laura turned around to look at Mr. Riker, she saw that Jack was just behind him. "You get it in the car alright?" she asked Jack a hint of concern in her voice.

"Yup, you just about ready in here?" Jack wondered as he stood next to his wife.

Laura shook her head, "Not really."

"Why am I not surprised? Kids, you want apple cider?" Jack asked his small brood.

The three exclaimed happiness, Enver led the way to the small tables in the store. He sat beside Lynx and started bouncing. Laura laughed in excitement. "You can get the drinks and I'll settle the little ones," Laura told her husband as she made her way over to her children.

I'm thinking that I'll add another part on Friday. I have a few updates for you guys. First, I won't be posting anything throughout the month of November. With November being NaNoWriMo, I'm going to focus on one of two projects. Continuing last years piece or working in more depth of my Huntress piece. I'm not sure which one yet but I'm heavily leaning towards last years piece.

Second, last night my sister and I met P.C. and Kristin Cast. They're the authors of the House of Night books, they're my favorite books. I plan to re-read the series after I finish the current series that I am re-reading right now. They are so sweet and nice. I highly recommend their various works, as they're all unique but amazing.


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