Friday, October 28, 2016

Haunted Hospitals

Lyra frowned as she, Vivian, Rex, Dana, Levi, and Drake stood outside the old building. Lyra shivered further into her coat, as she sidled up to Rex; and leaned into his side.

"Okay, I get we wanted to do a haunted house but did it have to St. Ignatius Hospital?" Lyra asked as she looked at her friends.

Drake sighed before he looked at his little sister, of two years. "Come, Ly, it will be fun. Does anyone know if Nick, Sienna, Maddie, and Brett are coming?" He asked the group, Vivian was tucked into his side.

Lyra rolled her eyes as she looked at her brother, "Doubtful about Nick, Sienna, and Maddie. Sienna's pissed that she caught Nick and Maddie in bed together. Brett texted and said he would be here soon."

Rex pulled the petite brunette against him and wrapped his arms around Lyra's waist. His chin atop her head. Lyra and Rex had started dating just after Halloween in their senior year of high school. They were now in their last year of college and they had been couple since. Most of their town thought that they were adorable together.

Dana and Vivian sympathetically frowned at Lyra's news. Most of their dorm had heard about the scandal of Nick, Maddie, and Sienna. Most of the girls in their dorm were taking Sienna's side, but their group hadn't wanted to take sides.

Drake winced at his sister's news. "Well, hopefully Sienna will show up. She was the most excited to be doing this," Drake mumbled as we stood outside the brick building.

A few seconds later, a car pulled into the parking lot. It was familiar to the group, Lyra sighed in relief as she recognized the driver and passenger. "You don't have to worry, big brother. Brett seems to have kidnapped Sienna," she hooted as she noticed Sienna's expression.

Rex's chuckles vibrated through Lyra's body, as she snuggled closer to her boyfriend. Brett got out of the car, Sienna reluctantly followed.

Lyra moved away from Rex and wrapped her friend into a hug. "Come on, Si, this is going to be fun. You know I'm a scaredy-cat but I'm here," she comforted her friend as they joined the others. Dana and Vivian joined them.

"So, we ready to go?" Drake asked as he rubbed his hands together.

Lyra rolled her eyes at her brother's enthusiasm.

"Let's get going, before Lyra decides that she wants to go home," Brett suggested as he gave the petite brunette a pat on the top of her head.

Lyra swatted Brett's hand away, as he created static electricity from her hair and her gray knit hat.

"Come on, Brett, she wouldn't be able to go home even if she wanted. I drove, and she can't drive stick," Rex told him as he gently nudged his girlfriend forward.

"You're horrible," Lyra muttered as she followed after their friends.

As they entered the brick building, flashlights were flipped on. The group of eight looked around the building.

"Alright, let's go downstairs," Drake suggested as he gestured toward the basement.

The group followed after Drake as he led the way. Since he was older it was obvious that he would be the leader. Lyra shivered as they walked through the empty hallways.

As they made their way to the basement, Lyra spotted something out of the corner of her eye. She looked behind but didn't see anything. She could have sworn that she had seen someone else.

"What did you see Lyra?" Brett asked as he looked at her.

"I thought I saw... never mind," she answered as she shook her head.

As they moved towards the basement, it got colder. Lyra could see her breathe forming clouds.

When they got to the basement, Lyra was freezing. She moved closer to Rex, and tried to soak up as much of his warmth as she could.

"You okay?" Rex asked in concern.

"Yeah, I'm just freezing," she replied as her teeth began to chatter.

At this point it was so cold that Lyra was full on shivering. Rex noticed and looked at her worry. "Drake, Ly and I are heading back up. She's freezing, and I mean more so than usual," Rex told Lyra's brother as he began to guide her back upstairs.

"Alright we'll meet you at the cars in an hour or two," Drake replied as he looked at his sister. He could see that her lips were starting to tinge blue.

Rex led Lyra upstairs and out of the abandoned mental hospital. Halfway up the stairs, Lyra fell back, Rex caught her and carried up the rest of the way.

He clutched her to his chest as he ran to his car. He opened the passenger door, and set her inside. Rex scurried to the back and grabbed a few throw blankets that he kept in the car for Lyra. He gently placed in them in her lap, before climbing in between his seat and Lyra's. Once he was settled into the driver's side, he started the car and turned the heater on. The honey blonde male wrapped the blankets tightly around Lyra, as she began to gain some color back in her cheeks.

They sat in silence as he ran his hands up and down her arms to create friction. She had gotten so cold, and he didn't like it. He just tried to keep her as warm as he could. After a few minutes, she looked better.

"You okay, Lyra?" Rex asked as he looked at her.

Lyra nodded, "Yeah, I just. I get it, I was okay before we went inside. But then it just it kept getting colder," she answered as she looked at Rex with bright frightened eyes.

"Hey, you're okay, you're going to be fine. Nothing is going to happen, Ly. The others will be out soon. Then we'll go out and get something to eat," Rex promised her as he placed a hand on her cheek.

Lyra nodded, before she closed her eyes. "Can I take a nap?"

Rex let out a belt of chuckles, "Yeah, get some sleep. I'll wake you when the others come out," he promised.

Yes, we have re-entered the world of Cold Paper. The group is about four to five years older. And we've met a few new characters such as Drake and Brett. I would like to maybe delve more into this group of characters. But what do you think?

Monday will be my last update until sometime in December. As November 1st is the official first day of NaNoWriMo, and I'm going to be working on that. So, no new writing pieces until December. See on Halloween.

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