Monday, October 17, 2016

Break Downs

Amelia smiled sadly as she looked through the various boxes that were scattered around her. The young woman of twenty six had inherited many of her Nana's possessions after she had passed away. She and Steve were visiting her parents at their home in Washington D.C., Carter-Sousa family had several residencies, which were not limited to condos, apartment buildings, safe houses, offices, and even a few secret SHIELD bases. Peggy had invested quite a bit of money into various real estate ventures over the years that have panned out. Amy and Steve had used a few of the safe houses, she had lent a few to Scott Lang, Clint, Wanda, and the rest of the Barton clan, Sam, and Natasha.

After, the pair had hidden themselves in Europe for a while, her mother had called and suggested that she and Steve head to the Washington D.C., house be used. Initially, the pair had been hesitant but after much discussion they decided to go to the house.

While, there Amy figured she would go through some of her Nana's belongings. She had found a photo box, inside were many pictures in sepia tones, black and white, and color. The brunette looked at the various pictures. There were pictures of Peggy and Daniel's wedding. Some of her pregnancy with her three children. The colored pictures were mostly pictures of Amelia, her brothers, and cousins. There were a few photos of Tony, Rhodey, and her father back when they were teenagers.

One picture, Amy stopped and began to cry. It was a picture of Amy, Henry, Lucas, and Tony. They were dressed as Peggy Carter, Captain America, Bucky Barnes, and Howard Stark. Amelia had been five, and it was her first year trick or treating without her parents. Rhodey had gone along with them as Gabe Jones. Henry and Lucas had tried to get everyone in the family to dress up as some from the Howling Commandos but it didn't work the way he wanted. But he managed to convince their father, Roger, to dress up as Dum Dum Dugan and their mom as one of the Captain America dancing girls.

Steve cautiously stood back, he wanted to comfort Amy but he wasn't sure if he would be able to. She had become prone to mental breakdowns from whatever had happened to her at the Raft. He couldn't get her to talk about what exactly had happened to her. She constantly had nightmares and had developed tremors in her hands. Steve knew that she was hiding her pain well but he couldn't help but feel concerned.

Steve gently moved towards Amelia, he sat down next to her. Gently, the former hero tugged the agent into his arms. He held her as she cried. Steve looked at the pictures scattered on the floor, one in particular stood out to him. He studied the picture and smiled. He easily recognized  the younger version of Tony Stark, he looked an awful like his father in the picture, mustache and all. In front of Tony were two boys, one dressed as himself, and the other dressed as Bucky. The girl in Tony's arms looked very much like Peggy back in the 1940's. As he examined the picture, he realized that the little girl was Amy with her brothers.

He gently picked up the picture and looked at it more closely. "Amy, what's got you in tears?" Steve asked as he pulled away a little. He moved so that the female was curled into his side.

Amy wiped the tears from her eyes as she looked at him. She gently tugged the photo out Steve's hand and gave it a sorrowful glance. "Nothing," she mumbled.

"It's nothing, it has something to do with this picture. So, what about it is making you sad?" He asked with a no nonsense tone in his voice. He needed her to know that she was safe to delve into those memories. "You're okay, nothing is going to happen if you remember the good times."

Amy gently bit the inside of her bottom lip. "I just miss them. I miss spending time with Hen, Luke and my cousins. We haven't done anything together as a group of nine for a long time. I'm pretty sure it was Henry's graduation, and he was eighteen. I was eleven. I'm twenty-six now, it's just everyone grown up and had babies. And I still feel like the baby, this was one of the last Halloweens that we all actually all got to go trick or treating. The next year, it was Henry's thirteenth Halloween and he decided that he wanted to hang out with friends instead of me and Luke.

With each passing year, the same thing happened. Someone would decide that they had other priorities. Eventually, it was me with my cousin's children or with my nieces and nephews. They left and I was all alone. I hate being alone, and they all abandoned me!" She finished with a sob and began to cry again.

Steve watched with sorrowful eyes as the brunette sobbed and rocked back and forth on the floor. He held her as she rocked. He had never had siblings or a big family. Only his ma, Bucky and his family, eventually Peggy, Howard, and the Commandos became part of it. But he could see the hurt that had inflicted on her, he now understood why she put some much effort into her work. It was so she wouldn't be alone, anymore. And The Sokovian Accords had taken the little family she had, and tore it apart.

Guilt filled him as he shed a few tears into Amy's brown waves. He held her as she mourned her grandmother and family.

Not a lot of Halloween elements but I do plan to write more about Amy's Halloween. I have it started I just need to finish. I'll try to have it up on Friday.


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