Friday, March 3, 2017

Waiting (TAG)

Seventeen year old Ella Rosewood, sat at the breakfast bar and slowly ate her breakfast. She was the first of the six Tracy children up, her five brothers were all still asleep. Well, Ella was sure that John was up and getting ready to join Ella. She kept glancing out the large window in hopes of seeing the familiar plane that belonged to their dad.

Jeff Tracy had left a few days ago for a business meeting, and he had yet to return. He had called John to help Grandma wrangle the four remaining Tracy children. Ella had rolled her eyes when she had heard her dad's comment. He called every night, and he had told his children that he would return today.

"You know, watching the window won't make him get home any faster," John drawled as he studied his sister.

Ella turned her head to look at her second oldest brother. Of all the Tracy boys, Ella was closest to John and Alan. She adored all of her brothers but John had always been the one to protect her from the teasing that Scott and Virgil had done. He had also, looked under the bed for any monsters. Whenever she had a nightmare she had never gone to her parents, she had gone to John. She had tried to go to Scott, but he slept like the dead.

"Yeah, well, I just want him John. He's been gone for five days, that's five days too long," Ella replied as she gazed back out the window.

She heard her strawberry blonde haired brother sigh at her answer. She forked a piece of her omelette as ignored her brother. Ella was the worrier, a habit she had developed after they had lost their mom.

"Ella, he'll be home soon," John told her as he placed a hand on her shoulder. He gave it a gentle squeeze as he looked down at his little sister.

While John had been away at college, his sister had grown up quite a bit. She wasn't the awkward teenager, she looked different. She was more outspoken and wasn't afraid to put her brother's in place. He had seen her the other day tell Virgil to stuff it when he had implied that she couldn't be a pilot like Scott. Ella had grown a back bone, but there was also a sadness to her. He couldn't figure out where it came from but he could see it in her golden eyes.

She nodded as she met his turquoise colored eyes, but she wasn't sure she really believed him. Ella turned back to her omelette and slowly began to eat.

While she ate, John made his own breakfast; a bagel with cream cheese. As they sat at the breakfast bar, footsteps loudly made their way down. It was more than one person and the voices belonged to Virgil and Gordon Tracy who were talking about something, but Ella wasn't paying too much attention.

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