Monday, March 13, 2017

Royal Visits (TEC)

The crown heavily sat atop Ella's dark waves, as she moved forward with Jason to right and Skylar on her left. The trio were sent as an envoy to Stardune Kingdom to visit with King Silas, Queen Adelé, and rest of the Royal family. The trio were not alone, they were accompanied by Michael, Adam, Drake, Tom, Athena, and Daniel; the trio's bodyguards and doubles respectively. Queen Avaline, their mother insisted that Matthew go with them, thus making the group ten members.

Ella grinned as she spotted one of her oldest friends, Cordelia. She stood beside Queen Adelé's throne, while Prince Henry was on the other side, just behind King Silas. The brunette princess scanned the room for Lyla and Stella but after a few seconds of searching. It was obvious that the younger Princesses weren't present, but Ella could easily understand why they weren't.

"Prince Jason, Princess Eleanor, Prince Skylar, and guests; Welcome," King Silas greeted as he stood from his throne. He made his way down the steps and greeted the three visiting Royals with hugs and kisses.

"Thank you for seeing us, King Silas," Jason graciously told their host.

"We brought a variety of Nightshade goods, that we know you all enjoy," Ella added as she sent King Silas and his family a warm smile.

"Yeah, you wouldn't believe half of the stuff that mom had us bring," Skylar mumbled under his breath from beside Ella.

Ella and Jason frowned as they looked at their brother. Even at the age of fourteen, Skylar still had no tact.

King Silas and Prince Henry laughed at Skylar's comment. "Oh, Skylar, still blunt with your honesty. It is refreshing," Silas said as he gestured for the group to follow him.

His family stood and did the same. Ella smiled as Cordelia stepped beside her. "Ella," Cordie happily commented as she pulled her in for a hug.

"Cordie, I'm so happy to see you," Ella replied as she pulled back to get a good look at her friend. "You cut your hair."

"Just a little, it was getting really long," Cordie told her friend as she looped her arm through Ella's. Together the pair made their way to the dining hall, to have a special dinner with the two royal families.


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