Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Star Gazing

The warm breeze blew brunette tendrils of hair away from her face as she gazed up at the stars. The various constellations were easily recognizable to her, as she studied the dark sky, the bright lights twinkled in her eyes.

"You can stop staring and just sit with me," she called out to her significant other, who stood not too far from her.

A tall man with dark red hair, moved forward. He sat on the blanket behind his love, and pulled her into his lap. His arms were contentedly wrapped around her waist as his chin rested on her shoulder, "You've been out here for a while. Are you ever going to come to bed?"

The dark haired female gave soft shrug before she pulled away to meet his gaze. "Soon, I just love looking up at the stairs, there's something relaxing about looking up at the stars, it makes everything down here, seem so short in comparison," she whimsically replied, her hazel eyes met blue-grey.


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