Monday, March 20, 2017

Return to Amber Beach (TEC -PR)

Ella rested her head against Phillip's shoulder as the town car made it's way to the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum. The pair had gotten a call from Tyler and Koda, stating that they other Rangers had been frozen in ice blocks. The couple had taken off immediately for Amber Beach, but even Royalty had so much power over how quickly an airplane could travel.

Phillip grasped Ella's hand tightly in his own as they exited the vehicle. Together they made their way into the building and found the secret entrance to the Dino Lab. When they arrived they found that the team of six were alright and fine.

"I see we missed the battle," Phillip announced their entrance.

Shelby squeaked, "Phillip, Ella, your highnesses." She gave them both a nod and small curtsy.

Ella smiled warmly at her dark skinned friend, before she looked at the others. "I can't believe we're late, again," Ella groaned as she looked at Phillip.

The other's all laughed at the Lunaria Princess' comment. "That's true, but at least your energems were safe from being taken," Kendall reminded the Princess with a smile as she approached the brunette.

"Very true, I'm glad that you're all safe. I just wish we could seen each other on better terms once again," Ella answered as she hugged Kendall.

Kendall nodded, before she could pull away, the two women were surrounded by the other Rangers. Ella rolled her eyes but accepted the greeting from her team mates.

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