Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Adorable Couples (Amy-verse)

Amy stood with Johnny up on one higher levels of Avengers Tower. She watched as Nat, Wanda, Steve, and Bucky all cuddled together one of the couches. The brunette had watched as they greeted and chatted with the various guests that Tony had invited over. Some of which included the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, but there were other groups too, like the Iron Defenders and Guardians of the Galaxy.

After they had saved the world from Thantos, it was nice to just spend time together as a group and de-stress. Amy had helped Doctor Strange and oddly enough Loki, so she had seen very little of the various groups. She and her two allies had arrived a little later back to the tower, as they had been doing damage control. The brunette telekinetic had been happy to see her husband was safe and sound from the battle.

"You're staring, again, Melia," Johnny whispered in her ear.

Amy turned to look at Johnny with a raised eyebrow. "Sorry, it's just the resemblance is so hard to believe at times. I feel bad that Nana had to live without Steve and Bucky, she never knew that they had actually survived their accidents. I just can't believe the parallel's my life took in comparison to her's."

Johnny's bright blue gaze looked at Amy with a soft affection. "I know, Amy, but Peggy helped my grandma find my grandpa. She kept herself dedicated to the Rogers' family and keeping the world safe. Besides, she found your Pop-Pop, and then you came into my life," Johnny told her as he gave his wife a quick kiss on the lips.

Amy's scrunched up as she looked at him, "You're forgetting most of the story, Johnny Storm," Amy replied with a laugh.

At the sound of her laughter, Steve and Bucky both looked up to see The Human Torch and Amelia Carter-Sousa. The pair were laughing at something. "You know it's really uncanny just how much you and Johnny look," Bucky commented to his best friend and soulmate.

"I think they are adorable," Wanda added from her spot by Steve. Her brown waves were fanned out over Steve's shoulder. "It is both your family legacy and Peggy's," she told them with a nod.

"Wanda's not wrong, it's almost like looking at more modern version on Peggy and you, Steve," Nat added from her spot on Bucky's lap. "Of course, to make it a true threesome bond, they need someone who looked like James," she casually commented with a sly smirk on his.

Steve pouted a little as he looked at the pair, he was brought back to a different time. Back to 1944, at Camp Leigh where he and Peggy had first met and gotten to know each other. When he had first met, Amelia he had thought that she was Peggy, but frozen in time. But she had been quick to explain that she was actually Peggy's granddaughter, her youngest one in fact. Amy also closely resembled her grandmother the most out of the Carter-Sousa grandchildren.

"They look beautiful together," Steve softly whispered as he watched his great-nephew kiss his first female soulmate's granddaughter.

A belated birthday gift to my little sister, her birthday was yesterday. I promised a piece with her OT4 CaptainWinterWidowWitch, and I couldn't do a Marvel piece without Amy. So, here we have a Human Torch/Amy piece.

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