Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Waiting and Bonding (100th Post)

Amy sat in front of the Bat Computer, as she waited for Bruce and Clark to return. Along with various Robins and Supers, they had been called away for a League mission. Alfred was upstairs with a medical kit ready and food, since Clark often came home hungry.

"Are they home yet?" an agitated voice asked from the top of the stairs that led back into Wayne Manor.

Amelia turned to meet blue eyes that were Bruce's but also in Damien's face. Damien Wayne was sixteen and bore a strong resemblance to his father. The teenager had wanted to go with the others but, Bruce asked him to stay with his wife. He had fought with Bruce and Clark, Alfred had managed to convince him to stay behind with Amy.

"Not yet, but your dad checked in, they should be home soon," she answered the teen with a soft smile.

Damien huffed but moved down the stairs, to sit and wait with his step-mother. He studied one of his father's soulmates, out of the corner of his eye. He was nervous about getting a new sibling. Even though he knew that his newest sibling wasn't biologically related to him, he understood that his father was excited for the baby. The obsidian haired teen suspected it was in part, that Bruce was there for the process. When Damien and his brothers had entered their father's life they had all been grown children. Bruce had never known any of his children in infancy.

"Are you nervous?" Damien wondered aloud. "About the baby," he clarified quickly.

Amy giggled softly at Damien's question. "I am nervous about the baby, but I think we all are Damien. Your dad and Clark don't have any experience with babies, and it's my first first baby."

"Do you know what it is?" Damien asked a few minutes later, as he thought about what Amy had told him.

"We do, but we've been waiting for a time to tell everyone together. But with everyone living in different cities and League business, it hasn't been easy for Bruce, Clark, and I," she answered honestly with a sadness in her voice.

Damien sat silently as he took in his step-mother's words. Before, the young Wayne Master could say anything else, his father and step-father returned. Clark had arrived first, Bruce entered the Batcave soon after, in the Bat Wing. Both the Dark Knight and Man of Steel headed towards the locker room to change out of their costumes. Neither had spoken or acknowledged Amy and Damien about the mission but that wasn't new to the pair.

Once they had stepped out of the locker room, Bruce in a gray t-shirt and black sweat pants, Clark in a similar outfit but with blue and black, they greeted Amy and Damien with hugs and kisses. Neither was injured, a small miracle to the wife of Batman and Superman.

Amy attentively listened as Bruce and Clark went over the mission. But she had been awake for quite some time and was ready to sleep. She sleepily yawned, and blinked her eyes open. "Looks like someone is ready for bed," Bruce remarked as he gently ran his fingers through Amy's dark curls.

"I'm not that tired, Bruce," she retorted, but her body betrayed her and let out another yawn.

"I think you are, Amy," Clark added in agreement with Bruce.

"They're right Mom, you have been down here, since they left," Damien reminded both of his fathers as he looked at Amy with a raised eyebrow.

"That does it, bed Amelia Margaret," Bruce decided as he stepped away from Amy.

Clark moved forward and scooped Amelia up into his arms bridal style. She glared at her blue eyed family members, "Traitors," she grumbled as Clark moved up the stairs; Bruce and Damien followed behind the pair.

Once they had stepped through the grandfather clock, Bruce, Clark, and Amy went upstairs to their room.

Damien made his way towards the kitchen, he picked up the phone and dialed the number that belonged to the only person who could help him.

"Hello," the familiar voice spoke when they had picked up the phone.

"Greyson, I need your help," Damien told his oldest brother, with a frown on his face. He loathed the thought of asking for Nightwing's help but he had no choice.



Hey everyone this is my 100th post, I can't believe we've reached 100 posts. I can't wait for the one year anniversary. Thanks for being their for 100 posts. I'll hopefully have the next part of this tomorrow for you.


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